50 Places to Visit in Kenya, Tourist Places & Top Attractions


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Tourist places in Nairobi that are worth visiting are National Museum, Railway Museum, Giraffe Centre, Karen Blixen, Karura Forest, David Sheldrick Trust Elephant Orphan Centre, Ngong Hills, Blue Sky Tours in Diamond Plaza, Nairobi Arboretum, Panari Sky Centre, Bomas of Kenya, Uhuru Garden, GP Karting, Village Market, Mamba Village, Paintball Fury Limited, Maasai Ostrich Farm, Paradise Lost, August Memorial Park, Kenya National Archives, KICC, Art Centres and Nairobi National Park. Kenya’s largest city and capital, Nairobi implores diversity in romance and puts forward exalted adventure. The city transformed from a meek camp for the railway employees in the year 1899 to the capital named British East Africa by the year 1907. Today, the rich retrospective history and tribal culture and lifestyle are brought to life through its excellent and knowledgeable museums. In particular, the museum named Karen Blixen Museum is one of the biggest hits – not only the African fans come to praise and appreciate the museum but also people from all over the world visit the museum to view the namesake Danish author who with drudgeries toiled on the coffee farmstead in the midst of the beautiful Ngong Hills. Even in such a scampering city like Nairobi, wildlife is a colossal draw. Being a cosmopolitan capital, Nairobi is the only city in the globe that brags a safari park within its frontiers.


The travelers can relish a classic African wildlife escapade at the Nairobi National Park which is a fifteen-minute jaunt from the skyscrapers of the megalopolis. Animals like buffalo, giraffe, rhinoceros, zebra, cheetah, lion and wildebeest meander under the sun-soaked grassy plain in the tropical or subtropical region neighboring meager trees. Here animal lovers too get a chance to clasp, cuddle and embrace the baby elephants and yoke with the giraffes at the spectacular animal sanctuary located nearby. However, with a fabulous and spectacular national park located at the doorstep of the wildlife centric charismatic attractions, Nairobi maddens on, jars and counterpoints on the beautiful and glorious natural beauty. The polarising outlook and character of Nairobi assure rapturing ecstasy to the city. Also, the gateway to the world-class and popular Kenya’s safari parks, Nairobi attracts gripping seekers of adventure for over a century.

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One important thing that you need to know about Nakuru is that it lies in vicinity to the most prominent destinations of the world including Kenya’s capital Nairobi and Masai Mara. In addition to this, the attractive district is also home to the Menangai Crater which is the second largest volcanic crater of the world.

Speed through Nakuru on your way to the lakes and you might be astonished as to why anyone would wish to stay here? On the first impression, the fourth largest city of Kenya is provincial and grim that does not have much to offer besides an agreeable refuel. However, you must stick around a little longer and be assured to fall in love with it. 

Nakuru is a burgeoning city that is fast evolving. Over the years, it has been extending around the edges in order to adopt some of the superior aspects of Nairobi bereft of the crime, stress and the traffic.

If you don’t wish to fork out to overnight at Nakuru Lake, the city definitely makes a great base for exploration of the parks and surrounds. Since, the weather in Nakuru is favourable throughout, tourists can plan a visit any time of the year. 

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Eldoret is one of the fastest growing towns of Kenya. Nestled south of the Cherangani Hills in the verdant landscape, it is one of African paradises where everything you see has the touch of natural beauty still unadulterated by the intruding modernity. Being the bureaucratic center of Uasin Gishu District of the Rift Valley Province, makes it an even more preferable place as you can find modern amenities, lodgings and more to ensure that your stay is more worthwhile. 

Presently, Eldoret is a thriving service town sprawling Kenya Uganda highway. It is also the principal economic hub of the western Kenya but the travellers only have a little to see and even less to do here. One striking highlight however is the Doinyo Lessos Creameries Cheese Factory where you can stock up 20 different varieties of cheese. 

The name of the town comes from Maasai word ‘eldore’ which means stony river. You can also spot an exact parallel in the very source of this inspiration, River Sosiani. The cultural influences present are variable. After all the, Sirikwa, Nandi and Maasai people have called this place home over a period of offering times. 

