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  • Inhabit a temporary home near Wayanad and feel the music of wild right next to Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary. Plan a long holiday in this natural Adobe because economic accommodation rentals in the form of Homestays in Wayanad are offering some great packages for the coming seasons. Geographically, Wayanad contributes in the lush green border of "God's Own Country" Kerala. 

    Name Wayanad has its origin in Malayalam word Vayal Nadu (Land of Paddy Fields). In the lingo of travel guides, we can also term it as “an oasis in the middle of Western Ghat hills.” Look it from the bird’s eye view and you will find a city inhabited on the top of plateaus and hills. Most of the city is located at the height of 700 meters from the sea level; a visit to the highest point of the city can take you to the heights of 2000 meters in hilly areas.

    Sharing proximity with big cities like Kozhikode and Kannur, Wayanad is a tribal land with a modern rural orientation. This lush green forest city spreading in an area of approximately 800 square kilometres, the regular crops of dry fruits and cash crops supports the local economy throughout the year. 

    Tourism activities act as a bonus for this upcoming town where service economy is finding a way and converting it into an untouched yet convenient holiday spot for national and international travellers. The current compilation will help you in finding out these pockets where touristic activities form the crux of the economy and introduce you to major Home Stay Spots of this city.

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  • Best Homestays in Wayanad

  • 01Meenmutty Heights Homestay

    Meenmutty Heights Homestay

    Own this 200-acre estate when you book an accommodation on this property. This property is located right next to the Meenmutty waterfalls. This misty proximity with a waterfall adds a magical quality in the climate of this homestay. 

    This loneliness with nature has the power to add a soothing quiet in your relaxation routines. There are also some resorts in Wayanad where you can stay to make your trip more delightful.

    Activities: Check out nature in its full glory and understand its affinity with the commerce and trade, it will happen when you will go for various plantation trails in this area. It can be a great learning experience for your kids when they will be able to see a real incarnation of books right in front of their eyes. This property also has a kid’s play area where they can have a real blast and cherish some sweet memories.  

    Price: Accommodation facilities are available in AP, MOP, and AP. They are available in two categories; you can hire deluxe rooms or Pavilion studios. In normal conditions, this tariff card starts with a minimum price of 5,000 INR and ends at 7,500 INR.

    Distance from Wayanad Bus Stand: You are required to travel up to Kayyunni town from Kalpetta, the distance between the two points is 29 kilometres.

    Location: It is a scenic location right next to a waterfall; you can witness nature in its full glory and have some exciting gateways in adjacent tourist attractions because the distance from the main town of Kalpetta brings you closer to some tribal villages.

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  • 02Dhanagiri Homestay

    Dhanagiri Homestay

    Located in the heart of one of the oldest coffee plantation of Wayanad, Dhangiri is a colourful treat of wild where proximity with nature will mesmerize you and colourful interiors and exteriors will add an exotic flavour in the selfies stored by you. You can choose from the bungalows and cottages that are present in this property with an area of 30 acres.  

    Activities: Instead of calling them activities, you can also term them as attractions as well. This place enjoys a close proximity to popular tourist spots like Muthanga wildlife sanctuary, Pookot Lake, Edakkal Caves and Chembra Park. All these natural wonders have the power to add a new fun quotient in your touristic activity sheet quite impressively.

    Price: This place in offers a variety of accommodation options in Wayanad in the form of rooms and cottages. The average price range starts from 3000 INR and ends at 4500 INR per day on a twin-sharing basis. It is advisable to go for various tour packages that this property is offering; it is a great way to save money by clubbing together with your staying facility and touristic activity.

    Distance from Wayanad Bus Stand: State Highway 54 connects Kalpetta Bus stand with Dhanagiri homestay at a distance of 10 Kilometers. You can easily complete this journey in 15 minutes if you are travelling in a private vehicle.

    Location: Dhanagiri homestay is located in a remote town right next to some natural wonders of this area where you can feel the pulse of wildlife while witnessing a lake standing amidst the hills.

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  • 03Annapara Homestay

    It is one of the amazing Homestays in Wayanad, if you are seeking for some scenic memories it is located on a hillock where 360-degree panoramic views of nature are waiting for you. If you are seeking a solace in solitude then this homestay can become a regular Adobe for you.  

