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  • Welcome to Bangalore – the IT capital of India, or how we affectionately call it 'Namma Bengaluru'! There is a variety of day outing in Bangalore that makes everything work for the ones who are busy with their 9 to 5 job. A wonderful mix of delightful sights and engaging destination this dazzling place has considerably more to offer with regards to the end of the week getaway around Bangalore.

    The Silicon Valley of the nation is a standout amongst the most looked for after urban areas in the nation. The city is known for its delightful climate that for the most part keeps going consistently and is a hit among the people around the world. Bangalore city is blessed with beauty, variance together with the corporate world. 

    The shopping centres and bars can get excessively swarmed now and then. All things considered, fortunately enough for you parents; Bangalore is encompassed by huge amounts of spots that you can visit to get some peace. If you are looking for a break from your 9 to 5 job and want to go for some enjoyment, either with your friends or for a corporate team outing, there are myriads of places for day outings in and around Bangalore.

    Going to these places for day outings will completely rejuvenate and revitalize you and allow you to spend some fun and quality time with your friends or colleagues. From resorts to various places, which offer adventurous activities, Bangalore has umpteen options to make your day outing an amazing one.

  • Resorts for day outing around Bangalore

  • 01Guhantara Day Out

    Guhantara Day Out

    Make your day outing in Bangalore a special one as you visit this famous Guhantara day out resort in Bangalore. The very first cave resort in the country, a day out at Guhantara at Kanakapura Road unfolds many thrills along the way. Be it for corporate outings, sojourn with your loved one or family, this place pleases all. The Guhantara Cave Resort is a generally designed underground resort.

    With the nearness of a multi cooking eatery, coffee lounge, and a customary lake for swimming, the Guhantara Resort guarantees to be a standout amongst a fascinating resort. Appreciate the 'Stone Age' environment while the DJ drops Rain Dance beats.

    Activities: The fun never seems to stop here. On one hand, you can get regaled by folk performances and on the other, you can pamper yourself with the spa therapies. Activities include tunnel trekking, sling shot, archery, dart, bicycle riding, paintball, zorbing and more. 

    Location: Guhantara is located at Sy. No. 177 & 177/18, Off Kanakapura Main Road, Nowkal Palya, Bangalore South Taluk, Kaggalipura, Karnataka 560082

    Day Out at Guhantara,The Underground Resort in Bangalore

    Day Out at Guhantara,The Underground Resort in Bangalore

    NNNNM2095 Ratings

    d1 DaylBangalore


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  • 02Golden Palms Resort

    Golden Palms Resort

    After a long week of meeting deadline and targets, you would definitely want to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. For that perfect outing, Golden Palms Resort is the perfect place for you. Whether you are out with your family or friends you will have the best time here. The Golden Palms Hotel and Spa is a 5-star resort with a dream of magnificence in view of meticulousness and most extreme productivity.

    The city is known as The Garden City in view of its wonderful gardens, blossoms and trees which thrive. Bangalore is essentially the undisputed garden city of India. Make your day amazing while you indulge in a lot of activities or take a dive at the grand swimming pool. Also, enjoy some delicious food while you are there.

    Activities: There are various indoor and outdoor games like squash, table tennis, billiards, snooker, chess, carom, badminton, cricket, and football and water volleyball.

    Location: Aishwarya Mansion, No.43/1A, 2nd Floor, 1st Stage, 9th Main Road, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038

    Day Out at Golden Palms in Bangalore

    Day Out at Golden Palms in Bangalore

    NNNNN737 Ratings

    d1 DaylBangalore


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  • 03Plan Your Corporate Team Outing

  • 04Amazing Escape Room Game in Bangalore

    Amazing Escape Room Game in Bangalore
    • h1 Hour
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN380 ratings
    • the amazing escape
      the amazing escape
    About the Activity:
    • Do you and your friends love the high of that adrenaline rush? Then make your way to a one-of- a-kind escape room game in Bangalore!
    • The Amazing Escape is a one hour long intriguing game where you are locked in a themed room and provided with different clues to unlock the room and escape.
    • Feel free to choose any theme from a list of multiple exciting themes including, The Lost Kingdom, Bank Heist, Illuminati, Prison Break, The Evil Lucy and Escape the Tomb.
    • Arrive at the venue fifteen minutes prior to the start of the game to get your briefing and then you will be locked inside the themed room you have chosen. Once the clock starts ticking, put
    • on your thinking caps and search for clues that will lead you towards your final goal – Escaping the room in under 60 minutes!
    • Say cheese for a quick round of photos and a feedback session once you're done.
    • The game is open to school students, families, friends and corporate teams too. You can also celebrate special occasions like your birthday, anniversary etc at The Amazing Escape and customize your game too!

    • The Lost Kingdom : This escape room accommodates 4-7 players. The Lost Kingdom is set at a time in which you are dared to go into the innermost sanctum of a lost kingdom thriving with
    • creepy-crawlies! This is where danger lurks and if you fail to escape in an hour, you might end up getting locked inside forever.

