30 Places to Visit Near Bangalore Within 500 Kms: Updated List
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Tourist Places to Visit Near Bangalore Within 500 Kms

Nandi Hills22 kms from Bangalore (Known for Photography, Trekking, Picnics, Forts)
Ramanagaram - 49 kms from Bangalore (Known for Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Gabbar’s den )
Kanakpura - 63 kms from Bangalore (Known for Arkavati River, Turahalli Forest, Trekking.)
Ooty - 274 Km from Bangalore (Known for Sightseeing, Hiking, Leisure stay)
Coorg - 276 Km from Bangalore (Known for Camping, Coffee Plantations, Leisure stay)
Chikmagalur - 245 Km from Bangalore (Known for Camping, Coffee Plantations, Trekking)
Wayanad 278 Km from Bangalore (Known for Wildlife, Sightseeing, Leisure stay)
Sakleshpur - 221 Km from Bangalore (Known for Camping, Coffee Plantations, Hiking)
Pondicherry - 310 kms from Bangalore (Known for Churches, French architecture, Beaches. )
Kodaikanal - 465 Km from Bangalore (Known for Sightseeing, Camping, Leisure stay)

Wondering about tourist places near Bangalore within 500 kms? The list will be engaging as Bangalore city holds some of the most picturesque places in the country. The stunning temples of Kanchipuram, Madurai, Mahabalipuram; the cascading waterfalls of Kodaikanal, Coorg, Madikeri; the scenic hill stations of Ooty, Coorg, Munnar; the pristine beaches of Alleppey, Bekal, Murudeshwar will mesmerize you with their enthralling beauty. The historic cities of Hampi and Mysore will also be perfect for a weekend getaway.

Some of the spectacular places to visit near Bangalore within 500 kms are Mudumalai, Mysore, Sravabelagola, Pondicherry and numerous others. Be it an adventure seeker, a nature lover or a spiritual quester, Bangalore will fulfill all your wishes with its sprawling diversity. So plan the itinerary and embark on a long drive for a perfect holiday with friends or family. Away from the urban din, nestled amidst the tranquil nature, you are bound to find the desired solace. Gear up for`a cherishable sojourn awaits you.
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Latest Information on Travelling to BANGALORE?

Entry is open from all domestic states for all kinds of travel.

  • No lockdowns and curfews are active in Bangalore
  • Public transport operating at major routes from 6 am to 8 pm excluding containment zones
  • Wearing mask and following social distancing is mandatory for all in public places
  • Temperature screening while entering Bangalore will be conducted.
  • Symptomatic travellers arriving in Bangalore will be sent to COVID centers for testing.
  • No quarantine is mandatory for incoming travellers

Flights available from Chandigarh, Cochin, Belgaum, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai and 10 more domestic destinations


Unreserved passenger trains resume services in Karnataka. Additionally, 10 Festival Special Trains are expected to operate soon to cater to travellers coming from Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan. Special trains are running from Delhi, Guwahati and Mumbai to Bengaluru Railway Station.

Local Transport
  • Public transport including buses, taxis and rickshaws operating at major routes from 6 am to 8 pm excluding containment zones.

Thrillophilia recommends you to follow all safety guidelines issued by the government and practice personal hygiene to stay safe.

Paragliding paused in Karnataka's Nandi Hills Updated: 03 Jun 2021

Karnataka tourism department, police, horticulture and other agencies which had permitted a private company to conduct paragliding in Nandi Hills for three months, has been paused from till further notice.

Covid guidelines for travellers coming to Karnataka Updated: 04 May 2021

Travellers visiting Karnataka will be screened at the airport and will need to provide a Covid-19 negative certificate. However, the test has to be done 72 hours prior to the visit. The negative report will be verified by the airline staff at the time of boarding.

Inter-state movement restrictions relaxed in Karnataka Updated: 08 Feb 2021

Inter-state travel is open for domestic travellers. However, it is advised to practice social distancing and monitor your health. If you start to feel Covid-19 symptoms, self isolate and seek medical attention immediately.

