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  • A district in north-eastern Kerala, Wayanad is loaded when it comes to natural beauty and places to see. Waterfalls, caves, paddy fields, and historical ruins, it’s a destination that has become prominent in the travel map of India for its natural life and zest ranches.

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    Being located on the border of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, it is easily accessible from all neighboring South-Indian states and several travelers make it an extended weekend trip from Bangalore city. The moment you enter Wayanad, the landscape around changes dramatically and you would be transported into a natural heaven that intrigues you for as long as you stay and more.

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    The place also has deep historical significance with archeological evidence suggesting that the forests were inhabited even 3000 years ago. The Stone Age ruins can be seen even today in the several natural caves that are strewn across this beautiful hill station. Culturally, Wayanad means the “
    Land of the Paddy Fields” and you will see several patches of lush greenery amidst the deep forests, all around.

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    From the Tholpetty in North to Kalpetta in the South and Muthanga in the East to Mananthavady in the north-west, there’s so much to see and indulge yourself in. a trip to Wayanad would certainly be life-changing and a much-needed break, not very far from Bangalore. 
    You wish you could have come and lived there! Consequently, whenever you see a long extended weekend coming, plan a trip to Wayanad. We bring you all the details that will ensure that your travel is neatly planned.

  • Quick Facts

  • 01Bangalore to Wayanad Distance

    Bangalore to Wayanad Distance

    The distance between Bangalore and Wayanad is about 282.7 kilometers and will just take a slow overnight journey. Wayanad gets more than 60% of its crowd in the weekends and most of them come from Bangalore.

    If you are starting late at Friday night, you will be easily able to reach Wayanad by Saturday evening. Spend the weekend and head back to Bangalore by Sunday evening. You will have been reenergized and an experience to feel good about all week!

  • 02Bangalore to Wayanad Route Map

    There are three routes that you can take to Wayanad from Bangalore if you are driving your own vehicle. The drive is nice for most parts and if you are starting late in the night or very early in the morning, you can also avoid the traffic on the Bangalore – Mysore Road. It will always be a better idea to move on to the Mysore Ring Road that leads you directly to Bandipur while helping avoid the traffic of Mysore.

    From here on, it will be a single road and this amount to you being very careful behind the wheels. It will be a pretty straightforward road from here on and you will be crossing places like Gundlupet and Sulthan Bathery.

    The three routes you can pursue include:

    Route 1: via Channapatna, Mandya, Mysore, Kartikulam, Kaithakal, Wayanad with State Highway - 17 and 33.

    Route 2: via Kanakapura, Sathanur, Malavalli, Kartikulam, Kaithakal, Wayanad with National Highway 209 and SH 33.

    Route 3: via Kanakpura, Kollegal, Chamrajnagar, Gundlupet, Sultan Bathery, Wayanad with NH 209 and 212.

  • 03Best time to visit Wayanad from Bangalore

    Best time to visit Wayanad from Bangalore

    The tourist season to Wayanad is between October and May – the winter months, when the sky is clear and the temperature quite comfortable and romantic. This will also be the best time to experience the wildlife, embark on trekking adventures and be a part of various outdoor activities. June to September is another time when Wayanad is a different scene altogether.

    The rains during this time make the sky look magnificent and there’s also a better chance to sight different kinds of wildlife. Driving during the rainy season can however become a bit more risky and uncomfortable (with your car glasses down).

  • How to Reach Wayanad from Bangalore

    Wayanad is easily accessible from Bangalore and there are a range of options to travel. If you aren’t taking your own vehicle, you will have to change means of public transport but their availability is convenient.

  • 04Bangalore to Wayanad by Bus

    Bangalore to Wayanad by Bus

    There are several buses that ply between Bangalore and Wayanad and will take you directly to your destination. The journey will take about 9 hours and you will have to start from the Kalasipalayam Bus Stand in Bangalore. Government buses from KSRTC will run between Bangalore and Kalpetta, after which you can take a Kerala kSRTC bus to reach Wayanad.

    Types of buses and names:

    It is advisable that you book your bus from Bangalore to Wayanad in advance. KSRTC (Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation), Kerala RTC and private operators offer busses in this route. Popular buses include:

    1. Kallada Travels

    2. SKS Tourist Buses

    3. A1 Travels

    4. Kalpaka Travels

    5. SRS Travels

    6. Sam Tours and Travels

    7. P K Travels

    8. Greenline Travels and Holidays

    9. Manish Travels

    10. Karnataka Sarige

    11. Rajahamsa Executive

    12. Airavat

    Multi axle, Volvo buses are a comfortable way to make the trip from Bangalore to Wayanad. Most buses plying in this route are AC Volvos that should ensure that you reach your destination completely fresh and energetic!