    • Bank Heist : This escape room accommodates 4-7 players at a time. The J.A.Q is the most successful heist syndicate and we give you your only chance to be a part of this elite group and make
    • your mark worldwide. The challenge for your team is to attempt a heist at the OKO Bank. With the security cameras in the office deactivated for one hour, you will have to race against time to find the clues to complete the mission.

    • Illuminati : This escape room accommodates 3-7 players at a time. Hunt through sealed crypts, dangerous catacombs and deserted cathedrals to investigate the mysterious death of the Catholic Pope in Vatican. Your mission is to prove the Pope was assassinated and escape from there in 60 minutes before the Swiss Guard captures you.

    • Prison Break : This escape room accommodates 8-12 players at a time .You are locked in a prison for a crime you did not commit without parole. The previous inmate disappeared with out
    • any trace! Some believe he escaped and some say he was murdered by the cruel warden! Your task is to escape from the cell in one hour while the warden is out of his office as this is the only chance you'll get.

    • The Evil Lucy : This escape room accommodates 3-7 players at a time. You were at a party and suddenly you black out. You wake up with your friends, locked in a dark room in the haunted house of Lucy. The challenge is to escape from the horrific spell of Lucy who is calling you to play creepy games with her. You have only 60 minutes to break her spells and escape. 

    • Escape the Tomb : This escape room accommodates 4-6 players at a time. Explore the mythical mystery of a Pharaoh buried inside an inner tomb of a Pyramid. Visited by many but with no successful escapers, there is a belief that the Pharaoh’s chamber is cursed. The game is to escape the inner chamber where you can find the Pharoah's body in 60 minutes or you will also suffer the same destiny.

    • The timings are as follow:
    • 11:00 AM,  12:15 PM, 1:30 PM, 2:45 PM, 04:00 PM, 05:15 PM, 6:30PM and 07:45 PM
  • 05Prakruti Resort Day Out

    Prakruti  Resort Day Out

    Prakruti Resort is another day outing in Bangalore which you should definitely try. Stretching over 7 delightful green acres, Prakruti Resort lies within close distance to the Bangalore International Airport. Such is the setting here that it immediately puts one at ease. An ideal getaway for couples, families, family weddings and corporate outing this resort is the perfect place for everyone.

    One can also head out for events such as team building activities, off site meetings, product launches which are very well organised here. The Windflower Prakruthi is a perfect occasion escape for those looking for a speedy break from the stress of city life. One can also organise events like family wedding and celebration here.

    Activities: Let the time pass by slowly in the pristine environments. For a time of excitement, head to the adventure zone for BMX challenge, paintball, zorbing and ATV rides. 

    Location: Prakruti Resort is located at Plot No.12A, Kundana Hobli, Devanahalli Taluk, Bangalore Dist, Hegganhalli, Karnataka 562110

    Day Outing at Windflower Prakruthi Resort in Bangalore

    Day Outing at Windflower Prakruthi Resort in Bangalore

    NNNNM744 Ratings

    d1 DaylBangalore

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  • 06Day Out at Jaldhama Resort

    Day Out at  Jaldhama Resort

    A delight for water lovers, Jaldhama resort is just 25 km away from Bangalore. In nature rich ambience of Talakadu, Mysore District it makes for a winsome day outing. This resort is a perfect getaway from Bangalore for the ones who are looking for some time away from the busy schedule of the day to day life. This natural resort is not just built with bricks but also with trees and bamboos which make it a unique one.

    The resort is accessible in all around selected rooms offering a supreme class and present day comfort with in-room civilities, for example, aerating and cooling, TV and washroom with fundamental toiletries. Lap up the beauty of the surroundings when here.

    Activities: Keeping you busy are the much indoor and outdoor that include chess, foosball, carom, table-tennis, cricket, volleyball, badminton, basketball, trampoline, tug of war and more. Also luring you for a dip in the azure pool.

    Location: Jaldhama resort is located at No-37, S1, II Floor, Basco Court, Gandhi Bazaar Main Road, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560004

    Day Out at Jaladhama Resort, Bangalore

    Day Out at Jaladhama Resort, Bangalore

    NNNNN592 Ratings

    d1 DaylBangalore


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  • 0720% Off Adventure and Theme Based Team Outing

  • 08Nature Adventure Camp in Kanakapura

    Nature Adventure Camp in Kanakapura
    • d1 Day
    • lKanakpura
    • NNNNN2005 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 3428117
    • 1,230

    About the Activity with Details:

    • Start your tour by reaching the nature camp at 8:30 AM and get ready for an amazing adventure.
    • Located at a brief expanse of 50 kms from Bangalore, the Nature Adventure Camp at Kanakpura is home to the exquisite lake of Hosadoddi. 
    • A stone’s throw away from the Forest estate of Bananthimari, this pristine camping experience offers you a wide range of experiences ranging from trekking to historical exploration to spotting the bountiful excitement of wildlife. 
    • Engage in an exciting experience while you are surrounded by the gorgeous mountains skirted by a pristine lake, one can enjoy trekking amidst the Bananthimari hills or feel the rush of adrenaline while kayaking in here. 
    • Recruit a paddle raft or a canoe and experience nature in all its plush richness. You can continue adventure activities for 4-5 days, as required by the team.
    • This adventure package can be concluded at the end of the day or you can opt for an overnight package where you will be accommodated in tents for a night under the stars. 