Monuments in Karnataka reopened with enhanced safety measures Updated: 08 Feb 2021

Mysuru palace, Mysuru zoo, and Virupaksha Temple at Hampi in Ballari, Chamundeshwari Temple atop Chamundi Hills in Mysuru and the Hoysala temples in Belur and Halebid in Hassan district have been reopened in Karnataka on June 8.Read more.

Cinemas & theaters reopen across Karnataka with strict safety measures in place Updated: 13 Nov 2020

The cinemas and theaters across Karnataka have reopened from 15th October with strict social distancing measures and modified SOPs.

People travelling to Bangalore must download Seva Sindhu App Updated: 06 Aug 2020

To get the latest COVID updates, people travelling to Bangalore are recommended to download the Seva Sindhu App

Lockdown in Bangalore ended on 22 July Updated: 06 Aug 2020

Lockdown in Bangalore has ended on the 22nd of July except for in containment zones. Public transport will not be operating, offices will be allowed to reopen, and essential items shops will be open past 12 pm.

No new restrictions on inter and intra state travel announced yet Updated: 04 Aug 2020

The state government hasn't announced new inter and intra state travel restrictions via private vehicles. Although, travellers are advised to register at the Seva Sindhu portal.

Must Visit Places near Bangalore within 500kms


Nandi Hills - 61 km from Bangalore

Embark on a unique journey of adventure, historical fantasy, and nature retreat. Nandi Hills near Bangalore have all the qualities wrapped up in one. A trek on the trails of these hills is both beautiful and enriching experience.

At the top, you will find the Tipu Sultan Fort, a place that has a fascinating and rich memoir which will interest history buffs greatly. Enjoy the panoramic views of Tipu's Drop, where prisoners were thrown to their death.

Walk around the area to experience serenity and tranquillity like never before. The vantage point here offers such stunning views of the nearby hillocks and the valley that you will find it impossible to leave the place.

Activities & Attractions:
photography, trekking, picnics, Tipu Sultan Fort, Tipu’s Drop.

Distance from Bangalore:
 61 km.

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Ramanagara - 49 km from Bangalore

A favorite of adrenaline junkies, Ramanagara is one of the most famous tourist spots near Bangalore. The rocky terrain is perfect for some adventure sports like mountain climbing and trekking. But there is so much more.

Walk around the area and enjoy the quiet and calmness, far away from the humdrum of Bangalore and its traffic. Breathe in the pollution free environs and feel your entire body reenergizing.

The little village also features in the blockbuster Bollywood hit, Sholay, so do check out Gabbar’s territory if you are passing by this quaint hamlet. And if you are religious, there are several temples devoted to Lord Ram and Sita.

Activities & Attractions:
bird watching, rock climbing, rappelling, Gabbar’s den, temples.

Distance from Bangalore:
49 km.


Kanakpura - 63 km from Bangalore

If you are looking to get away from the throngs of tourists, check out Kanakapura - one of the most secluded places to visit near Bangalore within 500 kms. The lonely town has some gorgeous sites that will leave you spellbound and awed.

Enjoy a relaxing walk in the deep green woods, experience boating in the beautiful virgin waters of Arkavati, and check out the captivating sights of Sri Venkateswara temple.

Experience tranquillity and serenity that touches your soul and enlivens your senses. Kanakpura offers a vacation that is relaxing not only for your body but also for your mind and soul.

Activities & Attractions: Arkavati River, Kallahalli Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Turahalli Forest, photography, trekking.

Distance from Bangalore: 63 km.

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Coorg - 265 km from Bangalore

This Karnataka district is perhaps one of the most gorgeous places to visit near Bangalore within 500 kms because of its mystical hills and lush green landscapes. The place is extremely popular among the weary souls who need a salve for their soul and wish to escape the hustle and bustle of city life for a few days.

Coorg is covered in green forests and beautiful plantations of coffee and spices. Feel your soul awaken as soon as you walk into the city. A treat for your eyes, Coorg also has amazing locals who are always eager to help tourists. Experience unmatched hospitality and a truly relaxing holiday.

