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What You Should Know More About Munnar

  • Travel Advice:

    Munnar is a beautiful place that promises a wonderful journey to its visitors. However, there are a few tips that you must keep in mind:

    • Safe driving required: Munnar consists of numerous beautiful curvy roads. However, it can get quite tricky if you’re visiting the place for the first time or if you are a learning driver. Sometimes, the roads are covered with fog and will most probably blind your vision. Therefore, you need to be an expert.

    • Drinking laws: There are a few hotels which may provide alcohol especially during many festival holidays. However, you can build a rapport with the local hotel employees and ask them to get it for you. As far as restrictions are concerned, there aren’t too many hard and fast rules regarding the same.

    • Come prepared for the weather: Munnar is a refreshingly cool place to spend your holidays at. That’s for certain. However, temperatures here drop considerably after sunset. It can get quite chilly at nights and it is advisable for you to remain prepared for the same.

  • Things to do in Munnar:

    There are a variety of things to do in Munnar. Here’s the list:

    • Tea garden strolls in Munnar: One of the most fun-filled and refreshing activity to do in Munnar is to stroll through the beautiful, scenic estates situated in every nook and corner of Munnar. These locations are paradise in form of rich, green foliage. There is no better way of spending a soothing evening than by just taking a simple stroll.

    • Enjoy the waterfall of the Western Ghats: One of the primary attractions in the long-stretching Western Ghat is Munnar indeed. The beautiful landscape filled with steep, curvy hills and incredible plantations surround most portions of the Western Ghat. What’s more? Enjoy the majestic waterfalls while you’re at it.

    • Visit the Eravikulam National Park: Meet the exotic life protected within the many beautiful shelters of Munnar. For instance, the Eravikulam National Park. You may even get the glimpse of the rare Nilgiri Tahr, these friendly, docile sweet animals. You will surely have a fun time.

    • Visit the Top Station Viewpoint: One of the most popular destinations in Munnar for visitors is the Top Station Viewpoint. Get the panoramic view of the whole of Munnar from one of the highest points in Munnar. Situated on the Munnar-Kodaikanal Road, take special attention of this rare Neelakurunji flower that literally blooms only once every 12 years.

    • Explore the adventurous spirit in you in Munnar: There are an array of sporting and adventurous sports that you can indulge in. Choose from a range of thrilling activities such as rock climbing, rappelling, paragliding and even cycling and start your day in a unique way. You will surely receive a unique perspective of Munnar through the numerous activities that are offered at the location.

    • Stroll through the Blossom International Park: The Blossom International Park of Munnar is filled with numerous gardens that consist of blooming flower-beds and amazing surroundings. This is among those must-do things in Munnar.

  • What will you like in Munnar:

    • Go trekking through the beautiful hills of Munnar: Munnar offers its visitors with the perfect kind of setting for various trekking trails all throughout. Be it the Anamudi peak or the Rajamala Hills, the Devikulam or the Eravikulam National Park – each place holds a special importance in terms of greenery and cloud-ful beauty.

    • Elephant Safari at Carmelagiri Elephant Park in Munnar: Imagine you riding on the back of the elephant while you watch a beautiful sunset. The elephant safari at the Carmelagiri Elephant Park will definitely deliver you with the experience with your life.

    • Lip smacking classes at Nimi:  Munnar is an apt place not only for adventure-lovers but also for ardent foodies. Meet Nimi Sunil Kumar – known for her bestseller cookbook called Lip Smacking Dishes for Kerala and get an authentic take on Kerala’s regular cuisine. Take these classes for an apt experimentation of the local food of the location as well.

    • Ayurvedic oneness at the Ayurveda centres of Munnar: The ancient science of Ayurveda is also among the many key characteristics that make up for Munnar’s image. The age-old Indian practise is being carried on in many Ayurveda centres of Munnar. In fact, your visit will be considered incomplete if you don’t take part in one of these Ayurvedic spa sessions at least once while you’re at Munnar. Have a fun, relaxing and soothing experience at the end of your day.

