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  • Ooty, the quaint hill station of Tamil Nadu features varied natural bounty among which the waterfalls in Ooty stand out in their natural charm, settings, physical features and the number of tourists they attract around the year.

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    Ooty is home to some of the ravenous waterfalls of Tamil Nadu and offers a perfect getaway for domestic and overseas tourists. Although monsoon is the peak season for waterfall hiking, some of the waterfalls in Ooty attract tourists throughout the year who want to go for nature study and adventure sports.

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    Most of the Ooty waterfalls offer natural hiking trails amidst the thickets of tea and coffee plantations. The drop pools formed by the falls serve as water grounds for a black panther, wild dogs, wild buffaloes, and many more wild beasts.

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    You. An also stock the reclusive Sambar Deer who come for a quick drink from the pool. And last but not least, these waterfalls offer great vacation sites for touring with friends or family and trust us, it will be worth your visit.

    Here are some of the best waterfalls in Ooty:

  • 01Catherine Falls

    Catherine Falls
    It is one of the most hunted waterfalls in Ooty which exudes a wonderful visual treat to nature lovers and a perfect refuge to wandering souls. Catherine Falls, named after that of the wife of a British coffee planter is also known as the Gaddhehaada Falls by the local folks.

    The trail amidst the forest of Shola trees attracts groups of trekkers and adventurers round the year. Climbing atop the Dolphin's Nose
    viewpoint you can enjoy a spectacular view of the twin waterfalls gushing down the hill slope.

    Lulled by soothing air at the backdrop of the Nilgiris and nestled within unsullied natural bounty, Catherine Waterfalls is worth spending your time at.

    : Mettupalayam Road, Kotagiri, Tamil Nadu 643201

    from Ooty bus stand: 16 Km approx.

    of the waterfall: 250 ft.
  • 02Pykara Falls

    Pykara Falls
    While preparing your itineraries for your next Ooty trip, don't forget to add Pykara Falls in your bucket list. This waterfall in Ooty offers a captivating view of the surrounding nature as it originates from the cliffs of Mukurthi hill negotiates the curves and cascades down into the Pykara Lake which is a heritage site and a chosen picnic spot.

    The place has been inhabited by the Toda settlement down the ages and it is one of the few places where you can find them in their aboriginal habitat.

    You can indulge in fun activities like basking in the sun by the Pykara Lake or go for boating across the water strips formed by the waterfall. Take some warm clothing even during summer for your trip to the Pykara waterfall as the place becomes pretty chilling after sunset.

    : Pykara, Sholur, Tamil Nadu- 643224

    from Ooty bus stand: 23 Km approx. via NH 181

    of the waterfall: 55m and 61m respectively
  • 03Laws Falls

    Laws Falls
    It is one of the best Ooty waterfalls set amidst the lush thickets of the Coonoor forest range. The waterfall is formed by Coonoor River and is named after Col. Law, the builder of the Coonoor Ghat.

    You can reach the bottom of the falls by negotiating a few steps across a slippery and rock strewn path. Being located at close proximity to the main road, the place attracts a huge crowd of tourists during the peak season just after monsoon when the waterfall takes in a majestic look.

    It is an idyllic retreat for tourists who want to appreciate the pristine beauty of nature and spend a private vacation in her embrace.

    : Mettupalayam Road, Coonoor, Tamil Nadu

    from the Ooty bus stand: 26 km approx.

    of the waterfall: 180 ft.
  • 04Kalhatti Falls

    Kalhatti Falls
    If you are a die-hard nature lover and seek something more than mere holidaying, the Kalhatti waterfall in Ooty has to be on your agenda. The place is home to exotic flora and fauna which offers you the thrill of real wildlife adventure in the picture perfect hill stations of Tamil Nadu.

    During monsoon, the place brims with tourists and photographers all day long who want to feast their eyes on the marvelous cataract gushing down in torrents from a high altitude. The sight may lead your heart to skip a beat or two, trust us!

    The region around the Kalhatti Falls is conducive for trekking and other adventure activities. So don't forget to pack your trekking gear if you have made up your mind to explore the place at its length and breadth.

    : Sigur Ghat Road, Ooty, Tamil Nadu -643001

    from Ooty bus stand: 13 Km approx.

    of the waterfall: 45 meters
  • 05Halasana Falls

    Halasana Falls
    The Halasana Falls, also popularly known as the Oteh Kodaaru is one of the marvels of Tamil Nadu and hails as the second highest waterfall of the state.

    Located in the privately owned Kollam By Estate the Ooty waterfall offers a spectacular visual treat to the beholders as torrents of water plunges into a crater from a dizzy height formed since time immemorial.

    If you want to witness the effusive plunge of the waterfall from such massive height, you need to lie on your back and peep over its edge to get a clear view of the marvelous phenomenon as hiking up to the waterfall is a perilous journey that has often lead to fatal accidents in the past.

    The places of visit near the Halasana Falls are Mukurthi National Park, Karteri Falls, Mudumalai National Park, Elk Falls, Kolalambai Falls, and Kalhatti Falls.

    : Dindigul district, Ooty, Tamil Nadu -643001

    Distance from Ooty bus stand
    : 14 Km approx.

    Height of the waterfall
    : 150 ft.
  • 06Kolakambai Waterfalls

    Kolakambai Waterfalls
    The continuous flow of the cataract down the Kolakambai Hills of the Nilgiri mountain range makes it a must visit place for the day- trippers and trekkers. The trail to the highest waterfall in Ooty is absolutely stunning with diverse biota and offers a perfect setting for adventure pursuits like trekking, hiking, and biking.

    Being close to the bustling city Coimbatore, tourists often take a stopover at Coimbatore airport to reach their destination.

    Don’t forget to stalk around the other popular tourist spots of this region viz. Avalanche Laker, Doddabetta, Droog Fort, Nilgiri Mountain Railways, Mukurthi National Park and the list goes on!

    : Nilgiri district of the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu-643001

    Distance from Ooty bus stand
    : 46 Km approx.

    Height of the waterfall
    : 400 ft.
  • 07Elk Falls

    Elk Falls
    Located about 7 Km from Kotagiri in the midst of the idyllic Echoing Valley of the south Nilgiri district the waterfall is worth your visit at any time of the year let alone during monsoon when it emanates a celestial charm of its very presence.

    The Badaga Habitations, a serenely laid out woodland area of tea and coffee plantation will take you to a different world as you hike along this region to reach up to the waterfall.

    If you plan to visit Elk Falls during monsoon you can enjoy the succulent mellow orange grown in the Kookal Valley, which is one of the tastiest varieties of oranges grown in the world. There are a number of heritage cottages of the colonial era that provide plush accommodation to the lodgers.

    : Mettupalayam Road, near Uyilathi Village, Kotagiri, Ooty, Tamil Nadu

    Distance from Ooty bus stand
    : 41 Km approx.

    Height of the waterfall
    : 100 meters approx.
  • 08Katary Falls

    It is one of the most visited waterfalls in Ooty and the third largest of the Nilgiris. Being located at close proximity to the picture perfect hill station of Coonoor, the waterfall takes up a spectacular view of an endless cascade bridging the earth with the sky during monsoon.

    Another major attraction of the place is the Kathary Hydroelectric System located near the Katary falls which produces about 1000 KW mechanical energy from the free-flowing watercourse. It is also the first hydroelectric power project of India and a must visit spot in your Ooty trip.

    : Adikaratti, Tamil Nadu- 643213

    Distance from Ooty bus stand:
    13 Km via NH 181

    Height of the waterfall
    : 180 metres

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