Activities & Attractions: coffee and spice plantations, trekking, photography.

Distance from Bangalore:
265 km.

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Chikmagalur - 243 km from Bangalore

Chikmagalur is a popular hill station in Karnataka and it is a famous getaway destination among Bangaloreans who want to escape the heat and busy lifestyle of the city. The town is located at the base of the  Mullayanagiri hills, offering some truly exquisite views of the mountains.

If you are planning a trip, do take your camera along. The place also has some significance to the religious as it features some caves in the mountains dedicated to various Hindu deities. Besides, there are coffee plantations, grasslands, wildlife sanctuary and a waterfall you can check out too.

Activities & Attractions: attractive views of the western ghats, trekking, Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, Hebbe falls.

Distance from Bangalore: 243 km.

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Ooty - 273 km from Bangalore

One of the most popular hill stations in India, Ooty is located in Tamil Nadu and it is probably the most coveted destination near Bangalore. The place is covered in blankets of verdant greenery that is unbelievable beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

The Ooty Lake at the center of the city is a popular spot for celebrating picnic among locals and tourists. The clear blue waters are ideal for enjoying boating. Elk Hill houses the bewitching rose garden.

Feel your senses enliven up was you walk into this beautiful garden that houses more than 2000 varieties of roses. You can also check out the botanical gardens if you enjoy botany and fossil study.

Activities & Attractions: Ooty Lake, boating, Government Botanical Garden, Rose Garden, nature walks, sightseeing.

Distance from Bangalore: 273 km.

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Wayanad - 277 km from Bangalore

Wayanad is one of those versatile places that has everything for everyone. One side of the city is covered in lush green forests that are enchanting in their own right. Nature and animal lovers can also visit the forests to catch a glimpse of majestic beasts like Asiatic elephants, leopards, and tigers.

The forest is located at some altitude above the city, so the woods also offer some stunning views of the valley below. On the other side of the city are located Edakkal caves that contain ancient rocks carved with images.

These petroglyphs are said to be dated way back to the Neolithic age. Archaeology buffs should definitely check out this part of the city.

Activities & Attractions:
deep green forest, animal sightings, wildlife photography, trekking, Edakkal Caves.

Distance from Bangalore:
277 km.

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Trekking Places near Bangalore within 500kms


Savandurga Hill - 48 kms from Bangalore

One of the verdant places to visit near Bangalore within 500 kms is the Savandurga Hills. Considered as one of the largest monolith hills across Asia, Savandurga is the ideal place for a day’s trek. Comprising some picturesque caves, the hill is an absolute love for adventure seekers. Narasimha Swamy temple and Savandi Veerabhadreshwara Swamy temple situated at the base further sanctifies the hill.

Seated atop the hill, amidst the lush greenery lies the ruined fort of Kempe Gowda. You can trek along the trails of Billigudda and Karigudda, and a mesmerizing sight of the Akravati River meandering itself through the hills will fascinate you. You can also camp here in the night and a spectacular sky dazzling with stars will greet you. The climb can be a steep and difficult one, so prepare yourselves accordingly.

Activities & attractions- Rock climbing, trekking, camping, Narasimha Swamy temple, Savandi Veerabhadreshwara Swamy temple, the KempeGowda Fort.

Distance from Bangalore- 48 kms

Makalidurga - 60 kms from Bangalore

Another legendary place near Bangalore is the Makalidurga Hills where supposedly Markendya Rishi had once performed his penance. Start your trek from the nearby railway station, and as you climb along, you will be able to spot the railway track laying at the base of the hill. On the western side, lies an expansive azure lake offering a scenic view.

Behold the mesmerizing sunset from the Makalidurga Fort situated at the summit. This spot is ideal for a weekend escapade with family or friends, and the scenic charm will surely not disappoint you. The serenity of the place is often sought for, by the urban dwellers
. The thrilling trek along the quaint hillside will also serve as a nocturnal delight. 

Activities & attractions - Trekking, biking trips, rock climbing, rappelling.