    Starting Point

    You have several option is the boarding point from Bangalore. Depending on where you live, the options include:

    1. Mysore Road Satellite Bus Stop

    2. Shanthi Nagar Bus Stand Double Road

    3. KMF Christ College Bus Stop

    4. St John’s Hospital BMTC Bus Stand

    5. Electronic City Toll

    6. Hosur Bus Stop (opposite AXIS Bank)

    7. Corporation Bank Chandapura

    Timings of Buses

    The most popular start for Wayanad is the overnight buses. However, you will be able to find buses to Wayanad across the day starting at 8.30 AM in the morning and till 22.32 PM in the night. It is necessary that you check out the bus departure timing before you go on to book your ticket.

    Number of hours of journey

    The exact number of hours it will take to reach Wayanad from Yercaud will depend on the bus you choose but the average duration is about 7 hours. You must plan your booking in such a way that you get your next bus ride to Wayanad and wouldn’t have to wait too long for it. In case you take a KSRTC bus to Kalpetta and plan to break your journey to reach Wayanad, check accordingly. Kerala SRTC buses would start at 5 AM in the morning. If you reach before that, you will have to wait for the first bus to start.

    Approx Fare

    Government (KSRTC) run buses charge about INR 813 for the ride between Bangalore and Kalpetta. However, if you are booking with private operators like Airavat, expect to pay double the price. If you choose to book with a travel company like Kallada Travels or Greenline Travels, you can expect to pay about INR 2662 for the entire journey. However, it would be a direct and comfortable ride.

  • 05Drive to Wayanad from Bangalore

    Drive to Wayanad from Bangalore

    A self driven vehicle is the most convenient option to reach Wayanad from Bangalore. You will not only be in the comfort of your own car but also have the flexibility to make more number of stops. The route to Wayanad is scenic and if you are traveling by public transport, it will always get inconvenient whenever you would have liked to stop.

    The journey will further take the less amount of time, between 5 and 6 hours and to cover the total of 280 kilometers; you will just need about INR 500 worth of petrol. However, make sure that you have enough fuel stored for the return trip too. The cost, when compared to traveling by bus comes down to the same amount if you are traveling with another person. For group travel, with more than 2 people, traveling by car will also come to be cheaper.

  • 06Bangalore to Wayanad by Train

    Bangalore to Wayanad by Train

    There is no direct train connecting Bangalore and Wayanad. However, you can get on a train from Bangalore and travel till Nanjangud. The Tirupati – Chamrajnagar Express starting from the Banaswadi Station would be the best bet. From Nanjangud, is another 109 kilometers to Wayanad that you can cover on a taxi or Kerala SRTC buses.

    An alternative train route is catching a train to Kozhikode, about 100 kilometers from Wayanad. The best train would be the Yesvantpur - Cannanore (Kannur) Express from the Yesvantpur Junction. It will take about 11 hours to reach Kozhikode.

  • 07Bangalore to Wayanad by Air

    Bangalore to Wayanad by Air

    There are no direct flights from Bangalore to Wayanad. However, the closes you can fly towards Wayanad is the Karipur International Airport, located at Kozhikode. The journey will take about an hour and there are several cheap flights that you can book in advance.

  • Places to Visit in Wayanad

    Wayanad is not just about natural sceneries but there are a lot of expeditions you can embark upon.

  • 08Chembra Peak

    Chembra Peak

    Just eight kilometers to the south of Kalpetta, The Chembra Peak is the highest you can get in the Wayanad district. The peak lies close to the Meppadi Town and the crest of the mountain borders the Vellarimala in Kozhikode and the Nilgiris of Tamil Nadu. The top of the peak give astounding views of the scenery around and is a perfect opportunity for all kinds of nature lovers and outdoor enthusiast. Chembra Peak is very romantic, go and plan your trekking in Wayanad to this place.

    In fact, if you are travelling to Wayanad, you cannot miss this place. You will need to trek to the 2,100 meter elevation but on a cool comfortable day; it can be seriously fun, especially if you have a great group of friends along. Chembra is in fact a popular peak to trek in South India and several organized tours happen during and around the tourist season. 