    Activities: They are offering activities in three classifications; these classifications are adventure tourism, nature tourism, and general tourism. Adventure Tourism activities offer some specialized activities Rappelling, Rope Ladder Climbing, Cycling, Camping, and Trekking in Wayanad. While going for nature tourism you can go for butterfly watching, bird watching, and wildlife safari.

    Price: Your search on the internet will give you an indication that it is a high demand property throughout the year. On an average, you can find a price tag of 6000 for a single room on twin sharing basis. Early birds can avail great discounts so act smart and book in advance.

    Distance from Wayanad Bus Stand: Annapara Homestay is located at a distance of 9 kilometres from New Bus stand of Calpatty. A drive of 23 minutes on National Highway 766 can connect these nodal points in 23 minutes.

    Location: This property enjoys proximity with Vythiri, as a tourist destination this small town of Wayanad is receiving rave reviews from last so many years and number of tourists are increasing at a constant speed.

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  • 04Melvin's Homestay

    Various types of budget Homestays in Wayanad blend homeliness with luxury and connect traditional structures with modern amenities. Melvin’s Homestay can be rated high among these properties. It is a home away from home for many regular visitors.  

    Activities: "Home Stay with entertainment as an additional value" can be the best punchline to describe this property. Spend your afternoon's right beneath the cool shadows of the tree and indulge in the act of bird watching into the vicinity of this place.

    Price: Tariff for regular rooms can be put under the range of 1500 INR, with an additional 500 INR inflation during peak seasons. Deluxe rooms are priced at a value of 3800 INR. Deluxe rooms also provide welcome drinks and dinner as complimentary services.  

    Distance from Wayanad Bus Stand: Nearby Bus stand is Meppadi which is located at a distance of approximately five kilometres from this property. Your search to figure out a connectivity with rest of Kerala will end up at Kalpetta town which is at a distance of approximately 12 kilometres.

    Location: This homestay is located in the heart of Meppadi village, this village is well known for its scenic beauty and the location of this property keeps you closer to nature with latest amenities at your disposal.

  • 05Spice Garden

    Spice Garden
    Image Credit : spicegardenhomestay

    A Malayalam family will greet you in this beautiful homestay in Wayanad and you will feel this touch of the traditional south Indian hospitality during your stay. Twelve adults can be accommodated at any given time in the three master rooms of this property. The place also offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food options. The natural charms of this Farmhouse can impart an enchantment to the visitors.

    Activities: Enjoy morning walks in the coffee, pepper, cardamom and Rubber plantations and re-energize yourself with fresh breeze clubbed together with the quietude of this secluded heaven.

    Price: Room tariffs include the breakfasts, the luxury room is priced at the price of 3500 INR, and deluxe room carries a price tag of 2500 INR. Standard room is available in 2000 INR. You can also hire it on per person basis, with a rate of 1000 INR for each person.

    Distance from Wayanad Bus Stand: The nearby Bus stand is located at the distance of approximately 24 Kilometers. NH 766 and Wayanad Road connect this place with City Bus stand.

    Location: It is located in the central part of the Wayanad. All the major tourist destinations in Wayanad are at an identical distance from this place. An additional benefit helps you in saving travel time during your daily excursions.

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  • 06Himadri Retreat

    Your search for cheap Homestays in Wayanad can find a colourful place amidst the circular plantations of cardamom and coffee when you will search for Himadri Retreat. Nature and the commerce associated with nature forms an interesting eco-system here, it is an eco-system where tourism is flourishing like never before. 

    This ecosystem is presenting an opportunity for humans to explore nature from real close quarters. The amenities present in this accommodation are well in synchronization with the basic demands of the customers; we can compare them with star-level facilities in many ways with other Wayanad homestays.

    Activities: You are surrounded by two wildlife sanctuaries, one dam with a picnic spot, lake, waterfall and an island. Plan your itineraries like a film script and just unleash new chapters of this never-ending treasure hunt of nature.

    Price: Independent cottages where you can accommodate a group of 6 to 8 people are available at a price of 5000 INR and 6000 INR. Group accommodations can also be availed where you can turn up with a group of ten people and they will charge 800 INR for each person.