Distance from Bangalore - 60 kms

Anthargange - 67 kms from Bangalore

Located in the Shathashrunga range and dotted with rocky caves and lush plantations, Anthargange is another perfect place for a weekend getaway. Going by the literal meaning of Anthargange, “The Ganges from the deep” the origin of the spring that curls itself through the laps of the hills is still shrouded in mystery.

The natural caves and the bewitching rock formations will indeed be spellbinding sight. Devotees from far and wide also get attracted to the beautiful Anthargange Temple that is snuggled away on a hilltop in the embrace of nature’s bounty.

The peaceful environment will soothe your nerves as you embark upon a scenic trek. Stop by and watch the changing hues of the captivating sky at dusk. You can also stay back, lit a bonfire and under the starry sky, engage in a hearty time with your friends.

Activities & attractions - Trekking, rock climbing, cave exploration, Kashi Vishveshwara Temple.

Distance from Bangalore - 67.1 kms.

Skandagiri - 70 kms from Bangalore

Home to some of the unexplored caves, Skandagiri allures adventure lovers from all across the country. Local myths say that pythons dwell in these caves as Vsuki, the divine serpent had sought refuge in one of these intriguing caves. So, you can try exploring this fascinating place which happens to be one of the famous tourist places near Bangalore within 500 kms.

The magical sight from the peak of the hill will be an absolute treat for your eyes. Across the horizon sprawls the Eastern Ghats and the Deccan Plateau wrapped in its rustic beauty. The small Tipu Sultan’s fort situated atop the hill will welcome you with its enticing history.

The ancient stone temple will be a relaxing spot for you, where one can feel the aesthetic aura of the place brimming with legendary stories.

Activities & attractions - Camping, night treks, bird watching, photography.

Distance from Bangalore - 70 kms.

Kunti Betta Trek - 123 km from Bangalore

Kunti Betta is one of the most versatile places to visit near Bangalore within 500 kms. The place is named after two of its most prominent and majestic hills that dominate the landscape.

A trek to the place is one of the most sublime experience - calming hills, rocky terrain, virgin environs and the sound of birds in the distance. Kunti Betta is almost famous among the religiously devout because it features a temple at the foothills that are painted on the side of a hill - an extremely unique site to visit.

The temple lends a serene and ascetic aura to the place. Besides, you can take some stunning shots of the picturesque vista from the vantage point, and make your friends back home jealous.

Activities & Attractions: trekking, nature walks, temples, photography, picnic.

Distance from Bangalore:
123 km.

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Gokarna - 485 km from Bangalore

Gokarna is one of the most diverse tourist places near Bangalore within 500 kms. The city has everything from beaches to temples. If you are traveling with friends or alone and want to check out some water sports near Bangalore, Gokarna is the place to be at.

Check out the serene and quiet virgin beaches to get some true rejuvenation time. Enjoy taking a walk along the sea if you are traveling with your beloved. Hire a boat and go deep sea fishing in the sea.

The Mahabaleshwara temple st Gokarna also attracts devotees of the Hindu religion from all over the country. The temple’s architecture is magnificent and the sound of bells and mantras is truly calming for the mind and soul.

Activities & Attractions: Om beach, Kudle Beach, Mahabaleshwara temple.

Distance from Bangalore: 485 km.

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Waterfalls near Bangalore within 500kms


Chunchi Falls - 63 km from Bangalore

Chunchi is probably one of the most popular tourist places near Bangalore within 500 kms, and for good reason. Waterfalls from an astounding 50 feet over rocky grounds resulting in a sight that is both mesmerizing and gorgeous.

The falls are fed by Arkavati River, and reaching the place can take some arduous trekking. However, it is all worth it. As you approach the area, you can hear the sound of water striking against the rocks that are almost music to ears.

Enjoy the serene and lush surroundings, organize a picnic if you are with your family, or simply take a relaxing stroll around the falls. There is much to do at Chunchi.

Activities & Attractions: trekking, picnic.

Distance from Bangalore: 63 km.


