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Hampi Packages

Duration Price
Hampi Tour Package From Bangalore2 days & 1 night
INR 7,599
Hampi Badami Heritage Tour from Bangalore3 days & 2 nights
INR 13,200
Bangalore - Chikmagalur - Hampi Tour Package5 days & 4 nights
INR 26,800

Hampi Packages

Browse through a wide range of Hampi holiday packages with exciting offers at Thrillophilia. Book customized Hampi vacation packages with exciting deals & offers.

Not many places in the country boast of UNESCO World Heritage tag, but Hampi tour packages will show you why this is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with ancient ruins. The famous city of Hampi was the capital of the Vijayanagar realm in the fifteenth century a few records also suggest that it was the second biggest city on the planet around them.

However, following hundreds of years to the present it dropped out of significance, and it allows the tourists to investigate the vestiges of a ton of sanctuaries and different structures spread in Hampi. The landscape around Hampi is as puzzling as the vestiges itself – since the tourist attraction is encompassed by stones of various sizes, and one can go to the highest point of them with a little push to get an astonishing perspective of the whole city and the geology.

The culture of Hampi, rich and vibrant is tied to its roots. The architecture in Hampi speaks of the traits of both Hindu and Muslim architecture. It is situated on the banks of the Tungabhadra River.

Renowned for its gigantic, wonderfully cut sanctuaries, particularly the Virupaksha Temple which is devoted to the patron deity of the empire. You can likewise discover stays of the old water channels, trenches and military sleeping quarters with stables here.

In 1986, Hampi has proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage site and numerous endeavours have been taken to re-establish the lost magnificence of the place very limited (if any) modern establishments are allowed in the main area which a gives a touch of authenticity to the ruins. Pilgrims delight and backpackers holidaying spot is rich in culture which remains unaffected by westernization in the modern-day.

The major tourist spots in Hampi can be distinguished into two broad areas; the Hampi Bazaar area and the Royal centre near Kamalapur. Hemakuta Hill, south of the main Hampi temple, having antique ruins, Jain temples along with a monolithic sculpture of Lord Narasimha. Hampi tour packages are ideal for lovers of history and tourists interested in exploring the heritage of the past. Explore all the place with the heritage trek in Hampi.

Places to Visit During Hampi Tour

1. Lotus Mahal: Situated in SH 131, Lotus Mahal, also known as Kamal Mahal, displays the sheer brilliance of architecture of the long-gone era. The place is given this name due to its resemblance to a lotus. With 24 pillars, the central dome representing the bud, and the passages and balcony as petals, this Mahal is simply beautiful.

2. Hippie Island: Also known as the Virapapur Gadde, this island is popular due to its cozy and chilled ambiance. This island is so named due to the vibrant atmosphere and the friendly people that can be found there. It is located across the river Tungabhadra and offers delicious food and sunset parties.

3. Matanga Hill: You can witness the panoramic beauty of Hampi from Matanga Hill, which is Hampi’s highest point. Located at Hampi Bazar’s eastern corner, you can also visit the Kodanda Rama Temple and the Turthu canal from this place. Trekking to this hill will offer your alluring views of the sunrise and sunset.

4. Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary: Named after the prevalence of the Indian Sloth Bears, this sanctuary will give you a glimpse of the rich wildlife that can be found here. It is situated in Seetharama Tanda and also exhibits about 90 species of birds, 27 species of butterfly, and several other animals.

5. Archaeological Museum: Included in the Hampi Tour Packages, a visit to this museum will offer you more knowledge about the rich history of Hampi. There are four sections that display various artifacts, sculptures, tools, etc.

6. Virupaksha Temple: Located on the southern bank of the Tungabhadra River, the architectural display of this temple is simply magnificent. Upon entering the temple, you will witness a Nandi statue that has three heads. In the center, there is a hall with pillars, known widely as the Ranga Mandapa.

Things to Do During Hampi Tour

1. Explore rock climbing: The presence of massive boulders makes it the perfect opportunity to indulge the adventure fetishes within you. Rock climbing is a thrilling adventure activity that must be performed with great caution. You can try rock climbing in Hemakuta Hill Boulders, Raghunatha Temple, etc. free of cost and the best time to do so in the early morning.

