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  • Mysore is a district in Karnataka steeped in history and tradition. During the medieval period, this region was part of the Kingdom of Mysore ruled by the Wodeyar Dynasty. At that time Mysore was the capital city of the kingdom.

    Located on the foothills of Chamundi Hills, Mysore offers many places of heritage and history to visit. Tourism is one of the main industries in this place. Mysore is a big city. It is the second biggest in the state.

    When you visit this city, you understand that the old world charm here still pervades everyday life. This region is also known for its sandalwood and silk. You can buy exquisitely crafted rosewood and sandalwood furniture and such miscellaneous items from here. The silk here is high in quality.

    So when you buy a 
    Mysore silk saree, you can be assured that the quality of this product is very high. The land of Mysore is a mix of granite outcrops and greenery. Nevertheless, when you visit this place, you leave the city with good memories to cherish.
  • Most Popular Resorts in Mysore

  • 01Bandipur Safari Lodge

    Bandipur Safari Lodge

    If you are wilderness lover who loves to see nature at its true and rawest best, then Bandipur is definitely the most ideal destination for you. It is here that you can see the wildlife in its most brazen and unapologetic form. The sanctuary is also one of the last known reserves for the Tigers and Elephants. A stay at Bandipur Safari Lodge will bring you the closest to this stunning medley of nature and wildlife.

    A Bandipur resort resting on the principle of ecology conservation and balance, The Jungle Lodges Bandipur adheres to it in every little and big way possible. The gardens of the resort are rich with herbs, medicinal plants and other beautiful vegetation that refreshes every eye that sees it. In case you want to know more about the flora and fauna of the place, there are trained naturalists who can answer your questions.

    Activities and amenities:

    • Wildlife Safari
    • Trekking
    • Coracle ride
    • Bird Watching
    • Day Visit
    • Nature Walk
    • Elephant Rides
    • Kayaking
    • Mountain Biking
    • Water Rafting
    • Snorkeling 
    Night Stay in Bandipur Safari Lodge

    Night Stay in Bandipur Safari Lodge

    NNNMM29 Ratings

    d2 Daysn1 NightlBandipur

    Starting from


  • 02Thrillophilia Featured - Overnight Stay at K Gudi Wilderness Camp

    Overnight Stay at K Gudi Wilderness Camp near Mysore

    Overnight Stay at K Gudi Wilderness Camp near Mysore

    NNNMM38 Ratings

    d2 Daysn1 NightlChamarajanagar

    Starting from


  • 03The Windflower Resorts

    The Windflower Resorts

    The Windflower Resorts have it all. The interiors of this place are an abode for harvesting romantic moments. There are plenty of avenues for seeking solitude in the company of nature. The resort is also a pleasant getaway to enjoy a vacation.

    Located in Mysore, the resort helps you rewind to an era that stands still in time. When you visit Mysore, you visit a land that is proud of its heritage. This resort sets the context by providing you hospitality and reception like no other.

    The resort has palatial rooms. These king-sized rooms are fit enough to accommodate kings. But they accommodate visitors such as you. From this you can understand the kind of stature the resort accords you. Everyone is treated like a precious guest.

    The accommodation speaks volumes of this fact. Each room has rain showers. Private verandahs or balconies enable you to spend precious moments of togetherness. Each room is blessed with a view of the Chamundi Hills. The Chamundi Hills are a sacred place of pilgrimage for many people.

    The spa at the Windflower Resorts is one of the best in the region. The world class treatments on offer leave you spellbound. There are more than 30 different treatment options. After a rejuvenating time at the spa you can head to the multi-cuisine restaurant. This eating place serves you tasty dishes.

    Some of them are a tribute to the culinary imagination and masterpieces of the chefs here. They incorporate the styles and tastes of various regions. But the end result is that you get a culinary experience like no other.

    When at the resort, silence is an incredible quality to the environs. But the silence is soothing rather than being eerie. There is ample space to free your arms, legs, and mind. The serenity in this place is worth every dime you paid for it.

