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  • While a lot of you are searching for Waynard tourist places, let’s make this easier for you with your amazing list. Loaded with charming waterfalls, caves, resorts and home stays, this prominent town is renowned for its zest ranches and natural life.  Among the prettiest territories of Kerala, Wayanad has a large number of alternatives for its guests. Wayanad is situated on the fringe of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The whole area is totally green with sloping reaches and natural life incorporating Tholpetty in the North, Muthanga in the east circumscribing with Tamil Nadu, Kalpetta in the south, Mananthvadi in the north-west and Sultan Bathery (Sultan Battery) in the east. 

    Strolling through the sprawling flavour estates, taking that trek into the pre-memorable gives in and encountering a resort occasion are one of the numerous things you can do to experience Wayanad. An incredible place to spot wild elephants, cool wind, lovely landscape, Wayanad is ensured to satisfy your travel detects. In the east one can find the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary which is a rich, forested locale with regions of high elevation, home to creatures including Asiatic elephants, tigers, panthers and egrets. In the Ambukuthi Hills toward the south, Edakkal Caves contain antiquated petroglyphs, some going back to the Neolithic age. Generally speaking, an impeccable end of the week though from urban communities of South India. 

  • Popular tourist places in Wayanad

  • 02Chembra Peak

    Chembra Peak
    Image Credit : Sarath.kuchi - flickr

    Looking for a weekend getaway this weekend, then head out to Waynard and visit the famous Chembra Peak. Eight kilometers south of Kalpetta, close to the town of Meppady, lays the most elevated top in Wayanad. Chembra crest borders Nilgiri slopes in Tamil Nadu and Vallarimala in Kozhikode. The top is obvious from all parts of Wayanad. This place is a perfect goal for trekking exercises. Climb up the rough landscapes of the Chembra Peak found 2,100 meters above ocean level on the southern piece of Wayanad.

    Chembra is the tallest peak in Wayanad and is a perfect zone for trekking. There is a heart molded lake while in transit to the highest point of the pinnacle, which is accepted to have never become scarce, is a noteworthy vacation spot here. With authorization from the Forest Department, one-day treks and two-day natural life treks are conceivable.

    Activities: Trekking is one of the most favored activities here. Soak in the greenery of this region while you visit this destination.

    Distance from Bangalore: Chembra Peak is located at a distance of 306.5 km.

    Ascend to Chembra Peak in Wayanad

    Ascend to Chembra Peak in Wayanad

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  • 03Edakkal Caves

    Edakkal Caves
    Image Credit : flickrPrince - flickr

    If you are looking for some Waynard tourist places then this is another attraction which is a must visit for you. Edakkal caves are well known for its pictorial depictions (cave art), which are thought to be of 6000 B C. To achieve the hollows, one needs to trek through the Ambukutty Mala. It will take around 45 minutes to climb the hill and you will never get baffled in your outing to these historical caves.

    Inside the cave, you can see two chambers. The lower chamber is 18 ft long, 12 ft wide and 10 ft high and the upper chamber is 96 ft long, 22 ft wide and 18 ft high. You can animal figures and objects used by humans, on the walls of the caves. These carvings give incredible confirmation for a very enlightened society who lived in the pre-noteworthy age. Edakkal caves have drawn awesome consideration of archeologists and students of history around the world.

    Timings: Opens from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

    Location: Edakkal Caves are located at Wayanad, Nenmeni, Kerala 673595

    Distance from Bangalore: Eddakal Caves are located at a distance of 273.5 km.

    Explore The Prehistoric Edakkal Caves, Wayanad

    Explore The Prehistoric Edakkal Caves, Wayanad

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  • 04Banasura Sagar Dam, Kalpetta

    Banasura Sagar Dam, Kalpetta
    Image Credit : Krish's - flickr

    Another gem among the Wayanad tourist places is the Banasura Sagar Dam in Kalpetta. It is the largest dam in India and is the 2nd largest in all of Asia. Constructed at the Banasura Lake, the dam holds huge amount of water and offers the scenic splendour of the mountains as its backdrop.