  • 09Day Out At Goldfinch Retreat, Bangalore

    Day Out At Goldfinch Retreat, Bangalore
    • d1 Day
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN104 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 6697717

    About the activity:

    • Grab your friends and family and head for an exciting day out at Goldfinch resorts for a fun filled day, for you deserve the best getaway experience from your humdrum.
    • This beautiful resort is nestled in an oasis of 36 acres of sprawling landscaped and manicured lawns, and is one of the finest four star hotels in Bengaluru! 
    • This resort features the latest technologies you can find in a well-maintained and posh hotel along with trendy guest amenities and services that you can enjoy to the maximum the entire day. 
    • The hotel is strategically located just 7 kms from the New International Airport, Bengaluru. 
    • Engage in a series of exciting games and activities here with your buddies and relax in the comfort and luxury of the swimming pool as well! Book now for the best deal and head to Goldfinch resorts for the weekend!
    • Check in time is 09:00 AM and check out time is 06:30 PM.

  • 10Day Out at Getaway Resort

    Day Out at Getaway Resort
    • d1 Day
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN37 ratings
    • Prathima

    About the Activity: 

    • Just like the name, the Getaway Resort is the perfect get-away for friends and family longing to experience a home-away-from-home experience and portrays an old age fortress, sitting aloft, cradled in the arms of  nature. 
    • The Getaway Resort is just close enough to the heart of the Bangalore city and can be easily accessible and is just an hour's drive from Bangalore.
    • It is arguably one of the best resorts in India today, offering scrumptious cuisine, spectacular views, enviable rooms and comfort like you have never experienced before. 
    • If you need to relax in the arms of nature and spend a day away from the busy city life, then head to the Getaway resorts in Bangalore for a fun and interesting time! 
    • The resort offers a wide range of services, all designed to help you and your requirements! 
    • You could be looking for a place to enjoy a small vacation, hold company meetings, formal engagements etc. and Getaway resorts offers all that and more, just for you!
    • Check in Check out time depends on package included. 
    • Check in time for package with breakfast is 8:30 AM and check in time for package without breakfast is 9:30 AM. 

  • 11Day Out at Jain Farms, Bangalore

    Day Out at Jain Farms, Bangalore
    • d1 Day
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN359 ratings
    • Jain Farms, Bangalore
      Jain Farms, Bangalore

    About the Activity:

    • A serene getaway in the bounds of nature, Jain Farms is located only 44km from the main city. Perfect for those much needed weekend getaways or day outings, its strength lies in its tranquil spaces which have been carefully designed keeping eco-friendly values in mind. 
    • The sprawling and spacious lawns have been carefully manicured to lend a feel of serenity.
    • The greenery around will surely humble and refresh you to no end and coupled with tranquil ambiance, is a heady mixture of peace and joy. 
    • The gorgeous naturally beautiful surroundings of Jain Farms Resort offers up the most exciting of activities regardless you are on a day outing with friends, family members or colleagues. 
    • There is something for everyone at this resort, it is alsoa perfect ground venue for hosting various public and private parties and events. A beautifully equipped amphitheater with a seating capacity of around 2,500 members, facilities for indoor and outdoor games is the perfect venue to host family get togethers and corporate presentations alike.
    • The sprawling greens of the well designed and stocked cricket ground is great to have little league matches or playful one on ones! For the bookworms, there is a well-stocked library where you can gain and exchange thoughts, these are just some of beautiful amenities that you can avail at Jain Farms.
    • In addition to all the delights, the farmhouse also offers ample opportunities and facilities to participate in team building, theme based and corporate outbound learning activities. 
    • Over the years, it has also earned the fame of being a popular host to school picnics and other similar events.
    • Check in time for this package is 8:30 AM and check out time is 6:00 PM. 
  • 12Day Out at Parkfield Resotel

    Day Out at Parkfield Resotel
    • d1 Day
    • NNNNN39 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 6943791

    Enjoy a day out at Parkfield Resotel, that seamlessly blends the best of a resort and a business hotel, in Bangalore. A day out at Parkfield Resotel is perfect for a business traveller looking to indulge in a bit of luxury and business at the same time. The resort is wrapped by 33 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens that are all designed to give you a pleasing experience. A mélange of Mediterranean architecture, bamboo groves and sprawling spaces, a day out Parkfield Resotel is a perfect getaway!

    It is here that you can see a gorgeous combination of classy spaces and an authenticity that is sure to make you realize the joy of just being! Rest, rejoice and rejuvenate even as you indulge in the daily affairs of business. A destination of choice for team building activities in Bangalore, it is made popular by a wide scope of amenities that cater to every need of the business and leisurely traveller.

