Things to Do in Yercaud

With its rugged terrains, lush green forest cover and beautiful lakes, one can never run out of things to do in Yercaud. Nestled in the bosom of the Shevaroy Hills, the rustic little town offers a number of fun attractions and activities.

Priding on its natural wealth, the organic beauty of Yercaud finds vent through the numerous nature parks, gardens, and forest reserves that the hill station houses, and visiting these nature banks are among the most popular Yercaud things to do. Take a stroll through the exotic orchid exhibit housed within the Botanical Garden here, or treat yourself to a picnic in the beautifully decorated Rose Garden- Yercaud offers the ideal place for one’s close communion with nature.

Yercaud is also an ideal destination for those interested in outdoor activities like trekking or camping. A number of campsites dominate the little hill station, and offer a perfect outdoor camping experience. Trekking, too, is an extremely popular activity here, with a number of scenic trekking destinations, such as the Tipperary Point or the Kaveri Peak.

With its numerous viewpoints, Yercaud yearns to bring out the photographer of all those travelling here. From the scenic sunrises at Tipperary to the golden sunsets enjoyed at the historic Lady’s Seat, the beauty of the place leaves one enthralled and in awe.

Adventure enthusiasts travelling to Yercaud will find the hill station suiting their tastes. Yercaud offers a number of different adventure parks, with activities designed to invoke maximum thrill. From the Burma Bucket at Oak Thrill to Paint Ball at Poppy Hills, no moment spent here is ever a dull one. Bungee Jumping, Trampolining, Water and Land Zorbing are also some of the fun activities that one can partake in here.

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Yercaud Things To Do FAQs

What are the best things to do in Yercaud?

1. Take a boat ride on Yercaud Lake: An emerald lake nestled in the heart of Yercaud, the ravishing beauty of the Yercaud Lake bewitches all who come here. Offering panoramic views of the rolling green mountains on all sides, the Yercaud Lake is best explored by boating here.

Paddled, rowed and motor driven boats can be rented from the Yercaud Boathouse. With the wide variety of boat sizes and capacities available, boating here can be enjoyed by families as well as couples.

Price: Starting from Rs. 100, depending on the type of boat rented.
Timings: 09.00AM-05.30PM on all days of the week.

2. Take a drive through the 32-kilometer Loop Road: Originating from the Yercaud Lake, the 32-kilometer Loop Road makes its way through the coffee plantations of Yercaud. To get a taste of the local life here, a drive through the Loop Road is one of the best things to do in Yercaud.

As you make your way through the long stretch, you will come across plantation workers at their craft, interact with locals, and witness the majestic beauty of the never-ending stretches of the coffee garden.

3. Explore the historic Bears Cave: Hidden at the centre of a private coffee estate near Norton Bungalow in Yercaud. Believed to once have housed bears, the historic legends associated with the place makes a visit to the Bear Caves one of the most interesting things to do in Yercaud.

The cave also happened to be a hideout and an escape route for the emperor Tipu Sultan. The cave is located about 7 feet below ground level, and can be explored without meeting any considerable obstacle.

4. Enjoy the surrounding beauty from Lady’s Seat: Lady’s Seat is a rock formation that owes its naming to the colonial history of the city. It is said that the Lady’s Seat was once a much favored recreational spot for the British ladies, who frequently met up here.

Jutting out from the edge of the mountain, Lady’s Seat offers some of the most incredible views of the surrounding ranges. With its unobstructed horizon, the most spectacular sunset views can be enjoyed here.

Timings: 07.00AM-07.00PM on all days of the week.

5. Explore the Orchids at the Orchidarium: Located close by the Lady’s Rock, the Orchidarium is home to some of the rarest species of exotic orchids. Including species that are declared endangered, there are about 250 different types of orchids showcased here.

The pride of the garden, however, is the Insect Eating pitcher and the Neelakurinji plant, which are said to bloom only once in 12 years. The Orchidarium also houses some varieties of rose and bamboo plants.

Entry Fee: Rs. 6 per person.
Timings: 08.00AM-06.00PM on all days of the week.

6. Enjoy zipline and Aerial Adventure activities: One of the most fun things to do in Yercaud is to visit the Grange TreeTop Adventures. With its variety of outdoor rope-based attractions, this adventure park attracts visitors from around the country. Rides here include ziplining, mountain biking, archery, target practice and obstacle courses. Fun water-based sports such as water bicycling or water zorbing can also be attempted here.

