12 Best Waterfalls in Shimoga - 2021 (Photos & Reviews)

Looking to get away from the mundane city life? Waterfalls in Shimoga are indeed the best choice. With a youthful topography, this region has everything from the mystical Shivgange falls to the world famous Jog falls cascading down the lush greens, each promising a unique experience.

A trip to the Shimoga Waterfalls is one of the most challenging yet exhilarating experiences. Whether you're looking to visit a temple, a wildlife sanctuary or having a walk around the paddy fields this place has it all.

Most waterfalls can be reached via bus to a point and then can be trekked up to, through forests or beautiful picturesque locations. While the beauty of the waterfalls can be best enjoyed during the monsoon, the pleasant weather adds to the experience. If you're interested in a trek, a picnic with family or a breath away from the polluted city air, this vacation is for you.

Here are some of the best waterfalls in Shimoga:


Onake Abbi Falls

Shimoga waterfalls which can only be reached by a trek through thick forests and are the best to have a shower in. '

Onake' in Kannada means, a thick wooden log which is used to powder grains and sambar masalas and hence the falls are named after it. Onake Abbi Falls is thick falls that open up to a big pool of water.

Distance from Shimoga bus stand: 100 km

Location: Located in Someshwar near Agumbe area of Karnataka

Height of the waterfall: 400 meters.


Jog Falls

One of the most visited tourist spots in Shimoga, this one is created by the Sharavathi river. These falls are the 2nd highest plunge falls in India and can be viewed from various viewpoints depending on your interest, level of adventure and convenience. The Jog falls will make you mighty pleased owing to its lush green surroundings. 

The Jog falls has four cascades namely; ‘Raja’, ‘Roarer’, ‘Rocket’ and ‘Rani’ that combine to form one huge waterfall. 'Jog' means falls in the local language Kannada. Jog Falls is also popularly known as Gerusoppe Falls, Gersoppa Falls and Jogada Gundi.

Distance from Shimoga bus 
stand: 27 km

Location: Located in Sagara Taluk near Jog Village

Height of the waterfall: 830 feet.


Kunchikal Falls

While you’ll find the drive to the falls fascinating, you will be bowled over by the beauty of the highest waterfalls in India. Formed by the Varahi river in the Western Ghats, this area inhabits a lot of unique species of animals and plants. The falls open into the reservoir of Mani Dam and is a sight to see during monsoon owing to the rising water level.

Popular for tourists who like to trek, the lush green backdrop and the breathtaking scenery makes Kunchikal falls a great picnic spot. A hydroelectric plant is set up on this Shimoga Waterfalls and helps in providing electricity to the neighbouring areas.

Distance from Shimoga bus stand: 97 km

Location: Located on the Shimoga-Udupi highway near Masthikatte-Hulkikal

Height of the Waterfall: 1493 feet.


Hidlumane Falls

Keep trekking up, as you witness 6-7 Shimoga waterfalls one after the other. This group of waterfalls is known as Hidlumane falls and each waterfall has a different view from it. If you’re adventurous and fit, you can walk up to the top to enjoy the most stunning views from the last cascade.

The frothy water from the topmost cascade swishes down and opens up to a shallow pool. With thick green forests, a trek with some of the most beautiful species of birds to witness and a pool to enjoy a cool bath in, the Hidlumane Falls is one of the Waterfalls in Shimoga that is popular among tourists.

Distance from Shimoga bus 
stand: 120 km

Located in the Mookambika forests in Shimoga

of the waterfall: 60 feet.


Dabbe Falls

True to the name ‘Dabbe Falls’, these are the only Waterfalls in Shimoga that feel as if the stream of water is flowing through many steps. 'Dabbe' in the local language means steps. The completion of the trek to Dabbe Falls is a task not easy to achieve, but surely the views are surreal once you’ve made it all the way there.

Best known for adventure enthusiasts, photography fans and people fond of bird watching. The water drizzles on the rocks and it’s a beautiful sight to witness. 
A very significant mention of the Dabbe Falls has been made in both our epics with context to Ram-Sita in Ramayana and Bheema-Draupadi in Mahabharata.

Distance from Shimoga bus stand: 130 km

Location: Located in the Saravathi Wildlife Sanctuary

Height of the waterfall: 110 meters.


Honnemaradu Falls

On your way to Jog falls, lies this hidden secret of the state. Take some time off from a fast-paced life, as you enjoy this frothy bliss stream located on the backwaters of Sharavathi river. The syrup smooth water opens to a reservoir and is accessible for water sports.