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Traveller Tales from Munnar


Rati Gill

15 August 2013

There is some magic in the hills of Munnar, that caught our attention, trull the place is the best holiday destination for all. When we were entering Munnar we saw endless gardens of coffee and it was so nice to stare at those feilds.... Wao Munnar hills has very rich vegetation area as well. We were trekking on the moderate trails and camping on flat grounds.. everything just commendable.

  • Hard_trek_with_team___munnar_-_boopathy__pravin___raamesh_keerthi_12.jpg
  • Hard_trek_with_team___munnar_-_boopathy__pravin___raamesh_keerthi_30.jpg
  • Hard_trek_with_team___munnar_-_boopathy__pravin___raamesh_keerthi_72.jpg

Mahesh Arora

16 March 2015

My three days trip to munnar hills is unforgettable....It was my first trekking expedition ever and i completed it with so ease and comfort ... And all thanks goes to our tour guide who were very experienced trainers... Apart from that camping moments were also very sweet for me.

  • Hard_trek_with_team___munnar_-_boopathy__pravin___raamesh_keerthi_49.jpg
  • Mountain_trekking_at_munnar_kerala_01.jpg
  • Mountain_trekking_at_munnar_kerala_04.jpg

Girindra Deshpande

14 September 2014

The spectacular views are quite enogh to steal your heart... Definately Munnar is the favourite hotspot of trekkers and other tourists...While trekking we also reached Mattupetty hills and then discovered beautiful the tea plantations. It was a very leasing feelig for us.

  • Hard_trek_with_team___munnar_-_boopathy__pravin___raamesh_keerthi_22.jpg
  • Hard_trek_with_team___munnar_-_boopathy__pravin___raamesh_keerthi_42.jpg
  • Mountain_trekking_at_munnar_kerala_05.jpg

Vaidehi Ahuja

11 December 2014

we explored all beautiful places of Munnar like the jungle the hills and the grassand. Everthing was just awesome. I loved to trek amidst the tea gardens and then climbing up hills.

  • Hard_trek_with_team___munnar_-_boopathy__pravin___raamesh_keerthi_03.jpg
  • Hard_trek_with_team___munnar_-_boopathy__pravin___raamesh_keerthi_10.jpg
  • Hard_trek_with_team___munnar_-_boopathy__pravin___raamesh_keerthi_15.jpg

Prashansa Bhuwania

19 June 2017

"Firstly, I'd like to mention how we were pleasantly surprised by how good the service is. You wouldn't believe it if you haven't been there. The three guys assisting us were very considerate. We were just two girls on the highest peak in Munnar town and we felt safe. They were really nice to us. They helped us set up a tent and there was bonfire. Inspite of drizzling we could enjoy the camping experience because there was a tent above set up to protect from the rain.\n\nAbout the food; If you're a non vegetarian, you're in for a treat. They barbecued chicken in front of us and it was delicious! Vegetarian food is decent too.\n\nAlso, they took pictures of us in the morning afterward with the tent and jeep. I"


Aaditya Mehra

02 March 2017

We were a group of four friends and this was the first trip of ours to Kerala. We have heard a lot about Munnar but Kurangini Hills were an amusement for us. The pathways to the hilltop was really tough to cover but our team members were so energetic. So we also took the challenge and went up. The entire location was very impressive. The guide helped us very well. It was a memorable trip for me and my friends.


Gandharv Malik

02 March 2017

We have tried the special tea from there and it was the tastiest ever. Fresh, natural tea you get there. The tent stay was also peaceful amidst with bonfire. It was cold outside, so we had to be covered whole night. The dinner and breakfast was simple but nice. Don’t expect luxurious way of stay and food there. It is very sensitive location as the nature plays a great role in the native people’s lives.


Shreya Bhat

15 September 2014

Trekking in munnar was my dream and last summer my dream came true after the amazing visit to Munnar....I loved it ... The scenic beauty of the place lies in the magnificient hills , though terrain, the gorgeous periyar river and a national park also that comes in the mid way. Overall It was a very memorable experience guys.....


Bhushan Deshpande

15 June 2013

Wao it was so much fun to trek in the elegant hills of munnar!! It feels amazing to explore the rich heritage of the country ; the forest flora and endless grasslands of Munnar covering the entire mountains. We also reached the anamundi which is the highest peak in the Munnar South India

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