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Bangalore or Bengaluru stands as an example of India’s cosmopolitan culture, being the third largest and one of the most developed cities in the country. It has come a long way from being a city famous for its gardens to a city which is now regarded as the “Silicon Valley of India”, and some of the Bangalore tour packages invite crowds of all sorts. With the fertile financial and political environment helping in incubating a range of start ups and assisting foreign businesses to set up shop in the city, young people from all over India have been known to flock to the city over the past few decades, primarily for employment besides also attempting to use the city’s provisions as a canvas to paint one’s aspirations. This has led to the emergence of a culture, unique to the city with dimensions added from other cultures brought in by the employment seekers from all over. Naturally thus this city has a spirit for accommodation which is unparalleled. This in turn leads to a vibrant, ever evolving, dynamic destination which is flexible and thus best placed to give the modern tourist all that he/she seeks as sights to see and experiences to cherish. Also, you must check here the best new year events in Bangalore to create best memories this new year. 


A quick look at the factors which make Bengaluru City a much sought after destination, happens to range from the pleasant weather all throughout the year to the vibrant night life and quirky cafes that enable the hugely cosmopolitan crowd to engage in social exchange. These help in defining Bangalore tour packages. Besides this, the city also offers a number of heritage buildings from the Victorian era which can be interesting for the ones who have an eye for detail. In short, Bengaluru is one place which enables people from all over to chill and vacation in a metropolis without the usual complaint of a mundane routine with not much to do.

  • Featured
    Trek to Kudremukh in Chikmagalur
    d2 Days n1 Night

    About the activity: Experience a two day Kudremukh trek in Chikmagalur on your next weekend.Your trek begins as you embark on an overnight journey from Bangalore.Kudremukh is a small village located at a distance of 96 km from the district of Chikmagalur and about 335 km from Bangalore of Karnataka. Nestled in the Western Ghats, the forest is spread over an area of 600 sq km at an altitude of 1,894 m above sea level.Get more closer to the undying nature spread across Kudremukh. Enjoy the mesmerizing view of the horse-face hills from the top itself.The package includes food, accommodation in home stays and to and fro transportation from Bangalore.

    Excellent 5.0
    845 ratings

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    Cashback 1000*

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    Kodachadri Peak Trek in Shimoga
    d2 Days n1 Night

    About the Activity:For those who are looking forward to partake in some adventure next weekend, we offer this 2 days trekking trip to Kodachadri Hills in Shimoga district.The peak is situated at a height of 1343 M and it is the 10th highest peak in Karnataka dotted by thick forests and rich fauna. Start the trip from Bangalore after getting picked up from different spots that would be informed prior.Tread along the rugged, challenging and fascinating trails and on the top of the peak you will see the stunning nature. Capture the best colours sky shows during the sunset from such an elevation.Visit Shivappanaika's Fort at Nagara and Hidlumane Waterfalls during the trip.The package includes food, accommodation and transportation from Bangalore to the location and return.

    Excellent 5.0
    520 ratings

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    Cashback 1000*

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    Coorg - Tadiandamol Trek and Adventure Escape
    d2 Days n1 Night

    About the Activity: The scenic Western Ghats offer exciting adventures for thrill seekers who want to explore the wild side. About 274 km from Bangalore, the Tadiyandamol Peak is the highest peak in Coorg and is surrounded by stunning greenery of the Shola forests. Reaching an elevation of 1,748m, Tadiyandamol trekking in Coorg is a perfect trek for both domestic and international travellers. A 2 day getaway is ideal for nature loving families, couples, backpackers and corporate guests.The 15 km trek to Tadiyandamol is nothing short of exciting. Enjoy unravelling the winsome and landscape of Coorg that lures several travellers. Once on top, feel the pride as you conquer the highest peak of the destination. This feat is rewarded with sweeping views of green forests and coffee plantations.The package includes food, accommodation in tents or dormitory and transportation from Bangalore and return.