    In the monsoons, the dam submerges all the surrounding areas. The vast expanse is dotted with small patches of land and is a scenic delight for even discerning visitors.

    Stay at Banasura Hill Resorts in Wayanad

    Stay at Banasura Hill Resorts in Wayanad

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  • 05Bamboo Forests, Muthanga

    Bamboo Forests, Muthanga
    Image Credit : asifch - flickr

    What could be a better treat to your eyes than a vast greenery with a line of bamboos? All sounds amazing right? The Niligiri Biosphere Region additionally reaches out to an extensive extend of teak timberlands, bamboo trenches and overwhelms. A perfect safari area, deer, buffalo, cheetah and wild bears are among the spotted creatures here.

    The Bamboo woods are a simple access to alternate places in Wayanad, for example, Begur, Bandipur, Madumalai and Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuaries. The connection between the backwoods and the sightseers in Muthanga has years of oldness. Soak in the amazing beauty of the region while you head out to this place.

    Activities: While you are visiting the Bamboo Forest one can indulge in wild life safaris here.

    Distance from Bangalore: Bamboo Forests, Muthanga is located at a distance of 276.4 km via NH275 and NH766

  • 06Chain Tree, Vythiri

    Chain Tree, Vythiri

    Popular among the tourist places in Wayanad, is this mysterious fig tree in Vythiri that has a chain hanging from its top. Legend has it that the British engineers who built the roads in Wayanad district had murdered a tribal man by the name of Karinthandan, to claim that they discovered the route on their own without the help from this tribal lad.

    His wildly roaming spirit is said to have been chained to the tree by a local priest who bound him through a number of rituals to calm his rage on being murdered. The tree is called Chain Tree for this reason and attracts a lot of tourists.

  • 07Jain Temple, Sulthan Battery

    Jain Temple, Sulthan Battery
    Image Credit : Jishacg

    Another Waynard tourist places which is a must visit attraction for you is the Jain Temple at Sulthan Bathery. A standout amongst the most imperative among the numerous Jain temples in Kerala, the Bathery Temple in Sulthan Bathery is accepted to have been worked amid the thirteenth century. Its plan is emphatically affected by the design style of the then ruling Vijayanagar Dynasty.

    Another interesting element is the somewhat checkered history of the sanctuary which initially filled in as a place of worship, next as a focal point of business exchange lastly, as the ammo store or battery of Tipu Sulthan's armed force. A square rock section with a cutting of Mahavir Jain can be found in the inward sanctorum of the sanctuary which is encompassed by an open verandah.

    There is a raised stage made of rock before the principle entrance. This too holds cut columns and their fluted sections end with no crown stones. The encompassing grounds too are cleared in granites.

    Location: Jain Temple, Sulthan Bathery is located at Bangalore-Calicut Highway, Sultan Bathery, Kerala 673592

    Distance from Bangalore: Jain Temple, Sulthan Bathery is located at a distance of 267.4km.

  • 08Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

    Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary
    Image Credit : Fountain_Head - Flickr

    On the way from Mysore to Sulthan Bathery is this animal sanctuary that is a wildlife hotspot. Wayanad is the most beautiful area in the region and the wildlife sanctuary further enhances the magnificence. This sanctuary hosts a number of bird species, peafowls being a very common sight.

    You would also find animals such as the Indian Bison, elephant, deer and tiger. Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is an integral part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. This place is being considered as a World Heritage site and makes a great day to spend exploring the glorious biodiversity of the region.

  • 09Kuruva Island

    Kuruva Island
    Image Credit : Mrriyad

    Kuruva Island or Kuruvadeep is a protected delta on river Kabini in Wayanad. This is an uninhabited area and is a home to a varied species of flora and fauna.  Because of the rich biodiversity, the entrance to this island is restricted and monitored by the Department of Forest of Kerala.

    This place seemingly attracts the most number of tourists from all around the world who come here to see the rarest of birds, orchids and herbs that are found only in this eco-region.