    Distance from Wayanad Bus Stand: You can access this place from Kalpetta bus stand by taking a drive on NH 766, the distance between the two spots is around 10 Kilometers.

    Location: It is a scenic locale, which can be considered very close to the city of Kalpetta because of its "all-weather road connectivity". In terms that are more precise, we can also term it as a gateway and base camp of all the scenic natural beauties that surround the area.

  • 07Enteveedu Homestay

    Enteveedu Homestay
    Image Credit : entiveedu

    Homestays in Wayanad offer all sorts of varieties and flavours; if you want to come back with a colonial hangover after a trip then Enteveedu Homestay is a great choice because it is located right between colonial coffee estates. They are offering four rooms with separate balconies opening to a majestic view of a coffee plantation.

    Activities: They can arrange bullock cart rides, coracle rides, fishing expeditions, bird watching expeditions, cycle rides and Jeep Safari for you. Apart from it, you can enjoy indoor games during your stay in this property. Most of the visitors also prefer to go for plantation tours during the mornings and evenings.  

    Price: Here they have three double rooms under the name of Akash, Tejas, and Surya. All the rooms have two balconies opening towards coffee plantation and paddy fields. Soorya is a deluxe suite where you need to shell out 4000 INR for a day, and the other two rooms are available in 3000 and 3500 INR per day. Use of air conditioner will invite extra 500 rupees.

    Distance from Wayanad Bus Stand: The nearby bus stand from this property is located at a distance of 2.5 Kilometers in Panamaram.

    Location: The location of Enteveedu homestay can be considered as the prime location for the region of Wayanad.

  • 08Alakananda Home Stay Wayanad

    Alakananda Home Stay Wayanad

    While searching for Homestays in Wayanad for groups, if you are searching for some basic accommodations because you are on a tight budget, then Alaknanda Homestay can present an interesting option for you. You can compare the rooms with budget hotel rooms. Wi-Fi facility is available in this homestay. Room service is not available. You are required to walk to the dining area if you purchase a package where breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included.

    Activities: This place offers no such activities that can be mentioned here, come back tired after a day, have your meals and go to sleep is the simple routine that you can follow. Normally, young crowd especially the gang of boys prefers this place because of the economy associated with the place.  

    Price: During the peak seasons and holidays, the price of this rental can shoot up to 2000 INR per night. However, consider it as the lowest bid because it also means that other properties have hiked their prices for the season and they jumped into the next orbit of pricing.

    Distance from Wayanad Bus stand: The property resides in the main town of Kalpetta and enjoys proximity with the main bus stand of Wayanad under the name “New Bus stand Kalpetta.”

    Location: Located in the heart of Kalpetta city, this destination can become an ideal base camp for your Wayanad trip if you are moving on a tight budget. While searching for Holiday homes in Wayanad, keep this accommodation option in a bracket of budget options where you can stay with your family as well.

  • 09Summer Villa

    Hire it for an accommodation and upgrade the package to convert it into a spa. Summer Villa offers spacious rooms, authentic Malayalam cuisines and modern amenities in the form of cable connections, Wi-Fi zone and 24-hour supply of hot water along with room services. You can avail two spacious bedrooms in a single package and plan a family trip to this place.  

    Activities: The vicinity around the summer villa offers a host of activities including morning walks in coffee plantations and cardamom plants. They can also arrange a village tour for you where you can witness local tribal culture from close quarters. Camping in Wayanad is always on cards when you are staying at this property.

    Price: The price keeps on fluctuating depending upon the season. Rooms with a higher denomination are available at 3000 INR per day on a twin-sharing basis. Standard rooms can be booked on a price range of 1500-2000. All the packages offer complimentary breakfast and morning coffee. For lunch and dinner, one has to pay 150 INR per meal.

    Distance from Wayanad Bus Stand: The nearest bus stand from this property is available at the distance of 500 meters at Kalpetta.

    Location: Summer Villa is located in the heart of Kalpetta town which is the district headquarter of Wayanad. This place offers the best nightlife in this area and increases the fun quotient of the trip during the evenings.