    Very Good 4.0
    854 ratings

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    Kumara Parvatha Trek in Coorg
    d2 Days n1 Night

    About the Activity:Coorg, the paradisaical destination of the Western Ghats, is a beautiful place abound with many beauties of nature. One amongst them is Kumar Parvatha, which, at 1,712m, is the second highest peak in Coorg and the sixth in Karnataka. Located at the edge of Coorg and Dakshina Kannada, this towering peak is a part of the scenic Pushpagiri range of the Western Ghats and is nestled away amidst lush and verdant jungles.Find the route to Kumar Parvatha trek charming since it takes you across some of the most stunning escapes of nature bordered by flora and fauna on either side. However, if you are not an avid trekker then the Kumar Parvatha trekking route might pose a few challenges along the way. However, rest assured that every effort you take will be rewarded by stunning landscapes from the mountains. Peppered with trails, both easy and difficult, the Kumar Parvatha trekking experience will tire you and delight you at the same time.The package includes food, accommodation and transportation from and to Bangalore.


    Excellent 5.0
    565 ratings

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    Trek to Top Station Munnar in Kurangani Hills
    d2 Days n2 Nights

    About the Activity:Just a overnight journey from Bangalore, Munnar Kurangani Hills in Theni district is a perfect place for trekking fans as well as nature enthusiast. Start your trip from the mentioned pick up points, Indira Nagar 06:30 PM, Domlur 06:45 PM, Magrath road 07:00 PM and Silk board 08:00 pm on friday.Reach the campsite around 06:00 AM for a refreshing delicious breakfast and proceed to Kurangani Hills.Start your trekking experience at 08:00 AM which leads you through the narrow valley, rocky slopes and thorny bushes to Top Station.Explore the majestic mountains, waterfall and the spectacular landscapes. Then reach a water fall for a relaxing lunch and then reach Top Station.Camp under the stars and on Sunday take a trek down to Kurangani after a refreshing breakfast.Once you are done pack your bags and depart to Bangalore with a lunch during journey at your own cost.You'll reach your drop point around 11:30 PM at your location, which is same the pick up point.

    Excellent 5.0
    108 ratings

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    Cashback 1000*

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    Nagalapuram Trek in the Eastern Ghats
    d2 Days n1 Night

    About the Activity:Group Departure on - July 7th 2017The next trekking destination of yours should be Nagalapuram, located 70 KM southeast of Tirupati. There is the very famous temple in the name of Vedanarayana Swamy.The trail has a major space in the eastern ghats and it is one of the favorite trekking spot for adventure lovers.You will be picked up from Bangalore and the trek starts from the large lake that connected to Koni Falls, the most beautiful sights en route. The serenity holds hills, rivers and dense forest. The falls surrounded by the high rocky mountains provide a thrilling experience. Climb up the hills to enjoy a mesmerising view from the top.Witness many other falls on the way and one of them offers sliding options also.Enjoy the relishing adventure trek for 2 days along with food, accommodation and transportation.

    Very Good 4.0
    40 ratings

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    Mullayanagiri Trek in Chikmagalur
    d2 Days n1 Night

    About the activity: This package can be availed with transportation and without transportation. Set off for a trek to Mullayanagiri a majestic mountain located in the Western Ghats.Mullayanagiri is the highest peak in Karnataka, sitting at 6,330 feet in the Chikmagalur taluk and the trek and the  jungle trails will encourage you to bond with fellow trekkers and is perfect for team building and camaraderie. You will also see waterfalls and enjoy great food and warm local hospitality. Depart from Bangalore at around 09:30 PM after winding up the relishing trekking.The package includes food, accommodation in tents or dormitories and transportation from and to Bangalore.

    Very Good 4.0
    601 ratings

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    Cashback 1500*

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    Trekking in Nishani Motte
    d2 Days n1 Night

    About the activity:An irresistible combination of adventure and fun will be the promise from Nishani Motte Peak in Coorg which is a trekking and photography enthusiasts' delight!The Nishani Motte peak lies amid the dense forest area of Brahmagiri and Bhagamandala, and offers extremely scenic trails on the fascinating trek to the hilltop.This 16 KM long trek (both the ways) takes you through the scenic trails that are filled with the splendid aroma of coffee around.The package included food, accommodation in tents or dormitories and transportation from and to Bangalore.