    Bamboo Rafting in Kuruva Island in Wayanad

    Bamboo Rafting in Kuruva Island in Wayanad

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  • 10Soochipara Falls, Kalpetta

    Soochipara Falls, Kalpetta
    Image Credit : keralatourmate

    Soochipara waterfall is a three layered waterfall at Vellarimala in Wayanad. This waterfall, encompassed by thick green woodland, is otherwise called Sentinel Rock Waterfall. A 20 minute drive from Meppadi in Wayanad will take you to this awe inspiring waterfall. The name Soochipara derived from the words "soochi" and "para" signifies "rock" and 'needle'. The name given is able as should be obvious needle molded shake here.

    You need to stroll around 2 km to achieve the waterfall, where vehicles can't move further. The dilute here falls from a stature of 100 to 200 ft and this waterfall is a perfect place for trekking and rock climbing. You can locate a pool underneath this falls and here you can go for swimming and washing.

    Activities: While you are visited this place you can indulge in few activities like rock climbing, trekking and hiking.

    Location: Soochipara Falls, Kalpetta is located at Wayanad, Kerala 673577

    Distance from Bangalore: Soochipara Falls, Kalpetta is located at a distance of 313 km.

    Tea Plantation Tour in Wayanad

    Tea Plantation Tour in Wayanad

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  • 11Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary

    Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary
    Image Credit : Dineshkannambadi

    Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary is another tourist place that is near the Thirunelli Temple in Wayanad. If you are into trekking, this landscape dotted with its wild forests and hills is just the place for you.

    You require a permit and a guide to set out on this trail, which leads you into the moist dense deciduous forests in the hills with gently flowing streams. Pakshipathalam literally means ‘cave of birds’ and quite obviously is home to varied species of birds.

  • 12The Bamboo Factory, Uravu

    The Bamboo Factory, Uravu
    Image Credit : Michal dokoupil

    This is among a fascinating Wayanad tourist places. The Bamboo Factory in Uravuis an initiative to bring back the art of making crafts using bamboo. Uravu means ‘the bamboo village’ and quite appropriately the locals here earn their living as bamboo craftsmen.

    Here bamboo is used to make various souvenirs and even houses. Wayanad serves the dual purpose of being a source of income for the locals due to its bamboo vegetation and also a responsible tourism spot. One could spend an entire day here learning to make bamboo crafts.

    Wayanad with its rich history, abounding folklores, misty mountain ranges and ambitious waterfalls has become an ideal holiday destination over the years. Be it for families, couples, group of friends or corporate teams, very few places in the world offer such appeal and charm that pleases every heart. If you are an adventurous soul or seeking a romantic getaway, searching for history or simply want to relax in the lap of nature...Wayanad will satiate all your needs and desires!

    A Day at The Bamboo Factory - Uravu, Wayanad

    A Day at The Bamboo Factory - Uravu, Wayanad

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  • 13Pookode Lake, Kalpetta

    Pookode Lake, Kalpetta
    Image Credit : Rameshng

    15 kms away from Kalpetta, Pookode Lake is another must-visit on the list of Wayanad tourist places. It is a fresh water lake settled amidst the evergreen forests of Wayanad. The map of India is what the lake is shaped like. An abundance of blue lotus and fresh water fish inhabit the water body, enhancing its glorious beauty.

    Facilities like boating, well maintained children’s park, aquarium and a handicrafts’ emporium is made available here by the District Tourism Promotion Council. This is an ideal picnic spot for families and a great place for a hike.

    Pookode Lake Boating, Wayanad

    Pookode Lake Boating, Wayanad

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  • 14Phantom Rock

    Phantom Rock
    Image Credit : Vinayaraj

    Another fascinating Waynard tourist places which is a must see attraction for you is the Phantom Rock. Phantom Rock (Cheengeri Mala) is a prestigious place that is as one of a kind as its names. It's an archeological ponder that can be not really seen anyplace else on the planet. The stone is normally thrown in the state of the apparition skull and henceforth is well known by the name of Phantom Rock everywhere throughout the world.

    The beautiful place is 26 km far from Kalpetta and can be come to by trekking on the tight paths. Like different spots of Wayanad, Cheengeri Mala is likewise one of the most loved spots for trekkers and explorers. The pleasant rock is standing tall at a rise of 2600 m over the ocean level and is encompassed by the rich greenery; it's a picture perfect place for those who are looking for peace and solitude.

