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  • As you plan for a weekend getaway just don’t miss a chance to check out this list of best places to visit around Bangalore. Rejuvenate yourself by visiting some of the most refreshing places around Bangalore that will help you break the monotony of the routine life. Bangalore is well appreciated for its pleasant weather and its stunning amalgamation of the urban life as well for its countryside charms which are still very much prevalent in the suburbs of the city.

    Places to Visit near Bangalore Within 100 Km:

    - Ramnagaram: 54.6 Km (Best for camping and trekking), Route Map
    - Savandurga: 55.6 Km (Best for camping and trekking), Route Map
    - Nandi Hills: 61.1 Km (Best for Sunrise and Sunset views), Route Map
    - Anthargange: 70 Km (Best for cave exploration and trekking), Route Map

    Places to Visit near Bangalore
     within 200 Km:

    - Mysore: 150 Km (Best for sightseeing and historical places), Route Map
    - Shivanasamudra Falls: 135 Km (Best for waterfall view and sightseeing), Route Map
    - Yelagiri Hills: 159 Km(Best for beautiful scenic view), Route Map
    - Hogenakkal Falls: 179 Km (Best for waterfall view and sightseeing view), Route Map

    Places to Visit near Bangalore within 300 Km:

    Chikmagalur242.8 Km (Best for trekking and camping), Route Map
    Coorg243.4 Km (Best for trekking, rafting and camping), Route Map
    Wayanad: 282.7 Km (Best for trekking, cave exploration and wildlife), Route Map
    Yercaud215 Km (Best for hiking and sightseeing), Route Map
    Ooty277.9 Km (Best for trekking,wildlife and sightseeing ), Route Map

    Places to Visit near Bangalore
     within 500 Km:

    - Pondicherry: 316.5 Km (Best for beaches and historical places), Route Map
    - Gokarna: 484.6 Km (Best for beaches, temples and forts), Route Map
    - Dandeli: 462 Km (Best for trekking, rafting and camping), Route Map

    - Kodaikanal: 464.5 Km (Best for trekking, and camping), Route Map

    - Munnar: 444.1 Km (Best for tea plantation, and adventure activities), Route Map

    Treat yourself to some of the most exhilarating sights, cuisines and adventure experience that can in exclusively availed in ‘Namma Bengaluru’.  

  • Popular Places to Visit near Bangalore

  • 01 Coorg

    Image Credit : 

    Kodagu district of Karnataka, popularly known as Coorg is a hill station located at a distance of 265 km from Bangalore, 117 km from Mysore and 132 km from Mangalore. It is one of the most famous holiday destinations in the state of Karnataka and was awarded the title of “Scotland of India.” Coorg is the largest producer of Coffee in India, and the best places to see in Coorg are its picturesque coffee plantations. It is also one of the places with highest rainfall in India so there is lots of greenery around. This district comprises different communities like Kodava, Tulu, Gowda and Moplah out of which the largest is the Kodava community. People of this community are distinguished from other Indian communities by their customs, traditions, beliefs, family structure, food and traditional attire.

    People here speak Kodava Language which is highly influenced by languages such as Tulu, Malayalam, Tamil and Kannada. The economy of Coorg mainly depends on agriculture, coffee plantations, forestry and tourism. So the hill station is well maintained in order to attract maximum tourists. Misty hills, lush forest, tea and coffee plantation, orange groves, undulating streets and breathtaking views make Coorg one of the most pristine holiday locations of Karnataka. The best places to visit in Coorg like Raja's seat, Abbey Falls, Iruppu Falls, Omkareshwara Temple, Bylakuppe, Talacauvery and Dubare make your visit to this hill state worth the time and money. As Coorg is rich in flora and fauna, it has three wildlife sanctuaries - the Talacauvery, Pushpagiri and Brahmagiri Sanctuaries, and one national park, the Nagarhole National Park. These wildlife parks include animals like Asiatic elephant, tigers, leopards and wild boars. Except for this, there are a number of activities that keep tourists entertained. Some of them are riding elephant at Dubare Elephant camp, trekking and participating in sports like white water rafting in Upper Barapole River.