    Very Good 4.0
    682 ratings

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  • l
    h5 Hours

    About the Activity:Experience the magnificence of Bangalore in a 5 hour cycling tour, this guided trip allows you to witness the art and culture of North Bangalore.Meet your trip guide at Sadashivanagar entrance around 07:00 AM and get geared up to experience cycling like never before. Pedal your way past remarkable architecture and top attractions like excavated temple, old heritage home and the famous Dhobi ghat.Try learning block printing at an artisans space that is set in a unique lakeside heritage estate and nature sanctuary.Then take a visit to a recently excavated  archaeological site to explore the influences of many dynasties that has formed Bengaluru.During the tour enjoy the delicious  breakfast at a famous food joint which is part of the trail.The trip ends at the Sadashivanagar entrance at around 12:00 noon.

    Very Good 4.0
    30 ratings

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  • l
    h2 Hours

    About the Activity: As soft as mellow, as sweet as honey; the chocolates here are not just chocolates! Bringing smiles to customers since 2001, this delicious brand is known for bringing in a traditional blend and soothing flavour to their chocolates. Among their mouth-watering ranges, you can find soft truffles, crunchy pralines and other varieties of dark chocolates. Be it a marriage celebration, birthday party, corporate get-togethers, or any other occasions, it will surely bring you reasons to be happy and delight on your favourite chocolates. If you too have the sweet teeth, you should definitely visit this treasure trove in Bangalore! Be prepared to begin a journey into the flavoursome world of chocolates that will pamper your taste-buds like no one else can! A 2 hours activity that will take you to a delicious world called Jus’ Turfs, this journey will not only take you into the world of chocolates, but will also give you an insight about how your favourite ones are processed, garnished and blended. Arrive at the venue at 03:00 PM and join this sweet and aromatic journey. Conducted every Saturday, this tour is mostly inclined towards the preparation of different varieties of chocolates and to educate the participants about them. In addition of all the chocolaty affairs, fun-filled and exciting activities like ingredient-guessing and others will keep you delighted all through the chocolate tour. Make sure, you have a bite of your favourite blend of cocoa and get yourself a sweeter reason to cherish this experience!

    Very Good 4.0
    32 ratings

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  • l
    d1 Day

    About the Destination: The celestial like destination of Coorg has since long allured travellers for its misty hills, green delights, rich coffee plantations, waterfalls and pleasant weather throughout the year. Several throng here to get a piece of the beauty. The stunning backdrop also provides some great adventure activities such as white water river rafting in Dubare, trekking, camping and more. This tour takes you to two great spots offering unique experiences. A trove for animal lovers, the Dubare Elephant Camp rests on river Kaveri. This is where elephants were trained for the Mysore Dussehra. Currently, the delightful animals are looked after here.   The one day experience takes you to another fetching place, Bylakuppe.  A known Tibetan settlement, step in here and you are transported to another world.  You will come across Namdroling Monastery, also referred to as the Golden Temple. Displaying stunning carvings in Bylakuppe Tibetan Monastery, this revered place is an important teaching centre of a lineage of Tibetan Buddhism.

    Good 3.0
    29 ratings

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  • l
    d2 Days n1 Night

    About the activity: When was the last time you embarked on an exciting trek with all your friends and let the pure thrill of adventure get over you in every way? This is your chance to explore the intricate landscape of Kuduremukh with an exciting and fascinating trek to Kudremukh with your friends and family! This beautiful place is a mountain range and the name of a mystical peak located in Chikkamagaluru district, in Karnataka, India. It is a protected forest known for its population of bears and a host of other wild animals. The name Kuduremukh literally means 'horse-face' (in the Kannada language) and refers to a particular picturesque view of a side of the mountain that resembles a horse's face. It was also referred to as 'Samseparvata' historically, since it was easily approachable from Samse village. Kuduremukh is Karnataka's 3rd highest peak after Mullayangiri and Baba Budangiri. There are exciting sights for you to see and amazing photos you can click, so head here as soon as you can!

