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About Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal, the princess of hill station, is mainly known for being honeymoon destinations among other places in India. This is the most suitable and beautiful destination in the south of India because of its scenic beauty which leaves the visitors awestruck with memorable experiences.The meaning of tourist places in Kodaikanal is the gift of the forest and it contains some dense forest with enormous varieties of trees, enchanting waterfalls and huge rocks.

Situated in the hills of Dindigul district in the state of Tamil Nadu, the Kodaikanal contains a huge history as a retreat and popular tourist destination. There are many locals name that are given to this beautiful town, but the most popular is “place to see in summer”.The queen of mountain destinations is also known as the “gift of God” because of its gifted lakes and hills.The beautiful place of Kodaikanal welcomes you with a fall in the temperature accompanied by scenic beauty.

The Switzerland of the east is home to varieties of adventures and exciting things to do and places to visit. Kodaikanal, the town of romance, gives you a new feeling every time you go sightseeing to different places with its pure and untouched nature’s beauty and makes you feel a step closer to the glory of Mother Nature. Kodaikanal attracts a huge number of tourists and travellers along with adventurers both national and international every year.

The king of romantic places, Kodaikanal is one of the best places to visit in the south region. We all know Tamil Nadu is the king of South India and hence the town of Kodaikanal adds a little more litter into its glory. The town is not only just meant for newly married couples but also you can visit the tourist places in Kodaikanal town with your family and enjoy the various sports and adventure provided by this mesmerizing and beautiful town.

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Kodaikanal FAQ's

Which are the places to visit in Kodaikanal?

Here is the list of best places to visit in Kodaikanal are: 

1. Berijam Lake
Berijam Lake is encompassed by the scenic cover of greenery. It is home to a wide range of flora and fauna and also serves as the key source for the drinking water to all the nearby villages. To visit the area, you’ll need a special permit from the forest department. Only a few vehicles are permitted in this region. The key attractions and the places to see here include the lake view, fire tower and the medicine forest. Between the time span of 9:30 AM to 3:00 PM in the afternoon, the entry is restricted as several wild animals such as deer, snakes, panther and bison can be spotted here near the lake.

2. Coakers Walk
One key tourist attraction of Kodaikanal is Coakers Walk. Built on the slopes of a hillock, it is a 1 km long pathway that is indeed one of the most serene places of India. This long walk of a kilometer offers the tourists with the most alluring views of the hills. There is a rare phenomenon here where your shadow is cast on the clouds surrounding the area known as the Brocken Spectre can be seen.

3. Kodaikanal Lake
Kodai Lake or the Kodaikanal Lake is a beautiful star studded lake that is located amidst the calmest and the serene environment. It is spread over the length of 5 km and is a home to different birds. Path near the shore of the lake is definitely one of the most sought after tourist attraction. Tourists come here to explore and enjoy the beauty of the nature and take a long casual walk. Boating in the raw boats or the pedal boats is an important thing to do. You can also rent bicycles and horses here.

4. Kurinji Andavar Temple: 
Dedicated to Kartikeya or Lord Murugan, the Kurinji Andavar Temple is a home to the much renowned kurunji flower that blooms only once in 12 years. Established in the year 1936 by the European lady after adopting Hinduism, the temple is also known as ‘Lady Ramanathan’. It is a great attraction and is extremely popular amongst the tourists accredited to the flower and the surrounding views it offers.

5. Dolphin’s Nose
Dolphin’s Nose is a phenomenal trekking spot of Kodaikanal. It is basically a rock that projects over a wide chasm which has a huge depth of 2000 meters. The peculiar shape of the rock is the reason behind its interesting name. Once can witness the most significant and alluring views of the Western Ghats from here. Hidden attractions like Liril Falls and Pambar are also great for sightseeing.

6. Bryant Park: 
Spread over a vast area of 20.5 acres of land, the Bryant Park is an incredible picnic spot in Tamil Nadu. Situated in the eastern end of the Kodaikanal Lake, the botanical garden is filled with a vast flora that includes 325 species of the cactus, shrugs and trees. There are over 740 species of roses here. It can be a great idea to visit this beautiful place where you can simply sit, relax and get lost in the green surroundings.

7. Kodaikanal Solar Observatory: 
Kodaikanal Solar Observatory lies at an elevation of 2,343 meters above sea level. It is indeed the highest point location here. Commenced in 1901, the observation was founded in the year 1989. This spot not just offers different scientific attractions to the visitors but also offers the most breathtaking views atop. When in South India, don’t miss out on this tourist attraction.

8. Green Valley Point: 
Formerly known as the suicide point, its name was changed for the obvious reasons. Green Valley Point is majorly popular for its panoramic views of the hills and the mountains. With a height of 5000 feet descend from the top, you can view the pillar rocks that were hoisted and scaled by an English adventurer.

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What are the things to do in Kodaikanal?