  • 04The Cute Village Resort, Mysore

    Located mid-distant between Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary and the Brindavan Gardens, this place is an idyllic setting to enjoy the pleasures of relaxation. A leisurely environment in the most serene settings creates a perfect ambience to liberate you.

    The Cute Village Resort has all those ingredients for the perfect holiday in Mysore. The resort offers the perfect mood for rejuvenation. This combined with the pleasant climatic conditions of Mysore makes for an enjoyable stay.

    Mysore is a heritage city. There are multiple attractions to see and experience here. The resort presents a perfect reception for eager travellers. The stay here sets the tone and context for a sightseeing trip through the heart of the city.

    Given that the resort is located close to the bird sanctuary, you can see many exotic birds from this resort. If you are a bird lover, then you can stay here for several days and enjoy a magical exposition of some exotic species of birds in the skies.

    The luxurious rooms and pleasantly set outdoors are the perfect nature’s backyard to enjoy these scenes passively. The resort is spread over acres of verdant greenery. It offers modern amenities in a natural environment. There is an impressive confluence of naturalistic delights that shake hands with contemporary man-made amenities.

    The multi-cuisine restaurant on location serves the best dishes in the country. You can try authentic food of the region at this place. The rooms are spacious. The suites are decked with luxurious amenities. An on-location doctor attends to the emergencies of visitors round the clock. A fitness centre at the resort is a perfect way to unwind after an exhilarating day of sightseeing.

    The Cute Village is located within the city. Getting to some well-known places in Mysore is never a problem. The location and the in-house facilities offered at the resort makes it a desirable one and one of the best resorts in Mysore.

  • 05Golden Landmark Resorts & Hotels

    This resort is one of the oldest in the city. It is located off the Ring Road. This aspect makes it an ideal location to reach when you are driving towards the city from Bangalore. The location is only a ten minute drive from the centre of Mysore.

    The resort has all the characteristics of being a luxury getaway. The Golden Landmark Resort is a pristine place for rejuvenating, relaxing, and unwinding from the gruelling urban life. It is also a destination visited in abundance by corporates. It won’t be a surprise if you see multiple corporate events being held in the premises at the same time.

    There are multiple reasons to visit this resort. It is located on the Ring Road. So you can get to many places in Mysore from the resort avoiding the traffic snarls within the city. But compared to Bangalore, traffic in Mysore is generally lighter.

    The resort is spread over a massive 13 acres of greenery. So much space in the city is a novelty. You have ample space to fill your lungs with fresh air. You can explore these 13 acres of greenery and find bliss amidst the expanse of nature. The open fields of the resort are also an ideal setting for fun activities.

    There are villas in the resort overlooking a lake. Called the Lake View Villas, these places of stay are decked with impressive amenities. For cocktail lovers, there is a cocktail lounge that serves the best drinks for setting your mood for relaxation. A multi-cuisine restaurant serves your appetite with mouth watering dishes.

    A coffee shop is a nice place to read a newspaper sipping coffee whilst the early morning birds chirp in the background. Amongst recreational facilities, there is a swimming pool, gym, Ayurvedic centre, and sauna facilities. This is an ideal location for a pleasant getaway for a couple of days.

  • Best Off-Beat Resorts To Stay In Mysore

  • 06Chitravana Resorts

    In an enchanting region full of palaces lies an enchanting place of stay. This is a forest resort offering verdant and quiet environs. You are rejuvenated in the solitude of the forest. Your proximity to nature is at an all-time high.

    There is an open air theatre at the Chitravana Resorts. This is the perfect ambience to enjoy folk music and various cultural performances in an open-air setting. There are impressive cottages in the vicinity. The swimming pool is inviting to the eye given its landscaped form. On location there is a bar and restaurant.

    Rooms are impressively decked with the best of amenities. The cleanliness in these rooms is spotless. The spic and span surroundings leave you inspired. You can enhance your experience by trying out the Kerala Ayurvedic massage.