    Very Good 4.0
    55 ratings

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  • l
    d2 Days n1 Night

    About the Activity:Visit Mullayanagiri which is located at a height of 6330 feet, it is lying in the middle of Bhadra Wildlife sanctuary and just 20 kilometers from Chicmagalur.With this package you will be getting to complete two treks, Mullayanagiri trek and Baba Budangri trek. In the climax, you will be walking across the Blade Ridge with the mountain falling down sharply on both sides.Enjoy the stay also during the trip which is inside the forest with a couple of waterfalls and coffee estate that will exhibit a serene climate and atmosphere around you.Start from Bangalore around 10:00 PM on the previous night of the trek and reach the campsite at Mullayanagiri the next morning, post to it have a tasty breakfast.Afterwards, start your trek to Mullayanagiri, explore the hidden caves on the way, continue walking to reach the highest point in the state and enjoy the view from that point.Descend the peak through the other side of the mountain and after you reach donw, take some time for relaxation and then head to enjoy the exotic aroma coming out of the coffee estate.Find some chiling time near the waterfalls, retire to a peaceful night with a nice tasty dinner. Enjoy the campfire arranged there.Open your eyes to a misty morning, then have your breakfast before you get ready for the second innings of trekking, that is to Baba Budangri peak.This trek includes the walk Blade Ridge with a cliff on one side and a steep hillside on the other. Post to it, continue walking to reach Kavikal Gandi and then head to the campsite.Finish your lunch before you board the bus to Bangalore, arrive at Bangalore around 10:00 PM.

    Very Good 4.0
    37 ratings

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  • l
    h10 Hours

    About the Activity: Around 50 kms from Bangalore lies a terrain that’s replete with adventure and natural charm. The ‘boulderous’ landscape of Ramanagaram doubles up as a quick getaway from city life and refreshes your spirit. This guided experience of around 10 hours not just opens vistas to celebrate cycling, but also gives you a chance to get a feel of the location, which depicted the playground for the epic Bollywood villain Gabbar Singh. Also, along the way you can seek blessings from Lord Rama at Rama Theertha. Around 7:30 am, assemble at UB City for your transfer by shuttle to Country Holidays on Bangalore’s outskirts. Get briefing for the day, understand safety instructions, and it’s time to take over your bikes for the 35 kms ride. From here on you’ll have interesting detours and stopovers for the next 3 hours. Visit the 400 yr old Big Banayan Tree and Manchanabele Dam before you stop over at Kamat Lokaruchi for an authentic Kannadiga lunch. Continue riding along rustic sceneries, reach Ramanagaram, and find yourself push limits for a climb of around 300 steps to the top of Ramadevara Betta. Soak in the silent surroundings and recoup yourself. Around 3 pm you’ll head back to Bangalore and arrive by 5 pm. 

    Good 3.0
    39 ratings

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  • New
    Cycling Tour to Nandi Village in Karnataka
    Nandi Hills
    d1 Day

    About the activity: The Nandi village, located at the base of Nandi hills has great historical significance and a few hidden gems that will unearth for you on this trail. Along the trail of this monolith rock you’ll experience the beautiful temples with influences of several different dynasties. Enjoy a quaint train station, whose old British style building is still intact and a silk processing unit from olden times. Get a chance to visit a potter’s village and you can try your hand at the wheel and learn a thing or two from the master potter.Embark on a ride through the countryside, enjoying village life and scenic beauty of life around Nandi hills; be prepared to expend some calories here!Experience the farm life and feast on a delicious spread made from organic vegetables. Meal Types:  Fixed menu breakfast and buffet lunchActivities: CyclingActivities Timing: 6:30 AM to 5.00 PM Difficulty Level: Easy Cycling Distance: 25 Kms (approximately)

    Very Good 4.0
    36 ratings

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What You Should Know More About Tours in Bangalore

  • Which are some of the best adventure tours in and around Bangalore?