    On the way to the peak, you will be passing a heart shaped lake and this not only presents a great photo op but a perfect place to connect with nature. Take the trek slow and you will enjoy climbing to the pinnacle. Watching the sunset from here is another amazing thing that you can include in your Wayanad itinerary. There are a few guest houses and other options for accommodations around the Chembra Peak.

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  • 09Edakkal Caves

    Edakkal Caves

    This is another popular attraction for all tourists in Wayanad. These caves are world renowned for their ancient pictorial depictions which is thought to data back to the 6000 BC. To reach the cave, you will however have to do a short trek across the Ambukuthi Mala and it will take about 45 minutes of hard work to achieve the feat.

    The scene in the cave will however be totally worth the effort. It’s the Stone Age we are talking of and how can you miss it! Inside the Edakkal caves are two well marked chambers, the lower one being 18 ft x 12 ft x 10 ft and the upper being 96 ft x 22 ft x 18 ft (L x B x H). You will be able to see animal figurines and other Stone Age art that have baffled historians for a long time now. Make sure you are wearing a headlamp.

    Entry to the Edakkal Caves starts at 8 AM in the morning and you can be there till 4 PM in the evening. However, to see the cave completely and photograph its wonder, you will hardly take more than a couple of hours. Do enjoy the scenery however.

  • 10Banasura Sagar Dam

    Banasura Sagar Dam

    Among the most visited tourist places in India, the Banasura Sagar Dam is a great place to hang out, be it with a group of friends or just your partner. The dam impounds the waters of the east flowing Kabini River and is surrounded by an amazingly beautiful natural vista. There are several treks that start and end at the dam.

    Thousands of tourists head to the Banasura Dam during the tourists season (October to May) to just chill out or take photographer. Bird watchers too will get some amazing photo opportunities around this place.

    The Banasura Dam and canal project was inaugurated back in 1979 to meet the irrigational needs of the district and also to supply drinking water. Inside the reservoir, there are small islands that create a sense of mystery and makes for postcard perfect pictures. In case you are already wondering, you do have the option to boat inside the reservoir! That will also be a great way to check out the natural beauty of the place.

  • 11Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

    Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

    Extending for more than 344 square kilometers, the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary hosts a variety of wild animals including the Indian Elephant, bison, tiger, and deer. There is also an unusual avifauna found here. Pea fowls are pretty common to the sanctuary. This is the second largest wildlife preserves for Kerala. Bestowed with a rich wildlife and natural surroundings, it offers a great day trip if you are in Wayanad.

    The sanctuary is particularly famous for the rare species of red-headed and white-rumped vultures. Serving as a refuge, it might be among the last of the places where these birds can be spotted in this world. Visit to this sanctuary should definitely be included in your Wayanad tour.

    The Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary comes under the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and is a part of the Wayanad Plateau. Bounded by important reserves like Bandipur, Nagarhole and Mudumalai, the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is a great way to experience the unique and rare biodiversity of the region.

    There are treks and safaris that are organized through the reserve and to complete the trip, it would take a whole day. You can however, always choose to cut short your trip but it is recommended that you make this a part of your itinerary.

  • 12Kuruva Island

    Kuruva Island

    The Kuruva Islands preset a perfect blend of natural elements – rivers, waterfalls, forests and wildlife. It has been voted as one of the most scenic spots around the Wayanad. The Kuruva Island is a part of the protected river delta and consists of several small islands along the flow of the Kaveri River. The island is spread across 950 acres and with a dense population of rich flora and fauna.

    In fact, it is one of the few evergreen patches in Southern India and thus creates an ambiance that will make any nature and outdoor lover fall in love with. The island presents bamboo bridges that make your trek exciting. If you are a budding botanist, you will be amazed by the several unique trees that grow here. Even for a normal tourist, the flowers and leaves that you see in this forest will leave you spellbound. This destination is a perfect weekend getaway in Bangalore, go and explore the nature's beauty.

    The trek can be done either alone or with a close group of friends or even with your partner. It’s all about being in the lap of nature. It is however necessary that you follow jungle ethics in this part of the journey and just be a witness to the magic. Don’t make a lot of noise or leave trash.

  • 13Soochipara Falls

    A three layered waterfall, The Soochipara Falls at Vellarimala is a great photography and sightseeing destination in Wayanad. The waterfall is surrounded by thick green woods and is also referred to as the Sentinel Rock Waterfall. It is just about 20 minutes drive from the Meppadi town in Wayanad and is easily accessible by either foot or vehicle. 

    he name Soochipara is derived from the local words “soochi” and “pars” meaning, “Rock” and “needle”. Since the water falls from a considerably great height, about 200 feet, it seems like needles falling on the rock. While you can always take a dip in the pool forming around the water drop, going under the falls directly will be an adventurous feat.

