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  • Reckoned as Karnataka’s treasured jewel, Hampi is the perfect holiday destination for those who seek tranquillity. While there are a lot of exciting Things to Do in Hampi, never miss on your camera’s to capture some picture perfect moments for cherishing them later. For all religious freaks, there are temples built at each foot-step exhibiting a unique architectural style all set to present you a different story each time.

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    Visiting Virupaksha temple, Hemakuta Hill temple, Vijaya Vitthala temple and Lakshmi Narasimha temple is undoubtedly the best thing you will be enjoying here. Also, make it a point that you head towards Vijayanagara’s ruins to explore some of the massive volcanoes and their subsequent erosions. Hampi’s importance doesn’t end here as you still have Queen’s bath, Hampi Bazaar, Narasimha statue, Tungabhadra river to visit.

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    What you see today, was once a battleground and with the help of locals, you still can watch for their remnants. You can ride a taxi boat or accommodate yourself in a cottage situated over vastly stretched rice fields. Biking, cliff jumping, temple sightseeing are some other things to enjoy here for your relaxation.

    Here are some of the best things to do in Hampi:

  • 01Hire A bicycle or a moped and Explore the Hampi

    Hire A bicycle or a moped and Explore the Hampi

    We all have ridden a bicycle once in our childhood. Imagine how wonderful it will be to replenish all our old memories? Hampi brings in a pleasant bicycle ride for you at affordable rental costs so that you can travel and explore every single nook and corner of Hampi. Alternatively, there are mopeds or scooters to serve your purpose.

    While you might require to drain a bit of your energy for a bicycle, you can eventually go ahead either with mopeds or scooters for a faster experience. Ferrying either your bicycle or moped across the Tungabhadra River via a coracle ride is the next best Thing to Do in Hampi by paying approximately 10-20 rupees more for your trip. Rental rates for all the versions of two-wheeler ride vary accordingly.

    Location: Hampi Bazaar area, Kamalapura, Hospet. For those who accommodate themselves in Hampi, can always prefer to rent either a bicycle or a moped from either Hampi Bazaar or Kamalapura.

    Timings: Bicycle or moped renting shops run open at 8:00 am in the morning and shut down by 9:00 pm at night. However, there are some early birds too which are functional since 7:00 am in Hampi Bazaar.

    Charges: For a bicycle without gear, you need to spend 100 rupees per head per day. For the one with gear, you need to pay around 150 per head per day. The moped is available for 250 per head per day and scooters for 350 per head per day.

  • 02Visit the Temples and Ruins of Hampi

    Visit the Temples and Ruins of Hampi

    No matter how religious we are or not, we all prefer to visit temples to find a sense of peace from our city hassles. Once you step here in Hampi, this pristine paradise of God makes it sure that you have enough of temples to seek holy blessings. Be it either a teenager or a senior citizen, every age group representative is undoubtedly going to enjoy the magnificence of Hampi’s architectural beauty. Ruins here dates back to around 14th century and stretches over a wider length of approximately 25 kilometres.

    You will witness an altogether different amalgamation of the fantastic debris with large boulders embracing the overall beauty of this pristine landscape. This can be seen at Vitthala temple and the best time to visit here is the fall season that is in between November and February. Along with Vitthala temple, you can take a walk around Royal Centre and Elephant Stables.

    Vitthala Temple, Hampi, Karnataka 583239

    Doors of Vitthala temple are open for the devotees from 8:30 am in the morning to 5:30 pm in the evening. So, if you are aiming at beating the crowd, try to reach here as early as possible. Elephant stables are open to visitors from 8 am in the morning to 6 pm in the evening.

    A visit to all three places (Royal Centre, Vitthala temple and Elephant Stables) would cost you around 500 rupees.

  • 03Visit Anjaneya Hill

    Visit Anjaneya Hill

    Reckoned as Hanuman’s birthplace, Anjaneya Hills resides at the centre of Anegondi area. Hilltop here presents an exquisite view making photographers fall in love with this place. Also, you can witness the puzzling look of paddy fields, sprawling coconut plantations and ruins that stretch all along the horizons.

    Make this point as your first preference if you plan to make it here in Hampi in the period between November to mid-February. Once you reach here, make sure that you are strong enough to endure your strength while climbing 550 steps that takes you to the top of the Hill. Interestingly, the atmosphere here is somewhat cool so that you can climb the steps with ease. Do not forget to carry your water-bottles while you start your journey to the hilltop.