    Bangalore has something for everyone. For adventure lovers, Bengaluru has a long list of  

         options to choose from. A few of the best adventure tours in Bangalore as follows:

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          Athargange Night Trek

          Tadiyandamol Trek with rafting

          Kabbal Durga Night Trek

          Dandeli WIldlife Adventure

          Camping in Dubare

          Trekking in Chembra Peak

           West Coast Motorbike tour

  • Which are some famous trekking tours in and around Bangalore?

    There are many treks in and around Bengaluru that one can enjoy. A few of the most famous ones are as follows:

         Trek in Savandurga

          Kabbaldurga Night trek

          Mullayangiri trek, Chikmagalur

          Kodachadri Trek, Shimoga

          Kumara Parvata Trek

          Dudhsagar Trek

  • Which are some of the best camping tours in Bangalore?

    There are a number of splendid camping sites around Bengaluru which can serve as

         weekend getaways for people. Few of the best camping tours are as follows:

         Camping at Wayanad Hills at Seagot Banasura

          Camping at Manchinbele

          Camping at Ramanagara

          Camping at Bheemeshwari

          Camping at Gonikoppa, Coorg

          Camping in Madikheri, Coorg

  • Where can we go for cycling tour in and around Bangalore?

    A Cycling Tour in and around Bangalore is the best way to explore the region. Some of the tours comprising cycling trails are:

          Cycling along Western ghats

          Cycling to Mekedatu and Mutthathi

          Cycling through Melukote Nandi

          India’s Grand Canyon Cycle ride

          Colonial Church Cycling Trail

          Temple and Thindi trail

           Cycling to Devaravanadurga

           Mountain biking in Dandeli jungle

  • Can I do a walking tour of Bangalore? Which places are a must visit?

    A walking tour of Bengaluru can be a much-cherished experience, complete with interactions with locals and participating in the everyday life of the city. Few places which are a must visit on a walking tour are as follows:

        Guided tour of Bengaluru’s KR market

         Private Silk tales walking tour

         Green Heritage Walk

         VIctorian Heritage Walk

          Cubbon Park Walk

          Military Heritage Walk

  • Which resorts are good for a day out tour near Bangalore?

    A day out tour near Bangalore is never complete without the resting experience occasionally at famous resorts. These resorts are known for their aesthetic decor and hospitality. A few of the resorts near Bangalore are as follows:

    La Marvella

    Olde Bangalore Resort and Convention Centre


    Elim Resort

    Eagleton , The Golf Resort

    Eagle RIdge Resort

    Mango Mist Resorts

    Jaladhama Resort, Bangalore

    Discovery Village, Bangalore

  • Can we go for a wine tour near Bangalore? Which places are famous for wine tasting?

    Tour of Bangalore is never complete without a visit to the vineyards. Some of the famous areas around Bangalore known for wine tasting are as follows:

    Epulo vineyard restaurant

    Grover Zampa Vineyard

    Heritage Vineyard

  • Can we go for a tour of Coorg from Bangalore? How far is Coorg from Bangalore? Which all places are must visit in Coorg?

    A tour of Coorg from Bangalore is a must do activity while on a trip to Bangalore. Coorg is located at a distance of 252 km from Bangalore and by road it takes around five and a half hours to reach the place from Bangalore.

    The must visit places in Coorg are listed as follows:

    Dubare Elephant Camp

    Abbey Falls

    Golden Temple/Tibetan Monastery - Bylakuppe



    Madikeri Fort

  • Can we go for a tour of Chikmagalur from Bangalore? How far is Chikmagalur from Bangalore? Which all places are must visit in Chikmagalur?

    A trip to Chikmaglur from Bangalore takes around 3 hours of travel time. Chikmaglur is located at a distance of 244 km from Bangalore.