Entry Fee: Rs. 300 per person.
Timings: 09.30AM-06.30PM on all days of the week.

7. Trek along the Windy Slopes: Trekking is one of the most enjoyable things to do in Yercaud. With its abundant slopes and rugged terrains, the city offers some of the best trekking opportunities in the country.

The Shevaroy Hills, Killiyur Waterfalls and Kaveri Peak are some of the most visited destinations for trekking here. The pleasant weather of Yercaud and its scenic setting makes it an ideal place for trekking throughout the year.

8. Go Camping in the Heart of the Hills: With its natural splendor, Yercaud offers the perfect setting for a camping experience. From cottage-based camps to tenting under the stars, the city offers it all. There are a number of different campsites located across Yercaud, the most popular of them being Tipperary Camping, Heaven’s Ledge Campsite, Grange Resorts, and Lakeview Village Homestay among others.

9. Enjoy views of Fallen Meteorite remains from the Tipperary View Point: Situated at the very southern tip of Yercaud, Tipperary View Point is one of the most oft-visited destinations here. Commanding an excellent panoramic view of the surrounding ranges, the View Point is a much loved hiking destination, and trekking here is one of the most popular things to do in Yercaud.

The Elephant Rocks, which are said to be remains of fallen meteorites, can be viewed from the Tipperary Point. Contrasting to the black granite of the surrounding hills, the Elephant Rocks area is a startling white. Viewed during the sunset, the rocks provide a fantastic sight with its contrast in colours.

10. Explore the tribal history of Yercaud at Kottachedu: The Kottachedu Teak forest in Yercaud was once home to the hill tribes of the Southern Hills. Although now devoid of the tribal population, the Kottachedu area is still fairly unharnessed and boasting of a rustic charm. Wildlife can be spotted roaming free in through the teak growth, while the trees provide shelter to a number of different birds. With its rustic beauty and rural charm, a trip to Kottachedu is one of the most interesting things to do in Yercaud.

Offbeat things to do in Yercaud:

1. Have a meal at the Sweet Rascal Café: Nestled cozily within a redecorated bungalow of the colonial era, having a meal at the Sweet Rascal Café is one of the most fun and exciting things to do in Yercaud. The café seeks to surprise its guests with a meal. The menu here is never fixed, but whipped up as a surprise. From Chinese to continental, to Italian- there is nothing that Sweet Rascal cannot bring to your table! Booking a table here, however, must be done in advance to get a seat.

2. Take a walk on the Burma Bucket: An adventure installation by the Oak Trails resort, the Burma Bucket is a fun attraction where one must walk across a bridge suspended in the air. A thrill-packed ride best suited for the adventure lover in you, the Burma Bucket is fashioned after the makeshift bridges used in World War 2.

3. Enjoy the Pipe Dream adventure ride: The Pipe Dream adventure is another popular adventure sport in Yercaud. The ride involves hopping across a series of pipes that are attached to cables above and below.

Testing one’s ability to put one’s fear of heights at bay, this ride is a perfect thrill for anyone above the age of 12. If you’re a thrill seeker, this adventure game would be among the most fun Yercaud things to do. The Pipe Dream adventure sport can be tried out at the Grange Resort.

4. Engage in a game of Paintball: Poppy Hills Adventure Park in Yercaud offers people of all ages the fun opportunity of participating in a game of paintball. Paintball is a group activity, where two teams aim to maim each other with guns loaded with paint.

The game is conducted in a natural forest setting, adding a certain thrill to it. Instructors and guides overlook the entire process and advise the players regarding the rules and formats of the games.

What are the best things to do in Yercaud for couples?

1. Enjoy a boat ride on the Big Lake: One of the most popular Yercaud things to do for couples is to enjoy a boat ride on the Big Lake. Couples can avail a paddle or a rowboat for two. The splendid beauty of the surrounding green ranges and the emerald waters of the tranquil lake make for an ideal romantic experience.

2. Enjoy a candle light dinner in a Yercaud restaurant: A number of different restaurants in Yercaud go out of their way to offer the perfect romantic experience for couples. Commanding excellent views of the picturesque green hills, these Yercaud diners offer terrific meals by the candlelight. Some of the best restaurants to enjoy a cozy, romantic dinner in Yercaud are Altitude Kitchen and Bar, Orange Restaurant and Cloud 9 among others.