The Mediterranean blue water can either be enjoyed for relaxing or distressing, or for water sports such as Kayaking, scuba diving,
coracling, canoeing and scuba diving. There is a whiff of fresh air around, owing to the thick vegetation in the area.

Distance from Shimoga bus 
stand: 100 km

Location: 25 kms from Sagara in Shimoga.

Height of the waterfall: 100 meters.


Barkana Falls

Barkana falls is counted among the top ten waterfalls in India. Originating from the Seeta River, this waterfall is used to produce hydroelectricity and hence is as utilitarian as much of a tourist spot. Barkana Falls gets its name from ‘Barka’, a mouse deer that resides in this region.

With captivating views of the Western Ghats and hill slopes which can be observed from the Barkana viewpoint, these falls are worthy of all the accolades they have garnered. A trek through Barkana falls will make you feel connected, as it will give you a defined sense of enclosure in the lap of nature with different species of flora in every 100 metres.

Distance from Shimoga bus 
stand: 100 km

Location: Balehalli forest area

Height of the waterfall: 850 feet.


Achakanya Falls

Most Waterfalls in Shimoga guarantee spectacular views, but the views from Achakanya Falls are breathtaking. With a height of 6-7 feet, the Achakanya falls thunder down from river Sharavathi. A hidden gem of Karnataka, this waterfall is small but requires an effort to reach.

The trek, the magical views are sure to open the inner recesses of your brain and rejuvenate you. With no direct link between Aralasurali and Achakanya falls, you’ll be bemused knowing that no sign boards or marked ways exist on the trek route.

Distance from Shimoga bus stand: 60 km

Location: Village of Aralasurali in Shimoga

Height of the waterfall: 6 feet.


Koodlu Theertha Falls

Claim the sun as your own, as you find yourself amidst the beauty known as Koodlu Theertha falls. The first fall created by river Sita, these falls are also known as Sita falls. Koodlu Theertha falls are located in the middle of thick forests and the peace of the atmosphere is only disturbed by the gushing sound of the falls.

One of the Waterfalls in Shimoga where one can have a refreshing bath or sit around to take their love for nature to a whole new level. Spy a seeping stream during your forest trek, that swerves through the trees and gives you jaw-dropping views.

Distance from Shimoga bus stand: 118 km

Location: Located near Hebri on Udupi-Agumbe road

Height of the waterfall: 300 meters.


Jogigundi Falls

Jogigundi falls originate from a cave and run through a hill. The stream opens to a natural pool of water and further merges into Malapahaari river. Throw yourself under the waterfall, and get rid of your sins as you take a dip in the holy waters.

The stream makes its way through the forest, giving you the perfect instagrammable spot or one where you can have a picnic to remember. The trek to Jogigundi Falls is easy and requires half day to cover.

Distance from Shimoga bus stand: 100 km

Location: Located in the middle of forests of Western Ghats

Height of the waterfall: 20 feet.


Unchalli Falls

The magnificent Unchalli falls make its way through wild chasms and luxuriant valleys. A discovery by a British district collector J. D. Lushington in 1845, this waterfall is also known as Lushington falls.

Formed by the Aghanashini river, this waterfall is located in the middle of a dense forest. This waterfall pounds down the steep rocks in a unique spread and shape and is also known as the ‘Mini Niagara’. Explore and trek around the area to have an exhilarating experience as you witness astonishing views of the flora and fauna.

Distance from Shimoga bus stand: 140 km

Location: Located in Yellapur in Uttara Kannada

Height of the waterfall: 450 feet.


Shivaganga Falls

Delve into the mystical beauty of Shivaganga Falls, as you trek up to Sirsi in Shimoga. Enjoy a walk around the falls to indulge in complete untouched beauty as it has tourists occasionally. The waterfall is visible from a distance, surging and plunging down in a veneer clear pool at the bottom.

Shimoga waterfalls over the bed of river Sonda, this is also home to lush green dense forests and thick vegetation. The river has a Lord Ganesh Temple in the 
centre and flows through Uttara Kannada.

Distance from Shimoga bus stand: 180 km

Location: located on Sirsi-Yellapur Road

Height of the waterfall: 74 meters.

Newly Added Shimoga Experience
02 January 2019
Normally we go for clubbing for New year but this year we decide to do something offbeat so we chose to go for this trek to Kodachadri Peak, it was such an amazing trekking experience, the panoramic views, the beautiful waterfalls overall it was an overwhelming experience, We even had a new year party at the campsite with DJ and everything and the party was so lit.
What an amazing party it was. We spent the new year 2018 on the banks of the Tunga River. It was so much fun. I had great time with my family and friends. Every wildlife enthusiast or trekker should definitely visit! Thanks thrillophilia for this wonderful tour.

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