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    Image credit: Andreas Metz

    Most of us residing in metropolitan regions crave for a change of scene during long holiday weekends. However, it is tiresome and time-consuming, not to mention expensive, to plan long distance travels. Fortunately for you, there are many options for you to select from if you wish to embark on a short, one day trip from Bangalore - all within a radius of 180 km or less.

    These locations have the edge over far-flung destinations since one doesn’t have to make elaborate plans to head towards them and yet offer just as much in terms of beautiful scenes and adventurous activities. To make your task of searching for the wonderful day trip near Bangalore, here is a list of 10 locales that will exceed your expectations.

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    1. Shivanasamudram Falls

    Image credit: Ashwin Kumar

    Distance from Bangalore: 135km

    Tsmall town of Shivanasamudra on the banks of river Kaveri is a must see. Once the Kaveri River makes its way through the rocky terrain of the Deccan Plateau, it drops off in the form of the Shivanasamudram Falls. The island town of Shivanasamudra that divides the river into twin waterfalls – Barachukki and Gaganchukki, has a group of ancient temples located on it. Being a segmented waterfall, Shivanasamudram has multiple waterfalls dropping over a cliff.

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    The Eastern branch of the falls is called the Bharachukki which are a few kilometers to the South of the place where the Kaveri splits into the twin Gaganachukki falls. A watchtower at Shivanasamudra enables tourists get a glorious view of the Gaganachukki falls and take photographs of the waters in full splendor. A popular activity that you can participate in on this day trip around Bangalore is a coracle ride over the gushing water at the bottom of the falls. The perennial Shivanasamudram Falls can be visited anytime during the year but the best flow is in the monsoon season of July to October.

    2. Mysore

    Image credit: Philofoto

    Distance from Bangalore: 143km

    Most Bangaloreans prefer to drive to Mysore whenever they are in the mood for a one day trip around Bangalore. Besides being a tourist destination on its own, Mysore also serves as a stopover place for visitors on their way to other places like Coorg, Bandipur and Ooty The city is a hub of tourist movement during the 10-day Dasara festival which is conducted annually in the months of October or November (depending on the Hindu calendar) with much pomp and show. The official residence of the Wodeyar Dynasty - Mysore Palace or the Amba Vilas Palace - with its magnificent architecture and impressive interiors are one of the most visited locations here.

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    Apart from it, one can also tour the Jaganmohana Palace, the Jayalakshmi Vilas and the Lalitha Mahal – all former residences of the royal family. Other than palaces, some of the other recreational places to visit include the Mysore zoo, Railway museum, Chamarajendra Academy of Visual Arts and the Regional Museum of Natural History.  Chamundeshwari Temple, atop the Chamundi Hills, is a notable religious place and is a short drive from Mysore. Not very far from the city is the Krishnarajasagar Dam and the Brindavan Gardens bordering it, where a musical fountain show is held every evening. There is also a nursery within the gardens where one can purchase a variety of fruit and flower saplings.

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    3. Nandi Hills

    Image credit: Parthiv Haldipur

    Distance from Bangalore: 60km

    Nandi Hills or Nandidurg is an old hill fortress nearly 1479 m above sea levels. It is one of the best places to head to for a one day trip near Bangalore. The 60 km drive from the city is a smooth one and before heading to the top, you could visit the Bhoganandeeswara temple located in the nearby village of Nandi at its foothills. These hills were once a summer retreat for Tipu Sultan and are very popular among those who wish to see a splendid sunrise or sunset from its pinnacle.

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    At the top, one of the attractions for the visitors is a 600 meter high cliff called Tipu’s Drop which offers great views of the surrounding landscape. There is also Tipu’s summer palace and fort, Yoga Nandishvara Temple, Gandhi Nilaya, the Nehru House and Amrita Sarovar, a beautiful lake for you to explore. The trip is also ideal for a bird watching and photography since the evergreen forest on top of the hill is a location that plays home to migratory birds like warblers, flycatchers and thrushes.