Shivanasamudra - 130 kms ffrom Bangalore

With its cascading waterfalls, Shivanasamudra is one of the appealing tourist places near Bangalore within 500 kms. Situated on the Kaveri river, two different falls known as the Gaganachukki and Barachukki Falls, collectively give life to the majestic Shivanasamudra.

You can use the properly paved steps to reach the base of the waterfall, and the burbling sound of the gushing water will surely be pleasing to the ears. The place is a perfect getaway during the monsoon months as you can behold the flawless sight of the waterfall spurting out in its absolute might.

The rocky terrain of the surrounding hill is also suitable for a refreshing trek. Remember not to indulge in swimming as high current prevails in the waters of both the falls.

Activities & attractions - Ideal for tropical fishing, trekking, photography,

Distance from Bangalore - 130 kms

Jog Falls - 411 km from Bangalore

Jog Falls is the second highest waterfalls in India and that is why it is one of the most famous places to visit near Bangalore within 500 kms. The falls are sandwiched between the Shimoga and Uttara Kannada districts of Karnataka, and see hoards of tourists every year.

Pristine white water falls from a jaw-dropping height of 850 feet in a single stream on rocks, and it is truly a spellbinding sight for first-time visitors. People from all over the state flock here to delight in the mesmerizing sight and get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. You can also celebrate a picnic near the falls.

Activities & Attractions: treks, nature walks, sightseeing, a picnic.

Distance from Bangalore:
411 km.

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Dudhsagar Falls - 548 km from Bangalore

Literally known as the Sea of Milk, Dushsagar attracts people from all over the country for the unique sight of four-tiered waterfalls traversing a long distance from the river to the plains. Located in Goa, the falls begin at the origin of River Mandovi.

The cascade of water falls from a height of over a thousand feet along the almost vertical mountainside to create a sight that is both surreal and awe-inspiring.

If you are near Bangalore in monsoon, do not miss the fairy-tale like the sight of the pristine waterfalls as they are at their most gorgeous in the rainy season. Take a walk around, capture some stunning shots and enjoy the sights.

Activities & Attractions:
photography, trekking, picnic.

Distance from Bangalore:
548 km.

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Hill Stations near Bangalore within 500kms


Sakleshpur - 221 km from Bangalore

There is much to do at this gorgeous hill station in Karnataka. The place is encircled by magnificent mountain ranges of the Western Ghats that lend the place a serene and tranquil aura. The hill slopes are covered by lush green plantations of tea, coffee, and various spices.

Taking a walk in the town is an invigorating experience as your senses get overwhelmed by sights and smells around. Another major tourist attraction is the Manjarabad Fort famous for its unique star shape.

Adventure loving travelers can check out the treks and trails leading into the deep woods. Also, check out the forest reserve if you love wildlife.

Activities & Attractions: trekking, nature walks, plantations of coffee and spices, Bisle Reserve Forest, Jenukallu Gudda.

Distance from Bangalore:
221 km.

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Horsley Hills - 144 km from Bangalore

Horsley Hills is a small town in Andhra Pradesh and one of the most famous places to visit near Bangalore within 500 kms. If you are looking for a weekend getaway from the city where you can indulge in some much-needed alone time, Horsley is your best bet.

The place is so disconnected from the concrete jungles, you will find it hard to believe that you are a car ride away from Bangalore.

The place is covered in thick green jungles that are home to a wide variety of animals and birds, so do take a walk there if you are a wildlife enthusiast. There are also some small temples that are nice enough to spend an hour or two.

Activities & Attractions:
nature walks, treks, temples.

Distance from Bangalore:
144 km.

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Yelagiri Hills - 160 km from Bangalore

Located in Vellore district of Tamil Nadu, Yelagiri is a beautiful hill station less than 200 km from Bangalore. The place is spread over 30 square km and perched at a height of 3500 feet in the middle of 4 magnificent mountains.

Also, the sight of the valley covered in lush green blankets is enough to make you feel as if you have been transported to another world, but there is more to Yelagiri.

Enjoy a walk in the orchards and smell the roses at the rose garden. Connect with locals and learn about the local customs. A holiday at Yelagiri will lift your spirits and relax your mind.