3. Take a stroll through the Rose Garden: Only a few other things to do in Yercaud are as romantic as taking an evening stroll through the city’s Rose Garden. Housing a variety of local and exotic roses, the lush, landscaped lawns of the Garden offer an ideal, picturesque setting for romantic getaway. You can either choose to enjoy the tranquility of the place by ambling down the well-paved roads dotted with bushes on both sides, or even enjoy a short picnic on the Garden lawns.

4. Enjoy sunset views at the Kardiya View Point: Overlooking the Mettur Dam, the view point at Karadiyur commands an excellent panoramic view of the lush green valleys below. Often visited by couples travelling to the hill station, a trip to Karadiyur is among the top romantic Yercaud things to do. The scenic sights that the viewpoint commands are best enjoyed during the sunset and the sunrise hours, just as the golden rays break or recede behind the towering ranges.

What are the best things to do near Yercaud?

1. Visit the KurumbaPatti Zoological Park: Located on the foothills of the Shevaroy Hills, the Kurumbapatti Zoological Park is a mini-zoo and museum. The zoo houses a few animals and reptiles, and a wide variety of local and exotic bird species. The zoo is located right next to a reserved forest area, allowing visitors to enjoy the flora and fauna of the region.

2. Have a scenic picnic at the Mettur Park: Adjacent to the Mettur Dam across the Cauvery River is the Mettur Park, a scenic recreational area. Apart from the few playgrounds that the park houses, the lush, green lawns here is also ideal for having a small picnic.

3. Take a splash in the Paravasa Ulagam Water Park: A short drive away from Yercaud, Purvasa Ulagam is a themed water park in the neighboring town of Salem. The park houses a number of fun exciting water games such as roller coasters, tube slides, rain dance areas, and lazy river. The Park also has a dry-land segment, with a number of attractions tailored for kids.

4. Take a tour of the Oothumalai Hills: The Oothumalai Hills near Yercaud is known to be the home to a number of temples dedicated to different deities. Among the major attractions here are the Sri Balasubramanian Temple dedicated to Lord Murugan, the Shiva Temple and the Sathyanarayana Temple. Owing to its peaceful, devotional atmosphere, a trip to the Oothumalai temples is one of the most popular Yercaud things to do.

What is the best time to visit Yercaud?

Yercaud enjoys pleasant weather throughout the year. The best time to visit the hill station, however, is between the months of October to June. During this time, the temperature remains moderate, cool and pleasant. It is best to avoid the monsoon months between July and September, when Yercaud experiences severe rainfall.

How to reach Yearcaud?

- By Road: Yercaud is well-connected to almost all major neighbouring cities by road. The hill station can be easily reached from Coimbatore, Bangalore or Trichy by a short drive.

- By Air: The nearest airport to Yercaud is in Trichy, which is about 180 kilometers away from the hill station. From here, one can hire a car or a taxi to reach Yercaud.

- By Rail: The nearest railway station to Yercaud is in Salem, which is about 32 kilometers away. From here, one can travel to Yercaud in hired cars or taxis.

What is special in Yercaud?

The most special thing about the quaint hill station on Shevaroy is its natural splendor. Covered in coffee plantations, the green cover of Yercaud offers a special resplendence to the place.

The beauty of Yercaud’s floral wealth is exhibited in its multiple nature parks and gardens, such as the Anna Park, the Botanical Garden or the Orchidarium. The camping grounds here, with its outdoor setting, also offer a splendid insight into the natural wealth of the place.

Is Yercaud worth visiting?

Yes, Yercaud with its beautiful sights is definitely worth a visit. The many viewpoints here, with their panoramic views of the open green valleys, adds to the charm of the little town. The natural growth of the place, with its shades of bamboo and coffee, makes for a beautiful visit.

How many days are enough for Yercaud?

A four-day visit would be ideal for a trip to Yercaud. A four-day trip would allow you to enjoy all the sightseeing spots at leisure, as well as enjoy the trekking and camping experience that the hill station has to offer.

What is better, Coorg or Yercaud?

Both Coorg and Yercaud have a charm and beauty that is individualistic to themselves. If you are looking to enjoy a tranquil, weekend getaway, however, Yercaud would be a better option.

What can I buy in Yercaud?

Boasting of its coffee plantations, the handpicked coffee of Yercaud has a special natural flavor on it. Coffee powder in Yercaud can be purchased from any local store or directly from the plantations themselves. Yercaud also prides in its array of home-grown spices, such as cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, and pepper.

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