    Location: Hanumanahalli, Karnataka 583227

    Timings: The Anjaneya Hills welcomes you for all the seven days of the week. However, prefer to reach this place early in the morning so that before the sun is about to sign off, you can make your way down to the bottom.

    Charges: Neither there are any charges for climbing the Anjaneya Hills, nor there are any charges meant for photography. You can snap down as many pictures as you can and till the dusk marks its presence.

  • 04Rock Climbing

    Rock Climbing

    Magnificently stretching boulders dot the vastly spread landscapes here and make it a perfect rock climbing destination for the real-life adventurers. Hampi is acknowledged to stand as the topmost rock climbing destinations of our nation. Turn around your eyes, and you are a sure shot at finding colossal granite boulders and crags.

    You can even rent a bicycle here to explore all the boulders. Hemakuta Hill boulders greet rock climbers from all over the world. It is also important to note that there are very few bolt protected routes here. Besides Hemakuta Hills, you can enjoy rock climbing at Raghunatha and Tiruvengalanatha temples respectively.

    Location: Hemakuta Hill boulders, Hemakuta Hill temple, Hampi, Karnataka 583239

    Timings: Rock climbers often find the soothing atmosphere of December to be fit for climbing. You can head towards Hemakuta Hills any point of time from morning 8:00 am to the evening at 5:00 pm. However, rock climbers prefer to climb early in the morning. Also, climbing is open for all seven days of the week.

    Charges: There are entirely no charges for rock climbing. However, you only need to be cautious of climbing with personal precaution.

  • 05Coracle Ride

    Coracle Ride

    This is something you might have never come across in your lifetime. Coracle riding is one of the best Things to Do in Hampi while you make a visit to the Tungabhadra river. For all those who are unfamiliar with this type of activity, let us inform you that, coracle rides are circular boats. Natives of the Tungabhadra region call it as a country boat which can board around six to eight people at a time.

    Since the reigns of Vijayanagara Empires, coracle boating has been widely used here along the swirling waters of Tungabhadra. Although it is never classified to be dangerous, yet, people with a weak heart are asked to stay out as it might lower their self-confidence to carry on.

    Location: Tungabhadra river, Hampi, Karnataka 583239

    Timings: Coracle riding is open for adventure freaks both in falls and summers. You can either prefer to reach here in between January to March or October to December. Make a note of it to arrive early to avoid crowd as this coracle ride is open from morning 06:00 am to the evening at 06:00 pm. In monsoons, the place is completely shut down for coracle riding.

    Charges: For one ride, you need to spend around 50- 100 rupees per head.

  • 06Fishing in the Lake

    Fishing in the Lake

    Do you love fishing or even watching the fisherman doing their job? Hampi calls out loud for all those fishing freaks who aim to explore this activity once in their lifetime. Fishing is the best activity to engage yourself in while you plan your stay here in Hampi.

    Tungabhadra River is the one to be the chief centre for fishing. Ride a coracle which leads you to the centre of Tungabhadra river where the fisherman community is engaged in fishing. You can even take the assistance of fisherman to ride their personal boats and try a hand at fishing.

    For those who are new to Hampi’s fishing culture, Hampi natives are still engaged in the most traditional form of fishing. Interacting with the locals might get you well-acquainted with the cultures, customs and traditions of the fishing community that has been living here since ages.

    Tungabhadra River, Hosapete, Karnataka 583234

    There are no specific timings to carry out the fishing activities here at Tungabhadra Dam. However, before sunsets, the fisherman stops all their fishing activities and return back to their port.

    There are no such defined charges for fishing. It all depends on how well you communicate with the local fisherman to take you to the fishing spot.

  • 07Boat Ride

    Boat Ride

    You can either head towards enjoying a coracle ride at Tungabhadra river or step ahead with traditional fishing boats. Many conventional boats are run by the State Government here in Hampi for fishing purpose. Such boats are carved out either from trees or tar. Then there is something called a taxi boat across the side of Anegundi.

    By riding this taxi boat, you can always move across the reservoir to indulge yourself either in drum circles or dread-lock making. A majority of the guest house lies on the other end of the river, you need to ride a Motorboat. After the sun sets, you can find villagers with small paddle boats for ferrying you to sail across the river.