    Vehicle movement towards this fall is restricted to about 2 kilometers from the fall after which you will need to walk the distance. It’s also a perfect opportunity for trekking or if you are interested, in rock climbing or rappelling. It is necessary that you spend too much time here as you will have to walk back to your vehicle for two kilometers. The ideal duration of stay is for 3-4 hours. Since the road to the falls is through the jungle, it gets dark pretty early.

  • 14The Bamboo Factory, Uravu

    The Bamboo Factory, Uravu

    This is something different than the natural escapes we have talked about till now. Among the most fascinating of experience, the Bamboo Factory in Uravu is actually an initiative towards encouraging the traditional crafts using bamboo as the raw material. Uravu or the Bamboo Village is populated by locals who descend from the indigenous tribes from the mountains and are highly skilled in bamboo craftsmanship.

    Bamboo in Uravu is used to make just about everything, from houses to utensils. Tourism also provides a source of income to the locals who look forward to selling a variety of souvenirs. If you are interested, you can actually spend the whole day in the village, looking at things and learning a trick or two about bamboo craftsmanship.

    The trip to the Bamboo Factory would be perfect, be it with a group of friends or with your partner. The village is set amidst a beautiful natural setting, with misty mountains, ambitious waterfalls and lush forests. Do try and bring back some folklore that will make this place even more memorable. The Bamboo Village is a perfect semblance of history and nature.

  • 15Pookode Lake, Kalpetta

    Pookode Lake, Kalpetta

    Pookode Lake will fall on your way to Wayanad from Kalpetta and it will be worth spending some time here, especially if you are passing by around evening. It is in fact said to be a mandatory stop and one of the most picturesque places of your trip. The freshwater lake is nestled among a beautiful natural setting with evergreen mountains forming the backdrop of the huge winding lake. The Pookode Lake is situated at a height of more than 770 meters above sea level and this adds to its mystifying presence.

    The Pookode Lake also integrates the Panamaram, a small rivulet that goes on to meet the Kabini, the only east-flowing river of the country. Spread across an area of more than 8.5 hectares, and bringing a depth of more than 6.5 meters, the Pookode Lake is certainly a natural wonder. What’s even more fascinating is that the shape of the lake is similar to that of the geographical boundary of India itself!

    Protected by forested hills, it’s a water body that hosts blue lotuses and a wide variety of wild freshwater fishes. You can go for trekking, bird watching, boating, and photography around the lake. It’s also a perfect space to take a walk in nature, either alone or with your partner.

  • 16Phantom Rock

    Phantom Rock

    The Phantom Rock in Wayanad is another fascinating natural formation. It’s among the must see attractions and an even an archeological wonder that is rare for this world. The Phantom Rock is a rocky formation that is shaped like a human and the stone head actually looks like a skull. How the heavy rock head has been balanced for such a long time is a natural mystery but for travelers, it s a photo that you can’t miss.

    Locally called the Chengeri Mala, the Phantom Rock is known to travelers worldwide. Further, being situated just about 26 kilometers from Kalpetta; it will not be hard to reach the place. You would however need to trek some distance on very tight paths but on a good day, it’s a great experience. There is so much to explore around the Phantom Rock and this makes it very popular among trekkers. 

    The rock is situated at a height of 2600m above the sea level and with the all encompassing greenery around, you will just need a blue sky to click that postcard perfect moment. Lastly, if you have been looking for a place to be alone and breathe in the calmness and energy of nature, this is surely the place to be.

  • 17Neelimala View Point

    Neelimala View Point

    The Neelimala Viewpoint is perfectly cut if you have been eyeing for an adventurous trip to Wayanad. First of things, the view point can only be reached by a good hour or trek. Be sure that you would be walking through an amazing trek trail, through forests and small streams. Once you reach the valley, the landscape would be captivating in the backdrop of the picturesque Meenmutty Falls.

    It is necessary that you prepare well for the trek as it would be a fairly steep climb. It is also advised that people with joint pains or similar ailments take extra care of themselves. The uneven pathways ensure that you will not be able to take your vehicle to the view point. At one point, you will even have to cross a sprawling grassland with huge rocks scattered all across – the perfect representation of the variety of the Western Ghats.

