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  • Kabini is one of the most popular haunts for those who love to explore the wilderness and enjoy getting up close with nature. Kabini abounds in wildlife and hence attracts a large number of tourists from all over the country and the world. If you are one for a weekend in the wild, here are a few suggestions on the best resorts in Kabini.

    The list here has some of the best resorts  that give you a great experience of the beautiful wilderness without compromising on luxury and comfort. Ranging from luxury to economy, these resorts are the best in terms of accommodation and services offered.

    Here are some of the best resorts in Kabini:

  • 01Orange County Resort

    Orange County Resort

    The Orange County Resort in Kabini is one of the best resorts of Kabini. It promises you a unique and refreshing ambience. The setting of the resort is inspired by the Hadis or tribal villages. The resort promises you an extremely relaxed holiday amidst the tranquil wilderness of the National Park at Nagarhole.

    The Orange County Resort provides a contemporary ambience which is in perfect sync with its natural surroundings. From comfortable accommodation to high-end services, the Orange County Resort in Kabini caters to all your needs and requirements, besides providing you an opportunity to relax in the lap of nature and understand wilderness like you have never done before.

    The resort offers luxurious accommodation facilities to its guests. From the beautiful tribal Kadu Kuruba leitmotif to the beautiful interiors of each log hut, every room at the Orange County Resort is a beautiful amalgamation of contemporary comforts and the rustic beauty of the tribal villages.

    Guests can choose from beautiful pool huts and jacuzzi huts, depending on their needs and budget. The charming pool huts have a large living and dining area, a lovely bathroom with a courtyard, a palatial bedroom and a private swimming pool with deck chairs. Jacuzzi huts on the other hand have well-appointed living spaces, comfortable bedrooms and a sprawling open-to-sky jacuzzi.

    The resort also offers a number of facilities to its guests, besides accommodation. The facilities offered at the Orange County, Kabini include a beautiful reading room, a traditional Ayurveda village and an expansive Infinity Pool. The resort also has a well-equipped board room and a well-stocked bar.

    The Orange County Resort at Kabini has two fine dining restaurants, the Honey Comb and the Kuruba Grill offering the choicest dishes from Indian and international cuisines. The Honey Comb, which has been named after the honey gathering tribe of the Kurubas, dishes out platters of international and regional cuisine.

    Set along the banks of the River Kabini, the restaurant offers a peaceful ambience to its guests. The Kuruba Grill is a specialty restaurant that is dedicated to kebabs and grills.

    Resort Activities and Amenities:

    • Swimming Pool
    • Reading Lounge
    • Pool and Jacuzzi Hut
    • Riverside Dining
    • Wildlife Safari
    • Coracle Ride
    • Night Trails
  • 02Kabini River Lodge

    Kabini River Lodge

    The Kabini River Lodge was established as the first eco-tourism venture of Jungle Lodges and Resorts Limited and Tourism and Forest Departments of the Government of Karnataka.

    The Kabini River Lodge has been named as one of the five best wildlife resorts in the world by the British Tatter’s Travel Guide.

    Situated on the Southern border of the Nagarhole National Park, the lodge presents a stupendous picture of the backwaters of the River Kabini and is the perfect place for a weekend getaway.

    This had once served as the hunting lodge of the erstwhile Maharaja of Mysore. Kabini abounds in wildlife and the Kabini River Lodge provides you the vantage point to view these animals in all their splendour.

    The Kabini River Lodge has fourteen spacious rooms designed in the colonial style. It also has six twin bedded cottages and five tented cottages. The lodge can accommodate as many as 50 persons at a time. All rooms and cottages are fitted with modern amenities to ensure a comfortable stay.

    The resort has a well-stocked bar housed in the Viceroy’s building. It also has a seminar room that can be used for meeting and seminar purposes. The resort has a beautiful communal dining area called the Ghol Ghar which is a circular, open-on-the-sides gazebo, which overlooks the River Kabini.

    Guests can treat themselves to delicacies from Indian, Chinese and Continental cuisines. Fresh Tandoori items are also available every day.

    The resort offers a number of activities for the entertainment of its guests. Guests can go on wildlife safaris during their stay at the Kabini River Lodge. Under the programme schedule offered by the Kabini River Lodge, guests can also take coracle rides on the River Kabini along with a naturalist and watch video films on wildlife at the Viceroy’s Bungalow.

    Resort Activities and Amenities:

    • Conferencing Facilities
    • Well-equipped Bar
    • Wildlife Safari
    • Twin bedded and tented cottages
    • Riverside Dining
    • Wildlife Safari
    • Coracle Ride
    Night Stay in Kabini River Lodge

    Night Stay in Kabini River Lodge

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  • 03The Bison

    The Bison

    The Bison Resort is situated at the confluence of the National Park in Bandipur and the Nagarhole National Park and is undoubtedly one of the best amongst Kabini Resorts. The Bison Resort is a beautiful mix of an East African camp and old hunting lodges of the British Raj.

