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Mudumalai National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the tourist places in Tamil Nadu. You can visit this place to experience the wild life and exotic flora and fauna. You can also trek in a few areas in this reserve. Many endangered species are  reside in this reserve. It is on the border of Karnataka and Kerala and shares its importance with the other wild life sanctuaries in the nearby locations. You will find more than 200 species of birds, 34 species of reptiles, and many other animals and birds in this wild life sanctuary. Mudumalai is popular for sightseeing and wild life tours. You can get the best of scenic view when you walk by the streams, rivers, waterfalls, and take a stroll in the deep valleys.

Close to Mudumalai you can also visit the Tiger Reserve and the Bandipur National Park. You can experience the best of eco tourism in Mudumalai. Summers in Mudumalai are hot, and monsoon and winters are cooler. Throughout the year except for the month of April and May, you can visit this sanctuary and take safaris to get a glimpse of the wildlife. There are many places to see in the nearby locations and taking safari rides are the most common activities that you will find here.

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Mudumalai Travel Guides

30 December 2015
Baladitya Sethi Mudumalai Jungle Safari
wao i saw Sambar , Spotted deer and Peacocks & Peahens and mahouts for the first time, it was really a nice feeling to spot those animals for the first time. The tour guide told all about the place, its history and present geogrphical features.Mudumalai has such a rich heritage to explore!!!
06 October 2015
we went there on our private vehicles but that was not allowed inside the forest core area for safari.Mudumalai offers one of the best jungle adventure, we were having a really good time, loved that half an hour elephant ride.awesome experoience!!!
10 April 2016
Jagdeep Johar Mudumalai Jungle Safari
our guide told us that this mudulmalai sanctuary is a home for about 50 species of fishes, 21 species of amphibians, 34 species of reptiles, 227 species of birds and 55 species of mammals.waoo it was almost a world in itself. Loved being there, just hope to visit this place again!!!!!
01 April 2016
Wao it was an awesome feeling while trekking in the mountainous range of Mudumalai,those beautiful peaks were damn beautiful surrounded by the lush greenery. It was an easy treking for me, still missing our camping moments.
25 March 2016
Mukesh Abbott Mudumalai Jungle Safari
Got to see the famous Nilgiri Hills while discovering the mudumalai national park, its full of greenary and natures beauty lies deep inside the forest. Mudumalai safari was one of the finest safari for me ever, so comfortable i loved the elephant ride most.
It was lovely experience in port , enjoyed horse ride beside the lake and the botanical gardens and the weather ... must visit place in south India ...
Everything we got here is still in my heart. The genuine smiles on the faces of the people I met remains so live still. The location has plenty in its hand to make us so happy and peaceful. From food to the activities, each thing available here will call you back. I should mention about the tea I tasted from the homestay. I have never tasted so delicious tea ever and I think they are making it out of the fresh leaves. Many people come to visit the location every time.
I am so glad that I have gone to such a pristine location with a lot of fresh air around. Such beauties should be preserved for our next generations.
I understood the importance of taking leaves and being at such a peaceful place after I chose to stay at this homestay with my family. The rooms are so cozy, lit by kerosene lamps in the evening, only the sound of nature can be heard throughout, no one is there to disturb you. But I have to comment about the food they provided us. I could experience the taste of fresh vegetables growing in the home garden and I saw their vegetable garden. In short, everything at this place is 100% natural.
Be there at least once, this is the advice I have to give to all my friends. Bellikal is so beautiful and you will feel like you are staying in the middle of a jungle. It is so quiet and peaceful and worth spending your money and time if you are really looking forward to have an offbeat stay in its real sense. But don’t expect resort-like luxuries here as it is an eco-friendly cottage. The wildlife will surprise you often and you can spot them very near to you, especially at night. But the service provided by the people here was awesome. I liked the trekking part more; the complete view of the Nilgiris is possible from the top of the mountain. I had a peaceful time unlike every other day of my routine life.

People Also Ask About Mudumalai

  1. Travel advice

    • You can reach Mudumalai by air, rail, and road. The Coimbatore airport is the closest to this place.