    Location: Phantom Rock is located at wayand resort, kumbleri, Kerala 673591

    Distance from Bangalore: Phantom Rock is located at a distance of 277.8 km

  • 15Neelimala View Point

    Neelimala View Point
    Image Credit : Hari menon

    If you are looking for some fun filled adventures in Waynard than the famous Neelima View Point is a must visit for you. A place for thrill seekers, Neelimala View point can be reached  by means of trekking at the same time offering a few astonishing trek trails. The perspective of the valley from the best is essentially captivating alongside beautiful vision of Meenmutty Falls. From the point, vacationers can see the smooth white streams spouting through the walk, advancing towards the waterway.

    One should walk a ton to achieve the place, individuals with joint and leg agony should take a legitimate care of themselves. Limited and uneven pathways from the closest motorable street will take voyagers to the perspective with the mountain folds of the Western Ghats towards its left and a slope incline loaded with grass alongside stones on the privilege.

    This magnificent sight is something that one can always remember all through life. Fog and fragrance around make such a spell, to the point that one will be lost in its magnificence for a drawn out stretch of time.

    Activities: Few of the activities which are famous here are trekking, hiking

    Location: Neelimala View Point is located at Vaduvanchal, Kerala 673581

    Timings: Opens from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

    Distance from Bangalore: Neelimala View Point is located at a distance of 282.9 km.

  • 16Meenmutty Waterfalls

    Meenmutty Waterfalls
    Image Credit : Betacommandbot

    The word Meenmutty, in Malayalam literally means the place where fish get blocked and is regarded as the largest waterfall in Wayanad. A 2km hike from the main Ooty road, this three-tiered waterfall with the height of 300 metres is a rare Wayanad tourist place that still remains untouched. 

    Comfortable in its natural settings, Meenmutty waterfalls is the 2nd largest in Kerala. A separate hike through the moist dense forests leads one to each of the three tiers. This is a quiet and tiresome route that ends at a point with the most dreamy sights.

  • 17Lakkidi View Point

    Lakkidi View Point
    Image Credit : Abhishek

    Lakkidi is the passage of Wayanad as it is situated at the peak of the serpentine Thamarassery ghat pass. There are nine clasp bends from Adivaram (Downhill) to Lakkidi through the mountains and a voyage through the serpentine ghat pass. It is around 2296 ft (700 m) over the ocean level and the significant town close-by is Vythiri which lies five km away. The lavish greenery of the slopes, chasms and streams seen on the two sides of the section up the slope are certain to wait in the guests' psyche for quite a while.

    Visitors frequently stop by Lakkidi View Point, the vantage point which offers stunning perspectives of the encompassing bluffs and valleys. Lakkidi has additionally risen as a well known hill station with numerous costly resorts and bungalows.

    You can see monkeys skipping through the roadside and once you begin setting out through the street to Vythiri, you will see a ficus tree on the left side. You will likewise see a substantial tie tied down to the ground and tied around the strong branches of the tree.

    Location: Lakkidi View Point is located at Kozhikode-Mysore-Kollegal Highway, Lakkidi, Kerala 673576

    Distance from Bangalore: Lakkidi View Point is located at a distance of 307 km.

  • 18Thirunelli Temple, Thirunelli

    Thirunelli Temple, Thirunelli
    Image Credit : -Reji - flickr

    Thirunelli Temple is an age-old temple buried in a valley of North Wayanad that is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The temple is surrounded by mountains and beautiful thickets of the region. Dating epochs back in time, it is said that the temple finds a number of mentions in the Puranas.

    Legend has it that Lord Vishnu promised that the water from the nearby spring has the power to wash away sins thus naming it Papanasini, meaning ‘destroyer of sins’. It serves as a popular destination for pilgrims who come here to wash their sins away with an dip in these holy waters.