  • 02 Chikmagalur

    Image Credit : 

    One of the most scenic hill stations in the state of Karnataka, Chikmagalur is solitary of the most serene and picturesque tourist destinations. Chikmagalur means ‘young Daughter’s Town’ and is situated at a height of about 3400 feet. There are a number of the best places to visit in Chikmagalur and a list of things to do here like the Mullayanagiri trek, camping at Ballalarayana, visiting various coffee plantations, enjoying the sunset from famous points etc. In fact, the highest peak in state Karnataka called Mullayanagiri is located in Chikmagalur which stands at a height of approximately 2000 metres tall. This peak is a trekker’s paradise and is visited by many adventure junkies every year. Chikmagalur is popular for its tree plantations and for having a pleasant climate. It has a rich history attached and it is believed that years ago the land of this district was given as a dowry to the younger daughter of a legendary chief who ruled Sakrepatna- Rukmangada. That’s exactly how the hill station derived its name. You can expect rugged regions, lowlands and the most scenic views here as it is one of the most untouched parts of the state. The best places to visit in Chikmagalur are worth exploring for every travel enthusiast and which indeed gives back only good things to talk about.

    Another historical association of this place tells about it being the birthplace of many freedom fighters, a few intellectuals and great poets. Even though this place does not have an airport, it still is very accessible and can be reached easily. The nearest railway station to Chikmagalur is Gudur railway station which is about 40 km from the hill station. Thereon, you can hire a cab and reach here. Similarly, there are various range of accommodation facilities for different kind of travellers. So you can choose one according to your budget and preference. This hill station has the best and the most renowned sightseeing spots in this beautiful district that you must not miss on. The cool breeze at this height welcomes you with open arms throughout the year but the best time is from September to May when the climate is most favourable for outdoor activities, exploring as well as relaxation. A trip to Chikmagalur will give you best of memories worth cherishing a lifetime.

  • 03 Wayanad

    Image Credit : 

    The green district of Wayanad in the heart of Kerala offers everything from night camping to nature tours to trekking. Unleash your inner adventurer and go on a guided tour of the gorgeous tea plantations and experience nature in its most vibrant form. Or go moonlight camping at the hilly forested region of Bansurian. Tents, bonfires and a million stars? With so many adventures and tourist places to see in Wayanad, it sure sounds like an explorer’s getaway. Explore the northern side of Wayanad, with a trip to the Tholpetty wildlife sanctuary. The wildlife jeep safari at the sanctuary offers splendid opportunities to spot various exotic animals and birds in their natural habitat. Camp in Wayanad hills at Seagot Banasura and be taken into the charms of nature and outdoors with a refreshing overnight experience.


    Explore the Edakkal Caves and bask in the mesmerising experience of staying in a boutique property sprawled across an area of around 30 acres of lush-greenery of the coffee and pepper estates. You can also take a guided expedition trip to the Pakshipatahalam Caves. Grab a life jacket and set off on the tranquil waters, on a bamboo raft, which will carry you into the midst of nature. Every trip will have a qualified instructor to go along with you, so that you feel completely safe. You can also embark on a tour of the famous Parambikulam Nature Park. The Tiger reserve also features spotted deers, bisons and a number of bird species. You can opt for a jeep ride through the reserve, or you can go bamboo rafting through the river which runs through the park. Feeling adventurous, yet, then go on and checks out the best places to see in Wayanad.

  • 04Sakleshpur

    Image Credit : George Mathew - Flickr

    Rich in biodiversity, Sakleshpur opens up to you with green delights and rare sights of fauna. Discover this place with a trek to Ombattu Gudda peak. Perched at 971 m above sea level, it is considered as the highest peak in the Western Ghats range. Meaning ‘nine hills’, this place is called so because it has nine continuous humps.

    It is surrounded by Shiradi Srisla, Kabinale and Balur Reserve Forests. Animals spotted here include tiger, leopard, jungle cat, barking deer, gaur, sloth bear and wild elephant.

    Activities: Best things to in Sakleshpur

    Where to Stay: Best places to stay in Sakleshpur

    Distance from Bangalore: 221 Kms

    Homestay in Sakleshpur with Activities

    Homestay in Sakleshpur with Activities

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  • 05Bannerghatta National Park

    Bannerghatta National Park
    Image Credit : Ashwin Kumar - Flickr

    Feel like escaping into the woods to forget all worries? Lose yourself in the beauty and serenity of the Bannerghatta National Park. Situated only 22 kms from Bangalore, the Bannerghatta National Park is a haven for nature lovers. Lush green vegetation and rich biodiversity make the national park a favourite among nature lovers.

