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  • Sakleshpur, a quaint little hill station nestled in the picturesque Western Ghats, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in South India. If one needs a distraction from the busy city-life, this hilly retreat has a lot to offer.

    Travellers often flock to Sakleshpur to get acquainted with the local charms, pristine beauty and dreamy aura of this cosy town. Not just that, Sakleshpur even offers the best places for tourists to reside in so that they feel at home even on vacation. If you are planning your next trip to this picturesque hill station, here is a detailed guide of the best places to stay in Sakleshpur.

    Here are some of the best places to stay in Sakleshpur:

  • 01Homestay in Sakleshpur with Activities

    Homestay in Sakleshpur with Activities
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lSakleshpur
    • NNNNN3 reviews
    • Campfire circle Adventures
      Campfire circle Adventures

    About the Activity:

    Stay: Enjoy the pristine charm of Sakleshpur with the homestay that offers a beautiful stay amidst picturesque landscapes. With an amplitude of engrossing activities, this magical facility offers a wide range of specialised experiences, including food sourced from fresh ingredients. Enthral yourself in a perfect holiday and unwind in the lap of nature.

    Location: Located at an altitude of 3,300ft, is an exhilarating homestay, which is easily accessible by a 4-hour road trip from Bangalore. Offering picturesque views of the Western Ghats, this 20acre homestay boasts of evergreen backdrop and pristine ambience. A hill station town that offers delectable sub-tropic weather, homestay will enthral you and make your holiday a truly memorable experience.

    Activities: Whether you are an indoor or outdoor game lover, you can have splendid times in this holiday retreat. Badminton, volleyball, cricket, carom, archery, target shooting and swimming are some of the mostly enjoyed games in Mystique Falls.

    While the adventure lovers can delight in ziplining, angling and other rope activities, nature lovers can opt for bird watching and also enjoy candid moments with a campfire in the evening. Thrill seekers can also avail jeep off-roading at an extra cost and satiate all their yearnings!


  • 02Stay at Kesinamane Homestay in Sakleshpur

    Stay at Kesinamane Homestay in Sakleshpur
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lSakleshpur
    • NNNNN1 review
    • supplier
      Code: 1981963
    About the Activity:
    • Choose this home stay in Sakleshpur that is located amidst the rich coffee plantations and the enticing Western Ghats to escape from the monotonous life in the city.
    • Select between the three categories of rooms available such as dormitory, deluxe rooms and tents in minimalist style but with all the modern facilities along with a view of the coffee estates.
    • If you are interested, you can indulge in activities like trekking, waterfall visit, indoor games, outdoor games, off-road trip to the hilltop etc.
    • Check-in around 12:00 noon and check-out around 11:00, the following day.

  • 03Plan Your Corporate Team Outing

    Plan Your Corporate Team Outing
  • 04Riverside Homestay in Sakleshpur

    Riverside Homestay in Sakleshpur
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lSakleshpur
    • NNNNN8 reviews
    • Campfire circle Adventures
      Campfire circle Adventures

    About the Activity:

    • Escape the humdrum of city-life and find yourself a home away from home in the riverside stay! Welcome the day with a delicious homely breakfast.
    • With breakfast out of the way, indulge in several fun-filled indoor and outdoor games. 
    • Complete a few laps in the swimming pool and rejuvenate yourselves! Coracle rides, zip-lining, boating, and other water and rope activities are set to thrill you.
    • Laze around the tranquil surroundings as evening falls, and retire into the tents for a dreamy night after a delectable buffet.

  • 05The Hills Resort

    The Hills Resort
    Image Credit : thehills
    A brilliant place to reside in Sakleshpur, The Hills is located only 27km from the Sakleshpur town. Nestled amidst lofty mountain peaks, scenic coffee plantations and verdant lands, this holiday retreat lies on the foothills of the majestic Western Ghats. Keeping in mind the luxury and comfort of visitors, The Hills also offers delicious North and South Indian cuisines that is bound to make your holiday a flavoursome affair.
  • 06Eka Resorts

    Eka Resorts
    Image Credit :  ekaresorts
    Moving 10km from the main town, you will reach the Eka Resorts, one of the most ideal places to stay in Sakleshpur. Surrounded by picturesque coffee plantations and lush green fields, this retreat is a perfect blend of luxury and beauty both wrapped in one. With all its modern amenities and facilities, it entices families travelling with kids,friends, couples and solo travellers.
  • 07Jenukallu Resort

    Jenukallu Resort
    Image Credit : jenukalluresort
    Resting on the foothills of the Jenukallu Mountains, this resort is located around 22km from the main town. Showcasing an old-fashioned yet charming setting, it is enveloped in aromatic coffee, cardamom and pepper plantations. The crisp mountain breeze and the misty environs make Jenukallu Resort one picture-perfect destination in Sakleshpur.
  • 08Kadumakki Homestay

    Kadumakki Homestay
    Image Credit :  kadumakki homestay
    Embraced by spectacular streams, lush green meadows and evergreen forests, this is one of the few ideal places in Sakleshpur for you to snuggle in. Situated around 18km from the heart of the town, Kadumakki Homestay works as a perfect home for families with kids, couples, friends, corporate groups and solo travellers when on vacation. The cherry on the icing being that Kadumakki offers excellent services, enviable hospitality and delectable food.
  • 09Swarga Homestay

    Swarga Homestay
    Image Credit : swarga
    Taking the visitors through the alluring beauty that is Sakleshpur, Swarga Homestay is ideal for travellers from different walks of life. Sprawling in a fascinating slope of the Western Ghats, this scenic homestay is known for its warm hospitality, vivid offerings and activities like plantation walks and is one of the finest places to stay in Sakleshpur
  • 10The Malnad Times

    The Malnad Times
    Image Credit : wikimedia
    Reflecting the charm and aura of the local culture, the Malnad Times boasts of a scenic location and warm hospitality. Offering contended views of the Western Ghats, paddy fields in the backyard and never-ending patches of plantations, it offers the most indigenous feel of the Malnad culture with its authentic cuisines and other offerings.
  • 11Huthouse Homestay

    Huthouse Homestay
    Image Credit : huthouse homestay

    The local Malnad huts crafted in Huthouse Homestay bring the visitor close to the local life and culture of Sakleshpur. Filled with the rustic charm and appeal of country life, this one of the famous places to stay in Sakleshpur is located at around 39km from the main town and is ideal for families, couples, nature lovers and solo backpackers.

  • 12Navilubetta Homestay

    Navilubetta Homestay
    Image Credit : navilubetta
    Enveloped in gorgeous streams and picturesque coffee plantations, Navilubetta Homestay is the quintessential escape away from the humdrums of city-life. Known to be one of the best budget homestays in Sakleshpur, it is located in the border that connects the town with Chikmagalur and is a known destination for trekkers.
  • 13Mekanagadde Homestay

    Mekanagadde Homestay
    Image Credit : mekkanagade
    Surrounded by scenic coffee and aromatic pepper plantations, Mekanagadde Homestay can easily be reached from Chikmagalur. With the quaint charm and appeal of a hill station, it is considered ideal for families, couples, corporate groups and solo travellers. During the stay in this retreat, activities like trekking and sightseeing lends the visitors a pristine view of Sakleshpur.
  • 14Swastha Homestay

    Swastha Homestay
    Image Credit : swastha homestay
    Devoted towards a blissful vacation, Swastha Homestay is one of the most serene places to stay in Sakleshpur. Located only 16km from the main town, it is nuzzled amidst picturesque coffee and cardamom plantations. Domestic travellers from different walks of life can enjoy the warm hospitality and relish the delicious treats offered at the homestay.