  • 13Holiday Village

    Holiday Village

    This is yet another idyllic destination near Bangalore to get soaked with the fun-frolic of a day outing! Located off the Kanakpura Road and well accessible from within the city limits, Holiday Village, with its alluring offerings and array of activities will surely keep you engrossed in unlimited fun and excitement throughout the day.

    Be it a small group of family members, friends, or a large group of corporates, this resort serves equally to its visitors. During your day out in here, you can indulge in activities that will tickle all your senses and promise your pleasant moments! On offer here, there are games like table tennis, beach volleyball, snooker and foosball. DJ halls, party areas, swimming pool and delicious foods will add an extra amount of revelry to your day out at Holiday Village.

    Day Out at Holiday Village Resort in Bangalore

    Day Out at Holiday Village Resort in Bangalore

    NNNNM386 Ratings

    d1 DaylBangalore

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  • 14Urban Valley Resort

    Urban Valley Resort

    Be it a day out with family members, friends or colleagues, you cannot miss out the fun and revelry of Urban Valley Resort. Located off the Kanakpura Road; on the outskirts of Bangalore, this fun-filled day out getaway is a paradise for the water and adventure lovers.

    While on a day out at Urban Valley, the entire group can participate in activities like jet ski, rain dance, paintball, ATV rides and lot more. Furthermore, the spacious and manicured lawns, scenic settings and the warm hospitality around the resort serves as a delightful host to private parties, karaoke nights and much more!

    Day Out at Urban Valley in Bangalore

    Day Out at Urban Valley in Bangalore

    NNNMM283 Ratings

    d1 DaylKanakpura


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  • 15Fun Team Building Activities in Amazing Locations

  • 16Day Out at Anandadhama Resort

    Day Out at Anandadhama Resort

    Whether you are looking for a team outing or a family day out Anandadhama Resort is a perfect day out resort. For a serene and win some day outing, head to Anandadhama that rests on the River Cauvery. A true escape, this resort tucked away in Shastrinagar promotes spiritual, cultural and eco-tourism. The indulgences never cease when here. Feel alive with ayurvedic massage therapies; be regaled with cultural and spiritual tours.

    Make your day an amazing one as you spend some awesome time with your family and friends. For corporate gatherings also they have a lot of fun filled activates here. One can enjoy rejuvenating with an energetic spa massage.

    Activities: Few of the activities which are famous here are Waterfall visit and activities such as night walk, rappelling, trekking further bring in the fun factor. 

    Location: Anandadhama Resort is located at 3371/1 13th Cross 2nd Main, K R Road, Shastri Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560028

    Day Out at Anandadhama Near Bangalore

    Day Out at Anandadhama Near Bangalore

    NNNNN110 Ratings

    d1 DaylBangalore


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  • 17Vana Resorts

    Vana Resorts
    While at the Vana Resorts, you are sure to find a unique combination of a resort and a luxury hotel! Showcasing lush and vibrant outlook, this lively resort is located around 76km from Bangalore International Airport and is also well connected with the city.

    Visit this quick getaway with your close ones, plan a day out or any of the events, and be a part of its charm and appeal! For usual day outs, Vana offers hiking, swimming, ayurvedic therapies, indoor and outdoor games, team building activities and several others. The exquisite hospitality and service of this day-out paradise further gets exciting with its well-equipped party halls, scenic lawns, luxurious amenities and visitor-friendly ambience.

    Day Out at Vana Resort in Bangalore

    Day Out at Vana Resort in Bangalore

    NNNNN62 Ratings

    d1 DaylBangalore

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  • 18Day Out At Ramanashree California Resort In Bangalore

    Day Out At Ramanashree California Resort In Bangalore
    • d1 Day
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN98 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 7137692

    About the Activity:

    • Located amidst the lush backdrops of Yelahanka in Bangalore, a day out at Ramanashree California Resort comes in as a delightful opportunity to escape the boorish city-life. Visit this leisure home anytime during the week or in a day, and you will be assured with jovial and fun-filled moments.
    • Ideal for family gatherings, get-togethers or corporate events, a usual day out at Ramanashree California Resort gets more exciting when it is blended with an array of activities. 
    • On offer here, there is a swimming pool, indoor & outdoor games like lawn tennis, basketball, squash and several others. For the fun seekers, they can participate in exciting activities like dart or tug-of-war and make their day out more eventful!
    • Also, as this resort is located within a close proximity to the main city, it is always a delight to get engaged in a day out at the Ramanashree California Resort!

  • 19Chairman’s Jade Club Resort

    Chairman’s Jade Club Resort
    In addition of being counted among the best day outing destination in and around Bangalore, Chairman's Jade Club Resort also boasts of being an ideal destination for celebrations and festivities. This is one of the best resort close to the Kempegowda International Airport in Devanahalli; around 25km from the city limits, this leisure is open to all types of visitors.

    While in this resort, you can flag off an exciting and eventful day with activities like volleyball, squash, tennis, badminton, archery, or can simply join the fun in the swimming pool along with the junior members of your family. Water slides in Chairman's Jade Club Resort are one of the main attractions and will take the merriment of the day one step ahead!