  • 10Rocky Nest Homestay

    Rocky Nest Homestay

    Welcome to the eco-friendly and budget homestays in Wayanad that can become your base camp when you will explore the wild nature and wild things of Wayanad. It is a colourful mansion where your evenings can become moon gazing expedition because of the nice balconies attached to the main accommodation areas. Other amenities like car parking and dining area is present on the property.

    Activities: The hospitality team of this property can arrange all the general and adventure activities. In other words, your search for Homestays in Wayanad for groups, pick this property and leave rest of the things on them. You can get all the best packages right at your doorstep.

    Price: In the terms of pricing we can compare it with the budget hotels in this area, here you are required to shell out a sum of 1500 INR for a night stay on a couple sharing basis. The rates can fluctuate as per the seasonal demand of accommodations in the area.

    Distance from Wayanad Bus Stand: This property located in the heart of Kalpetta city and this is why it shares proximity with the new bus stand of Kalpetta, which is situated at a distance of 800 meters from this place.  

    Location: Right in the middle of Kalpetta city, this spot is just ideal to become a pickup and drop point for all the daily excursion trips that you are planning.

  • 11Pranavam Homestay

    Pranavam Homestay

    Local and tribal culture embedded in a new modern Avatar, slightly far from the main city, this property offers two duplexes for the visitors on a twin-sharing basis. It is a quiet and tranquil place with some breathtaking natural views of Wayanad.

    Activities: Bamboo rafting and cycling are two fun activities in Wayanad that form the USP of this property. Apart from it, the owners can also arrange all the regular options of adventure activities. Plantation walks and sightseeing in Wayanad amidst nature are always on the cards for you.  

    Price: Tariff card is simple, they offer one night stay for a couple on the price of 3750 INR. For an extra person in the room, they charge 1250 INR. If you wish to include meals in the main package then it can attract another 350 rupees per person.  

    Distance from Wayanad Bus Stand: The shortest possible route from this property to the main bus stand of Wayanad is ten kilometres long.

    Location: It is located in the quiet village Pozhuthana this homestay can be termed as an abode amidst the nature designed for the nature lovers.

  • 12Karapuzha Homestay

    Feel the pulse of a tribal village of the Wayanad area and enjoy your holidays amidst all the necessary amenities that have become a habit for you. Karapuzha Homestay is not a luxurious homestay, however, it has a different kind of flavour to offer and most of the tourists visiting this place love it because variety is the spice of life which is different from other Wayanad homestays.

    Activities: You can get access to all the regular activities that take place in the area. Apart from it, the owners of the property can also arrange a few things if you have some special plans in Wayanad.   

    Price: Different websites may quote different prices for this property. This place is always in demand because of the scenic locals that are surrounding it. When you search for Holiday homes in Wayanad then try to include at least a single day stay at this amazing location that attracts the price of 3000 INR on a double sharing basis.

    Distance from Wayanad Bus Station: NH 766 connects this place with the main city of Kalpetta, which is located at the distance of 17 Kilometers. The highway is easy to access and one can cover this distance in just 25 minutes if he is driving his own vehicle.

    Location: A breathtaking location offers a welcome break from the maddening pace of city life. The tourism infrastructure around the area is well developed and you can pay a visit to nearby restaurants and swimming pools as well.

  • 13Nandanam Homestay Wayanad

    Nandanam Homestay Wayanad

    Certain Homestays in Wayanad have become a habit for many tourists; this property is certainly one of them. It is a kind of sophisticated abode developed in the middle of a plantation. It means you are surrounded by nature and cushioned by the regular amenities; it can function as an ideal access point for your Wayanad tour when you will plan random excursions here.  

    Price: It is a moderately priced property, if you are travelling on a shoestring budget and wish to increase your stay by few days, then check into this property immediately and save a great bit of money on the expense of accommodation. Rooms are fully furnished and active staff of this service apartment will make you feel happy with their expediency and speed. After considering all these facts, a price of 3000 INR on a “twin sharing basis” is definitely value for money.

    Distance from Wayanad Bus Station: The nearest bus stand to this property is the new bus stand of Kalpetta, you can easily cover this distance in twenty minutes if you are travelling by your own vehicle.