2. Hop on a boat ride: Viewing the picturesque beauty of nature around makes riding in a motorboat or taxi boat is all the more intriguing. You can also see paddle boats operated by the villagers, or you can simply float across the reservoir. The prices of boat riding start from about 250 INR per person during the day.

3. Enjoy coracle riding: Definitely a part of the Hampi tours, coracle riding is a once in a lifetime kind of adventure. Famous since the rule of the Vijayanagara Empires, coracles have since been used to traverse the tumultuous waters of River Tungabhadra. These are essentially circular boats that cost around 50-100 INR per person.

4. Trek the Matanga Hill: With the magnificence of the beauty of nature around, trekking to the Matanga Hill, will sate your quench for adventure. The trail is quite easy, and the picturesque view that greets you at the top is worth the pains. You do not have to pay anything to trek or climb the stunning Matanga Hills.

5. Experience cliff jumping: Not for the faintest of hearts, cliff jumping is for adventure junkies that are aware of the risks but go ahead anyway because of the thrill. The cliffs in Hampi are about 15 feet in height, and there is no cost that you have to pay. You can try it in the Tungabhadra River, but you must do so with caution, and only if you are absolutely sure.
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Hampi Tour FAQs

Which are the best places to stay in Hampi?

Here are some of the best places to stay in Hampi that you must stay in these beautiful locations:

1. Heritage Resort Hampi: Part of the Hampi packages, this resort has cottages and pool villas. Set amidst coconut and mango gardens, this resort bridges luxury with nature effortlessly. The cost starts at about 5500 INR per night for two.

2. Evolve Back Hampi: Located in Kamalapura, this luxury hotel is greatly inspired by the Vijayanagara Empire. The architecture of this hotel styled as a palace is simply marvelous along with the cuisine, which is clearly inspired by that era. With spa, pools, jacuzzi, and lounge bars, the price starts from about 21,900 INR for a double per night.

3. Hampi’s Boulders: Cottages nestled amidst nature seems to be the highlight of this eco-friendly resort situated in Narayanpet. Privacy, serenity, and relaxation can be found here with prices starting from about 12,200 INR per night for two.

4. Royal Orchid Central Kireeti: Located in the Station Road, near the Hampi Ruins, is the opulent Royal Orchid Central Hotel. It strives to offer a luxurious stay to its guests by offering excellent hospitality and a varied range of modern amenities, which include a swimming pool and gym. With about 134 rooms, 3 banquet halls, board room, lawns, restaurants, and coffee shops, the price here starts from 10,030 INR per night.

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Which are the best places to visit at night on a Hampi tour?

Here are the best places to visit in Hampi included in your Hampi travel package:

1. Hippie Island: Known for the laid-back and partying atmosphere, a night in Hippie Island, included in the Hampi holiday packages will make you relax. You can indulge in the music jams that frequently occur in the Sunset Point, or you can simply explore the place after the sunsets. You can also try some of the local cuisines in the various shacks, cafes, and restaurants that are present there.

2. Funky Monkey Restaurant: Offering the local cuisine, the uniquely decorated Funky Monkey Restaurant offers International and Indian cuisine. With delectable food and friendly staff, it is one of the best places to visit at night in Hampi.

3. Hampi Bazaar: Visit the glorious Hampi Bazaar, also known as the Virupaksha Bazaar, at night. This is the perfect opportunity for you to pick up some souvenirs for your trip. There is a wide range of shops here, and the twinkling lights mixed with the local crowd create a homely ambiance.

4. Virupaksha Temple: You can visit the Virupaksha Temple in the night by taking part in the Hampi by Night tour during Vijay Utsav. The temple looks ethereal under the display of the illuminated lights and also offers light and sound show to mesmerize the visitors.

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What are the most romantic things to do in Hampi?

1. Enjoy Coracle riding: Try this never-tried before adventure with your partner and traverse the waters of the Tungabhadra River, on circular boats. You can spend some much-needed quality time with your partner, all the while witnessing and admiring the grandeur of nature around. This adventurous activity is definitely included in the Hampi Tour Packages.

2. Experience Hut Stay: You can experience the local culture by indulging in Hut Stays in Hippie Island with your partner. The cozy settings, along with the availability of all the basic amenities, make it quite popular. You can spend some intimate moments with your partner and enjoy the delectable delicacies offered.