    Some distance away from the base of the Nandi Hills, is the Grover’s Vineyards which can also be included in this one day trip around Bangalore. On visiting the vineyards, you can view grapes-laden vines, learn about the wine making process, taste varieties of wines and have lunch on the premises. 

    4. Anthargange

    Distance from Bangalore: 67km

    Anthargange, a hilly spot 4 kms from Kolar, is known among locals more for the temple situated at the base of its rocky mountain. Literally meaning "Ganges from deep" in Kannada, the mountain has a narrow and steep path that leads to its top. There are seven villages standing on various parts of the peak that is made of granite rocks and has boulders scattered all around. When you are on a one day trip near Bangalore to Anthargange, you can practice rock climbing and rappelling since the rocky terrain has plenty of boulders suitable for this adventure activity.

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    An easy trek up the slopes with moderate green cover makes a splendid walk. The region also has a lot of caves around where one can indulge in spelunking and exploring the insides of these natural formations made of volcanic rocks. Some of these caves have narrow interiors, forcing you to crawl on all fours to make your way through. For this action-packed and thrilling day trip around Bangalore, all you need to do is drive for just over an hour on NH4 and head towards Kolar.

    5. BR Hills

    Image credit: Manish K

    Distance from Bangalore: 180km

    The Biligiriranga Hills, commonly called B R Hills, is a hill range situated on the northernmost tip of the Nilgiris, connecting the Eastern & Western Ghats. The area, covered with untouched forests, is called Biligiriranga Swamy Temple Wildlife Sanctuary and has a unique eco-system, is considered a protected reserve. The sanctuary derives its name Biligiri from the white rock surface that forms the major hill with the temple of Lord Rangaswamy at its apex. The idols of Sri Biligiri Ranganatha and Ranganayaki the Lord's spouse are housed in this temple. If you are on a lookout for a one day trip around Bangalore that offers a blend of natural sightseeing and spiritual rejuvenation, you should head towards these hills.

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    The sanctuary supports diverse flora and fauna since it has varied habitat types within the deciduous forests and BR Hills was also declared a Tiger Reserve in December 2010. Apart from the majestic tigers, BR hills hosts about 26 species of mammals including the Asian elephant, gaur, sambhar, chital, barking deer and the rare four-horned antelope, stealthy leopards as well as wild dogs and sloth bears can also be spotted here. In addition to this wide array of biodiversity, the Soliga tribe calls the BR hills its home, the tribesmen celebrate the annual ratha festival at the Rangaswamy temple in April. For those of you who venture to trek around the area, accommodation is available for tourists within the site.

    6. Hogenakkal Waterfalls

    Image credit: Sanjay P. K.

    Distance from Bangalore: 150km

    With the monsoons replenishing the waterfalls all around India, hordes of tourists make their way to the various nearby falls and enjoy themselves while taking in the remarkable sight of water thundering down immense heights. For those of you who want to experience this scene while on a one day trip near Bangalore, the Hogenakkal Falls is just 2 hours away. The word Hogenakkal is formed of two Kannada words hoge (smoke) and kal (rock) which refers to the smoky appearance of the water as it falls on the rocks below. When the River Kaveri enters the Tamil Nadu border after meandering through the state of Karnataka, it descends down the elevated landscape into a rush of water forming the Hogenakkal Waterfalls.

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    Having originated at Talacauvery near Coorg, the river gathers water from various tributaries on its way and while it approaches Dharmapuri district it gathers momentum rapidly. Dropping down the rocky terrain, the Kaveri creates numerous waterfalls - some as much as 20 m high - amid constant deafening roars. It then flows through to the Mettur Dam and creates a 60 sq mi lake called Stanley Reservoir. One can indulge in swimming in the lower reaches of the falls and take photographs of the brilliant sight of the gushing waters above. Coracle riding, one of the main attractions of the area, is allowed during the dry-season when the waterfalls are not strong enough to upset the boats. Moreover, the local forest department also maintains a mini zoo and a crocodile park here which can be included in your outing. 