    Location: This property is surrounded by lush gardens and provides a feel-good factor when we compare it with budget hotel rooms. It means you have a big common area at your disposal to perform various activities.

  • 14Chandragiri Homestay

    Chandragiri Homestay

    Wooden interiors, lush green exteriors and a hangover of British architecture accompanying present day amenities, if your search for Homestays in Wayanad is dependent on these keywords then Chandragiri Homestay is an ideal destination for you. 

    Sometimes you might get this feeling that you are living in a house designed for British winters. This design gives you a welcome break and makes your stay more pleasant when you are visiting Wayanad homestays.

    Activities: You can laze around in a natural Jacuzzi attached to this property. They also have a badminton court and arrange other indoor activities for you as well.

    Price: It offers a continental plan for meals and you are required to shell out a sum of 3600 INR for one night if a couple is staying. An extra person can be entertained at a cost of 750 INR.

    Distance from Wayanad bus Stand: The distance between nearby bus stand and this property can be counted in the range of 27 Kilometers. SH 29 and Meppadi Road connects these two points.  

    Location: This heritage homestay is located in the village of Kollengode at a distance of 27 kilometres from Wayanad. This enjoys proximity with some exotic locales of Wayanad district.

  • 15Rainbow Holiday Homestay and Cottages

    Any search for Homestays in Wayanad for family opens a wide spectrum of accommodation opportunities for any tourist. Rainbow Homestay is defiantly a colourful option for them. Here they are offering luxury suites, general suits to the tourists. Surrounded by huge trees, the exterior of this property will enamour you and bring an enchanting impact in the selfies that you will click here. Rooms are spacious and cleanliness of the rooms and premises is up to the mark.

    Activities: They can arrange a bonfire for you but it will attract extra charges, you can also hire sightseeing vehicles on a regular basis. They have also designed different stay packages, which are loaded with adventure and plantation tour activities.

    Price: Honeymoon cottages are available at a price of 3000 INR and deluxe suits can be availed at a price of 2500 INR where accommodation for the kids is complimentary. You can also move in a group and pay at the rate of 750 INR per person. You can also check out some luxurious resorts in Wayanad.

    Distance from Wayanad Bus Station: It is close to the main bus stand of Wayanad, which is Kalpetta new bus stand; you can cover this distance of one kilometre in approximately nine to eight minutes depending upon the condition of the traffic.

    Location: It is located in the middle of the city this is why you are always close to shopping options and other city charms of a small town.

  • 16Villa Wayanad

    Villa Wayanad
    Located around 77km from the Calicut city, your stay at the Villa Wayanad is clad with stunning views of pepper and tea plantations. Amenities and facilities offered in this homestay soothe the experience and the authentic cuisines served here make the stay more memorable.
  • 17Sundara Mahal Homestay

    Sundara Mahal Homestay

    Your search for Homestays in Wayanad for family can land in a palace when you figure out this property. You can smell the fragrance of authentic Malayalam cuisines in the bungalow that inhabited five generations of the owner’s family. This familial environment clubbed together with princely amenities makes it a “hard to resist choice” for most of the travel

    Activities: The garden of Sundara Mahal is a microenvironment in itself where you can witness some rare species of plants and enjoy the company of some beautiful flowers during the mornings and evenings. You can also strike a chord with the pets that are present in the property and go back with some sweet memories of puppy love.

    Price: It is an exclusive property where the price of the offerings keeps on fluctuating; you can directly contact the owners and strike a deal with them in accordance with the quantitative strength and qualitative needs of your particular group members.

    Distance from Wayanad Bus Stand: A drive of ten minutes can take you to the new bus stand of Kalpetta where you can search for inter-state connectivity. In the terms of distance, we can say that it is at a distance of approximately 2 kilometres.

    Location: This palace is located on the main road of Kalpetta. NH 766 touches this palace with a close proximity and ensures an easy connectivity with the other parts of the city.

  • 18Peppervilla Homestay

    Stay in a bungalow and enjoy the scenic natural beauty during morning and evening walks. Peppervilla Homestay is one of the best homestays in Wayanad which has this simple offering for you. The interiors of this villa are impressive. The most important quality of this bungalow lies in the fact that you can feel the warmth of a homely environment while staying in his royal palace.