    In the winters, the clear blue sky makes for a good walk. However, the rain clouds too can help create a dramatic environment that you will remember for a lifetime. Lastly, it is advisable to get back from your trek before 5 PM in the evening.

  • 18Meenmutty Waterfalls

    Meenmutty Waterfalls

    If you have trekked to the Neelimala View Point, you would already want to get near to the Meenmutty Waterfalls. Located just about 29 kilometers from Kalpetta, it’s one of the most famous waterfalls for the state of Kerala. The height of the falls is about 300 ft but you will have to trek for about two kilometers inside the jungle and some pretty rough terrain to get close to the waters.

    The best of the Meenmutty Waterfalls in during the monsoons but this is also the time when the trek gets a little risky. You have to be extra careful about the slippery rocks. However, rains are also the time when the forests come alive and you will be able to experience the raw greenery. People who plan to visit the Meenmutty Waterfalls are sure looking ahead at some adrenaline rush. This is the most amazing place to visit during monsoon in Bangalore.

    The trek can be combined with some rock climbing, rappelling and similar adventures. For photographers too, the Meenmutty Waterfalls can be an amazing getaway. The cascading falls makes for some great pictures that you can save for a lifetime.

  • 19Bamboo Forests, Muthanga

    Bamboo Forests, Muthanga

    The Bamboo Forest in Muthanga is nothing less than a visual treat. Lined with tall, slender and green shoots, it’s a forest of vast greenery. The Bamboo Forests in Muthanga is a part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and graduates to teak timberlands and bamboo trenches. A pitch black road passing through this neat forest is every traveler's delight.

    Whenever be the time of the day, you will see the sunlight pouring through the green shoots and it presents a scene that you can photograph again and again. Through the Bamboo Forests, there are trails that lead to Bandipur, Mudumalai, Nagarhole and Begur wildlife sanctuaries. Consequently, you will likely see an abundance of wildlife here too - Spotted deer, sambar, wild boars, wild buffaloes, and sometimes, even a leopard or a sloth bear.

    You can always take a mo curated wildlife safari in the Bamboo Forests of Muthanga and experience the animals, birds and the unique flora of the place.

  • Resorts to Stay in Wayanad

  • 20Vythiri Resort

    Vythiri Resort

    The Vythiri Resort in Wayanad is nestled amidst the lush green rainforests and also doubles up as an Ayurvedic center. If you have been looking for a peaceful and rejuvenating stay in the mountains of Wayanad, Vythiri would be a great pick. The resort also offers a natural pool to relax in, spa center and an exotic line of buffet that will fill your senses.

    The resort cottages are constructed underneath unspoilt greenery under the canopy of the enormous Vythiri Rainforests and your journey into the woodlands would be one of a kind of experience.

    The forests around the Vythiri Resorts host a huge number of animals, birds, reptiles, butterflies, fishes amphibians and flowering plants. Just 65 kilometers from Calicut, it’s also close to most of the prominent tourists destinations around Wayanad. The resort integrates charming duplexes and private villas with swimming pools that will give you romantic experience. It is one the best places to stay in Wayanad.

    Other than that, you have glass floored bedrooms, tree houses, sun decks, and even one exclusive kid friendly tree house. Overlooking the stream close by are the honeymoon villas that make for a memorable stay. While a bit on the higher end of the price tag, the experience at Vythiri is completely worth it.

  • 21Windflower Resort

    Windflower Resort

    Set in a peaceful and tranquil coffee estate, the Windflower Resort and Spa Center continues the legacy of an Englishman with an undying spirit and love towards nature. The moment you enter the compounds of the Windflower Resort, you are immediately taken over by a unique kind of charm. With a huge Buddha statue adorning the outdoors and water bodies with blue lotuses lining the sides, you will feel a kind of peace that you have been longing for your life.

    The Windflower Resort doubles up as a wellness center and you can prepare yourself for a highly rejuvenating experience. As you sit in your high balcony, checking out the sun set behind the magnificent Chembra Peak, it’s a different kind of high you are at.

    The Windflower Resort is completely scenic and a couple of spa sessions will ensure that you are ready for the race at Bangalore again! Sit down on a scrumptious breakfast in the expansive balcony of the restaurant or just float in oblivion in the swimming pool with nature engulfing you in her music. The entire property of Windflower seems to be blessed!