    The must visit locations in Chikmaglur are as follows:


    Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary

    Hirekolale Lake

    Baba Budan Giri


    Kodandarama Temple

    Coffee Museum

    Kallathigiri Falls

    Kodanda Ramaswamy Temple

    Mahatma Gandhi Park

  • Can we go for a tour of Wayanad from Bangalore? How far is Wayanad from Bangalore? Which all places are must visit in Wayanad?

    Visiting Wayanad from Bangalore can be a great decision. It is located at a distance of 287 km from Bangalore and takes 5 hours of travel time to reach via road.

    The must visit places in Wayanad are as follows:

    Mudumalai National Park

    Wayanad Heritage Museum

    Edakkal Caves

    Gandhi Museum

    Nagarhole National Park

    Banarasura  Sagar Dam

    Thirunelli Temple

    Soochipara Falls

    Irupu Falls

    Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary


    Thusharagiri Falls

    Pookode lake

    Meenmutty Falls, Wayanad

    Lakkidi View Point

    Chembra Peak

    Ambukuthi Mala

    Phantom Rock

    Karapuzha Dam

    Kakkayam Dam

    Nellimala Viewpoint

Traveller Tales From Bangalore


Satya Chaitanya

05 September 2014

Fantastic experience ! All of us thoroughly enjoyed every activity. Food was also delicious ! Kudos to the Thrillophilia team for organizing it very well!

  • 1040158_300181980161542_6885242615291313944_o.jpg
  • 1932717_300193193493754_2482168950556244607_o.jpg
  • 10619946_300185113494562_3545152738190087763_o.jpg

Gurinder Singh

17 November 2014

I took this tour along with my girlfriend as a gift on her birthday. She was pleasantly surprised and happy about the whole thing. We really had fun learning about the art of wine making. But the best experience was having lunch with each other at the charming setting.

  • Lunch.jpg

Tara Marar

30 December 2015

Came here with the spouse as part of last minute plans and I have to say, it is a lovely place. First we went for the winery visit where we came to know about the process of wine making. We were amazed by seeing big big containers where wine is stored. Our instructor told us about the different type of wines and how long they preserve it. After the tour of winery we went for the wine tasting. Where we learn how to drink like a pro. We tasted different types of red and white wines and experience was amazing. Lunch was also good. Overall we both loved the experience.


Dev Abbott

17 July 2015

My dad loves wines, so we planned to celebrate his birthday with this tour. And, he had an amazing experience. He loved the entire trip! the wine tasting was an interesting session, my dad was full of queries and a special thanx to the guide who made sure my dad understood and enjoyed the entire experience! It was fun for us youngsters as well. The arrangements were great - the lunch was delicious and the fields are just beautiful.


Rupinder Nambeesan

27 June 2015

Delightful experience...such a fun and finally I get to see the vineyards. amazing experience - the best part about the trip was wine tasting - we got to taste different varieties of wine. Thanx to the guide we came to understand how wines differ and how you can make out the difference just through the taste and aroma.


Monica Nancy J

29 August 2017

Hi All, Went on my first trek to "Kudremukh peak". It was amazing!!! Cool group, friendly guides and the awesome climate made the trek a memorable one. I hope this trek laid the initiative to my long bucket list ;) Would recommend to all! Thank you Thrillophilia for the great trek and best price in the market!


Anilaabh Bharadwaj

11 July 2014

The tribal zone was a complete surprise, i never knew theese kind of places still exist in india. There are many adventurous activity , that you can carryout there, like sight seeing, trekking on hills, the short jungle safari and camping near the cauvery river. To me camping was a great experience.


Gati Singh

09 August 2015

What an experience! A nice refreshing trip from all the normal adventure activities and clubbing. Refreshing wines, delicious lunch and a pleasant outing in the fields. With wine ,Buffet Lunch was really good having a great variety of food. My friends and me just chilled with some wine and food.


Madhusudan Mohan

21 November 2016

Overall experience was good. The place is silent & well maintained .Got to know some interesting things about wine making, wine tasting , bottling process. Better to visit on week days than on weekends to avoid the crowd. The lunch was pretty decent & homely.

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