    Specially formulated oils are used for this purpose. The outdoor has plenty of places to explore. At any point of time, you can sit on one of the many park benches and enjoy the outdoors ambience.

    The resort is used by people to hold marriage reception conferences and gala events. There could be a musical performance being conducted for someone else.

    That does not stop you from enjoying this performance even if you are not part of that contingent! If you are with children, then the children’s play park will not only excite your child but you as well. The park is safe with a good set of paraphernalia for children’s play.

    The resort administration arranges for outdoor sport activities. Some popular adventure activities are rappelling, jumaring, crossing the river, Burma bridge, zorbing, and kayaking.

    Some unusual adventure activities such as herping are also included as well. You can combine your stay in the resort with some exhilarating adventure activities. This combination makes for a memorable stay packed with memories.

  • 07White Orchid Resorts

    White Orchid Resorts

    The White Orchid Resorts is yet again a resort that is within the city. It is located only 3 kilometres from the main central district of Mysore making it amongst the best resorts in Mysore for accessibility. The resort is a perfect launch pad to begin your exploration of the royal city of Mysore.

    Located on the Bangalore-Mysore Highway at Kalasthawadi, the resort is set amidst green environs. There are water canals in the vicinity. The presence of water, earth, light, and air is a heady combination to experience nature’s elements. You are in the best place to rejuvenate yourself and be nourished in the lap of nature.

    The resort is a place where contemporary luxury meets naturalistic pleasures. For instance, the outdoor barbeque is a popular feature with local and international tourists alike. There is a sunken bar which is part of this outdoor barbeque facility.

    For meat lovers, they cannot ask for anything better. When the simmering barbeque rolls on the grills, your appetite is tickled. Your senses reach an all-time calm. You are away from your maladies. You enjoy the ambience and the simplistic pleasures that nature provides you.

    When in high spirits, the best way to top that feeling is with a good drink. Provided you drink in a theme lighted bar, the experience is not accentuated. At the White Orchid Resorts, there is a theme lighted bar for this purpose. This is an ideal destination to sip the spirit of luxury and enjoy the heady dose of luxury.

    After a refreshing round of sightseeing or before it, you can head to the world-class fitness centre here. After a light workout, you can spread yourself beside the pool. Make happy splashes into the inviting waters. Get a cocktail from the cocktail lounge. Keep it beside the pool. Treat yourself with a sip with each lap you make. Get that feeling of utopia right here.

  • 08Silent Shores Resort & Spa

    Silent Shores Resort & Spa

    The resort is located in the vicinity of many local attractions making it the most entertaining amongst the best resorts in Mysore. The Silent Shores Resort is located is set in 20 acres of verdant greenery. The sheer silence, serenity, and tranquillity of this place make it an abode of peace.

    There is no lack of excitement here as the naturalistic delights are exciting enough. You are inspired to relieve your sense and mind in these pristine settings. The environment beckons you to drop your inhibitions and liberate your apprehensions.

    There are more than 50 guest rooms in this facility. All guest rooms are decked with good amenities and well-appointed. The elegantly furnished rooms offer guests an experience that is unique and thrilling at the same time.

    The resort is suited for any type of visitor. You may be an economy visitor or someone seeking luxury. The multi-faceted ambience of this place is suited for all types of visitors.

    The multi-cuisine restaurant on location leaves you asking for more. The restaurant serves Chinese and Continental dishes. You can also get traditional Indian food with a unique twist. The culinary imagination of the chefs here kicks into action. If you are a wine lover there’s no better place to be than here.

    The resort has an impressive lounge bar catering the best wines from around the world. The cozy and stylish environs inside the resort are the perfect ambience to experience such luxurious drinks.

    The resort is located at Hootagalli off Hunsur Road. It is only a short drive from the middle of the city. The facilities here are nominally priced. The concierge is receptive to your needs. You are proactively attended to.

    You will love the experience of being cared for even though you paid for it. You won’t feel like a paid visitor but a guest. The hospitality offered at this place is indicative of this fact.