    Activities: The location of this bungalow gives you an easy access to all the regular activities that are expected from Homestays in Wayanad. Choose your package wisely and enjoy them in the minimum possible rates.

    Price: They are offering two types of rooms, first, they have standard rooms and second they have Luxury rooms. The price tag for the rooms keeps on fluctuating in accordance with the seasonal demands, however; in general, terms we can figure it out in the range of 3000 INR to 5000 INR.

    Distance from Wayanad Bus stand: This property is located in the village of Payyampally, there are three routes to access the main bus stand of Kalpetta. The shortest route covers the distance of approximately 28 Kilometers.

    Location: This entire property is designed with a symbiotic philosophy that connects nature, human and privacy of the people who are living here. You can feel your own private share of the sky and spend nights while gazing into the stars. Coffee plantations and other plantations are also designed with a purview where humans can come close to them without disturbing them.

  • 19Misty Meadows Homestay

    Misty Meadows Homestay

    Four executive rooms facing the lake view are waiting for you to add a new mist and warmth in your private moments. Each room has a private dining area where you can munch authentic Malayalam cuisines. The property offers facilities that can be matched with star category hotels.

    Activities: A variety of activities are available, nature walks, plantation trails, Biking and hiking trails, birding, and adventure activities in Wayanad are primary among them. Property owners can act as an ideal guide for you when you will plan your days in this starry homestay.

    Price: Room tariffs of this property are divided into four slabs; they are slab rates, seasonal rates, off-season rates and Weekday packages. Minimum rate starts from 2250 INR and Maximum rates touch the high of 4000 INR in general circumstances. You can also avail honeymoon package as well, which is economic when you will hire a room on twin sharing basis.

    Distance from Wayanad Bus Stand: NH 766 is the shortest possible way to reach this place from Kalpetta Bus stand. The distance between two points is approximately 16 Kilometers.

    Location: Pakkom Vazhavatta is the nearest landmark to identify the location of Misty Meadows homestay. The location is full of scenic beauties and amazing wonders of nature.

  • 20Peter's Hill View Residency

    This offering for accommodation facility belongs to a very prominent family of Wayanad region. Check out the list of the holiday homestays in Wayanad and you will find that this place has already made it into the top bracket because of its lush interiors and international standard services. 

    If you are seeking for comforts that can be compared with the "star rated facilities," then Peter's Hill View Residency can serve as a great choice for you.  

    Activities: If you are keen to add a punch of nightlife activity in your stay in Wayanad then Pub associated with the property is at your disposal. They can also arrange a professional wildlife tour for you. Here trained guides will open a gateway to wildlife information for you that too right in the middle of the wild.

    Price: Minimum price starts from 950 INR and luxury suites are available in 3000 INR. The costing of DJ Hall and Conference room is also relatively low; if you are travelling in a big group then you can throw a party on your own as well. All the room tariffs follow the principle of twin sharing and an additional person can be entertained with an extra payment of 350 INR.

    Distance from Wayanad Bus Stand: Right opposite the main fire station of Kalpetta town, it is a prime property of the Wayanad city and enjoys proximity with interstate bus terminal located in Kalpetta.

    Location: Exactly in the heart of the main town, is the correct phrase to describe the location of this property. Another additional feature of this location is associated with the hill view. You can witness skyline of the hills from your window and feel proximity to nature amidst excellent amenities.

  • Other Stays in Wayanad

  • 21Wayanad Tea Plantation Stay Experience

    Wayanad Tea Plantation Stay Experience
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lWayanad
    • NNNNN178 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 9898930
    • 10,000
    • Book Now

    About the Activity:

    Stay in the Tea Terrace Vythiri Resort in Wayanad for a multi-coloured experience! Its myriad list of offerings, warm hospitality and list of things to do, make it for a delightful stay experience amidst the lush and groovy tea plantations.

    Beginning from the dawn to dusk, its merry offerings like spectacular views of the hills and mountains, pictorial valleys, captivating Spanish decors, gastronomic delights and activity list will keep you soaked in unlimited fun and excitement!

