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  • The beach destination that can give even Goa a run for its money, Resorts in Gokarna are on an all-new level of charm and comfort. Situated in the Northern regions of Karnataka, Gokarna is slowly emerging as the new favourite of people looking to spend some time on a beach of the west coast of India. 

    With a good number of great beaches on the outskirts of the town, the history of this town suggests towards a deeply religious attitude and an important place in the Hindu Mythology. And where there are beaches, there is a fun way to make your vacation a totally comfortable and lavish one. You guessed it right, resorts.

    Gokarna beach resorts bring together all the elements that you would typically only relate to the Uttara Kannada or the northern Karnataka region; sculpted hills, greenery to make you green with envy and a feel of being in the proximity of several beautiful beaches with the most beautiful sights ever. You will find almost all of them to be constructed very subtly and surrounded by trees after trees to give you the feeling that your stay has been blessed by the Lord himself.

    If you are here for a time of your life and are looking for places to stay in Gokarna, look no further than the beautiful and rejuvenating resorts of this place.

    Below are some of the best resorts in Gokarna:

  • 01SwaSwara Resort

    SwaSwara Resort

    With Ayurveda and Yoga ruling the roost, the SwaSwara Resort serves as one of the prominent Gokarna Resorts that is intent on providing its guests with a complete vacation package that is nothing short of perfection and satisfaction.

    The landscaping of this resort resembles that of a mystical place situated on a secluded charming island surrounded by water and greenery. This whole set-up appears to be like a fabled beach that is shaped like the holy sound of creation “OM”. Once you visit this resort, the vibes around here would refresh your mind and fill your heart with a gush of positivity and wellness by rejuvenating your mind and soul.

    Many people may confuse it with a self-healing ashram or a spa but in reality, it is far more than that. For example, this place can be considered as a sanctuary of human wellness, where one gets to reconstruct his/her mind and body in terms of creating a balance between them along with enjoying a memorable holiday experience.

    The dwelling units here in the SwaSwara Resort are all villas, which offer an elegant style of living amidst the beauty of nature, offering the kind of privacy one needs along with being able to access the clear blue skies and the surrounding nature’s bounty.

    On the second level of the villa is the Yoga deck, which offers an amazing view of the region along with the ocean. Of course, each of these fantastically constructed villas comes equipped with all kinds of modern amenities that are provided to comfort its guests. 

    Someone has rightly said that architecture which silently compliments the vivacity of a terrain along with its constituting atmosphere and natural offerings, would surely serenade anyone with its simplicity.

    Resort Activities and Amenities: Bird Watching, Boat Cruises, Nature Walk, Yoga, Ayurveda Treatments, Yoga and Meditation Center, Spa.

  • 02Gokarna Forest Resort

    Gokarna Forest Resort

    The Gokarna Forest Resort is a part of the 188-hectare forest that was used as a hunting reserve by the Nepali Royal Family. Now the sound of the gunshots has been replaced by that of the thwack of flying golf balls being shot from the resort’s very own 18 holes golf course. 

    This resort was designed by the same company who had earlier designed the very famous Gleneagles of Scotland.

    This resort is most famous for its golf course, as several golf enthusiasts visit this place on a regular basis to enjoy playing the sport in such beautiful surroundings and atmosphere. 

    While for the tourists, this resort is nothing more than sheer luxury and opulence that would make you feel as if you are truly visiting your dreamland.

    The resort provides all sorts of luxury spa treatments to their guests, which is again quite an attraction here. Apart from this, the resort organises guided forest walk and visit the temple of the Forest Goddess Bandevi along with that of Gokarna Mahadev.

    The popularity of this resort is not just limited to the local nationals but also worldwide. Owing to its worldwide fame and recognition this place has been a site of an international film shoots. 

    Near the entrance of the spa is a 200-year-old Pipal Tree, where a scene of Bertolucci’s film Little Buddha was shot with Keanu Reeves essaying the role of Buddha. Knowing this fact would definitely make one realise that this resort is one of the best Gokarna Resorts. 

    Resort Activities and Amenities: Bird Watching, Forest Walks, Horse Riding, Mountain Biking, Golf, Spa, Superior rooms and Suites, Conference Rooms, Swimming Pool.

  • 03Om Beach Ayurvedic Resort (Kairali)

    Om Beach Ayurvedic Resort (Kairali)

    As mentioned above, Gokarna is one of the towns in the country that offers mysticism along with adventure. Situated between the Arabian Sea and the beautiful Western Ghats, this town is known for its scenic beauty and symbolic coastal landscape.

    So if anything that can rightly justify the natural and cultural inheritance of this place, it is a luxury food and lodging destination like the Om Beach Ayurvedic Resort, which is one of the Gokarna Beach Resorts. Om Beach Ayurvedic Resort (Kairali) turns to be a perfect choice, due to its great location and facilities offered.

    The Om Beach Ayurvedic Resort (Kairali) is one of the very few Gokarna Resorts that offers its guests an inspiring beach sanctuary consisting of 12 colonial styled villas. Practice and belief in Ayurveda is the core of the resort owing to which it offers its guests traditional ayurvedic treatment programmes including Detox courses, traditional Indian Panchakarma, meditation, and many others.