  • 22Banasura Hill Resort

    Banasura Hill Resort

    Located at 3500 ft above the sea level, the Banasura Hill Resort is a perfect escape into the lap of nature. This resort in Wayanad is surrounded by mist clad hills all around and if you are in the winters, the blue sky above looks mesmerizing. A small sprightly stream passes through the compounds of the Banasura Hill Resort and perennially flows forward to meet the cascading waterfalls across the rocky edge of the hills.

    At Banasura Hill Resort, you are indeed in the playground of nature. This makes the property highly relevant to all nature and outdoor lovers. After all, who doesn’t like to sleep into the sound of the waterfalls or wake up to the chirps of birds and the sun peeping through untouched greenery! The Banasura Hill Resort is spread across more than 35 hectares with dedicated twin villas, earth rooms and suites. The resort is perfect even for the most discerning of travellers, be it a backpacking trip or a vacation with family or friends.

    At Banasura Hill Resort, they indeed ensure that their guests feel pampered. Sprawling rooms, restaurants and amazingly tasty and authentic food made with local spices will blow your mind! You can expect complete privacy and a homely comfort during the span of your stay here.

  • 23Silverwoods Resort

    Silverwoods Resort

    The Silverwoods Resorts is located right in the middle of the soul of Wayanad. Situated on the banks of the Banasura Sagar Reservoir near Kalpetta, the Silverwoods Resort will craft a vacation that you have longed for. Your stay at the Silverwoods would be right at the edge of the luxuriant Wayanad Forests and this makes for a perfect getaway from the city life. It is one of the famous luxury resort in Wayanad.

    Not far from your room in the Silverwoods are bustling streams, mist covered valleys, Stone Age sites and forests that hosts a unique habitat of wildlife.

    Apart from the stunning views at the Silverwoods, you would get well appointed bathrooms, multi cuisine restaurant, Jacuzzi, massage center, swimming pool and a fitness room. The resort is pet friendly and will even be able to organize your tour around the valley.

    Bicycle rentals ensure that you can go around the mountain roads and have a good time with your friends or family. The food here is amazing too and you can choose among specialty restaurants, diet restaurants, outdoor restaurants, coffee shop and beer & wine shop.

  • 24Vythiri Village Resort

    The Vythiri Resort in Wayanad is nestled amidst the lush green rainforests and also doubles up as an Ayurvedic center. If you have been looking for a peaceful and rejuvenating stay in the mountains of Wayanad, Vythiri would be a great pick. The resort also offers a natural pool to relax in, spa center and an exotic line of buffet that will fill your senses. 

    The resort cottages are constructed underneath unspoilt greenery under the canopy of the enormous Vythiri Rainforests and your journey into the woodlands would be one of a kind of experience. De-stress yourself here..

    The forests around the Vythiri Resorts host a huge number of animals, birds, reptiles, butterflies, fishes amphibians and flowering plants. Just 65 kilometers from Calicut, it’s also close to most of the prominent tourists destinations around Wayanad. The resort integrates charming duplexes and private villas with swimming pools that will be perfect for a romantic vacation. Other than that, you have glass floored bedrooms, tree houses, sun decks, and even one exclusive kid friendly tree house.

    Overlooking the stream close by are the honeymoon villas that make for a memorable stay. While a bit on the higher end of the price tag, the experience at Vythiri is completely worth it. You even have a hanging bridge that offers a sense of adventure in the calmness.

  • Best Places to Eat in Wayanad

  • 25Jubilee Restaurant

    Jubilee Restaurant

    Located near Sulthan Bathery, the Jubilee Restaurant is a popular spot to dine on the way to Wayanad. The restaurant offers a variety of cuisines to choose from and is also voted to be great value for money. There a happy kind of feel attached to this restaurant. The interiors offer an ambience that is colorful and will immediately set your mood on the travel spirit. The restaurant also offers a dedicated parking space, making it a must stop on the way. Apart from all kinds of Indian dishes, you can also seek Oriental and Lebanese food.

  • 26Malabar Restaurant

    Malabar Restaurant

    If you have been looking for authentic Kerala food, the Malabar Restaurant is the best pick. It serves completely vegetarian dishes and also prepares some mouth watering recipes of its own that any kind of visitor would love. You can however, also choose North Indian dishes too that include non-vegetarian offerings.

    There are a lot of options regardless of what kind of food tastes you have. From pork to fish and Appam to dosas, there’s literally everything that they serve. The service is great and it’s also a good value for money. The restaurant is on the way to Wayanad at Vellamunda.