    Day Out at Chairman’s Jade Club Resort in Bangalore

    Day Out at Chairman’s Jade Club Resort in Bangalore

    NNNMM52 Ratings

    d1 DaylBangalore


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  • 20Day out at Elim Resorts in Bangalore

    Day out at Elim Resorts in Bangalore
    • d1 Day
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN107 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 9964995

    About the Activity:

    An upbeat destination for day trips, picnics, festivities or business occasions Elim resort is the only ideal spot to loosen up. Situated off the Kanakapura Main Road, in the town of Netagere, a Day out at Elim Resorts, Bangalore is an immaculate abode of peace and excellence. Elim resort also provides activities for kids like Air Hockey Carrom, Chess, X-BOX, PS2, rain dance etc.

    In spite of being in the arms of nature, the resort has held its actual reason and nature and is a completely prepared, well- designed and tastefully outlined business lodging. A corporate resort where you can blend work with play is exactly what you require! Loosen up, unwind, play or swim and be spoiled at Elim Resort. Enjoy a Day out at Elim Resorts, Bangalore and rejoice the beautiful environs.

    Note: Check-in time for With Breakfast package is 8:30 a.m.

    Check-in time for Without Breakfast package is 9:30 a.m.

    Check-out time is 5:30 p.m.

  • 21Day Outing at Eagleton Golf Resort, Bangalore

    Day Outing at Eagleton Golf Resort, Bangalore
    • d1 Day
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN23 ratings
    • Eagleton Golf Resort, Bangalore
      Eagleton Golf Resort, Bangalore

    About the Activity:

    • One of the most pioneering and novel luxury resorts, Eagleton Golf Resorts is located at a distance of 28km from the city. An ideal resort for relaxation and recreation, it is ideal for day outings because of its location and facilties. The resort is spread over a meticulously manicured and world-class golf course making it a serene setting for recreation, fun and relaxation. 
    • The gold course has been carefully and expansively designed, making it one of the top 5 rated golf courses in the country.An experience that changes its nature according to its patrons, Eagleton is alternately a Luxury Golf Resort, a guest house, a resort or even a place of residence!. 
    • The mainstay of the resort being Golf, it is here that you can enjoy the classy sport amidst the beautifully designed course that is world-class and at the same time, Eco-friendly. Be it a group of friends or family members, the resort offers a myriad list of activities to its visitors. While Eagleton’s engaging indoor and outdoor games keep one immersed in revelry and amusement, the facilities provided help one relax and rejuvenate. 
    • The resort is decked up in stunning range of amenities such as a multi-level designer swimming pool,delicious multi cuisine restaurants, poolside barbeque and coffee parlours. To keep your adventurous activity spirits intact there is also the option of poolside volleyball, table tennis, squash, indoor badminton, archery and horse riding. You can also rejuvenate with a variety of leisure pursuits such as meditation area, health club and spa. At Eagleton the Golf Resort, there is never a dull moment! For the families with kids, the resort offers a well-equipped children’s play area.
    • Eagleton Golf Resort Bangalore is also one of the top picks for corporate team outings. The Spacious conference halls with 10 varied themes and set-ups offer the best venues for business meetings and presentations. The vast open grounds and lawns of the resort are ideal for carrying out several team building activities and theme based events.
    • Once you are the Eagleton Golf Resort, just surrender yourself to its many beauties and serene amenities that make it the best getaway close to Bangalore.

  • 22Day out at Shilhaandara Resort

    Day out at Shilhaandara Resort
    • d1 Day
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN741 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 5757169

    About the Activity:

    • Day out at Shilhaandara Resort for a rejuvenating experience with friends and family!
    • Situated at the foothills of Ramnagara rocks, surrounded with flush greenery, it is bound to speak with the nature enthusiast in you.
    • In order to reach the natural, rocky resort, the distance from Bangalore to resort is 55 km and you can head  to resort in 1 hour 30 minute drive for a delightful day out.
    • Amenities at the resort include swimming pool, and you can also get engaged in various indoor & outdoor activities. Activities like paintball, zorbing,rope course can also be availed at an extra cost. 
    • One of the very few resorts around Bangalore where there is facility of rain dance with DJ. Enjoy the exciting rain dance session with friends and family and get ready to shake a leg while grooving to the tracks of DJ.
    • Check in timings are flexible however breakfast is served between 8am-10am and Lunch would be served at 1PM and check out will be at 5:30PM
    • Day out offers different packages both on weekday and weekends. 

  • 23Day Out at Jungle Lodges Bheemeshwari

    Day Out at Jungle Lodges Bheemeshwari

    Right in the rugged appeals of Mother Earth, Jungle Lodges in Bheemeshwari is the go-to place for some adventure and tryst with nature. The Cauvery River floating by further adds to the whole charm.

    The fun never ends at this place with activities such as Burma Loops, Parallel Walk, Zip Lining and Pool Kayaking and more. You can also take time to just soak in the beauty of the place.