    Spread over 25,000 acres, the Bannerghatta National Park is one of the richest, natural biodiversity reserves. The national park is home to wildlife animals ranging from tigers to butterflies. An ideal location for a quick getaway from the city and relax in the tranquility of the wilderness.

    Day Visit to Bannerghatta Nature Camp

    Day Visit to Bannerghatta Nature Camp

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    h7 HourslBangalore

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  • 06Wonderla

    Image Credit : Tushant Arora - Flickr

    Set in the country’s largest amusement park, Wonderla resort is a beautiful amalgamation of fun and luxury. Spacious rooms fitted with all modern amenities, the resort offers high class service and access to the amusement park during your stay at the resort. Tastefully done rooms overlooking the park offer the utmost comfort and relaxation.

    Splurge on the mouthwatering delicacies at ‘Woods’, the resort’s multi-cuisine restaurant or spend an evening lounging at their Swedish rest-o-bar ‘Red Ice’. Pamper yourself with some luxury at the Wonderla resort, which is about 30 kms from Bangalore. Wonderla is definitely the perfect weekend getaway for people looking for some luxury and relaxation places around Bangalore.

  • 07Nandi Hills

    Distance from Bangalore: 70km

    Best known for its scenic beauty and greenery this is another best places to visit near Bangalore for a day trip. Once a summer retreat of Tipu Sultan, today Nandi Hills (1,478mtrs) is Bangalore's favourite quick getaway option. A must-to-do Bangalore road trip, Nandi Hills or Nandi Betta is best known for rolling green slopes surrounding the Amrit Sarovar Lake and a pleasant weather all year through.

    A number of activities can be undertaken here including paragliding, trekking through several trails, and even a lesser known off-roading path next to the hill. Either mountain biking or motor biking, this trail is great for those newly initiated into the adventure sport.

    The hill set offers attractions such as Tipu’s Drop, Horse Way, Secret Escape Route, and couple famous temples – the Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple and Sri Bhoga Narasimha Temple. These hills also provide natural habitation for diverse species of wildlife. You can try out the accommodation options available uphill at Nehru House and Gandhi House.

  • 08Shivanasamudra Waterfalls

    Shivanasamudra Waterfalls

    An ideal place to head to for a day from Bangalore is   Shivanasamudra Waterfalls. This is another best places to visit near Bangalore. It is a part of the Kaveri River that meanders through the terrain of Deccan Plateau and plummets in the form of waterfalls. It gets split into two.

     Once here, take in the great sights of this splendid beauty and get soothed by the sounds of the cascading water that. Flanked by greenery, this is the very place where the Asia’s first hydro-electric power station was set up. The best time to visit is during the monsoon when water flows at full force creating an ethereal mist around it. Also, you can check out these other places around Bangalore which look beautiful in monsoon.

  • 09 Dandeli

    Image Credit : 

    Have you visited Dandeli in Karnataka as yet? If not, you don’t know what you’re missing. With the best places to visit in Dandeli, it is a total traveller’s paradise. From trekking to nature trails to camping, this small town is a goldmine of adventure tourism. Partake in a 2 day 1 night package at Bison River Resort in Dandeli with water sport activities make your holidays more colourful and extra splashy. The most scenic location nestled amidst deep green valleys, deciduous forests, Kali River and wildlife habitats provide an enigmatic time during your stay. The activities mainly include river crossing, kayaking, rafting etc. Dandeli is located close to the the Supa Dam Reservoir and is approximately 525 km from Bangalore. Enjoy nature at its finest as you stay in a bungalow and indulge in a plethora of activity. Experience kayaking, coracle riding, trekking and bird watching.


    You can also embark on a trip to Siroli peak. You can also indulge in white water rafting expedition which is fast acquiring a lot of popularity in the region. Unravel yourself in thrilling wilderness accompanying you throughout your trip. Home to the elegant Black Panther and the Bengal Tiger – undertake nature’s trail under the supervision of a trained guide or naturalist. Navigate a kayak/coracle through the Kali River and admire the thundering waterfall of Syntheri rocks from a safe distance. If you love the outdoors and enjoy scouring the depths of the jungle then it is time for you to head for an exciting jungle adventure in Dandeli with your family and friends! The exotic jungle area of this place offers a wide array of activities for the adrenaline junkie who loves nature photography as well as the best places to visit in Dandeli with a mystery and aura of its own.