    It overlooks lush forest and presents splendid sights of wild animals frolicking in their natural habitat. The Bison Resort is one of the few resorts that have achieved a perfect balance between experiencing the wild and living in comfort.

    Besides comfortable accommodation, the Bison Resort offers a number of facilities and activities to make the stay of their guests as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

    The accommodation at the Bison Resort in Kabini is an oasis of luxury amidst the wilderness. The resort offers three types of accommodation – Deluxe Luxury Tent, Deluxe Luxury Machan and Suite Cottage.

    Each tent is beautifully furnished and has a double bed, a writing and dressing table with mirror and arm chairs. The interiors have been carefully selected keeping in mind the rustic surroundings and a very successful attempt has been made to bring the interiors in perfect sync with the outer surroundings of the tent.

    These activities are highly customised and exclusive. Under the common activities, guests can enjoy fishing, coracle rides, trekking and photography lessons in the jungle.

    Resort Activities and Amenities:

    • Swimming Pool
    • Luxury Tent
    • Outdoor Deck
    • Backwater Breakfast
    • Wildlife Safari
    • Camping
  • 04Red Earth Resort

    Red Earth Resort

    The Red Earth resort in Kabini is situated on the backwaters of the Kabini Dam and is one of the most beautiful among Kabini Resorts. The Red Earth resort guarantees providing a tranquil and serene atmosphere to its guests.

    The resort, which has been developed with the objective of providing utmost luxury in the pristine surroundings of Kabini, offers a homely atmosphere and the best of services and facilities. Each guest is provided personalised service and care in order to ensure total comfort and relaxation. The best time to visit the Red Earth resort is from September to May.

    The Red Earth resort offers fine dining experience to its guests at its multicuisine restaurant. The meals are prepared using organic vegetables and the chefs are adept at cooking up the choicest dishes from a variety of cuisines. There is a watering hole located in the middle of the lake and has been aptly called as the Wet Lands.

    The Red Earth resort also offers a number of activities for the entertainment of its guests. Guests can indulge in wildlife safaris, bird watching, fishing trips in coracles, cycling trips through idyllic villages, visit to the two Tibetan monasteries in the area, and other exciting activities.

    Resort Activities and Amenities:

    • Swimming Pool
    • Reading Lounge
    • Conference Hall
    • Open Air Jacuzzi
    • Snooker table
    • Wildlife Safari
    • Trekking
    • Cycling
  • 05Waterwoods Lodge and Resorts

    Waterwoods Lodge and Resorts

    The Waterwoods Lodge and Resorts was the first private lodge at the Nagarhole National Park. It was established in 1999 and is built in colonial style and faces the river front making it one of the most beautiful resorts in Kabini.

    The Waterwoods Lodge and Resorts is situated in-between two famous tiger reserves and has the beautiful Brahmagiri range as its backdrop. The lodge has been developed with the concept of harmonising the beauty of the wild and contemporary comforts and is one among the best Resorts.

    The Waterwoods Lodge and Resorts offers comfortable accommodation, best in class services and a host of activities to keep guests entertained. The resort also has a fine dining restaurant.

    The Waterwoods Lodge and Resorts offers standard and superior rooms that are an epitome of luxury and comfort. With unique boutique designs, these rooms boast of plush decor and the best of upholstery and tapestry. All rooms are fitted with modern amenities and open into spacious river facing balconies.

    The standard rooms at the Waterwoods Lodge and Resorts are built in colonial style to impart a feel of the Kabini from the days of the British Viceroys and Kings of Mysore. The superior rooms are built on an elevation so as to facilitate viewing of the beautiful Brahmagiri Mountain Range and the Kabini River.

    The Waterwoods Lodge and Resorts has a beautiful restaurant where food is served in buffet style. The kitchen is headed by an Executive Chef, who is assisted by two Sous Chefs. Apart from dishing out the choicest recipes from different cuisines, the restaurant also entertains special diet requests and caters to all your gustatory needs.

    The resort also offers a number of activities and facilities to its guests. Guests can go on ATV rides in the resort’s tree plantation or frolic in the beautiful swimming pool of the resort. The resort also has facilities for outdoor cinema, bonfire and tandoor oven. For those who love to read, the resort has an expansive eco-spiritual library.

    Resort Activities and Amenities:

    • Swimming Pool
    • Outdoor Cinema
    • Wildlife Safari
    • Trekking
    • Animal Sightings
  • 06Kabini Lake View Resort

    Kabini Lake View Resort

    The Kabini Lake View Resort is situated on the Southern border of the Nagarhole National Park and is one among the best Kabini Resorts. The beautiful River Kabini lends a beautiful aura to the environs of the resort making it an ideal getaway from the madness of the city.

    For those who would love to spend a weekend amidst the serene yet exciting wilderness, the Kabini Lake View Resort is the best place to consider for accommodation. The weather at Kabini is pleasant almost round the year. While during the summers, the temperatures hover around 21 degrees and 33 degrees, during the winters the temperatures plummet to 15 degrees.

