Night Treks in Bangalore

Night Treks are banned in Bangalore

An alternatively these are the day treks near Bangalore which you can do:

1. Makalidurga Trek: Experience the thrill of treks in Bangalore with a journey to Makalidurga. Located 60 kilometres from Bangalore, this trek is quite offbeat. It also offers a mix of history and nature. At night, the 4-kilometre trail to the fort, located on top of a granite hill, becomes an intriguing path lit by the stars. You will navigate boulders marked with directions leading to the ruins of the fort. The top rewards you with a stunning night view of the nearby Gundamagere and Gunjur Lakes. 

  • STARTING POINT: Muthurayaswamy Temple
  • ENDING POINT: Makalidurga Hill Top

2. Kaiwara Betta Trek: Immerse yourself in mythology under the moonlight with the 1.3-kilometre-long Kaiwara Betta trek. This challenging trek is located in Kaiwara in the Chikballapur district, and it is quite challenging. The trek offers a rewarding experience for those interested in the legends of the Mahabharata. At night, the temples and historical sites along the way take on a mystical quality. On your way, you can come across attractions like the Amara Narayana Temple, Bhima Lingeshwara Temple and the Vaikunta Caves. 

  • STARTING POINT: Main Gate Of Kaiwara Tapovana At Shamaraohosapete Village
  • ENDING POINT: Mylapurabetta View Point

3. Skandagiri Trek: Among the most popular Bangalore night treks, the Skandagiri trek offers an escape into nature with the added thrill of hiking under the night sky. Starting at the Papagni Temple, the 4-kilometre trek through dense shrubs ends with a magical sunrise above the clouds at the summit. This ancient fortress awaits to tell tales of its past, making every step of the night trek worth it. You can also see an old Shiva Temple at the top, from where you can enjoy panoramic city views.

  • STARTING POINT: Kalwara Village
  • ENDING POINT: Skandagiri Hill Top

4. Anthargange Trek: The Anthargange Trek is unique, offering you a chance to explore the ancient Anthargange caves on the way. Located near Kolar, this 5-kilometre-long trek takes you to the Anthargange temple, with a sacred water pool. As night falls, the volcanic rock formations and caves provide an otherworldly experience. The trek leads to beautiful views and a chance to witness the serene sunrise from the peak. Spiritual sites along the way add a layer of intrigue to this adventurous trek.

  • STARTING/ ENDING POINT: Anthargange Temple Entrance
  • DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Moderate to Difficult

5. Savandurga Trek: Ranked among the most popular night treks in Bangalore, the Savandurga trek takes you to one of the largest monolith hills in Asia. It is also a test of endurance and will, along with your rock climbing skills. The ascent is challenging, but reaching the top to find peace and panoramic views in the early morning light is incredibly rewarding. The trek also takes you amidst thick bamboo forests, offering you a memorable adventure under the night sky.

  • STARTING POINT: Bettada Dari
  • ENDING POINT: Kempegowda Fort

6. Bidarakatte Trek: Close to the bustling city, Bidarakatte offers a tranquil night trek through forests leading to historical forts. The path is alive with the possibility of spotting wildlife and diverse bird species, making it a nature lover’s delight. If you remain alert, you may even spot the Endangered Yellow Throated Bulbul here. The historical significance of the fort adds depth to the trek, offering both beauty and a glimpse into the past.

  • STARTING POINT: Kempegowda Tree Park
  • ENDING POINT: Doddarebylu

7. Ramadevara Betta Trek: Ramadevara Betta brings together mythological tales and natural beauty for a night trek near Tumkur. The path is 7 kilometres long and is surrounded by massive boulders, which feel mystical at night. Sightings of animals like sloth bears, jungle fowl and leopards add an exciting element to the trek. It is also believed that Ram and Sita stayed on this hill during their exile, which adds a unique charm to the trek. 

  • STARTING POINT: Gokula Goshale
  • ENDING POINT: Kalyani

8. Chinaga Betta Trek: Another one of the popular Bangalore night treks is the Chinaga Betta trek. It is a night trekker’s haven for peace away from city life. Starting from the Torana Anjaneya Swamy Temple and ending at the Sri Lakshmi Ranganatha Swamy Temple, the trek offers a spiritual journey through nature. The path, illuminated by starlight, leads to tranquil temple grounds, offering a serene experience in the dark.

  • STARTING POINT: Torana Anjaneya Swamy Temple
  • ENDING POINT: Sri Lakshmi Ranganatha Swamy Temple

9. Siddarabetta Trek: Siddarabetta, or "Hill of Saints," is famous for its medicinal plants and spiritual significance. Among the more offbeat night treks in Bangalore, it offers an adventure through lush greenery leading to ancient caves and temples. As you reach the summit during dawn, you can soak in panoramic views of the surrounding Koratagere villages. As you make your way to the temple, keep an eye out for peafowl, sloth bear and leopard sightings.

  • STARTING POINT: Siddarabetta Entrance Arch Gate
  • ENDING POINT: Kuramkote Doddakayappana Temple

10. Devarayanadurga Trek: Devarayanadurga's hilly terrain is great to explore at night, amidst the peaceful ambience. It is also perfect for trekkers looking to explore nature uniquely. The dense greenery and temple at the summit provide a serene atmosphere. Upon reaching the top during the early morning hours, you can even witness the rare Yellow-Throated Bulbu. On your way, make a pit stop at the famous Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple, making this trek a fulfilling escape from the city.

  • STARTING POINT: Namadachelume Forest
  • ENDING POINT: Siddasanjivini Vana
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Bangalore Night Treks FAQs

Why Makalidurga trek is so famous?

The Makalidurga trek is famous for its historic Makalidurga fort. It is also quite historic, with legends suggesting that Markandeya Rishi performed penance here. With a railroad track at its base, it is also one of the most unique trek in Bangalore. Its moderately challenging path leads adventurers through rugged terrain to ancient fort ruins atop a granite hillock. The trek offers stunning views of the night sky. It is also a great way to escape from the city and learn about Karnataka's rich past in an adventurous way.

How safe is trekking in Bangalore?

Trekking in Bangalore is generally quite safe. Most of the treks here are of moderate difficulty, thereby being safe for beginner as well as experienced trekkers. Additionally, the treks are also led by experienced guides who know the trails very well. However, individual trekkers should be cautious, especially during night treks, by staying informed about the terrain, weather conditions, and wildlife activity in the area.

What is the duration of the Savandurga trek?

The Savandurga trek typically takes about 2 to 2.5 hours to complete. It covers a total distance of approximately 4.5 kilometres. The duration can vary based on the trekker's pace, weather conditions, and time spent exploring the summit.

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