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Thirthahalli Homestays

Kolavara Homestay, Balgatte Homestay, Devangi Homestay, Tunga Homestay, Cycas Homestay, Highpoint Homestay, Ajjanamane Homestay, Bananki Homestay and many more.

Staying in homestays in Thirthahalli, which is one of the serene destinations surrounded by thick forestry and pristine waterfalls and riverine, is a most wonderful experience. This quaint town is truly a paradise for nature and wildlife lovers. Covered with a thick layer of flourishing forests, the place is itself majestic and looks unreal.

Travelers experience the beautiful place at its best by staying at one of the Thirthahalli homestays.  While staying in these peaceful and relaxing homestays you can enjoy many activities like local sightseeing, outdoor adventures, trekking, and so on provided by the properties.

Kolavara homestay and Devangi Homestay give you the homely feeling while being away from home with local meals, amazing hospitality.  Balgatte homestay is another amazing property that provides several activities to its guests. You can have relaxing or fun sessions in homestays depending on your mood.

Here are some of the best homestays in Thirthahalli:


Kolavara Homestay

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With outshining hospitality and services, Kolavara homestay makes their guests feel at home. The delicious authentic mainland food provides a delightful experience. Clean, hygienic, and comfortable rooms give you ample time to relax.
Surrounded by lush green forests, the homestay in Thirthahalli allows you to experience nature walks, trekking, and jungle safaris so that you make the best of your time while staying in this serene town. The scenic beauty of the place is indescribable in words that can only be experienced and memorized forever.

Location: Kolavara Heritage, Kolavara, Basavani Post, Thirthahalli

Price: INR 2,750 onwards per adult
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Balgatte Homestay

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Image Credit : balagattegreenshomestay.com
The traditional malnad vibe of this homestay in Thirthahalli offers a unique and stunning staying experience. The polite members are always ready to guide and help the visitors. The beautiful garden surrounds the homestay so you can relax and feel refreshed. If you want to feel pampered, then this luxury homestay is your idle stay location.

The place serves amenities like parking, dining, car hire, nature trails, campfire, nearby trekking, and Estate visits to make your stay worth remembering. You can visit stunning sightseeing places nearby and have a fun time.

Location: Balagatti, Thirhtahalli

Price: INR 2,250 onwards per adult
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Devangi Homestay

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Situated in a large area, Devangi homestay is one of the pleasant places to stay in Thirthahalli. The place provides a luxurious stay and great hospitality. Guests can relax and read in the seating area peacefully. The beautiful garden and a pool promise a stay filled with fun and joy.

Loaded with all the basic amenities such as parking and power backup, the homestay assures a comfortable stay. The place is well maintained and offers a great staying experience.

Location: Devangi Post, Thirthahalli Taluk Malnad Region, Thirthahalli

Price: INR 5,640 onwards per adult

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Tunga Homestay

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Located beside Tunga riverbank. Tunga homestay is among the best homestays in Thirthahalli. A stunning accommodation, this homestay offers a variety of experiences to guests. You can enjoy the tranquil nature views and delicious malnad food with your family and friends while you stay here.

The basic amenities provided here are Parking, Cab hire, Nature trails, barbecues, and so on. You can sit in the refreshing greenery and rejuvenate your soul. If you are a nature lover,  then staying here is going to be perfect for you.

Location: Holekoppa, Basavani, Post, Thirthahalli

Price: INR 2,200 onwards per adult
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Cycas Homestay

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One of the reasonable Thirthahalli homestays, Cycas homestay provides a pleasant stay at an affordable price. This homestay near Thirthahalli is close to the town, amidst greenery and stunning views. The peaceful cottage is equipped with all the basic amenities.

You can take a stroll on the pristine river bank, relax in wonderful hues, and unwind yourself. The astounding nature trails are rejuvenating and allow the visitors to fall in love with the place. You can explore the nearby tourist places while staying here.

Location: Bharathipura, Thirthahalli

Price: INR 1,500 onwards per adult
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Highpoint Homestay

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With a pleasant ambiance, Highpoint homestay has a beautiful natural backdrop. The picturesque forests surround the place, giving a serene touch to the homestay. Situated in a valley, the homestay provides a 180-degree view of the countryside.