  • 19Wildlife Safari at Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary in Wayanad

    Wildlife Safari at Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary in Wayanad
    • h2 Hours
    • lWayanad
    • NNNNN1 review
    • Subair
    About the activity: 
    • The Tholpetty wildlife sanctuary, located in the northern side of Wayanad, beckons you to explore its vast dense regions and engage in a wildlife safari.
    • The wildlife jeep safari at the sanctuary offers splendid opportunities to spot various animal and bird species in their natural habitat.
    • The safari usually lasts between 2-4 hours and takes place twice a day from 7am to 9am and 3pm to 5pm and experienced guides from the forest department will be by your side at all times.
    • The other amazing attractions of the region include a lake, where animals usually come up to quench their thirst during the summer.
    • The prime season for this sanctuary starts from the month of November and extends till the month of May, so book soon to get the best deals!
  • 20Spice Trail Of Wayanad

    Spice Trail Of Wayanad
    • h4 Hours
    • lWayanad
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    About the activity :

    On your next holiday, head to the beautiful north – eastern hill station in Kerala and engage in an exciting spice trail of the beautiful place that people call Wayanad!  The spice trail is an insightful visit to the lush and beautiful spice gardens of Wayanad. The countryside here is fragrant with pepper, cardamom, cinnamon and clove gardens, which are a delight to wander about. Get your cameras at the ready and explore every bit of the exquisite lands of Wayanad that never fails to amaze every single traveller that traverses these lands! So head on, and let your senses have a feast as you explore the different spice trails of Wayanad!

    Activities: Spice trails and interaction with farmers

    Difficulty Level: Easy

  • Off-Beat Places to Stay in Wayanad

  • 22Stay at Windflower Resort and Spa in Wayanad

    Stay at Windflower Resort and Spa in Wayanad
    About the Activity:
    • Get away from the rush and hurry of your life, choose a stay at Windflower resort in Wayanad and indulge in to array some exotic memories in your travelogue.
    • Sink in the beauty and scenery exhibited by misty Wayanad, stroll through the plantations and forests nearby, chilling climate just let you marvel.
    • Enjoy the real flavour of home made cookies and teas with a plantation walk before you get involved in different indoor and outdoor games provided.
    • Also, feel more relaxed with the spa therapies, swim in the big pool over there, cherishing time comes to your heart suddenly.
    • Check in is at 12:00 noon and check out is at 11:00 AM.         

  • 23Stay at Vythiri Village Resort in Wayanad

    Stay at Vythiri Village Resort in Wayanad
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lWayanad
    • NNNNN1 review
    • Ganam

    About the Activity:

    • Vythiri village resort in Wayanad offers you luxury and comfort at its best because Vythiri is a cascade of beauty being sphered in all season.
    • Deluxe rooms, cottage rooms, pool villas are the attractions here which open their doors to a pleasant nature everytime, listen to the soothing music played on.
    • Swimming pool, kids play area, indoor games area, waterfalls, hanging bridge, relaxation room and well equipped dining area are available for making your stay awesome.
    • Moreover indulge in a guided plantation walk and campfire if weather allows you. Swirl in with incomparable calmness and relish the beauty sphered atmosphere.
    • Check in time would be 02:00 PM and check out can be done at 12:00 noon.
  • 24Stay at Silverwoods Resorts in Wayanad

    Stay at Silverwoods Resorts in Wayanad
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lWayanad
    • NNNNN1 review
    • Jaikumar
    About the Activity:
    • If you are searching for a resort stay in Kerala, Wayanad would be the first place comes to your mind. Here is a fine opportunity to relish the sights of Wayanad at its best.
    • Stay in Silverwoods resort which holds a number of different kinds of villas with luxurious amenities, premium features and of course peaceful scenery around.
    • Find the different villas named Emperador villas, Royale villas, Sky Romantico villas, Romantico villas, Primero villas, Prestigio villas, Espacio Libre and Natural etc with cherishing views at their front that can make your hearts revive.
    • Emperador villas are the most spacious of all villas with 2500 sq. feet area and a mind blowing view to the magnificent stretch of waters bounded by Banasura Mountains. It has two bed rooms and a spacious living room. Both the rooms have independent outdoor relaxation area. 
    • Royale villa provides the royal experience with a spacious living room cum dining space and a dressing area. It has 1200 sq ft floor area with Jacuzzi in the balcony. 
    • The Sky Romantico villa is meant for the romantics who just want to be and enjoy the nature in its full glory. The entire room is 1100 sq feet and the bathroom is 180 sq feet with a bathtub. One can indulge in nature's gifts to the fullest with the stay here.
    • The Romantico villa is best suited for couples and honeymooners with a mesmerizing view of the hill locks and the magnificent stretch of waters.
    • Primero villas have spacious bedroom cum living room with relaxation area and the lake view.
    • Prestigio villa has spacious rooms with attached bathrooms having bathtubs with view to nature. Spacious outdoor area and nice view is provided.
    • All the villas provide some luxurious amenities such as mini snacks bar with coffee/tea facilities, in room safe, bathing robes and slippers, hair dryer, jacuzzi and bathtub in rest room, air conditioner and LED TV.
    • Also, find time to indulge in some outdoor activities as well indoor classes such as trekking, bird watching, tribal village visit, cooking class, fishing, boating, nature walk and visit to an organic garden.
    • Check in time is 12:00 noon and check out time is 11:00 AM.
  • 25Night Camping With Campfire in Wayanad