  • 10 Gokarna

    Image Credit : 

    Gokarna has long been a regular nominee in the list of the favorite beaches in India. Situated in a small town of Indian state of Karnataka, Gokarna is predominantly known for its temples and the beaches. It is however a little laid back and a rather more less commercialized version of Goa. The beaches here attract a massive tourist crowd of people who wish to enjoy a low key, laid back and chilled out beach holiday and not just those seeking loud and wild parties. Most of the accommodations and stays found in Gokarna comprise of thatched bamboo huts along the the vast stretches of the blissful coast.

    Factually, there are two Gokarnas. In proximity to the beaches is the holy Hindu pilgrim town that is full of ancient temples that are in full charm during the prominent festivals like Ganesh Chathurthi and Shivaratri. While the fun, flamboyant and the lively bazaar of the Gokarna is a great place to visit. Most of the foreign tourists avoid hanging around during the late hours of the night rather they make it to a bee-line straight to the nearby beaches.  

    With its breathtaking landscapes and pristine beaches, Gokarna is a prominent Hindu pilgrimage town that is a newly discovered hub for both hippies and beach lovers.

  • 11Ramanagara


    The land of Gabbar Singh is covered in granite rocks and boulders. With sparse vegetation peeking out of the topography here and there, this place is reminiscent of Sholay and Gabbar’s tyranny. This is another best places to visit near Bangalore. Situated about 50 km from Bangalore, Ramanagar is one of the few places near Bangalore which is a favourite haunt among those who want to indulge in some adventure activities over the weekend near Bangalore.

    Ramanagara offers a terrain that is ideal for trekking, rappelling, cave exploration etc and is hence frequented by nature and adventure enthusiasts throughout the year.

    Day Out and Adventure Activities in Ramanagara

    Day Out and Adventure Activities in Ramanagara

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  • 12Hogenakkal Waterfalls

    Hogenakkal Waterfalls

    Situated at a distance of 180 km, the Hogenakkal waterfalls are one of the most popular tourist places around Bangalore. The name of the waterfall is derived from the words Hoge which means smoke and kal which means rocks.

    From a distance, it appears as there is smoke emanating out of the rocks. In reality, the force of the spray is so immense that the water looks like smoke and hence the name. Hogenakkal waterfalls are also sometimes referred to as the ‘Niagara of India’. This waterfall presents a beautiful sight and is the perfect place for those who want to spend some quiet time with nature.

  • 13Yelagiri Hills

    Yelagiri Hills
    Image Credit : S Vivek - Flickr

    One of the major weekend getaways near Bangalore is the famous Yelagiri Hills located in Vellore district. This is a beautiful hill station pointing towards tranquillity and unleashing nature and many families and honeymoon couples drive to Yelagiri with an aim of spending some moments in the laps of pure nature without the hustles and bustles of city life. It is situated off the Vaniyambadi-Tirupattur road at a height of about 1110 meters above sea level and spreading across an area of around 30 square kilometers. 

    The village of Yelagiri is abundantly blessed by the presence of lush greenery, orchards, rose gardens and valleys. The place is apt for trekking and similar adventure activities and a lot of resorts are located around that offer the best stay options to the guests of Yelagiri at fair prices. Those who come to Yelagiri fall for the absolute beauty of nature irresistible with the presence of umpteen hills, forests and green valleys.

    Activities: Trekking, camping, hiking, paragliding, boating, waterfall visits, nature walk etc are the major activities available at Yelagiri Hills.

    Attractions: Jalagamparari Waterfalls, Punganoor Lake Park, Telescope Observatory, Jalagandeeswarar Temple, Government Herbal farm, Swamimalai Hills, Velavan Temple and the famous hills and waterfalls are the main attractions of Yelagiri here making the visit of adventure lovers as well as nature admirers quite cherish-able.

    Best time to visit: The best time to visit the hills is from June to February and there are Summer Festivals in May and cultural programmes as well. There is a paragliding festival around September focusing on the arrival of adventure junkies in plenty to the hill station. 