Savor on the delicious breakfast served in the homestay and enjoy the tranquil stay. The nearby local attractions and sightseeing places fascinate the guests. The amenities provided in the homestay are power backup, housekeeping, room service, parking, and umbrellas.

Location: HighPoint homestay, Kolavara House, Fish Market Rd, Near police station, Soppu Mudde, Thirthahalli

Price: INR 1,000 onwards per adult
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Ajjanamane Homestay

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An all-rounder staying option, Ajjanamane homestay offers a delightful stay amidst the tranquil and serene forests. Located in Talavata village, the homestay promises a true experience of natural stay. You hear the music of birds chirping, the sound of water, and the rustle of leaves while staying here.

Built-in the courtyard, the homestay in Thirthahalli offers spacious, pleasant, and well-furnished accommodation. The homestay is situated in pristine western ghats, promoting a worth remembering experience.

Location: near Talavata Higher Primary School, Talavata, Thirthahalli

Price: INR 1,300 onwards per adult
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Bananki Homestay

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Image Credit : banankihomestay.com
A luxurious homestay with a stunning ambiance, Bananki Homestay offers you the joy of staying. The homestay serves true malnad hospitality that will make you happy and excited at the same time. Away from the city chaos, it recharges your mind and body.

The homestay serves stunning views, exceeding your expectations. Guests feel at home the moment they enter this homestay. Excellent hospitality pleasures the guests. You have a comfortable and relaxing stay. Savor authentic dishes and feel pampered in this Thirthahalli homestay.

Location: Devangi Post, Thirthahalli

Price: INR 2,500 onwards per adult
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Bekanur Homestay

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Located in proximity with Kuppalli, Bekanur homestay offers all amenities and the pleasure of staying amidst nature. You blend with nature and experience a unique stay which can never be forgotten. Enjoy your vacay to Thirthahalli while you have a delightful stay and can rest comfortably in homestay.

You get to experience a lot of fun activities in the accommodation which will excite your soul and fill your heart with happiness. The picturesque homestay has a beautiful garden where guests can get a picnic vibe.

Location: Benaknur, Gadikal, Bekkanur, Thirthahalli

Price: INR 1,600 onwards per adult
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Bekanur Homestay

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Located in proximity with Kuppalli, Bekanur homestay offers all amenities and the pleasure of staying amidst nature. You blend with nature and experience a unique stay which can never be forgotten. Enjoy your vacay to Thirthahalli while you have a delightful stay and can rest comfortably in homestay.

You get to experience a lot of fun activities in the accommodation which will excite your soul and fill your heart with happiness. The picturesque homestay has a beautiful garden where guests can get a picnic vibe.

Location: Benaknur, Gadikal, Bekkanur, Thirthahalli

Price: INR 1,600 onwards per adult
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Harakere Homestay

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Located on the outskirts of the town, this farm homestay provides a gorgeous view of the Tunga river. Relish the enchanting homestay and the beautiful nature while staying in this farm homestay. You can enjoy adventurous activities so that you not only have fun but rejuvenate your soul.

The locations nearby this homestay are worth visiting. The homestay is a perfect combination of idle hospitality and natural beauty. You can enjoy nature walks and admire the flourishing vegetation.

Location: Shimoga-Thirthahalli road, Thirthahalli

Price: INR 1,250 onwards per adult
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Nest Homestay

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Image Credit : Facebook: The Nest Homestay Thirthahalli
One of the idle homestays for families, Nest homestay provides a feeling of home when you explore the quaint Thiruthahalli. The room is well ventilated, spacious, and comfortable. The well-equipped rooms are perfect for staying and spending your vacay.

The place provides views of landscapes covered with greenery. The cuisine served in this homestay in Thirthahalli is tasty and hygienic. The place is peaceful and provides privacy to visitors so that you can relax without any interference. This homestay in Thirthahalli is affordable and a nice staying option.

Location: Near Araga, Thirthahalli

Price: INR 1,800 onwards per adult
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Nature Nestle Homestay

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If you want to stay amidst tranquil nature in malnad, then you must stay in Nature Nestle homestay which is located on the western ghats. You get to unwind yourself while admiring the rich forests and wildlife. The flourishing fauna is serene which makes the stay in this homestay more fascinating.