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  • 27The Chembra Heritage

    The Chembra Heritage

    The Chembra Heritage is a charismatic property that is surrounded by lust courtyards and magical landscapes. It is located at Vellaramkunnu in Kalpetta and is quite close to tourist places like the Thirunelli Temple, Chembra Peak, Edakkal Caves, Pakshipathalam, Ambukuthi Mala and Kuruvadweep. Consequently, the place gets a lot of crowd, both at the hotel and its restaurant.

    The food is of great quality here and you can seek from a wide range of platter. Moderate rates ensure that it is advisable even for the most discerning of traveler. Apart from the restaurant, the premises also host a coffee shop that you can hang out till late in the night.

  • 28Chaithram


    Located right in the center of Wayanad, Chaithram offers North Indian, South Indian and Chinese dishes. The restaurant is located every close to the market and is one of the most affordable places to grab your dinner. This is particularly popular among backpackers and young group of travelers who are looking for more fun food experience.

    The quality of the food is good and the staff are quite friendly to deliver you order on time. You can step into Chaithram at the Neerampuzha Complex at Meenangadi.

  • 29Cinnamon Restaurant

    Cinnamon Restaurant

    Cinnamon Restaurant is located very close to the Chembra Peak and is consequently, one of the busiest restaurants around the area. The food is great and highly affordable. Particular favorites among travelers at its Manchow Soup, Ceylon Parotta and Kerala Parotta. There are also good numbers of options if you are a vegetarian.

    Apart from the food, the ambience here is super cool and the premises very clean and well maintained. They even entertain personalized orders and are considered to be among the best restaurants in Kalpetta.

  • Things to Keep in Mind

  • 30Things to Carry

    Things to Carry

    The things you should be carrying to Wayanad will thoroughly depend on the kind of travel you are looking to make. If you are driving your own vehicle, the requirements would differ than if you were looking to take the public transport. Similarly, the place you choose to stay will affect a lot on the things you will need to carry along.

    Overall, here are some things that you must be throwing into your backpack:

    1. Light jackets / sweater depending on the month you are traveling. If you are visiting Yercaud during the winters (between November and February, make sure you have carried warm clothing)

    2. Raincoats, if you are traveling during the monsoons. The rains in the hill station can always take you by surprise. Wayanad is best enjoyed after the monsoons but if you want the waterfalls to be the highlight of the trip, be ready to get wet.

    3. If possible, carry a binocular – there are many amazing birds that you want to get a closer look at.

    4. Camping in Wayanad requires a lot of equipment if you are looking to pitch your tent outside and sleep under the stars.

    5. Flashlights and mosquito repellants, if you are in the habit of exploring in the dark. There are a lot of mosquitoes in the forests.

    6. Good pair of trekking boots, as you cannot miss out on the opportunity

    7. Preventive medicines

    8. Camera – you won’t forget it of course!

  • 31Travel Tips for Wayanad Trip from Bangalore

    Travel Tips for Wayanad Trip from Bangalore
    1. Start late Friday evening such that you reach one of the several sops by morning. This trip is all about enjoying the journey and not the destination. Don’t miss out on opportunities or hurry!

    2. Research for the best Bangalore to Wayanad package to have a comfortable and hassle free holiday.

    3. Be ready to rent cabs if you are not driving your own vehicle. The distances between popular spots are quite huge.

    4. It is best to move around Wayanad on foot or perhaps a bicycle. You can rent one from your place of stay.

    5. If you are doing the Chembra Trek, it is advisable to take a guide from the Forest Office. The trek is completely across the wilderness. The trek fee to the top of the Chembra peak is INR500 for Indians and INR 1000 for foreigners.

    6. Start early, wherever you plan to go, as the evening dawns pretty fast in Wayanad.

    7. Be careful when driving the car around the ghats – the hairpin bends can be fatal and have caused accidents in the past.

    8. Go to trek in Wayanad only if you are with a lively group of friends. Otherwise, the offerings might easily bore you.

    9. Book a nice hotel as food and stay will be the highlight of your trip. Sipping coffee with a view is the best things in Wayanad.

    10. Shopping is cheap in Wayanad and you can keep some budget aside for it!

    11. Meet and talk to the locals if you have an interest in history. The stories from the World War will be interesting.

    12. There are lots of places to see around Wayanad.

    13. Be ready for a lot of trekking.

    14. Take extra clothes as you cannot miss taking a dip in the waterfall pools that have assimilated everywhere.

    Lastly, enjoy your stay at Wayanad. Have fun and be ready for Bangalore again!