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Tsavo is an attractive city in Kenya that is located over the River Tsavo. It passes through crossing of the Uganda. It is also close to where it unites with the River Athi. In the language of Kamba people (locals of Kenya), Tsavo means ‘slaughter’ or killing. In the 19th century, British finally put an end to the slave trade. Post which Tsavo was persistently crossed by the Arab slavers along with their captives. Majorly known for its Tsavo National Park which is actually two national parks – Tsavo West and Tsavo East both located nearby. Besides this, there are other attractions too that make Tsavo a prominent city of Kenya. If you are in Kenya or in any other country of Africa and are up for some exploration, you definitely must plan a visit to Tsavo. Nightlife may no be very good here but the resorts, hotels, wildlife and the beaches of the Tsavo will surely keep you engaged. You can also indulge yourself in some of the most prominent water sports here. Some of the adventure activities that you can indulge yourself in include diving, swimming and snorkelling. So, go ahead and make a visit to Tsavo. 

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Garissa is the capital city of Garissa County of Kenya. It is nestled in the former North Eastern Province. Garissa is a commercial hub as well as the market center of the Garissa County. This town also has a university, Garissa University College that sees a number of visitor.

Livestock production is a quintessential part of the economy of the town. Between the period spanning from 2005 to 2007, the cattle producers of Garissa University College earned more than 1.8 billion shillings in sales in both domestic as well as overseas markets. Construction on the new abattoir was done in 2007. When it comes to the import of livestock, the cattle of Garissa comes from the cross border trade conducted between the Somali livestock merchants. Given these advancements in economy, Garissa today is a fairly significant position. As a result of this, the tourism of the city has also been improved making it a hit spot for tourists visiting Kenya. Keeping pace with the growing tourism, there are several establishments in the city which offer accommodation. Some of the prominent guest houses, stays and hotels here include the Xiddig Hotel, Nomad Palace Hotel and Almond Hotel.

The landscape of the Garissa is usually arid and has a dessert terrain making it a pleasant tourist attraction in Kenya. 

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Kakamega is a town that is located in the western Kenya. It lies about 30 km north of the Equator. The town is densely population and is the headquarters of the Kakamega County.

Located 50 km north of Kisumu that is the third largest city of Kenya as well as a port city lying on the Lake Victoria, the average elevation of Kakamega is 1,535 metres.

Kakamega county is the 2nd most populous county after Nairobi. It has 9 constituencies in totality – ikolomani, Matungu, Lugari, Butere, Khwisero, Mumias East, Malava, Shinyalu and Lurambi, all of which have a flavour that deserves to be experienced and felt.     

The town was so named because the world Kakamega translates (in Kiluhyah which is a local dialect here) roughly to pinch. This is used to describe how the colonists of Europe would eat their staple food, ugail.

To be true, there is no certain reason as to why you should stay in this agricultural town however if you come here late in the day, Kakamega can be a convenient place to sleep over and stock up some supplies before you head to the tourist attractions as well as nearby attractions of the Kakamega. 

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Malindi is situated some 115 km north of Mombasa and is in a way of comparable antiquity as the latter. The smaller port of Malindi is also ranked amongst the busiest resort towns along the East African coast, given its fine opportunities for game fishing, fantastic beaches and vicinity to the pristine reefs that stay protected within the Malindi Marine National Park.

Malindi is situated at a mere 20 km north east of the smaller resort town of Watamu that assures equally good opportunities for water sports such as fishing, snorkelling, swimming and diving. It also lies in proximity to the impressive Gedi which is a ruined medieval city that lies in the heart of the wildlife rich Arabuko Sokoke Forest.    

To holiday makers Malindi presents clear images of serene tropical coastal destination that sees a lot of sun shine and presents a colourful marine life. Its white palm brimming beaches which kiss the shores of the azure waters of the Indian Ocean are a sight to behold.  As a tourist attraction, Malindi definitely has a lot on offer for any holiday maker family that comes here with family comprising of young adults, couples, adventure enthusiasts and culture and nature lovers.  