1. Stay at the Villa Retreat: Situated right next to the Coaker’s Walk, the villa offers fascinating view of the Kodaikanal valley. Clouds here throw shadows over the sky high mountains with alternating patches of the crops and forests that spread over the terrain. Villa Retreat is cozy and a quite place that is built on a stone with humongous love. Run by husband, wife and their son, this villa is a great place to stay when on your Kodaikanal Tour. Scenery is picture perfect, food is just great and the routine of simply lazing around and doing nothing is something that all therapists will recommend.

2. Blooms and blooms, everywhere: 
Everywhere you set your eyes in Kodaikanal, there are flowers and flowers everywhere. All the flowers are multi hued and available in a massive range of colors like red, purples, oranges, white, reds and pinks. It rather looks like a painter’s paradise. Do plan a holiday in June as the weather here is just perfect then. Rain is adequate and there is just enough sunshine to keep you warm. Rainbows are a frequent site during this time of the month.

3. Pine Forest: 
The aroma of the pine forest is something that you’ll never regret. It will elate your lungs and give your senses a natural orgasm that they deserve. Pine cones are scattered everywhere here. Ground in Kodaikanal looks more like a bed of sharp but soft pine needles that tend to drown your footsteps. Sun plays hide and seek with you but you can definitely catch a glimpse of it once the shadow of it is seen on the ground. It is swamped by the tourists during the weekends, do it is better to plan a weekday trip. Don’t forget to walk around and bask in the glory of the atmosphere here.

4. Food: 
Food here is authentic. They have traditional flavors of South India that you’ll keep gushing about after eating just once. Do try some South Indian dishes in the restaurants around.

5. Sunrise/sunset: 
When you are on a holiday in the place which is a visual paradise in every way, how can you not experience the scenic beauty of the sunrise or sunset. During your stay, you definitely must experience at least one sunrise or sunset. It is indeed worth the two hours of your lost sleep.

6. Shopping: 
In Kodaikanal you cannot stop yourself from getting your hands on some home made chocolates. Kodai is majorly known for its home-made chocolates. You’ll just find all sorts of it and that too in abundance. Shopping for Eucalyptus oil is another thing you cannot miss out here. The oil here is so pure and magical that a single whiff can very well cure even the most severe flu.

7. Walk around: 
Roads in Kodaikanal are wide, near empty and very inviting.  They are weather perfect round the year. You’ll find a number of churches, squares, English houses and cyclists here.

8. Visit the boathouse: 
Not for anything else but just for the quaint and old location and a variety of ducks going quack quack, you must visit the boat house. Don’t forget to carry your camera here.

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What are the romantic things to do in Kodaikanal?

1. Enjoy Boating at Kodaikanal Lake: Head to the star-shaped Kodai Lake and enjoy a romantic boat ride on the serene waters with your sweetheart. Soak in the green surrounding and the silent charm of the place while boating.

2. Seek Blessings at Kurinji Andavar Temple: 
Pay a visit to Kurinji Andavar Temple and offer prayers to Lord Muruga for the well-being of your relationship. You can also shop souvenirs and handicrafts from the small shops around the shrine.

3. Soak in the Panoramic View from Dolphin’s Nose: 
If you call yourself an adventurous couple, trek to Dolphin’s Nose together to enjoy the panoramic views of the stunning vistas from the vantage point.

4. Spend a Romantic Evening at Bryant Park: 
Take your beloved to the well-maintained and colorful Bryant Park to express your feelings. Enjoy cycling together on the paths and take some pictures with the flowers before you leave.

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When is the best time to visit Kodaikanal?

Kodaikanal contains a moderate climate throughout the year as it is a hill station, so one can easily plan a visit whenever they want. Apart from it, each season in Kodaikanal gives you a different experience.

During the winters the place becomes most pleasant to visit with an average temperature between 30c to 8c, making it the most romantic time for the couples. During this time you can also be a part of their festive culture of pongal.

The month from March to May is most suitable for sightseeing along with different outdoor activities.

But among all the months the month of September is the most preferable for tourists as the minimum rain and ideal weather makes the place best for both couples and also for sightseeing.

Which are the best trekking trails in Kodaikanal?

The best trails offering some thrilling treks in Kodaikanal are:

1. Bear Shola Trek:
Best experienced during the monsoons, this small trek takes you towards the gushing waterfalls offering a sight to behold. The trail is of low difficulty, but the uphill track is a bit difficult and holds many rocky paths too.

2. Pine Forest Trek:
Taking you to the heritage pine forest reserve of Kodaikanal, a trek here will surely add enough thrill. These lush, thick and well maintained forests have attracted loads of tourists and offer numerous picnic spots too. Trekking around here lets you enjoy many beautiful sceneries and one can easily cover the distance in two or three hours.