Well-connected roadways to the location make traveling even more convenient and easy. You get varied staying packages so you can choose according to your budget.

Location: Billodi Homestay, Billodi, Sonale Post,Hosanagara Taluk, Shimoga

Price: INR 1,500 onwards per adult
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Banadi Homestay

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Banadi homestay is one of the best homestays in Thirthahalli, promising you a pleasant stay. Have a fun and memorable vacation experience with Banadi homestays as you get all the basic amenities and good hospitality. The place also promises a bonfire experience to the visitors so that you have fun nights with your friends.

Healthy and delicious home-cooked food fills your appetite and introduces you to malnad traditional cuisine. The professionals take good care of the guests and assure them a good stay.

Location: Behind Canara Bank, Gadikal, Karnataka

Price: INR 1,600 onwards per adult
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Sanjeevini Homestay

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Situated amidst a Coconut farm, Sanjeevini homestay is surrounded by the Western Ghats. The homestay is in the proximity of various tourist places where you can enjoy sightseeing and feel their magnificence. Located at a convenient place, the homestay is easily reachable.

The clean, spacious, and ventilated rooms are comfortable for staying. The amenities provided by the homestay are free parking, meals, hot water, and so on. Rejuvenate yourself by staying in this homestay in Thirthahalli while traveling to this serene town.

Location: Kalmane, Sagar Taluk, Thirthahalli

Price: INR 2,000 onwards per adult
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Gabadi Homestay

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The homestay provides abundant conveniences to suffice the requirements of the travelers coming here to stay. You are not only taken care of but are provided with various other activities to add fun to your holiday. The spectacular beauty of the town can be admired from this homestay in Thirthahalli.

The pleasant ambiance of the homestay refreshes your soul and makes you comfortable. The amenities provided at the homestay are housekeeping, room service, wifi, parking, kitchenette, television, and power backup.

Location: KT Krupal, Sri Manjunatha Rice Mills, Gabadi, Tudur Post, Thirthahalli Taluk

Price: INR 2,000 onwards per adult
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Forestedge Homestay

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Nestled in the enchanting hills, Forestedge homestay offers an amazing staying experience. Lush greenery, meandering rivers, cascading streams, and wonderful waterfalls, all can be experienced while staying in the homestay. You can experience thrilling trekking and camping with your friends, partner, or family.

The homestay brings you closer to nature and allows you to blend with it. You even enjoy the delicious cuisines served in the homestay. Walking on the natural trails that surround the homestay gives a soul-soothing and refreshing experience.

Location: Nidagalle Village, Mandagadde, Thirthahalli

Price: INR 2,000 onwards per adult
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Belachikatte Homestay

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With remarkable feedback from guests, Belachikatte homestay is one of the popular homestays in Thirthahalli. The homestay is at a distance of 21 km from Thirthahalli- Agumbe highway, thus, you can reach easily and enjoy the stay away from the city chaos and amidst nature.

Nature's fresh air, birds chirping, skies covered with shining stars at night, and so many more beautiful experiences are promised by the homestay. A perfect abode for nature lovers, this homestay takes care of your peace, fun, and relaxation.

Location: Agumbe Thirthahalli Road, Ma, Agumbe - Thirthahalli Rd, BellachiKatte

Price: INR 2,000 onwards per adult
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Hingaara Homestay

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The heritage house for a few hundreds of years old, Hingaara homestay is nestled in the western ghats range. The location has everything that a true nature lover would ask for. From lush greenery trails to pristine river views, the place allows you to experience it all.

Some of the activities offered by the homestay are trekking, water games, sunrise/sunset view, visit backwater islands, cave walk, and fishing. Top-notch hospitality and stunning views will make you fall in love with the homestay. You can enjoy bonfires at night and create memories to cherish forever.

Location: Guddekeri, Thirthahalli, Karnataka

Price: INR 1,950 onwards per adult

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Highlands Homestay

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Situated nearby many popular tourist places such as Kundadri hills, Kuppalli, Kavale Durga Fort, and so on. Away from the hassles of city life, one can relax and enjoy the slow pace of life by exploring the wonderful location and staying in Highlands homestays.