  • 09Grand Maurya Resort

    Grand Maurya Resort

    A haven of all havens is what you would describe the Grand Maurya Resort as. The resort is a haven of rejuvenation and relaxation. This is the place that offers a perfect ambience to feel the joys of a liberated mind and soul.

    At the numerous cozy rooms here, you will enjoy the best sleeping experience in your life. You can turn on the music and feel at home. Even when you enter the resort, the tree-lined courtyard sets the context for a pleasant stay here.

    The resort has been created with a purpose. The luxurious interiors complement the warmth of the outdoors. Contemporary facilities are crafted with perfection and innovation. The objective is to bring a sense of calm naturally inside the minds of guests. This is the perfect place to host a business conference, reception, or just get away from the vagaries of urban existence.

    Located on the Hunsur Road, the resort is highly accessible from any place in Mysore. For the new age traveller this resort is the perfect geographical antidote to stress. The Mysore Airport is 140 km from here.

    For events and special occasions, there are the Durbar Hall and Kohinoor Hall. The cottages are created with an artistic interpretation. The design is Swiss-type. Interiors are airy and luxurious. There is everything you can ask for here. A 24/7 doctor on call. Concierge service for all your miscellaneous needs. You can also get customised services and facilities arranged on prior notice.

    The bar at the resort is well-stocked. For those already in high spirits, the bar is the perfect place to experience bliss. There is also a discotheque to let your hair down and dance uninhibitedly to the sounds of music. Experience a rejuvenating time at the massage parlour. Or just gently stroll in the outdoors and attain nirvana.

  • 10The Village, Mysore

    The Village, Mysore

    This place can be best described as a rustic hideout away from the vagaries of traffic and pollution. The resort is a man-made creation blessed with the presence of nature’s endearing grace. The Village provides all the facilities for you to become an outdoorsy fun loving person. If you are already one, then this place belongs to you.

    The place resounds with energy. You can be active or passive in this place, but you will feel relaxed for sure. Take a walk. Go for a brisk jog. Saunter along the garden fringes. Swing on a hammock. Read a book with a fresh waft of breeze visiting you every minute. Experience the simple pleasures in the finest of places.

    The resort is well-endowed with enough facilities. There is a pool, jacuzzi, fitness centre, tennis court, cricket ground, basketball court, table tennis facility, children’s play area and more.

    You can mix business with pleasure here given that there are well-equipped conference rooms, a banquet hall, and an amphitheatre here. The multi cuisine restaurant here treats you with the best Chinese, Tandoor, Continental, and Indian food.

    The location of this resort is fantastic. Located on the foothills of the Chamundi Hills, you can see the Chamundi Hills overlooking the resort at all times. The resort is located on the Bangalore-Nilgiri Highway. It is about 4 kilometres from the Mysore Railway Station. The location makes it one of the best resorts in Mysore.

    The rates at this resort are nominal. All types of accommodation are provided. You get to stay in cottages which are theme-based homes with all modern amenities. There are air conditioned and non air conditioned rooms.

    You can also book a penthouse. The rate for this is higher but not very high. You get luxury at a reasonable price in The Village. There is value for money in all aspects of this place.

  • 11Raya Resort

    Located on Mysore Road, Raya Resort is a quiet and serene place with a pleasing ambience. The location of the resort is unique. It is situated on the banks of the Kapila Cauvery River. The resort is on the way to Talkad. The Raya Resort is a slice of heaven and a blessed getaway backyard.

    The facilities offered here are on par with other international resorts in and around Mysore. The resort is a good vacation spot to take a break from mundane urban existence. The resort provides all the comforts creatively and satisfying the expectations of all types of visitors.

    There are a dozen exquisitely decked cottages here. The cottages are surrounded by natural greenery and the river. These well-furnished places of stay are made of eco-friendly materials. It is an excellent getaway to experience luxury and privacy. The facilities offered here are spic and span making this amongst the top and best resorts in Mysore.

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