    Distance from Bangalore: It is located at a distance of around 160 kilometers from Bangalore and you can reach by bus or cab from the city with a drive of around 3 hours and 30 minutes.

  • 14Hampi

  • 15Savandurga Hills

    Savandurga Hills
  • 16Horsley Hills

    Horsley Hills
  • 17Mysore

    Image Credit : spiros-vathis - Flickr

    Mysore is the second largest city in Karnataka and is one of the best places to visit around Bangalore due to its cultural and historical value. The Dasara celebrations of Mysore are quite famous and this attracts a large number of tourists to the city.

    Some of the important tourist places of Mysore include the Shivanasamudra waterfalls, the Krishnarajasagar Dam, the Brindavan Gardens etc.

    Where to stay: Best resorts and places to stay in Mysore

    Distance from Bangalore: 150 Kms

  • 18Nagarhole

    Image Credit : Ashwin Kumar - Flickr

    If you are looking for a quick weekend trip on places around Bangalore than this is the perfect option for you. Visit the Nagarhole national park in the Kodagu district in Karnataka. 

    Covered in dense forests with little streams and rivulets, the Nagarhole National Park boasts of rich flora and fauna. The perfect destination to spend some solitude amidst natural beauty also resorts in Nagarhole is a welcome retreat from the busy city life.

  • 19Dudhsagar Falls

    Dudhsagar Falls
  • 20Goa

  • 21Yercaud

  • 22Jog Falls

    Jog Falls
  • 23Munnar

  • 24Bandipur


    One of the few tiger reserves in the country, Bandipur National Park boasts of a rich biodiversity. Covered in dry, deciduous forests, Bandipur is one of the best places to visit if you are a nature lover. 

    There are many resorts near Bandipur that offer comfortable and affordable accommodation and also take you on safaris to help you see the wildlife in its full glory.

    Night Stay in Bandipur Safari Lodge

    Night Stay in Bandipur Safari Lodge

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    d2 Daysn1 NightlBandipur

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  • 25Ooty

    Image Credit : Prabhu B Doss - Flickr

    Make your vacation a splendid one as you head out to these amazing places to visit around Bangalore this time. Out of these Ooty is definitely the heaven which you should visit. Settled in the midst of the greenery and furthermore known as the Queen of Nilgiris, Ooty is outstanding amongst other spots to go amid the summers. The cool wind and the foggy climate is the ideal setting for you. Arranged at an elevation of 2500 meters this place is honoured with a healthy atmosphere. What's more, for the nature lovers, this will be a twofold regard as you will be investing your entire energy near nature. Alleviate your eyes as you venture into the Botanical Garden which is spread more than 55 sections of land of land. 

    Hold your breath as you appreciate seeing the Doddabeta Peak which stands tall. Furthermore, with regards to your night make it unique as you visit the Ooty Lake. Taste a sip of tea as you dig in the peacefulness. Nothing can be a superior a superior excursion than spending your late spring occasions in this hypnotizing goal. A name feels like fresh breeze on warm sunny day. In the midst of nature, flowers blossom, mountains coming alive with the sound of wildlife.

    Attractions: Few of the attractions of Ooty which is very famous are the Doddabeta Peak, Ooty Lake, Botanical Garden, Rose garden, Pykara Lake, Pinewood forest etc. One can also visit Dolphin's Nose, Emerald lake, Tiger Hill, Kamraj Sagar Lake etc.

    Activities: One can indulge in an array of activities here like toy train ride, boating, trekking, hiking, cycling, bird watching etc.

    Best time to visit: The best time to visit this destination is during the month of March to June.

    Where to Stay: Best resorts and places to stay in Ooty

    Distance from Bangalore: Ooty is located at a distance of 273.4 km via Mysore - Ooty Rd and NH275.

    Trek to Sengottaraayar Malai in Coonoor near Ooty

    Trek to Sengottaraayar Malai in Coonoor near Ooty

    NNNNM1 Reviews

    d2 Daysn1 NightlCoonoor


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  • 26Madurai

  • 27Shravanabelagola

  • 28Srirangapatna

  • 29Hassan

  • 30Kodaikanal

  • 31Gandikota

  • 32Mudumalai National Park

    Mudumalai National Park
  • 33Masinagudi

    Image Credit : Mike Prince - flickr

    Distance from Bangalore: 242 kms

    For that ideal break from your daily life, there are a lot of places to visit near Bangalore. Situated between the Bandipur National park and the Mudumalai National Park, Masinagudi is one of the ideal places near Bangalore for 2-day trip. Brimming with nature’s troves, Masinagudi is famous for its forests and the abundance of wildlife in its National Park. You can go for bird watching and jungle safaris.