    Location: Tungabhadra Dam, Behind Sri Virupaksha Temple, Hampi, Karnataka 583239

    Timings: Motorboating ferry works till 8:00 pm

    Charges: Depends on the time you board a boat. Nominally, it is 250 INR per head during the daytime.

  • 08Cliff Jumping

    Cliff Jumping

    If you want to reap out the best from your list of Things to Do in Hampi, head towards Sanapur Lake or Tungabhadra river for cliff jumping. All the way long, you will find signs meant for ensuring your protection from crocodiles. You can always take the assistance of locals to guide you with the cliff jumping.

    Be cautious as the adrenaline thrill might tempt you for a revisit. No sooner you jump off the cliff, splash water while you swim miles and go for another cliff jump. This too is not meant for the ones who are born with a sweetheart. Cliffs here are not high enough but still reach a height of approximately 15 feet.

    Tungabhadra River, Hampi, Karnataka 583239

    There are no specific timings. But, people make sure to try a hand at this cliff jumping when the temperature of the surrounding is a bit cool to drain off their sweat.

    Free of cost but at your own risk.

  • 09Climb Matanga Hill

    Climb Matanga Hill

    Matanga Hills holds its prominence as one of the reckoned ancient destinations linked to the era of Ramayana. At the south portion, you have a peak located while in the low-lying sections of North, there’s a trekking trail connecting the Hampi Bazaar with the temple of Achyuta Raya.

    Towards the western region lies a stepped ramp and multiple trails lying all along the foothill region. Matanga Hill stands as one of the highest points of Hampi where travellers enjoy climbing and snapping down the panoramic view of the surrounding beauty. This place is also reckoned as a hotspot for all photography enthusiasts.

    Location: Matanga Hills stands at a distance of approximately one kilometre from Hampi’s Central Bus Station. 

    Timings: There is no fixed time to climb Matanga Hills. However, you can climb early in the morning and while the sunsets you can climb off after capturing both the sunrise and sunset charm.

    Charges: There are no charges for climbing Matanga Hills. All you need to do is to be careful while you climb all the way long.

  • 10Hut Stay in Hippie Island

    Hippie Island is known for all the hut stays it offers to its guests. Although these are built in accordance with the basic architectural styles, they are well-equipped with essential amenities to make it a decent stay for you. The staff here can speak well in both Hindi and English languages. There are live performances organized here for entertaining the guests.

    Chefs here serve some of the exquisite global delicacies according to your customization. You can even order for bakery items if you have a special occasion to wind off during your Hampi stay. Never miss on your own mosquito repellent creams, towels, sanitizers and basic toiletries to ensure your personal hygiene.

    In case you need hot water, you may have to carry your personal bucket to the common space where the facility for hot water is made available. To avoid last-minute hustle, you can pre-book your stay here.

    Location: Virupapurgaddi, Hampi Island, Sanapur post, Hampi, Karnataka 583234

    Timings: It will be a 40km ride via roadways from Hampi. So make sure that you leave Hampi during the day so that once you reach Hippie island, you can spend the evening time at leisure.

    Charges: 1000 INR per day.

  • 11Visit the Local Market for Shopping

    No wonder, shopping still remains one of the most favourite pastime activities of those who prefer to visit Hampi. Hampi street markets are loaded with ample of exquisite as well as authentic Hampi handicrafts at affordable pricing. Also, there are a lot of cuisine points to halt and dine your favourite Hampi delicacy for satiating your hunger.

    Make a point to pen down stone artefacts, Lambani and leather crafts, musical instruments, banana fibre crafts, and clothes in your Hampi itinerary. Hampi street markets reflect as a perfect backpacker’s paradise for thousands of Hampi goodies to pack for your onward journey. So make sure to carry a big bag with you while you shop around the streets of Hampi.

    Location: Vittala Bazaar and Hampi Bazaar are two reckoned shopping places in Hampi. Both are known for their street markets and values for every single penny you pay.

    Timings: Open throughout the day. However, ideal schedules to visit the market place is from morning 10:00 am to evening 6:00 pm.

    Charges: The entry is absolutely free; however, you need to take care of your budget while you shop Hampi articles.

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