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What You Should Know More About Cochin

  • Things to do in Cochin:

    • Go fishing using the Chinese Fishing net: One of the most popular attractions in the city of Cochin is the Chinese fishing nets that are most typically used by fishermen since time immemorial. There is a majority of the population that believes that this tradition prevails from the traders of Kubla Khan while others claim that the Chinese explorer Zhang He was the one that should truly be credited for introducing this style of fishing. Whatever its historic origin maybe, this activity sure is worth it.

    • Go on a ferry ride from the Willingdon Islands: When you visit Cochin, you will tend to spend more time at the sea than on the land. The only reason being the water is quite beautiful. Spend an afternoon traveling by ferry with locals from Fort Kochi all the way to Willingdon or Vypeen Island for just 3 rupees. One of chief places to visit by ferry is, as mentioned above, Willingdon which is the largest man-made island in the whole of India. The view is scenic and the food available at the place is spectacular.

    • Pray at the St. Francis Church: The St. Francis Church located a few minutes away from Fort Kochi is among the oldest European churches in India. It is worth visiting due to its impeccable architectural establishment. The church serves as the first burial place of the Portuguese explorer, Vasco Da Gama who died in Cochin in the 1524. This is the perfect place to visit for those who appreciate history and love churches.

    • Have the local masala tea: Indians are known to create the perfect cup of tea with just enough spice to make someone’s day. In fact, the local tea stalls sprawled around the city of Cochin are especially known for brewing their hot beverages with flavorful essence such as cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, black pepper and so much more. This sure is one of the must-have experience at least once before you leave Cochin.

  • What will you like in Cochin:

    • The beauty that lies within the Fort of Cochin: Cochin is known for packing ancient European buildings. Fort Cochin is one such area that reflects European fashion. Travelers will find it extremely easy to get used to the medieval comforts of the place. Appreciate the tranquility and coolness that engulfs the beautiful region that surrounds fort of Cochin.

    • Discover the mean streets of Mattancherry: Mattancherry is where the daily grind of Cochin lies. Located to the eastern region of Fort Cochin, you will discover a bustling Bazaar road as well. One can eat, shop or just loiter around watching the locals of Cochin taking on life. Drop in at one of the hotels within the vicinity and enjoy the river front view as you do.

    • Visit Ernakulam: It is certain that you won’t get tired of appreciating the natural beauty of Cochin, however, one needs a break from everything. Visit Kerala’s biggest commercial hub – Ernakulam for an authentic experience at dealing with people. Meet the folks of Ernakulam and realize just how energetic region the place is.

    • Food and spice, everything nice: One of the better known things about Kerala is its fish. It is difficult to argue with a localite regarding how delicious or non-delicious the food at the place is. The menu is usually filled with variety of food that you can choose from. However, do try out the amazing variety of fish dishes while you’re in Cochin.

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Traveller Tales from Cochin


Bheeshma Guha

25 May 2015

My money spent on this trip was totally worth it and i strongly recommend this as a holiday point for you.Especially i liked that ride on the houseboat, which is a typical and very famous tourist attraction in Kerala and you gonna love that too.

  • Img_0026.jpg
  • Img_0031.jpg
  • Img_0033.jpg
  • Img_0034.jpg
  • Img_0047.jpg
  • Img_0048.jpg

Rati Gill

27 November 2013

Paragliding took me to great height and i was flying without wings , moreover Everyone was looking so tiny from the top...waoooo i loved it Guys dont miss this out if you are in kerala.... nd dont forget to explore Tandem , it a superb place.

  • Paragliding_in_kerala__munnar__mattuppatti_019.jpg
  • Paragliding_in_kerala__munnar__mattuppatti_023.jpg
  • Paragliding_in_kerala__munnar__mattuppatti_027.jpg
  • Paragliding_in_kerala__munnar__mattuppatti_066.jpg
  • Paragliding_in_kerala__munnar__mattuppatti_090.jpg

Gudakesha Bhattathiri

16 August 2014

Our guide was really very experienced and knowledgeable and the pilot as well. I did thi for the first time and i felt amazing. paragliding is operated on a motored structure with a a parachute attached.....A completely out of the box experience for me.

  • Paragliding_at_munnar_05.jpg
  • Paragliding_at_munnar_07.jpg
  • Paragliding_at_munnar_08.jpg
  • Paragliding_at_munnar_16.jpg

Chakor Mukhopadhyay

11 April 2014

It feels special to go for such an adventurous trip with your friends and family. This sanctuary lies in conjugation with Peechi-Vazhani wildlife of kerala and Parambikulam wildlife sanctuary. Very nice stay!!!

  • Chinnar_wildlife-thuvanam__(3).jpg
  • Chinnar_wildlife-thuvanam__(30).jpg
  • Chinnar_wildlife-thuvanam__(31).jpg
  • Chinnar_wildlife-thuvanam__(33).jpg

Baladitya Varman

12 July 2014

We were surprised to see such an awesome views from the same point, those wild animals and the magnificent mountains will definitely steal your heart.....this place has a great variety of Flora and fauna.

  • Chinnar_wildlife-thuvanam__(5).jpg
  • Chinnar_wildlife-thuvanam__(9).jpg
  • Chinnar_wildlife-thuvanam__(10).jpg
  • Chinnar_wildlife-thuvanam__(21).jpg

Suma Devar

12 May 2015

The enchanting of birds kept our trekking adventure fresh. Our trek started from the silent valley in Munnar which is a fabulous place.

  • Chokramudi_-_bison_valley__munnar._trekking_above_the_clouds!_049.jpg
  • Chokramudi_-_bison_valley__munnar._trekking_above_the_clouds!_107.jpg
  • Meesapulimala_munnar_trekking_06.jpg
  • Meesapulimala_munnar_trekking_26.jpg

Rageshwari Deshpande

15 March 2014

There are some point which are really difficult to embark upon in Munnar hills. Our camp point is quite near to the Munnar town. Before starting the trekking we need to book the treks in Forest department offices. Our organizers took care of all things in the journey.

  • Chokramudi_-_bison_valley__munnar._trekking_above_the_clouds!_132.jpg
  • Meesapulimala_munnar_trekking_20.jpg
  • Meesapulimala_munnar_trekking_24.jpg

Mayoor Pothuvaal

11 November 2015

This trip was my anniversary gift, and last month i went there with my wife, it was such an awesome experience to spend some quality time in kerala area. Everything was just perfect from management to entertainment and all thanks to our organizers.

  • Img_0008.jpg
  • Img_0009.jpg
  • Img_0020.jpg

Vaijayanti Sethi

29 September 2014

i think the money spent on this trip was totally worth it because we got the best holiday moment ever. It was a great visit to the oldest wildlife Sanctuary that lies in the Mukundapuram district of Thrissur. Overall it was a very nice trip...

  • Chinnar_wildlife-thuvanam__(2).jpg
  • Chinnar_wildlife-thuvanam__(6).jpg
  • Chinnar_wildlife-thuvanam__(28).jpg

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