Best Time and Season to Visit Kullu Manali in 2020
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The whole year is considered as the Best time to visit Kullu Manali due to its timelessness and changing landscapes.Summers turn this place into a green abode that helps to rejuvenate. As the weather remains pleasant, this time of the year is the finest time to visit this place when flora and fauna remain at its best.For those who yearn for snow, winters are the perfect choice to witness the town embellished in white and strolling down the paths glittering with snow.

July welcomes heavy rainfall which causes heavy rainfall in and around the town that can cause landslides making it not an ideal time to visit.
It can be engrossing to witness how the lush green mountains and pristine river streams wrap itself with the quilt of snow and how clouds meet the land at the various time of the year.So, here some of the places that can be explored around a year in Kullu-Manali.

Here are the best seasons to visit Kullu Manali:


Kullu Manali in Winter

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Kullu Manali in Winter
Kullu manali turns white with snow all around during winters. This paradise showers traveler with all sorts of adventure activities along with a pristine view of ranges and rivers.The winter season begins from the mid of september and continues till february. During that time temperature might drop down to sub-zero levels making it an ideal time to witness the snow-capped mountains.
The temperature in kullu manali can vary from 5'c to 10’c during the day and drops down to -7’c to 3’c during the night.

Places to visit in kullu Manali in winters:-

Solang valley:- the valley is one of the most picturesque places to visit during winters as it remains covered with snow around that time.

Hadimba temple:- constructed in the 16th century, this age-old temple is situated on the top of a hill in Manali. The temple is dedicated to goddess hadimba, strongest wife of pandava brothers. The place is surrounded by pine and deodar trees which during winters becomes miraculous.

Vashisht:- located in the hamlet named vashisht approximately 3 km from Manali, the temple is quite popular for its hot water springs. The temple is believed to be existing for more than 4000 years now. Intricate wood carvings adorn the temple depicting mythological lores makes it an architectural piece.

Hampta pass:- hampta pass is located on the pir panjal range of mountains at an altitude of 4270 meters. This place is trekkers paradise, particularly during winters. On one side is the lush green kullu valley and on the other side is the desert like lahaul valley. Along with trekking, skiing can also be chosen as an adventure sport.

Manali winter carnival:- to promote culture and life of himachal pradesh, this festival happens every year in Manali. The carnival starts with the pooja at hadimba devi temple. This festival showcases various crafts, food, traditional dances, and other rituals.

aghunathan temple:- this temple is one of the most important temples in kullu. This temple is regarded as one of the most sacred temples among hindus. Dussehra is celebrated with great fervor in the city. One gets to see locals celebrating it in their own way in traditional customs which falls in the month of october-november.

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Kullu Manali in Summer

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Kullu Manali in Summer

Kullu Manali has a certain charm in the summer season which makes it a perfect time to beat the scorching sun.Dwelling in the lap of the Himalayas, the hill station turns lush green with towering pine and deodar trees all around.The summer season begins in March and continues till June. The weather remains pleasant throughout the day with mildly cold air. The temperature ranges from 10’c to 25’c and starts dropping down as the night falls.

This is the best time to experience various adventure activities such as paragliding, rafting, and trekking.

Places to visit in kullu-Manali:

Bijli Mahadev Temple:-
What is better than walking amidst the lush green pine trees on a mountain to reach the height of 2,450 and finding an age-old temple of Shiva associated with numerous folklores. The cool breeze and mesmerizing view beat the summer sun.

Great himalayan national park
:- It is one of India’s largest national parks containing some of the most endangered species of flora and fauna. The villages inside the national park are of diverse culture and organize fairs showcasing their culture during summer months.

Beas River
:- Flows along the town of Kullu Manali, the Beas river is one of the best-known places in the town for its scenic beauty and adventure sports. River rafting and zip lining are the most pleasurable experiences provided by this river. Also, the scenery around is admirable for those seeking solace.

Rohtang pass:-
 This place is a one-stop destination for people traveling in months of April to June as it is covered with snow. It is at an altitude of 4000 meters. It is known for its hidden waterfalls, glaciers and craggy peaks and adventure sports activities.

Quaint village surrounded by snow clad peak is best known for its reserve of snow throughout the year. Activities like skiing and snowboarding can be enjoyed here in all the seasons.

Paragliding and camping
:- To satisfy the inner adventure enthusiast, one can experience paragliding at various spots in Manali. The high mountain peaks, pleasant wind, and rivers flowing around make it worth an experience.

There are spots that are strictly camping sites which are situated among orchards and away from hustle bustle of the town.

This Himalayan spot is also a trekking paradise.The beautiful destination offers great trails The most popular being Rohtang pass-snowline, Chanderkhani pass, Sar pass etc.

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Kullu-Manali in Monsoon

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Kullu-Manali in Monsoon

Monsoon in Kullu Manali is undeniably mesmerizing. Clouds seem to fondle the peaks and spread the charm of little droplets all over the town.Monsoon in Kullu Manali starts in the middle of july and continues till august.

But with all that unparalleled charm comes the risk of landslides and overflowing of rivers due to torrential downpours. So it is advisable to not get involved with such activities that are risky and can cause accidents like rafting etc.
The average rainfall that the town experiences are about 150mm with storms at a certain time of the season.

Places to visit in Kullu-Manali in monsoon:-

there are a number of monasteries lining across this Himalayan town amongst which lies the beautiful Himalayan nyingma gompa. This place is the impeccable spot for experiencing spirituality and spending some time alone. One can hear the sounds of chants and can inhale the aroma of incense sticks.

Mall road:- having the rhythm of its own, the heart of the city, known as the mall road is the busiest and the most happening place to experience. Filled with colors both the sides, the place is the center for shopping that sells various handcrafted things like shawls and woolens etc.

Old Manali:- Old Manali is a part of the town that is nothing less than a fairy tale. Imagine a river segregating the two parts and a bridge that connects the two. It feels like entering entirely a different world. This part of the town is surrounded by apple orchards which makes it even more worth visiting. Manaligarh fort is one more tourist attraction in this part of the towN.

Vashist:- located just opposite the beas river, the village is just 10kms from the Manali. Along with the temple, the place is popular for its alternative therapy that is popular among tourist like sound healing, tarot etc. Hot water springs are also the attraction point in the village.

 Manikaran is the pilgrimage zone. It encapsulates various legends in it. It is believed to be highly scared for hindus and sikhs. The place contains a number of temples. People generally take the dip in the hot water springs in the area which is also said to contain curative properties for skin.

Cafes and nightlife:- one can best enjoy the hot coffee sitting in some of the most beautiful cafes with a pristine view of the valley during the drizzle. The unmatched ambiance of the cafes helps to engage in soul-searching or a long conversation. Live bands and lights lit up the energize the town during the night.

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