Activities & Attractions: trekking, sightseeing, nature walks.

Distance from Bangalore: 160 km.

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BR Hills - 175 Kms from Bangalore

Commonly referred to as the BR Hills, the Biligiriranga Hills is a striking charm situated at the confluence of the Eastern and Western Ghats. Harboring a wide variety of flora and fauna, the hills also comprise a well-known wildlife sanctuary.

BR Hills is one of the amazing places to visit near Bangalore within 500 kms and serves as an ideal location for adventure enthusiasts. The Kaveri and Tungabhadra rivers will often appear before you with their gurgling streams. The famous Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple is also a popular attraction where one can find the deity, Lord Ranganatha in a unique standing position.

You can also spend a refreshing night amidst the tranquil forest settings of the K.Gudi Wilderness Camp. Whether you are seeking for an adventure trip, a jungle excursion or a pilgrimage, BR Hills will offer you a myriad range of exciting activities to embark upon.

Activities & attractions - Fishing, trekking, river rafting, wildlife safaris, elephant rides, Rangaswamy temple, BRT Wildlife Sanctuary.

Distance from Bangalore - 174.8 kms.
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Madikeri - 265 km from Bangalore

Madikeri offers some of the most stunning views of the majestic hills of the Western Ghats, so it is no surprise that it is slowly emerging as a popular tourist destination near Bangalore.

The town is also famous for Raja’s Seat and Madikeri Fort, both having a rich historical and cultural heritage. The town is also home to several forests. With paddy fields stretched out as far as the eye can see, Madikeri is truly a paradise for the nature lover.

There are a lot of temples located around the village that make the atmosphere serene and tranquil. Enjoy connecting with the local farmers and enjoy the natural beauty.

Activities & Attractions:
nature walks, orchards, paddy fields, Madikeri Fort, view of the hills.

Distance from Bangalore: 
265 km. 

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Kodaikanal - 464 km from Bangalore

Known as one of the most romantic places to visit near Bangalore within 500 kms, Kodaikanal is the one-stop destination for those of you who want to spend a relaxing weekend away from the city with your partner.

The city is perched at a height of 7200 feet above sea level and offers some magnificent views of the mountains around and valley underneath. Kodaikanal is covered in verdant greenery. The sight of green mountain peaks disappearing into the mountains is truly spellbinding.

Enjoy the sheer abundance of pristine waterfalls and deep blue lakes, take a walk into the deep woods, and admire the sun rising behind the hills. Experience relaxation like never before at Kodaikanal.

Activities & Attractions:
mountains, woods, 
treks, waterfalls, lakes.

Distance from Bangalore:
464 km.

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Munnar - 476 km from Bangalore

Munnar has recently gained popularity for being one of the most coveted hill stations in South India. Located in God’s own country, the place is full of sights to see and destinations waiting for you to explore.

Encircled by green blankets of valleys and majestic mountain peaks, Munnar is the perfect place to get some peace and quiet. Enjoy the pollution free environs of this idyllic town and check out tea and coffee plantations.

Enjoy treks and trails into deep woods and get an adrenaline rush boating in the backwaters. Connect with locals and dive into the spicy fish delicacies. Make your holiday truly memorable at Munnar.

Activities & Attractions:
hill station, plantations of tea, coffee, boating in backwaters.

Distance from Bangalore:
476 km.

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Other Places near Bangalore within 300kms


Dandeli - 459 km from Bangalore

A sleepy town in Karnataka, Dandeli is slowly emerging as a tourist site among people who want to spend a few days in the lap of nature. The town overlooks beautiful western ghats and offers stunning views of the mountain ranges nearby.

You will also find dense forests covering the majority of the town. Locals and tourists like to take long walks in the woods for a relaxing afternoon. The wildlife sanctuary is home to several magnificent beasts like elephants and black panthers.

If you enjoy birdwatching, you will find some interesting species here too. Also, check out the local temple for some quiet time.

Activities & Attractions: treks, nature walks,  Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, Anshi National Park.