    Arrangements for elephant riding safaris can also be made to get a closer and unadulterated feel of the jungles. Apart from trekking in the jungles and exploring the fauna, you can also visit the various Tea Plantations and observe the complete process of tea processing, from the fields to packed cartons of commercial tea. Masinagudi is a place to relax and feel one with nature while you are at it.

    Offbeat Stays in Masinagudi:

    1) Adventure in Masinagudi

    2) Nature Stay Experience in Masinagudi

    Homestay With Camping in Masinagudi

    Homestay With Camping in Masinagudi

    NNNNN6 Reviews

    d1 Dayn1 NightlMasinagudi

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  • 34Belum Caves

    Belum Caves
  • 35Pondicherry

    Image Credit : R E B E L - Flickr

    A once French colony, Pondicherry permeates in a distinct charm of its own. A heritage walk in this town will take you through quaint markets, streets of French and Indian architecture and would give you a true essence of the place. A city tour will unfold cathedrals, beach fronts and Aurobindo Ashram. Those interested in the offbeat can also take a fisherman tour for a day in the life of the fisherman.

    Attractions: Sightseeing places in Pondicherry

    Activities: Must do things in Pondicherry

    Where to Stay: Best resorts and places to stay in Pondicherry

    Distance from Bangalore: 365 Kms

    Popular Activities in Pondicherry:

    1) Pondicherry City Tour

    2) Pondicherry Heritage Walk

    Guided Fisherman Village Tour, Pondicherry

    Guided Fisherman Village Tour, Pondicherry

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  • 36Lepakshi

  • 37Kabini


    Kabini, that is located at a short distance away from Bangalore is one hell of a weekend destination from Bangalore, that offers a cool respite away from the suffocating environs of the city! The flows of the Kabini River and the dam built over it are some of the most amazing sites of this beautiful destination.

    Not only this, but the land is also famous for its wilderness and wildlife hotspots where you can sight various animals such as elephants, wild boars and even (if you are very lucky) TIGERS! Explore this verdant green escapade around 205km from Bangalore if you are a nature lover, wilderness explorer or even just a traveller who is seeking quietude in the envelope of nature.

    Where to Stay: Best resorts and places to stay in Kabini

    Distance from Bangalore: 215 Kms

    Night Stay in Kabini River Lodge

    Night Stay in Kabini River Lodge

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    d2 Daysn1 NightlMysore

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  • 38Udipi

  • 39Biligiri Ranga Hills

    Biligiri Ranga Hills
  • 40Malpe

  • 41Shimoga

  • Offbeat Places to Visit near Bangalore

  • 42Wine Tour

    Wine Tour

    While you are in Bangalore, this is one of the best places to visit near Bangalore. Wine aficionados can treat themselves to a fun and informational wine tour. The salubrious weather and fertile soil of Bangalore aids the growth of grapes. This in turn has led to the mushrooming of wineries around the city. One of them is the Heritage Winery. 

    On their tour, you can unravel what goes behind the makings of fine wine. Amble through the refreshing vineyards; learn how to see, swirl, sniff, and sip the drink from the experts. And to top it, get to indulge in a wine tasting session too!

    Wine Tour in Bangalore

    Wine Tour in Bangalore

    NNNNN61 Reviews

    h1 HourlBangalore


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  • 43Kanakpura

    Located at a comfortable distance of about 60km from the main city of Bangalore, Kanakpura is perfect for that quick weekend getaway that you want to go to. With tall and beautiful mountains skirting the beautiful Hosadoddi Lake, it is a destination that is invigorating as well as richly endowed in landscapes that are perfect for an adventurous escape.

    Surrounded by the Banathimari Forest and the Banathimari Peak rising in its midst, it is perfect for all of those who want to fill their hearts with adventure and lungs with pure mountain air.

