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Best Things To Do in Shimoga

Things To Do In Shimoga

About the Destination: Declared as one of the natural heritages in Karnataka, trek to Kodachadri is the gateway to the undulated beauty of Shimoga district. With a height of 1,343m, this peak boasts of being the 10th highest peak in Karnataka and is often called as a trekker's paradise. Though the peak is barren, its surrounding is extremely rich in flora and fauna and also serves as a home to several endangered species. As the peak is located in the heart of the Mookambika National Park, it also attracts plenitude of seasonal travellers, nature lovers and others with a spree to discover
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About the Activity:Fixed departure date: 20th January, 2017Shimoga district has plenty of serenity in it, but the Sharavathi river valley is something that can be considered to be an ecological paradise.The Sharavathi river is the highlight over here that starts at Ambuthirtha and goes through Thirthahalli taluk and it flows north-west and drops down in the Ghats at the Jog Falls.Get picked up from Bangalore to indulge in the trek. The valley is evergreen to semi-evergreen forest along with moist deciduous type of forests.Visit the Sharavathi Backwater
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About the Activity:Brace yourself to find the breathtaking panoramic view of the Kodachadri Hills in Valur, Karnataka. The 1343 meter altitude where the hills are situated at has a dense forest around. Every year the peak is explored by thousands of people.The Mookambika Temple in Kollur is quite near to the peak. It also acts as the favourite home for several endangered species of flora and fauna and thus it has the description; a biodiversity hotspot.Whet your stamina to climb the tricky terrains on this 2 day trekking trip from Bangalore and reach the top of the hill where you will be able t
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Traveller Tales From Shimoga


Kanaka Kapoor

16 October 2015

Kodachadri is certainly one of the most beautiful trekking trails, one fact that I realized after spending 10 years in Karnataka. Beautiful place, loved the trekking and the entire region is so calm that it automatically de-stresses you.

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Anilabh Bharadwaj

28 December 2015

Beautiful hills with an ambience to kill for. Went trekking here with a group of high energy techies who really loved the weather and the guides. Nice idea for a quick weekend getaway guys. Worth the money!!! go for it everyone!!!

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Gajbaahu Kakkar

12 April 2014

The Kundadri Peak is located 80 km from Shimoga and around 20 km from Thirthahalli. It is known for its pristine beauty. We had a great time at this trek. I so suggest this to all my friends already. I had a great trek in short. It was one of the best treks we had. I surely love this and would like to do it again sometime. Only that this place is far from my city and the travel expenses are huge.

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04 August 2017

I traveled to Agumbe with the group last November. Koodlu falls was still closed because of heavy rainfall before that but we got the stunning views of Onake Abbi falls. Found a big snake at Agumbe wild forest research station possibly a cobra. Also saw Pit Viper on our trek into jungle. It was quite an adventure and staying in the tents was an experience in itself. The food was delicious and our group had fun before the campfire. All in all, it was one weekend I won't forget for long time. The guide was very entertaining too with all his stories (mostly cooked up). Organizers were very helpful and always with us. It was my first time to live & experience the jungle and i can tell you it's worth every penny.


Gitanjali Devar

23 February 2017

I was visiting my friend in Bangalore when he came up with the idea of camping. While searching I came up with this package which was the best for our weekend. It was a beautiful home stay and the rooms were very well furnished. While trekking we pass the thick forest. It was wonderful to trek through this region with the birds chirping and exploring various wild flowers. Next day we went for Kayaking which was another great experience for us. The peaceful environment made it all more amazing for us. Great experience.


Chandraketu Bandopadhyay

23 February 2017

My brother was visiting this summer and so we all decided to try this amazing trek. We were 7 members for the trip and it was an amazing one. Everything was very well organized right from your pickup to your stay. We also enjoyed some delicious meals before heading out for trekking. We trek to the Hidlumane Waterfall which was mesmerising. And our accommodation was also very good. The rooms are very clean as well. We had a great adventure while trekking and kayaking.


Karthik Dubashi

13 October 2015

This trek is challenging, no doubt but one thing for sure once you start trekking you will be so engrossed in the accompanying natural beauty that you would just not wish to give up. Amazing experience, all of my friends are ardent trekkers and this was a considerable easy trek for them but considering my first time in trek I must say I did gave up at some point or the other but man! this place is awesome. Loved the entire trekking experience.


Gurinder Singh

13 August 2015

I never knew about Kodachadri and if it weren’t for my friends, would never have! But they dragged me to this beautiful trek and I am so happy they did because it was the most awesome experience. Especially had fun camping with my friends and the delicious meals they made for us. The team also did a great job! and guys one advice if you anyone trying this trek, take extra water and few snacks !! will be very helpful!!


Lalit Thapa

23 March 2017

"It was awesome experience for us to be a part of this amazing trekking as we had lots of fun and enjoyed it to fullest. everything was well planned by the organiser and we did not had any issue during the trip. We also went to Murudeshwar and Jog falls which was not included in package. Thanks to Escape2Explore as they supported us for these extra activities. Overall it was a wonderful experience for me and my group."

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