    Adding more to the joy and amusement are its splendid offerings like indoor & outdoor games, plantations walks, trampoline, sightseeing options, game and hobby options for kids. And in case, you are not in the mood for any activities or games, you can simply laze around the resort and feast on the enticing views all around.

  • 22Night Camping With Campfire in Wayanad

    Night Camping With Campfire in Wayanad
    • d1 Dayn1 Night
    • lWayanad
    • NNNNN23 ratings
    • Samad

    About the activity :

    • Have you ever wondered what the true beauty of Wayanad looks like, at any time of the day? On your next weekend, experience an exciting night camping experience in Wayanad with camping at Bansurian in this hilly forested paradise! 
    • Arrive at the meeting point near Chundale in Wayanad by 05:00 PM and you will be taken to the campsite later.
    • Gaze at the beautiful stars as you lounge in the tranquillity and serenity of the hills and forests of Wayanad! Enjoy with your close friends and family as you relax in the peaceful ambience of the thick and lush forests in Banasura. 
    • Dine on a delicious BBQ dinner as the wonders of nature envelop you into a peaceful stupor and lull you into a happy trance like state! Experience adventure and thrill in Wayanad on your next holiday and revel in pure, unadulterated excitement!
    • The next morning, wake up to the gentle tweets of birds and experience the fresh air around and have breakfast at 09:00 before you wind up the camping expedition.
  • 23Camping in Wayanad Hills at Seagot Banasura

    Camping in Wayanad Hills at Seagot Banasura
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lWayanad
    • NNNNN510 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 8100315

    About the activity:

    Camp in Wayanad hills at Seagot Banasura and be taken into the charms of nature and outdoors with a refreshing overnight experience. Offering the perfect setting for the camping experience is the Seagot Banasura that lounges over 50 dewy acres. Check-in at the site around 01:00 PM and enjoy thrilling times with fishing, tug of war and trekking activities. The evening especially comes alive with bonfire and music.
    Adventure and folk enthusiasts can even lap up activities such as river crossing, Jummaring, commando walking, zip-lining, mountain biking, traditional folk, tribal Activities and barbecue at an additional cost. The Seagot Banasura Resorts & Villas also offers yoga (Pathanjali) along with Ayurvedic spa and rejuvenation therapy for those who are interested.

    As the night descends, retreat into the tents, under the twinkling stars and the sweet caresses of nature. Rest assured, once you checkout the following morning, you will be refreshed and energized.

    Meal Types: Veg and Non-veg Breakfast

    Accommodation: Tented accommodation

    Timings: 01.00 PM to 11.00 AM

    Activities: Fishing, Tug of War, Campfire, Nature walk

    Difficulty Level: Easy

  • 24Camping In A Cave In Wayanad

    Camping In A Cave In Wayanad
    • n1 Night
    • lWayanad
    • NNNNN30 ratings
    • Ms Sreela
      Ms Sreela

    About the Activity :

    If gazing at the stars while lying on the cold earth of a cave sounds like a good holiday plan to you, then you need to head to the famous caves of Wayanad for a revitalizing experience in the most amazing way! The caves here are sure to take your breath away and this is the perfect chance for you to get an amazing feel of the place! You can stay in a natural air conditioned cave in the midst of thick forests and you can camp at night in the magnificent cave or even in a lavish tent near the sprawling caves and gaze at the star studded sky. Watch the sun go down in the company of your friends and start a campfire while the sounds of nature lull you to a peaceful trance! 

  • 25Camping And Cycling Tour In Wayanad

    Camping And Cycling Tour In Wayanad
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lWayanad
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    About the activity :

    • Let the pedals and the helmets roar on your next weekend away from the humdrum of city life.
    • Explore the beauty of Wayanad with an exciting cycling and camping tour in this beautiful hilly region. 
    • Strap on your helmets and let the adventurer in you explore the barbed plantation trails and the waterfalls, nearby rivers, forests etc.
    • While here, you can also revel in an amazing camping experience and let the wonders of the beautiful place take you over.
    • Indulge in a delicious dinner and enjoy the amazing cuisine that is placed before you. 
    • The package includes food and accommodation in tents.