Adventure in Wayanad

Trekking in Wayanad

Camping in Wayanad



Chembra Peak

A trekking paradise, Chembra is the highest peak in the Wayanad Hill Range that will take your breath away. Encompassed by verdant greenery of the Western Ghats, Chembra Peak is one of those attractions in Wayanad that one just cannot ignore for its mesmerising views. 

It is where the clouds brush your cheeks and your eyes are greeted with solace of calm and quietness in the midst of nature.

It is known for offering an enchanting vista of the heart-shaped lake also known as the Cupid Lake. It also offers an unparalleled view of Banasura Sagar Dam surrounded by the majestic tea plantations located along the foothills of Chembra Peak.

Height: It is 2,100 metres (6,890 ft) above sea level

Location: Kalpetta, Wayanad

Best Time to visit: The best time to visit is between the months of September and March.

Entry fee: The entry charge for the peak is INR 50/USD 0.77

Timings: Chembra Peak is open to tourists during the day time.

Distance from Bus Station, Dam Road, Padinjarathara, Wayanad: It is about 40 kilometres away from the bus station in Wayanad.


The Bamboo Factory

If you wish to know how bamboo constitutes an important factor in both the lifestyle and livelihood for the people in Wayanad, then a visit to The Bamboo Factory comes highly recommended. 

This educating and inspiring experience gives a sneak peek into the lives of the locals in Uravu. This place is a great stop to witness the wonder of sustainable tourism and explore the ancient traditions that are still preserved in Wayanad.

The Bamboo Factory stands for uplifting the lives of many rural craftsmen along with offering tourists a unique experience by getting to know how bamboo is converted into your favourite items. Tourists at Bamboo Factory also get a chance to talk to these talented craftsmen and know more from their experiences.

Location: 100 Acres Road Thrikkaipatta, Kerala

Best Time to visit: October to February is the best time to visit here.

Entry fee: The cost to visit here is approximately INR 500/ USD 7.7 per person

Timings: One can visit here between 10 am and 4 pm.

Distance from Bus Station, Dam Road, Padinjarathara, Wayanad: The distance between the two places is around kilometres.


Pookode Lake

If you’re browsing for the most serene Wayanad tourist places, Pookode Lake should incite your curiosity. Surrounded by the evergreen beauty of Western Ghats and verdant forests, Pookode Lake is a gorgeous freshwater lake. 

One of the most interesting features of this lake is that it virtually appears to be in the shape of India’s physical map. Boasting of picturesque excellence and a mesmerising ambience, this freshwater lake is the initiating point of Panamaram stream in Kerala.

Pookode Lake offers many activities like boating and boasts of a freshwater aquarium, a children’s park and a shopping centre where tourists can empty their pockets on excellent spices and handicrafts. 

Another big attraction of Pookode Lake is the widespread presence of wild animals and birds who can be spotted around the lake.

Location: Pookode Lake, Kunnathidavaka, Kerala

Best Time to visit: August to May are the best months to visit here

Entry fee: INR 10/ USD 0.15 for one person

Timings: The opening hours are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Distance from Bus Station, Dam Road, Padinjarathara, Wayanad: Pookode Lake is located 27.3 kilometres from the Bus station in Wayanad


Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is an esteemed natural habitat of many rare and endangered flora and fauna and a wonderful getaway for wildlife lovers. 

It is one of those rejuvenating retreats where people can appreciate sustainable tourism with a bit of adventure and recreation. The two most important areas in Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is Muthanga and Tholpetty.

Offering an excellent opportunity to see the elephant herds, deer, langurs and tigers roam freely in Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is an absolute delight. 

Tourists here can also indulge in bird watching or undertake trekking in the forest with advance booking. Being a vital part of Nilgiri Biosphere reserve, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is a biodiversity hotspot that one must add to their places to see in Wayanad.

Location: Bathery- Puthupally Road, Wayanad District, Sultan Bathery, Kerala 

Best Time to visit: The months from October to February are considered to be the best time to visit here.

Entry fee: INR 10/ USD 0.15 for Indians and INR 100/ USD 1.54 for foreigners

Timings: It is open from 7:00 am to 10:00 am and then from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

Distance from Bus Station, Dam Road, Padinjarathara, Wayanad: It is approximately 60 kilometres away from the bus station in Wayanad.

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