    Nature Adventure Camp in Kanakapura

    Nature Adventure Camp in Kanakapura

    NNNNN66 Reviews

    d1 DaylKanakpura


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  • 44Kunti Betta

    Situated around 130km from the heart of the city, Kunti Betta is also one amongst the popular places around Bangalore for trekking and a hub for the adventure seekers. Though the vicinity boasts of its unique beauty and appeal, its allurement gets double-fold during the nights.

    It is during this period, trekkers from different places throngs Kunti Betta and embarks on a night trek expedition to the peak and satiates their carvings for fun and adventure.

    Kunti Betta Night Trek in Bangalore

    Kunti Betta Night Trek in Bangalore

    NNNNN18 Reviews

    d2 Daysn1 NightlMandya


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  • 45Antaragange

    Antaragange is situated at a distance of 70 km from Bangalore. Antaragange is an excellent example of nature’s creativity. Strewn with rocks and boulders, Antaragange has some excellent caves that have formed from volcanic rocks.

    So if you are fond of cave exploration and trekking, Antaragange is the perfect place for a weekend getaway. With a fairly easy terrain for trekking and cave exploration, Antaragange offers an enjoyable weekend in the lap of nature.

    Anthargange Night Trek with Cave Exploration

    Anthargange Night Trek with Cave Exploration

    NNNNN48 Reviews

    d1 Dayn1 NightlKolar

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  • 46Bheemeshwari

    Want to spend some time in a calm and serene environment? Escape into the woods! The Bheemeshwari forest camp offers great scenic beauty and tranquility. If you are a nature lover, you could indulge in nature walks and spend some peaceful time exploring and sightseeing in the forest.

    If you are an adventure enthusiast, you can go for trekking or participate in adventure activities. Thrillophilia can arrange for stay in comfortable jungle lodges if you intend to spend a day or two in the peaceful atmosphere at Bheemeshwari.

    Night Outing at Bheemeshwari Adventure and Nature Camp

    Night Outing at Bheemeshwari Adventure and Nature Camp

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    d2 Daysn1 NightlBheemeshwari

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  • 47Makalidurga

  • 48Tadiandamol


    The highest peak in Coorg, Tadiandamol Peak is richly carpeted in a cover of wooded slopes and tall, reaching trees. The trek to Tadiandamol Peak passes through some of the most beautiful and meandering pathways beautified by their calmness and solitude. Surrounded by the calming escapes of the Shola forests, the trek to the peak is one of the most therapeutic you will even indulge in.

    Coorg - Tadiandamol Trek and Adventure Escape

    Coorg - Tadiandamol Trek and Adventure Escape

    NNNNM37 Reviews

    d2 Daysn1 NightlCoorg


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  • 49Kudremukh

    Image Credit : RahulR - Flickr

    Amongst the green and verdant coffee estates of Chickmaglur rises a peak that is also known as ‘The Horse Face Peak’. Trek to Kudremukh is a treat for all those who want to indulge in the beauty of nature this season! Passing through lush forest lands, the trail also lead you through some of the most amazing waterfalls and streams along the way.

    Located at a distance of 285km from Bangalore, Kudremukh can be easily reached by road and is an offbeat getaway near Bangalore. Open meadow lands, grassy knolls and embellished with gorgeous views of surrounding, the trek  is suddenly one of the must-dos!

    Trek to Kudremukh in Chikmagalur

    Trek to Kudremukh in Chikmagalur

    NNNNN33 Reviews

    d2 Daysn1 NightlChikmagalur


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  • 50Kodachadri

    Image Credit : Swaroop C H - Flickr

    Rising tall in the district of Shimoga, Kodachadri holds the honour of being amongst the tallest peaks in Karnataka. It is here that you can see incredibly beautiful views from the summit. The peak is famous for being the only place in the world from where you can witness views of the sunrise and sunset from the same spot.

    Witness the enchanting views of the Arabian Sea in the distance and the sight of numerous waterfalls on the way and climb this peak surrounded by thick woods to get a taste of adventure and excitement!

    Kodachadri Peak Trek in Shimoga

    Kodachadri Peak Trek in Shimoga

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  • 51Big Banyan Tree

    Big Banyan Tree
    Big Banyan Tree Cycling in Bangalore

    Big Banyan Tree Cycling in Bangalore

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