Distance from Bangalore:
459 km.

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Pondicherry - 310 km from Bangalore

Pondicherry or Puducherry, as it is famously known, is one of the most mesmerizing places to visit near Bangalore within 500 kms. It is known as the French Riviera of the East for its French heritage.

The city has several pristine beaches where you can relax in the sun while sipping on coconut water. Pondicherry is the place where Bangaloreans go to find some peace far away from the city and its busy routine.

Check out the vibrantly colored houses and beautiful bougainvillea gardens. The French heritage is apparent in the design of the buildings here. Don’t forget to check out the authentic French delicacies while you are here.

Activities & Attractions:
churches, French architecture, beaches.

Distance from Bangalore:
310 km.

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Mysore - 143 km from Bangalore

Mysore is a popular tourist spot not just near Bangalore, but all over the country. The place is known as the City of Palaces, so it’s not surprising that people come from all over the subcontinent to spend a holiday in Mysore. Mysore Palace is a tourist hotspot because of its magnificent architecture and rich royal heritage.

Besides the cultural heritage, Mysore is also famous for its gorgeous silk sarees and pure sandalwood powders. The city enjoys a premium location, nestled in the foothills of Chamundi Hills, meaning it also offers stunning landscapes and breathtaking vistas.

Activities & Attractions: beautiful architecture, silk sarees markets, yoga studios, sandalwood shops, Mysore Palace, famous Dussehra celebration.

Distance from Bangalore: 143 km.

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Hampi - 343 km from Bangalore

Hampi has been declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is one of the most visited tourist places near Bangalore within 500 kms. It is known as the City of ruins, because of the large number of heritage sites sprinkled around the place.

Hampi is heaven for cultural and historical enthusiasts because there is a heritage site at every corner. From ancient monuments to gorgeous temples, there is no dearth of places to explore here.

You can also check out the ruins of the Vijayanagara empire that are scattered around. Remains of military stations and water sewage system are still visible. Do check out the magnificently carved temples when here.

Activities & Attractions: Tungabhadra River, Virupaksha Temple, remains of Vijayanagara dynasty.

Distance from Bangalore:
343 km. 

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Mangalore - 411 km from Bangalore

Mangalore is a versatile port in Karnataka that has something of a dual personality. The city is busy with a lightning-paced lifestyle most of the days during the weekdays. But come nightfall and weekends, the city opens its arms to serenity and calmness.

Enjoy a romantic walk on the beautiful and pristine beaches, dip your toes in the turquoise blue waters of the Arabian sea, feel the sand underneath your feet and experience relaxation like never before.

Mangalore also has some gorgeous chapels and churches you can explore if you love architecture. Head a little out of the city and check out Sultan’s battery, a historic fort with gorgeous views of the backwaters.

Activities & Attractions:
Ullal beach, Milagres Church, Tipu Sultan Fort.

Distance from Bangalore:
352 km.

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Madhugiri - 104 km from Bangalore

Madhugiri is an extraordinary tourist destination as it is the fourth largest monolith on the continent. The place houses a beautiful fort that rests against the side of a steep hill - a unique sight to behold on its own.

The fort has impeccable architecture, designed by the kings of Vijayanagar dynasty. The single hill in the middle of plains is a one-of-its-kind spectacle. Besides, Madhugiri has a host of temples that are marvelously decorated and offer a place for meditation and solitude.

From the top of the hill, you will get some amazing shots of the valley in all its naked splendor, so don't forget to take your camera along with you.

Activities & Attractions:
Sightseeing, photography, trekking, Madhugiri Fort, temples.

Distance from Bangalore:
104 km.

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It was a very well organised trek by friendly and courteous hosts. Shahid, Danny, Habib and Avinash were great and were fun to trek with. Homestay near Shuntikoppa was beautiful with coffee plantations close-by and it was raining the whole time. Trek is an easy to medium range one. Except for the rain and leeches (which we were informed earlier) there is absolutely nothing to point out in the trek. We met many new people and it felt like college days all over again. Loved this trek and would definitely recommend it to everyone.