    The Kabini Lake Resort offers comfortable accommodation amidst the wilderness of Kabini. There are several packages offered by the resort. All rooms have air-conditioning and are fitted with all modern amenities.

    The basic plan includes accommodation, buffet lunch, high tea or coffee snack, buffet dinner on the first day and continental breakfast on the second day. Guests can also include activities such as jeep or van safaris into the Nagarhole National Park, Coracle riding on the River Kabini, and more.

    The resort also offers activities such as wildlife safaris, nature trail walks, bird watching, boat cruise and wildlife photography. The resort also has a beautiful restaurant which overlooks the Kabini backwaters and offers the choicest of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes from Indian cuisine. The restaurant also serves Continental dishes on request.

    The Kabini Lake View Resort also offers a number of activities for the entertainment of its guests. Wildlife safaris are conducted twice a day, nature walks, bicycle trails, bonfires and tribal village visits are also organised. The region is home to as many as 350 species of birds so if you are a bird watching enthusiast, you can step out with a pair of binoculars to enjoy the beauty of the wilderness. 

    Resort Activities and Amenities:

    •  Boat Cruise
    •  Wildlife Safari
    •  Coracle Ride
    •  Bird Watching
    •  Natural Trail Walks
    •  Bonfires
  • 07Kaav Safari Lodge

    Kaav Safari Lodge

    Kaav is a luxury jungle lodge, which is situated on the Southern fringes of the Nagarhole National Park. The Nagarhole National Park is known for its abundance of wildlife. It is a part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, which is the largest protected area in South India and also one of the 34 Reserves around the world. It is also the largest congregation of Asiatic elephants in the world.

    A weekend in the Kaav Safari Lodge, will enable you to experience wilderness in a manner you have never done before.  The Kaav Safari Lodge gives you an opportunity to witness animals such as spotted deer, barking deer and gaur frolicking in the wild.

    The accommodation at the Kaav Safari Lodge boasts of luxury and sophistication. The resort has four well- appointed rooms with private decks, a common lounge, viewing deck, alfresco dining, swimming pool and barbeque on request.

    The charges for the rooms include accommodation, buffet breakfast, dinner and lunch, guided nature walks, cycling trips to the banks of the River Kabini and coracle boat rides. The resort also offers a number of activities for the entertainment of its guests.

    Bird watching is one of the activities offered by the Kaav Safari Lodge. There are about 300 species of birds in the Kabini region including Painted Francolin, Rain Quail, Jungle Bush Quail, Painted Bush Quail, Red Spurfowl, Indian Peafowl, etc.

    Some of the migratory birds found in the region include the common teal, common redshank, Pintail Snipe, and Blue Tailed Bee-Eater. The Kaav Safari Lodge promises you a holiday full of fun, entertainment, relaxation and provides you an opportunity to enjoy the wilderness in a unique and responsible way.

    Resort Activities and Amenities:

    • Private Decks
    • Swimming Pool
    • Alfresco Dining
    • Wildlife Safari
  • 08The Serai

    The Serai

    The Serai, Kabini is one of the premier luxury resorts in Kabini of the region and offers peace, tranquillity and a relaxed holiday. Set amidst the wilderness of the Nilgiri Reserve, The Serai sprawls over 70 acres of land. While only 10 acres have been used for the resort, the remaining 60 acres have been left to the freedom of the wild.

    The resort is surrounded by a number of flower and fruit bearing trees and the chirping of the birds is the only sound you can hear interspersing the tranquillity that surrounds this beautiful resort. The resort offers the finest accommodation, dining and recreational facilities.

    The Serai Kabini is one of the finest Kabini resorts which offers cottages and villas that offer the best of comfort and luxury. There are four different kinds of accommodation options available at The Serai, Kabini. Waterfront Verandahs are twin cottages with warm and cosy interiors.

    Apart from palatial bedrooms and living rooms, these cottages have open-to-sky showers, exclusive designer bathrooms and beautiful sit-outs. Waterfront villas have stone walls, wooden floors, tiled roofs, a hammock and spacious rooms.

    The Residence is a magnificent villa with a spacious living room, a palatial bedroom, a large private garden and a luxurious jacuzzi pool for private use of the resident.

    The Serai has a fine dining restaurant and a well-stocked bar. The Wild Grass, which is the fine dining restaurant serves mouthwatering soups, salads, desserts and cuisine from all over the world. Guests can also enjoy delicacies from the regional cuisine.

    The well-stocked bar of The Serai is called the Outpost and has rustic settings with wooden beams, tables and terrace deck. In the evenings, a crackling bonfire is lit to warm up the ambience and you can enjoy the beautiful atmosphere with a drink in hand.

    The resort also offers a host of activities such as swimming in the huge swimming pool at the resort,kayaking in the river Kabini, etc. Guests can also pick up knick knacks and souvenirs at the charming little gift shop called the Turquoise or use the wildlife library at the resort. 

    Resort Activities and Amenities:

    • Swimming Pool
    • Wildlife Library
    • Poolside Dining
    • Jungle Safari
    • Kayaking on Backwaters

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