    Night Out at Jungle Lodges Bheemeshwari

    Night Out at Jungle Lodges Bheemeshwari

    NNNNN555 Ratings

    d2 Daysn1 NightlBheemeshwari

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  • 24Olde Bangalore Day Out

    Olde Bangalore Day Out

    A winsome getaway that lends the charm of how the Garden City once used to be, Olde Bangalore is just where you can take your friends, better half, family or office people for a day out.

    Simply laze around and savour the warm ambience that surrounds or cool off with a dip in the pool. You can bond over activities such as badminton, table tennis, billiards, bridge and chess.

    Day Out at Olde Bangalore Resort

    Day Out at Olde Bangalore Resort

    NNNMM27 Ratings

    d1 DaylBangalore

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  • Adventurous Day Outs Around Bangalore

  • 25Kunti Betta Adventure

    A perfect day outing in Bangalore for a family can be done at one of the most beautiful locations near Bangalore that is Kunti Betta, a scintillating hill in the tiny village of Pandavapura. Trekking is the fascinating adventure activity done at Kunti Betta, during day time and night. Thousands of adventure enthusiasts from Bangalore come to Kunti Betta to climb up the elevation of around 2882 meters through the tricky trails that put forth hidden thrill at the best level.

    Around three hours would need to reach the summit but the views from the top are quite worthy of treading along the challenging rocky terrains and routes. Nature lovers, adventure loving couples, and backpackers arrive here in plenty to witness the best time of nature meets adventure. There are a lot of mythological reference behind Kunti Betta. Locals say that Pandavas and Kunti lived here during their exile.

    Though there are stories behind the existence of the hills, people come to Kunti Betta expecting the trekking adventure to become the most thrilling one. Night treks also have a lot of admirers as during that time, the starry night would blink its eyes throughout.

    Distance from Bangalore: 125 kilometers from Bangalore.

    Best time to visit: Throughout the year.

    Kunti Betta Night Trek in Bangalore

    Kunti Betta Night Trek in Bangalore

    NNNNN425 Ratings

    d2 Daysn1 NightlMandya


    Starting from


  • 26Kabbaladurga Night Trek in Kanakapura

    Kabbaladurga Night Trek in Kanakapura
    • d1 Dayn1 Night
    • lKanakpura
    • NNNNN529 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 7770084

    About the Activity:

    • Kabbaladurga night trek allows you to explore the mysticism of its nocturnal beauty and will take you through its scenic as well as fascinating trails.
    • After your arrival at the assembling points, leave for Kabbaladurga at around 09:30 PM; maintaining an average speed, this journey will be completed within 3 hours (approx). Following your arrival at the base of the monolith; at around 12:30 AM, the trek guides will de-brief you about the rules of the night trek.
    • Get started with the fascinating climb to the peak of Kabbaladurga peak at around 01:00 AM. Upon arrival at the peak after around one and half hours of climb, enjoy a lbonfire at the peak till it is time to start the back trek at around 05:30 AM. Arriving at the base by 07:00 AM, get freshened up and enjoy a delicious South Indian buffet breakfast. Post this at around 08:30 AM, wish adieu to the pristine ambience of Kabbaladurga and start your return journey to Bangalore and mark the end of the night trek.
  • 27Night Caving at Anthargange

    Located at about 70 kms from the city, Anthargange is considered to be the trekker's heaven near Bangalore. The rocky hills formed due to volcanoes, and the numerous caves here, are any adventure traveller’s dream.

    A day trip to this place is the best option as there are several adventurous things like rock climbing, rappelling, trekking and caving that you can enjoy.

    A night camp here could also thrill and exhilarate you, though you cannot light any fires. Thrillophilia not only recommends Anthargange as a location for your day outings, but also organizes activities here like rappelling and cave exploration. 

    Anthargange Night Trek with Cave Exploration

    Anthargange Night Trek with Cave Exploration

    NNNNN1150 Ratings

    d1 Dayn1 NightlKolar

    Starting from


  • 28Manhcinbele Day Outing near Bangalore

    Manhcinbele Day Outing near Bangalore
    • h12 Hours
    • NNNNN33 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 7770084

    About the Activity:

    • If you are planning a day outing near Bangalore, then Manhcinbele is the ideal location for you.
    • Get picked from the tour pickup points, Marathahalli 06:30 AM, Silk Board 07:00 AM, BTM 07:15 AM, Banashankari 07:35 AM or RR Nagar at 08:15 AM.
    • Once you reach the camp site at 09:00 AM you'll be welcomed with delicious breakfast.  
    • Then spend a day out in the open and indulge in team building activities or a fun day with family. 
    • Indulge yourself in an array of activities like trekking, rappelling, Paintball, quad biking, swimming, kayaking and group games include badminton, volleyball, cricket and archery.
    • No outing is complete without an outdoor meal, hence enjoy a delicious meal between the actives.
    • At 05:00 PM you can depart to Bangalore after refreshing yourself with high tea and snacks.
    • Reach Bangalore around 07:00 PM to conclude you tour.
  • 29Rappelling and Night Trek at Ramanagara

    Rappelling and Night Trek at Ramanagara

    Ramanagara, a rock climber’s dream destination, is quite famous and is ideal for one day outings. You can try high rope traversing, rappelling, bouldering and chimney climbing at the Ramanagara hills. Thrillophilia also organizes several adventurous activities at Ramanagara like Jumaring, rappelling, trekking, rock climbing and archery.