    There are several other packages the resort offers that include astrology, temple pilgrimage, sightseeing, etc. The resort also has on offer for its guests with other interests, such as a range of adventure tourism options consisting of water sports like water surfing, water-skiing, parasailing, fishing trip, dolphin spotting, or simple treks and sightseeing such as guided jungle trek, boat ride to the deserted island of Paradise, and other such activities.

    As for the rest who may like to enjoy the atmosphere alongside the scenic beauty of nature, they can spend their entire day in idyllic communion while cherishing the resort's seafood barbecue.

    Resort Activities and Amenities: Jungle treks, Surfing, Water Skiing, Ayurvedic Treatments, Yoga and Meditation centre, Seafood Barbeque, Luxury Spa.

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  • 04Namaste Holiday Homes

    Namaste Holiday Homes

    When it comes to some of the famous Gokarna Resorts or specifically Gokarna Beach Resorts, Namaste Holiday Homes seem to enjoy quite a comfortable position being in the esteemed list. The best feature of this resort is the fact that it takes pride in making sure that its guests get to enjoy the most relaxed and enjoyable vacation of their lifetime.

    To offer its guests the best seaside view of the Arabian Sea and the Kudle Beach, the rooms in the resorts are positioned in such a way as to facilitate these sights.  

    This resort is known in the region for providing luxurious accommodation and facilities at reasonable tariff, which most of the time leave the tourists bewildered whether it is actually true or not. The rooms provided by the hotels are of 5 variants with the most luxurious one being the Ocean View Room Babylon, which is a deluxe penthouse that offers the view of the scenic sea, beach and mountains.

    The resort apart from taking care of their guest's needs and making sure that their requirements are met up to their satisfaction provides other activity packages in order to keep the tourists engaged and entertained. Some of the famous activities organised by the resort are Yoga, Chanting and Satsang, Thai Yoga Massage, Art and Chess, Overnight River Kayaking, Beach Volley and more.

    The whole experience of enjoying your breakfast in the midst of the beauty of nature and the experience of practising Yoga underneath the banyan tree would leave you mesmerised to the very core.

    Resort Activities and Amenities: Overnight Kayaking, Beach Ball, Art and  Chess Classes, Yoga, Treehouses with ocean view, Library.

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  • 05Gokarna International Beach Resort

    Gokarna International Beach Resort
    Image Credit : Abhijit Shylanath

    As the very name specifies its standard and quality of services, the Gokarna International Beach Resort truly lives up to it. This beautiful resort is one the several Gokarna Beach Resorts that are located at the Kudle Beach, yet the standard of service along with its budget-friendly tariff remains unmatched by the rest of the resorts.

    The resort is located in an ideal location that offers its guest the best of the seaside view from their sea facing rooms. On this note, it is important to mention that not all the rooms here are sea facing, instead, the resort has a lovely conglomeration of both garden facing as well as sea facing rooms.

    This adjustment is made for those who love to spend their time in the calmness of the resort away from the noise of the crowds on the beaches of Gokarna. So while you are here at his resort, select the type of accommodation that suits you the best. 

    Overall, the rooms are quite spacious, neat, well maintained and are equipped with amenities of everyday use. All the rooms have large windows that offer its guests the best views of the surroundings.

    In terms of other facilities, the Gokarna International Beach Resort has a bar, lounge and a multi-cuisine restaurant that serves a plethora of culinary delights ranging from the delicious seafood platter to delectable South Indian dishes. 

    In short, this resort is one amongst those Gokarna Resorts that thrives on the principle of providing world-class service that is value for money and provides an overall satisfaction to its guests whether it is in terms of quality of service, food or accommodation.

    Overall if you are planning to visit Gokarna sometime in the near future there could be a no better way to make your vacation more fun and exciting than to book your stay with the Gokarna International Beach Resort.

  • 06Om Beach Resort Gokarna

    Om Beach Resort Gokarna

    Ranked as one of the best Gokarna Beach Resorts, the Om Beach Resort is located on the very famous Om Beach (it traces the shape of Hindu Symbol OM). The resort specialises in Yoga and Ayurveda treatments and meditation along with providing luxurious accommodation. This beach resort is a winning combination of experience and vision that is ideal, providing tourists with efficient service and world-class facilities.

    In simple terms, the Om Beach Resort provides transformative retreat along with adventure tourism. The rooms of the resort are very spacious and are quite immaculately decorated along with providing beach view and hillside view to its guests. 

    All the rooms here are fully loaded with modern features, which include satellite television, internet access, safety deposit box, bar, pub, etc. Some of its other facilities include fitness centre, non-waterside motorsports, garden, and games room.

    Apart from all of the above-mentioned facilities, this place is very famous for its delectable seafood. The ambience here at the resort is very calm and charming filled with warmth, which in turn rejuvenates the spirits of the tourists coming to stay here. 

    The entire atmosphere of modern set up amidst natural surroundings along with the age-old tradition of the region is quite fascinating to look at as well as to experience.

    People from various parts of the country book their vacation to Gokarna with Om Beach Resort due to its great fame and recognition among the various Gokarna Resorts. One of the prominent features of this resort is its red-bricked cottages that are quite visible from the main road.

    So, while you are in Gokarna, don’t forget to miss out on those red-bricked buildings, as it can turn out to be an excellent gateway to your adventure filled vacation here in this region.

    Resort Activities and Amenities: Beach Visit, Water Sports, Nature Trail, Campfire, Yoga, Cottages and Air-conditioned Rooms.

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