Adventure in Wayanad

Trekking in Wayanad

Camping in Wayanad



Chembra Peak

A trekking paradise, Chembra is the highest peak in the Wayanad Hill Range that will take your breath away. Encompassed by verdant greenery of the Western Ghats, Chembra Peak is one of those attractions in Wayanad that one just cannot ignore for its mesmerising views. 

It is where the clouds brush your cheeks and your eyes are greeted with solace of calm and quietness in the midst of nature.

It is known for offering an enchanting vista of the heart-shaped lake also known as the Cupid Lake. It also offers an unparalleled view of Banasura Sagar Dam surrounded by the majestic tea plantations located along the foothills of Chembra Peak.

Height: It is 2,100 metres (6,890 ft) above sea level

Location: Kalpetta, Wayanad

Best Time to visit: The best time to visit is between the months of September and March.

Entry fee: The entry charge for the peak is INR 50/USD 0.77

Timings: Chembra Peak is open to tourists during the day time.

Distance from Bus Station, Dam Road, Padinjarathara, Wayanad: It is about 40 kilometres away from the bus station in Wayanad.


The Bamboo Factory

If you wish to know how bamboo constitutes an important factor in both the lifestyle and livelihood for the people in Wayanad, then a visit to The Bamboo Factory comes highly recommended. 

This educating and inspiring experience gives a sneak peek into the lives of the locals in Uravu. This place is a great stop to witness the wonder of sustainable tourism and explore the ancient traditions that are still preserved in Wayanad.

The Bamboo Factory stands for uplifting the lives of many rural craftsmen along with offering tourists a unique experience by getting to know how bamboo is converted into your favourite items. Tourists at Bamboo Factory also get a chance to talk to these talented craftsmen and know more from their experiences.

Location: 100 Acres Road Thrikkaipatta, Kerala

Best Time to visit: October to February is the best time to visit here.

Entry fee: The cost to visit here is approximately INR 500/ USD 7.7 per person

Timings: One can visit here between 10 am and 4 pm.

Distance from Bus Station, Dam Road, Padinjarathara, Wayanad: The distance between the two places is around kilometres.


Pookode Lake

If you’re browsing for the most serene Wayanad tourist places, Pookode Lake should incite your curiosity. Surrounded by the evergreen beauty of Western Ghats and verdant forests, Pookode Lake is a gorgeous freshwater lake. 

One of the most interesting features of this lake is that it virtually appears to be in the shape of India’s physical map. Boasting of picturesque excellence and a mesmerising ambience, this freshwater lake is the initiating point of Panamaram stream in Kerala.

Pookode Lake offers many activities like boating and boasts of a freshwater aquarium, a children’s park and a shopping centre where tourists can empty their pockets on excellent spices and handicrafts. 

Another big attraction of Pookode Lake is the widespread presence of wild animals and birds who can be spotted around the lake.

Location: Pookode Lake, Kunnathidavaka, Kerala

Best Time to visit: August to May are the best months to visit here

Entry fee: INR 10/ USD 0.15 for one person

Timings: The opening hours are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Distance from Bus Station, Dam Road, Padinjarathara, Wayanad: Pookode Lake is located 27.3 kilometres from the Bus station in Wayanad


Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is an esteemed natural habitat of many rare and endangered flora and fauna and a wonderful getaway for wildlife lovers. 

It is one of those rejuvenating retreats where people can appreciate sustainable tourism with a bit of adventure and recreation. The two most important areas in Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is Muthanga and Tholpetty.

Offering an excellent opportunity to see the elephant herds, deer, langurs and tigers roam freely in Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is an absolute delight. 

Tourists here can also indulge in bird watching or undertake trekking in the forest with advance booking. Being a vital part of Nilgiri Biosphere reserve, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is a biodiversity hotspot that one must add to their places to see in Wayanad.

Location: Bathery- Puthupally Road, Wayanad District, Sultan Bathery, Kerala 

Best Time to visit: The months from October to February are considered to be the best time to visit here.

Entry fee: INR 10/ USD 0.15 for Indians and INR 100/ USD 1.54 for foreigners

Timings: It is open from 7:00 am to 10:00 am and then from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

Distance from Bus Station, Dam Road, Padinjarathara, Wayanad: It is approximately 60 kilometres away from the bus station in Wayanad.

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