    Several leisurely and team bonding activities can also be arranged as per your requirements. This, coupled with the magnetism of the rocky outcrop of Ramanagara should make this place ideal for a one day outing.

    The places discussed above are just some of the hot destinations for one day trips. You can explore several new ones on your own, or call the travel desk at Thrillophilia to help you in finding out the best day outing activities and experiences in and around Bangalore.

    Adventure Camp in Ramanagara

    Adventure Camp in Ramanagara

    NNNNM241 Ratings

    d2 Daysn1 NightlBangalore


    Starting from


  • 30Big Banyan Tree Cycling in Bangalore

    Big Banyan Tree Cycling in Bangalore
    • d1 Day
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN27 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 3054054

    About the Destination:

    The ‘Dodda Alada Mara’ or the Big Banyan Tree has been in existence for over four centuries and is now a major tourist attraction near Bangalore. Spreading over 3acres, this gigantic Banyan Tree is a testimony to the bygone era and is one of the unique sites to visit near the Garden City of India. Also, the fact that is located only 3km from the Manchanbele Dam, it highly makes for a quick weekend destination for the city dwellers.

    About the Activity:

    Assembling at the decided meeting point by around 06:30 in the morning with your bicycles and get ready to embark on a rustic yet enthralling Big Banyan Tree Cycling, Bangalore. Let the fun and excitement grow more and more as you start pedalling towards your destination!

    As you can expect very thin traffic during the tour, the stretch of 32km can be covered up easily and with less chaos. On arrival at the Dodda Alad Mara, get some rest and explore the surroundings at your own pace. Post this, a delicious breakfast will get you reenergised for the return journey. Once breakfast is done, get back onto your cycles and start pedalling back to the starting point of the tour and conclude it on a delightful note!

  • 31Trekking in Savandurga

    Trekking in Savandurga
    Image Credit : C+H - Flickr

    Around 60 km from Bangalore, the lofty hill of Savandurga is hailed as one of the largest monolith hills in Asia. Needless to say, it provides a great backdrop to undertake trekking. At the base of the hills are SavandiVeerabhadreshwaraSwamy Temple and NarasimhaSwamy Temple.

    Image Credits : S Jagadish - flickr

    The winding pathways that lead to the places of worship are quite thrilling. The best time to go trekking here is during early mornings. The trails are relatively easier and can be undertaken by novices too. While moving up, you come across ruins of a fortress that was once occupied by the mighty Tipu Sultan.

    Savandurga Night Trek

    Savandurga Night Trek

    NNNNM254 Ratings

    d1 Dayn1 NightlBangalore


    Starting from


  • Places for family day outing around Bangalore

  • 32Snow City Bangalore, 10% off on Tickets

    Snow City Bangalore, 10% off on Tickets
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN313 ratings
    • Mr Hasmuk
      Mr Hasmuk

    About the Activity:

    Enjoy cavorting in pure snow right in the heart of Bangalore with Snow City. Covering an extent of 12,500 square feet, the park encompasses an area of 33 feet high snow cover. You can avail  this 45 minutes experience anytime between 10:00 AM and 8:00 PM. 

    You will be provided with protective gear of warm jackets, boots, gloves and caps/hoods. First, go through the entry lounge which has varying temperatures between 18° C - 24° C, and 5°C - 15° C, to acclimatize yourself with the extreme temperatures in the snow area.  

    After that, a whole new world awaits - frolic around in the snow; indulge in multiple activities namely snow mountain climbing, dance on the snow floor, snow slide, snow tube ride and snow rafting and spend good time at the snow castle and snow igloo.

    The artificial snow used here is made out of water and air, which is eco-friendly and edible too and it is a remarkable opportunity to families especially kids.

    You will get the options for selecting either weekend package or weekday package and the cost of each package differs.

  • 33Nandi Hills

    Nandi Hills in Karnataka is a superb location for a one-day outing in Bangalore for couples. It is one of the most visited hill station near Bangalore and thus it has a greater significance in the tourism sector of Karnataka state. An ancient hill fortress situated in the Chikkaballapur district is Nandi Hills and from the top of the hills, the views are amazing. People of Nandi believe that the hills are the origin of the famous Arkavathi River.

    Nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts arrive at Nandi Hills to watch the first rays of sun coming to touch the feet of Earth and that is a remarkable sight to be witnessed. There is the beautiful wilderness arranging the trekking trails to the top filled with thrill. At the top, there is the famous Yoganandeeshwara temple which is a major attraction that holds a stunning statue of Nandi at the doorstep. One can watch the old buildings and houses of Government officials

    Distance from Bangalore: 60 kilometers from the city of Bangalore.