    • Mudumalai has beautiful resorts surrounded by gardens and floral pathways. You can either stay at the log houses in the forest areas, safari lounges, forest farms, or guesthouses. You will not find hotels to stay in Mudumalai.

    • Get trekking gear, mosquito repellent, travel and emergency kits, warm clothes, trekking shoes, energy bars, water bottles, camping gear, and a sleeping bag.

    • The cottages and resorts do not provide with Wi-Fi facility and have all the basic amenities needed.

    • When you enter the tiger or the elephant reserve, making any kind of noise, or getting down from the vehicle is prohibited. Do not make any kind of loud noise to grab the attention of wild animals. Spotting them in the reserve is only a matter of chance.

    • Do not throw cups, utensils, pet bottles, etc when you go on safaris.

    • Lighting fire and camping in the forest areas and reserve is strictly prohibited.

    • You will need prior permission to enter any of the wildlife reserves.

  2. Drinking Laws

    Do not drink during safari rides or camping. You are not allowed to bring liquor to the resorts either. Remain sober throughout your stay in Mudumalai.

  3. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    Wildlife sanctuaries
    There are different safari rides available at different timings when you visit this sanctuary. You can also visit the Wayanad Wildlife sanctuary on the border of Kerala, and for night safaris choose Masinagudi. You can also take the elephant safari, and visit the elephant feeding camp. The animals you will see are tigers, leopards, hyenas, lungurs, elephants, peacocks, giant squirrels, wild boar, mouse deer, barking deer, four horned antelopes, otters, and more. You can also find more than 48 species of birds, and reptiles at this sanctuary.

    Sightseeing activities 
    You can also go bird watching, visit the watering hole, stay in a tree house, get a scenic view of Moyar River, and waterfalls. You can spend some leisure time at the Kallatty falls in Theppakadu. You can also enjoy boating at the Pykara Lake that has clear water and scenic view. There is no shopping or nightlife at this sanctuary. This is a place to experience nature and wildlife at its best. 

    Camping and safaris
    There are four to five different safaris that you can take when you visit Mudumalai. Jeep safari, jungle safari, elephant safari, and road safaris are the most popular in this location. There are also camping sites that you will be directed towards by the tour guides. There is no specific name for these locations, as safer spots in the jungle treks are chosen for the tourists to enjoy living in the nature and star gazing.

  4. What you will like there?

    Outdoor activities

    You will enjoy safaris, whether you take them at day time or night time. Also, options for trekking and camping are available. Take a stroll by the greenery near resorts, and enjoy the scenic view of rivers, streams, and waterfalls. This is one of the tranquil places where you can enjoy nature at an unhurried pace. Unlike many other locations of outdoor activities, this place is going to be quieter and a unique experience. Most of the safaris last only for 2 to 3 hours. You will feel lucky to get a view of as many animals and birds in a 2 to 3 hour drive.

    A haven for shutterbugs

    You can have the best of time filling your travelogues with pictures of wildlife, flora, and fauna. You can jot down each day of your time spent in safaris and sightseeing. You can add and exotic experience to your travel diaries.

    Landscape and scenic view

    Every spot in Mudumalai has a beautiful, scenic view. You will love the lush greenery and the vibrant species of flowers spread across this area. Your stay at the resorts and cottages will give you a true earthy experience. Do not expect luxurious villas or hotels for accommodation in these areas. Forest cottages or guesthouses are available for stay at affordable price.

    Visit nearby places

    You can also visit Ooty for sightseeing, visiting tea gardens, and taking joy rides near lakes, waterfalls, and enjoy the view of this hill station. Kabini is a wildlife resort nearly 90 kilometers away from Mudumalai. You can take road safaris, boat safaris, coracle ride on the river Kabini, and guided nature walk tours. You can also visit Mysore which is 87 kilometers away from Mudumalai and enjoy historical and sightseeing tours. Overall Mudumalai is bound to give you a complete experience of nature, wildlife, outdoor activities, history, architecture, heritage, and culture.

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