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Traversing three hours west of Nairobi, this crumbling provincial town which is also the capital of the Mara region. It is the final proper centre prior to the vast grasslands of the Masai Mara. It is a surprising and friendly hassle free place that offers few travellers with a reason to stop and unwind. A lot of people roll on in, browse the curio shops when the driver refuels before you begin rolling on out again.

Situated west of Nairobi, it has very well been capable of supporting the economy of Kenya in the south west of the country along the Great Rift Valley. It is the district capital of the Narok County which also stands as the principal centre of commerce in the district. With a population of some 40,000 people that largely comprises of Maasai people, Narok is still as pristine as ever. 

The Maasai, natives of the Narok district regard Narok as the Enkare Narok which has been named after the river which passes through the Narok town. It is a beautifully town that definitely deserves a visit when you have taken a trip to Kenya

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Kitale is a beautiful agricultural town that is located in the Western Kenya. It lies some 380 kilometres from Nairobi which is the capital of Kenya. The town lies between Mount Elgon and Cherengani Hills. The significant cash crops which are grown in Kitale include seed maize, sunflower, Pyrethrum, tea, seed beans and coffee. 

Kitale is an administrative center of the Trans Nzoia District. It lies in the Rift Valley Province. Founded by the while settlers in the year 1908, Kitale is one of most prominent attractions in Africa. A branch line of the Uganda Railway leading you to the town from the Eldoret reached the town in the year 1926 with an object of promoting growth in the town.

Agriculturally rich, Kitale is a friendly market town that has a couple of interesting museums along with a bustling market. Shopping indeed is one of the principal activity to be enjoyed here. This market makes for an ideal base when you wish to explore the Saiwa Swamp National Parks and Mt Elgon. Kitale also serves as a quintessential take off point for tourists who wish to take a trip up to the western side of the Lake Turkana. 

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Thika is indeed one of the most discernible names to have emerged from the colonial Kenya all accredited to the articulate memoir which is Elspeth Huxley’s, ‘The Flame Trees of Thika.’ These days, in the growing modern city, you’ll actually be hard pressed to locate a tree let alone a flame tree. However, you still have an opportunity to indulge in the tiny nostalgia before you finally get back on the highway and continue further on the way.

The two children of the Aberdare Range, Thika and Chania finally unite 2 km north of the town where they plunge over a rocky, tree-lined cliff. This scene is elegantly appreciated from the porch of the Blue Post Hotel with a book in one hand and a stiff drink in the other.

With its history that outdates the town itself, the Blue Post still withholds a faint aroma of the colonial for those who wish to linger on here overnight. Undoubtedly, it was the principal location opposite the waterfalls of Thika which used to attract its original proprietors in the year 1908. At present, the grounds along with the children’s play area attract a number of Kenyan couple who intent on tying a knot in their polyester glory. When done with Thika, you can also visit the nearby destinations including Nyeri, Sagana, Embu and Nairobi. 

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Kisumu is nestled on the sloping shore Winam Gulf of the Lake Victoria. It may be the third largest town of Kenya but its relaxed atmosphere is way different from that of Mombasa and Nairobi. Until the year 1977, the port happened to be one of busiest in Kenya. In the same year because of the political squabbling the port sat virtually idle for some 2 decades. Post that there was a decline set in which led to the collapse of the East African Community. The EAC was initially established by Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania so as to come up with a common market within this region.  Recently there has been an increase in the cooperation as well as the revival of the EAC that also includes Burundi and Rwanda. This in 2000 has also helped establish Kisumu as one international shipment point for the products of petroleum. Surprisingly the lake doesn’t play any part in this. So, despite the lake having been the life and blood for the inception of the Kisumu, the city still rests with its back to the water. None the less, the fortune of Kisumu is on a rise once again. This has led to a reduction in the impact of the water hyacinth. Hopefully, in the years to come Lake Victoria will again begin contributing to the economy of the Kisumu. So, play an active role in boosting the economy of Kisumu by making a visit to the town. 

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I booked this trip to Kenya with my family. It had breath-taking mountains and varieties of wildlife at Amboseli National Park. The accommodation and the hospitality of the staff and their friendly behavior was impressive. Would recommend it to others too.

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