The aroma of locally grown coffee nearby the homestay refreshes the body in the mornings. Situated amidst areca nut farms, one gets a close view of vegetation. Freshly cooked Malnad food brings a huge smile to the face of every guest because of its delicious taste.

Location: Sallehadlu, Karunapuram Road, Megaravalli, Thirthahalli

Price: INR 2,000 onwards per adult
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02 January 2019
Normally we go for clubbing for New year but this year we decide to do something offbeat so we chose to go for this trek to Kodachadri Peak, it was such an amazing trekking experience, the panoramic views, the beautiful waterfalls overall it was an overwhelming experience, We even had a new year party at the campsite with DJ and everything and the party was so lit.
What an amazing party it was. We spent the new year 2018 on the banks of the Tunga River. It was so much fun. I had great time with my family and friends. Every wildlife enthusiast or trekker should definitely visit! Thanks thrillophilia for this wonderful tour.

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People Also Ask About Shimoga

  1. Which are the best budget Homestays in Thirthahalli?

    1. Nature Nestle: The homestay is affordable and promises a comforting stay. This homestay near Thirthahalli allows the guests to connect with Malnad culture and tradition. The thick forests surround the homestay, giving you ample choices for fun and adventure.

    2. Kolavara Homestay: The homestay is a testimony to the elegant style of architecture and heritage-style hospitality of the traditional Malnad region. Located in lush greenery, the place is a must-visit for a peaceful vacay away from the hectic work and city chaos.

    3. Devangi Homestay: There are abundant elements that you can enjoy in this homestay. The delicious malnad cuisine satisfies the guests and fun activities add excitement to your vacay. Campfires and swimming are some major attractions of the homestay.

    4. Bananki Homestay:The homestay is nestled amidst the vegetation, providing you a refreshing view of greenery and nature. The stay will add so many beautiful memories to your trip that you will never forget. The fascinating wildlife safaris of the place are another way to have fun here.

  2. Which are the best homestays near Thirthahalli?

    1. Muduvalli Heritage Homestay: This pleasant homestay near thirthahalli offers a soothing stay as it is situated amidst the nature trails away from the city chaos. Farm walking, indoor and outdoor games, and campfire are few activities that one can enjoy while staying in this homestay.

    2. Muudana Mane Homestay: The homestay has a beautiful garden that uplifts the mood of visitors. The owner and the members take good care of the guests and pay attention to all the services and food. Amidst a small estate, the homestay promises a reviving stay in nature and brings you closer to it.

    3. Amthi Homestay: A clean and hygienic accommodation to spend your vacay, Amthi homestay near Thirthahalli provides delicious maland food to the guests and makes them fall in love with malnad cuisine. If you wish to reside in a simple homestay providing the true essence of homestays, this homestay is idle for you.

    4. Surekoppa Homestay: The homestay is a nearby rich heritage and trekking spot so you can enjoy sightseeing and adventurous trekking while you stay here. The friendly ambiance and cascading view from the homestay are enough to make you feel refreshed and happy. Situated in a secluded place, the homestay is peaceful and quaint.

  3. What kind of basic amenities do Thirthahalli homestays provide?

    The basic amenities provided by Thirthahalli homestays are room service, housekeeping, power backup, car hire, luggage assistance, barbecues, campfire, bonfire, camping, outdoor games, indoor games, meals, television, hot water, dining area, free parking, kitchenette, air-conditioned, laundry service, ironing service, caretaker, garden, wakeup call, wi-fi, shuttle service, refrigerators, etc.

  4. What is Thirthahalli famous for?

    Thirthahalli is famous for the Tunga river and its great history in Indian mythology. The dense forests and nature are other things why Thirthahalli is famous for. The place is rich in heritage sites and has several spots that one can visit and explore. The rich wildlife of the place is famous and fascinating to tourists.

  5. What is the best time to visit Thirthahalli?

    The best time to visit Thirthahalli is between October and March. The summers in Thirthahalli can get extremely hot. Whereas, monsoons are so humid that traveling to Thirthahalli during this time is not worth much. The place is in utmost glory during the winters and thus receives maximum tourists during this time of the year.

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