    7. Bheemeshwari

    Image credit: Juha Riissanen

    Distance from Bangalore: 120km

    Lying between Shivanasamudra falls and Mekedatu, on the banks of the River Kaveri, is Bheemeshwari. Perfect for a one day trip near Bangalore, it is a favoured picnic spot for those who wish to indulge in outdoor activities on their outing. With accommodation available at local nature and fishing camps, a visit to Bheemeshwari is incomplete without watching wildlife like elephants, deer, wild boars, monkeys, jackals, crocodiles, otters and leopards.

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    There are a variety of birds for interested visitors to spot in this region such as cuckoo, green-billed Malkoha, white-browed Bulbul, and the pygmy woodpecker. The conditions in the river here are suitable as a natural habitat for the Mahseer fish, the biggest tropical game fish known to man, which attracts hundreds of professional anglers from across the globe each year. Novice anglers can participate in the ‘catch and release’ form of fishing at this location. For those with nature in their mind, the staff of the camps also organizes activities like jungle walk, short treks nearby, rafting, kayaking and camping for those guests who avail their hospitality.

    8. Skandagiri

    Image credit: Vandan Desai

    Distance from Bangalore: 60km

    Skandagiri, also known as Kalavara Durga, is an ancient mountain fortress located 3 km from Chikballapur overlooking the Nandi Hills, Muddenahalli, and Kanivenarayanapura. On a one day trip from Bangalore to Skandagiri, one can undertake an easy, 2-hour trek up a well-marked route on the 1350 m high peak. At the top of the hill is an 18th century fort, which is now in a dilapidated state and which you can see throughout the walk uphill, along with an abandoned temple.

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    Getting close to the top of the hill, one can see lush vegetation while the summit offers sweeping views of the basin below. Most trekkers climb up this precipitous hill early in the morning to reach the peak just in time to view the sun rising slowly at the distance. Tourists must definitely carry  their camera  and take spectacular pictures of 360 degree views of the surrounding landscape.

    9. Savandurga

    Image credit: Parshitam Lal Tandon

    Distance from Bangalore: 50km

    Savandurga is a large monolith hill, rising 1226 m above sea level, around 60 km west of Bangalore. Composed of two hills known locally as Karigudda (black hill) and Biligudda (white hill), Savandurga forms a part of the Deccan plateau and consists of volcanic rocks like peninsular gneiss and granite, giving it a typical hue.

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    The Arkavathi River flows nearby through the Thippagondanahalli reservoir and on towards Manchanabele dam. At the foothills of Savandurga are the temples devoted to Sri Savandi Veerabhadraswamy and Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy. On this one-day trip near Bangalore, many rock climbers and cave explorers frequent the area to indulge in their favourite adventure activity. Most tourists usually go trekking up the slopes of the hill after a short stopover at the temples. The Manchanebele dam is unmissable for a wide variety of water and adventure sports available.

    10. Mekedatu Falls

    Image credit: Binu K S

    Distance from Bangalore: 100km

    For a one day trip around Bangalore, Mekedaatu falls are a great option to explore if waterfalls and natural scenes are up your alley. Mekedaatu, or 'goat's leap' in Kannada, is a charming location along Kaveri in the rural parts of Bangalore. The confluence of Rivers Kaveri and Arkavati takes place at the Sangama area and 3.5 kms downstream from there, the river Kaveri flows through a very deep and narrow ravine of hard granite rock.

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    The river, which is more than 150 meters wide at the meeting point (at Sangama) flows through the barely 10-meter-wide gorge at Mekedatu. As per local legend, a goat being chased by a tiger managed to cross over the raging river by leaping across the gorge and saved its life in the process – thus giving rise to the name ‘goat’s leap’. Approaching the spot, one can see the magnificent flow of all the water as its roars down the ravine. However, one must tread cautiously in this region as the rocks are deceptively slippery and the water below is deep.

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    Hopefully this list has whetted your curiosity enough to go and discover these destinations personally. So as soon as the next long weekend approaches make sure you have your picnic basket ready, your camera packed and the fuel tank of your car is topped up, so you can zip-off to your chosen locale at a moment’s notice.