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Traveller Tales from Nandi Hills


Balaguru Sivakumar

02 December 2018

Nice place for corporate outing. Staff were very supportive & flexible to our requests. The team building & rope activities were fun, the food was tasty. There is no kids play area, which is a letd

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Nithin Fernandes

16 December 2018

"amazing place. worth of every single penny. won't regret visiting the place.. "

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VasanthiAmar Ganig

12 September 2019

Fantastic Vila place and nature drive in camp .. we had been in two caravans one for ladies n one for kids which added to the fun .. We were a kitty group all had lots of fun group activities games tr...

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Siddhartha Mitra

07 July 2019

"Amazing hospitality and a tranquil atmosphere. Perfect getaway to unwind over the weekend."

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Prabhat Soni

25 February 2019

"It was an amazing experience as I got to do something different. I came across this event on book my show and it it had my attention because of the adventures activity it offered, so went ahead and bo...

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piyush bathwal

10 December 2018

Very supportive and courteous staff..they were very flexible with our demands and were very helpful. Overall a nice experience with awesome food and good activities. I suggest to skip the tracking acti...

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Sumit Goswami

04 October 2018

"It's very good experience with Adventure camping trip.with good food and activities.guys try this it's worth it ."

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Lakshminarayana erla

10 December 2018

"friendly staff......superb place"

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Gs KrisHna

13 February 2019

"It's a wonderful place to chill and the assistance from the management is unreal.. 110% customer satisfaction.. Would highly recommend it... The place is really cool to chill... Every penny is worth i...

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