    Best time to visit: throughout the year but early morning is special here as the sunrise views are splendid.
    Wine Tour with Lunch at Nandi Hills, Bangalore

    Wine Tour with Lunch at Nandi Hills, Bangalore

    NNNNM468 Ratings

    h3 HourslBangalore


    Starting from


  • 34Wine Tour

    Wine Tour

    A definite attraction or a tour package is the wine tours in Bangalore. As a day outing in Bangalore for family or for couples, wine tours can be booked through different websites and agencies. There are multiple resorts too which give wine tasting and chances to observe the processes involved in wine making. Ramanagara is an important name when it comes to wine tours. There are a lot of vineyards and wine processing centres here which are showing the authentic processes in wine making.

    Some of the famous and most visited wine making spots in Bangalore are Griver Zampa Vineyards, Heritage Winery, Bangalore Soma Vineyards and Winery near Nandhi Hills. Grape stomping is another attraction offered by some of the wineries spotted. Many of the wine making centres show the different processes of wine making and give the guests different types of wines prepared there to taste.

    Families, couples, friends and solo travelers arriving in Bangalore choose a day, especially for wine tours. 2-3 hour long tours will give the beautiful sights of the round fruits hanging between the green leaves and creepers. Some of the famous resorts near Bangalore have properly maintained vineyards and wine making units. So a day outing in Bangalore or a weekend getaway to the wine stops is something that offers happiness at its best.

    Entry timings: Any time during the day is suitable to witness the beauty of vineyards but most of the wine making processes can be watched during the morning time.
    Wine Tour in Bangalore

    Wine Tour in Bangalore

    NNNNN1890 Ratings

    h1 HourlBangalore


    Starting from


  • 35Bannerghatta National Park

    Bannerghatta National Park
    Image Credit : Prateek Rungta - Flickr

    Bannerghatta National Park is a major tourist attraction in Bangalore and a special spot for day outing for families. It was founded in 1970 and was declared as a national park in 1974. But later in 2002, a portion of the park became a biological reserve which is now known as the Bannerghatta Biological Park. It has a zoo, pet corner, animal rescue centre, a butterfly enclosure, an aquarium, a snake house and a safari park.

    The park is a jungle safari location along with trekking and hiking. The park houses ancient temples for worship as well as six rural villages. Indian tigers, white tigers, Asiatic elephants, lions, bears etc can be spotted inside the park. Another important feature of the park is the safari excursions offered. It is the first park in India to arrange a fenced forested sanctuary for the elephants living inside. They can roam around the space freely without the clutches of chains.

    The butterfly enclosure was the recent addition to the park occupying an area of 7.5 acres.

    Entry timings: It is open on all days except Tuesday from 09:30 am to 05:30 pm.

    Entry fee:  for the zoo for adults is Rs. 80 and for children between 5 to 12 years of age is Rs. 40, for butterfly park it is Rs. 30 for adults and Rs. 20 for children.

    Fee structure for Safari:

            -Adults: INR 260, 
            -Kids between 6 and 12 years: INR 130 
            -Senior citizens (60 years and above): INR 150 

             -Adults: INR 400 
             -Kids: INR 300

    How to reach:
    It is located at a distance of about 22 kilometers from Bangalore city and there are several public transport vehicles available to reach the park.

    Day Visit to Bannerghatta Nature Camp

    Day Visit to Bannerghatta Nature Camp

    MMMMM32 Ratings

    h7 HourslBangalore

    Starting from


  • 36Wonderla

    Image Credit : Swami Stream - Flickr

    If your group and you are looking at visiting an amusement park, Wonderla is just the perfect place located within 100kms from Bangalore. Located on the Bangalore-Mysore road, and just 28 kms from Bangalore city, Wonderla is an exciting amusement park for all age groups. It has many thrilling rides, proper lockers, wave pool and much more to offer.

    Lap up various thrilling games such as Musical Fountain & Laser Show, Hang Glider, Pirate Ship, Net Walk and Wonder Splash among others. 

    Having entertained 6 million people in 7 years, Wonderla will not fail to amuse and entertain you, and make your one day trip an exciting one.

  • 37Innovative Film City

    Innovative Film City

    Innovative Film City is about 40 kms from Bangalore and is spread on 50 acres of land. It is an entertainment paradise, and has many things like the Dino Park, Themed restaurants, Cartoon city, food courts, an Aqua city, Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum etc.

    This place can quench the thirst of all age groups as they have something to offer everyone. During your day outing at the Innovative film city, do not miss out on watching the 4D movie.

  • 38Shivanasamudra Waterfalls

    Shivanasamudra Waterfalls

    An ideal place to head to for a day from Bangalore is   Shivanasamudra Waterfalls. This is another best places to visit near Bangalore. It is a part of the Kaveri River that meanders through the terrain of Deccan Plateau and plummets in the form of waterfalls. It gets split into two.

     Once here, take in the great sights of this splendid beauty and get soothed by the sounds of the cascading water that. Flanked by greenery, this is the very place where the Asia’s first hydro-electric power station was set up. The best time to visit is during the monsoon when water flows at full force creating an ethereal mist around it. Also, you can check out these other places around Bangalore which look beautiful in monsoon.

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