    Night Camping With Campfire in Wayanad
    • d1 Dayn1 Night
    • lWayanad
    • NNNNN1 review
    • Samad

    About the activity :

    • Have you ever wondered what the true beauty of Wayanad looks like, at any time of the day? On your next weekend, experience an exciting night camping experience in Wayanad with camping at Bansurian in this hilly forested paradise! 
    • Arrive at the meeting point near Chundale in Wayanad by 05:00 PM and you will be taken to the campsite later.
    • Gaze at the beautiful stars as you lounge in the tranquillity and serenity of the hills and forests of Wayanad! Enjoy with your close friends and family as you relax in the peaceful ambience of the thick and lush forests in Banasura. 
    • Dine on a delicious BBQ dinner as the wonders of nature envelop you into a peaceful stupor and lull you into a happy trance like state! Experience adventure and thrill in Wayanad on your next holiday and revel in pure, unadulterated excitement!
    • The next morning, wake up to the gentle tweets of birds and experience the fresh air around and have breakfast at 09:00 before you wind up the camping expedition.
  • 26Bon Fire and Stargazing Experience in Wayanad

    Bon Fire and Stargazing Experience in Wayanad
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lWayanad
    • NNNNN1 review
    • Mr.Thomas

    About the Activity :

    Plan your next holiday with your friends and join in the fun with an amazing bon fire and star gazing experience in Wayanad.  The area you will be visiting and enjoying with your loved ones is located in the Begur-Tholpetty Reserve Forest area after the Thirunelly Temple, on the other side of Kalindi River and is approximately 137km from Calicut, 121km from Mysore and 250km from Bangalore. You can reach the retreat only by road. If you enjoy seeing a sky clear of the city pollution and love to relax by the shores of forested plains and hills, while the sounds of nature are all that you hear all around you at all times, then you need to head to Wayanad now!

    You can relax under a beautiful canopy of stars, and stargaze whilst savoring the warmth of a campfire accompanied with a barbecue and a lovely ambience!  Share stories with your friends, or savor some fresh warm coffee,  and you will realize that there is no better way to spend an evening in Wayanad.

  • 27Wayanad Tea Plantation Stay Experience

    Wayanad Tea Plantation Stay Experience
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lWayanad
    • NNNNN7 reviews
    • supplier
      Code: 9898930
    • 10,000
    • Book Now

    About the Activity:

    Stay in the Tea Terrace Vythiri Resort in Wayanad for a multi-coloured experience! Its myriad list of offerings, warm hospitality and list of things to do, make it for a delightful stay experience amidst the lush and groovy tea plantations.

    Beginning from the dawn to dusk, its merry offerings like spectacular views of the hills and mountains, pictorial valleys, captivating Spanish decors, gastronomic delights and activity list will keep you soaked in unlimited fun and excitement!

    Adding more to the joy and amusement are its splendid offerings like indoor & outdoor games, plantations walks, trampoline, sightseeing options, game and hobby options for kids. And in case, you are not in the mood for any activities or games, you can simply laze around the resort and feast on the enticing views all around.