3. Opt for bicycle rides: Traipsing around the beautiful Hampi on a bicycle alongside your partner is the perfect way to spend some time and make new memories. You can admire the picturesque beauty of Hampi all around and re-bond with your partner.

4. Try rock climbing: If you and your partner share the same adventure kinks, you can try out rock climbing. It is a great way to spend time, get a boost of adrenaline, and make some unforgettable memories. Also, there is no cost of rock-climbing here, but you do need to excise suitable caution.

Which are the famous temples to visit in Hampi?

Being the host to some of the extraordinary architectural ruins, Hampi has been listed as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Hampi draws many tourists, owing to its temples, monolithic sculptures and outstanding monuments.

In Karnataka, Hampi is one of the most beautiful towns, renowned for its magnificent temples upkeeping the religious roots that were sown by the Vijayanagar rulers.

Some famous temples of Hampi included in hampi sightseeing package are:

  • Virupaksha temple
  • Krishna temple, also called Balakrishna temple
  • Achyutaraya temple
  • Vitthala temple
  • Hazara Rama temple
  • Kodandarama temple
  • Pattabhirama temple

What are the best places to visit in Hampi with family?

1. Vijaya Vittala Temple: You can showcase the grandeur of the architecture of the Dravidian era to your family by making a visit to this temple. The stone structures and pillars in the temple complex will leave you mesmerized. Some of the most popular attractions to visit in your hampi karnataka tour package are Stone chariot, Maha Mantapa, etc.

2. Elephant Stables: Included in the Hampi holiday packages, the historically significant Elephant Stables is a marvelous sight. You can bring your family here and show them the place where royal elephants were kept in the royal era. The architectural beauty of the chambers will leave you stunned.

3. Sanapur Lake: Encased by massive rocks and huge boulders, this lake is the perfect place to have a cozy little picnic with your family. You can also indulge in coracle riding or swimming amidst the pristine waters here. Admire the beauty of nature and spend some much-needed time with your family.

4. Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary: Visit the Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary with your family and admire the diversified wildlife that can be found here. There are about 120 Indian Sloth Bears here. The picturesque beauty of nature, coupled with the various types of animals like leopard, tortoise, etc. makes the place more appealing.

What is the best time to visit Hampi?

The best time to make the Hampi tours is between the months of October and February. The weather during these months is quite pleasant and you can explore the picturesque city of Hampi with ease. You can also enjoy the famed Vijay Utsav, which takes place in November and experience some adventurous activities.

How many days do you need in Hampi?

You need to spend at least 2-3 days in Hampi to fully explore the various picturesque sites included in the Hampi Tour Packages.

But, if you want to truly explore the local culture, and engage in some of the adventurous activities, you must allocate some more days. The pleasant ambiance and friendly residents make the visit worthwhile.

Is Hampi worth visiting?

Yes, Hampi is definitely worth visiting. Credited as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this picturesque city is full of surprises.

Part of the Hampi packages, the huge number of temples along with hills and rivers makes the visit all the more efficacious. Various adventurous activities and the tranquility in the atmosphere please adventure junkies and peace seekers equally.

What is famous in Hampi?

Hampi is famous for being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The ruins and temples display the exemplary architecture of the bygone era of the Vijayanagara Empire.

Included in the Hampi Tour Packages, Monuments, Mahals, Temples, and monolithic sculptures attract visitors immensely. Moreover, the place exudes serenity and will soothe your soul amidst nature.

What is the famous food in Hampi?

The famous food in Hampi is South Indian cuisine. This includes a wide array of delectable food ranging from idli, dosa, fried rice, cauliflower Manchurian, etc. that you can taste as part of the Hampi packages. You are most likely to get only vegetarian cuisine in Hampi as it is regarded as a religious town.

What to buy in Hampi?

You can buy several items as souvenirs or decorative items on your trip to Hampi. You can buy Lambani crafts, stone artifacts, and leather crafts from various bazaars, which is included in the Hampi Tour Packages. You can also purchase musical instruments, local clothes of Hampi and crafts made of banana fiber.

Is Hampi safe for couples?

Yes, Hampi is relatively safe for couples. During the day, you can roam without any issues. But, it is best to exercise caution during the night and stick to places that are crowded. Petty crimes can be found in every area that you visit, and it is advisable to stay alert.

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