3. Pillar Rock Trek:
These vertical and pillar shaped rocks take around 4 to 5 hours to reach and once you are here, the beautiful sceneries of the clouds cutting through them is totally mesmerising.

4. Dolphin’s Nose Trek:
Getting its name for being shaped like a dolphin’s nose, this point offers the beautiful and panoramic view of the valley below. Also known as the echo point, the trail of this trek is considered easy for the beginners and takes three to four hours to get completed.

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Which are the best places to stay in Kodaikanal?

Best places where one can stay in Kodaikanal are:

1. Hotels:
Loaded with all the basic amenities and offering a number of facilities straight to your room, the hotels of Kodaikanal let you enjoy a holiday, that too at ease. In addition to the facilities, many hotels here are located amidst the beautiful sceneries, thus adding some extra stars to your staycation.

2. Resorts:
Resorts like the Sterling Kodai and the Tamara Kodai are the most famous stay options here and are loaded with all top notch amenities. Be it a pool or jacuzzi, here one can easily find the best facilities that too at a reasonable price.

3. Homestays:
Offering you a home like experience, the homestays of Kodaikanal are loaded with amenities like kitchen, garden and wake-up call services. In addition to the, one can easily find two or three room bhk homestays here and can reside peacefully in the serene surroundings.

4. Tents:
Offering a chance to camp within the serene surroundings, the tent stays here to make sure that you are provided with all basic amenities, that too at a low price. In addition to this, many tent-stays here offer barbeque and bonfire options, thus adding some extra fun to the trip.

What are the best sites for camping in Kodaikanal?

The best sites for camping in Kodaikanal are:

1. Dolphin’s Nose:
Offering a birds eye view of the scenic landscape, this place can be reached by trekking for a while and once you reach here, a whole night can be spent here enjoying the sceneries and the shining night sky. Located at an elevation of 6600 feet, this place offers the best camping experience, that too with all basic amenities.

2. Kodaikanal Lake:
This beautiful man made lake offers some of the best sceneries of the shining waters and is home to a number of marines. The area around it is covered with kush green and manicured lawns, thus being the best place to camp overnight. A number of tourists rush here to enjoy a fun-filled evening with friends and family.

3. Bear Shola Falls:
This small waterfall can be enjoyed once you complete a short trekking route from the forest. Located in a remote area, camping here does not provide top notch facilities, but the nature and surroundings here are surely untamed and beautiful.

4. Silver Cascade Falls:
Being a very steep waterfall, this place offers a sight of fast gushing water hitting the rocks below. The mesmerising sight can be best enjoyed while camping around and glancing the flow shining in the moonlight.

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What are the famous waterfall treks in Kodaikanal?

The best waterfall treks in Kodaikanal are:

1. Pambar Waterfall:
This tiny waterfall can be reached by trekking for 5 KM from the Kodai Lake. Being a multi tiered waterfall, Pambar offers a mesmerizing view of the gushing water hitting the button rocks and making a small pool of bubbles. A trek to this falls is of moderate difficulty, and one can easily complete it.

2. Bear Shola Waterfalls:
Offering its route from the forests, this waterfall is believed to vanish in the summers, thus offering a perfect spot from rock climbing. To reach here, one needs to trek for 2 KM and the distance is smooth and can be covered by anyone.

3. Silver Cascade Waterfall:
Sitting in the middle of lush green woods, this waterfall has been challenging nature and thrill lovers since ages. The gushing water here is so clear that many locals use it for drinking too. Its location amidst the hilly forests adds some extra starts to your trekking experience.

4. Liril Waterfalls:
An ideal destination for a number of adventurous activities, these falls take around 2 to 3 hours to reach and trekking towards here takes you through many steep and rocky slopes. The serenity of the surrounding hills and the gushing sound of water here make sure that the trek is worth it.

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What are the best public transport modes to commute around Kodaikanal?

This all-natural town is home to many beautiful areas and hills where heavy public transport cannot reach, thus here you will only find two types of public transport:

1. Taxi:
Finding a taxi in Kodaikanal is easy and one can easily move from one place to another without any hassle. Offering such ease, a ride in these taxis are costly and if you take them towards the hills, the price rises up considerably.

2. Mountain Bikes:
If you have got your licence of a two wheeler and are looking for some thrill, then opting for a mountain bike to move from one place to another can be the best for you. They can be availed at hourly basis and will cost you less as compared to the taxis.

Where can one enjoy rock climbing in Kodaikanal?

Places which are known to be the best rock climbing spots of Kodaikanal are:

1. Perumal Peak:
Located amidst the hills of western Ghats, this beautiful peak offers many steep slopes perfect for a session of rock climbing. Many people come here to enjoy this extreme sport as in addition to the rush in adrenaline, one can also enjoy the beautiful scenery surrounding them.

2. Bear Shola Falls:
Getting its name due to being a place for bears to drink water, these falls completely dry up in the summers and provide the visitors with a challenging spot to exercise rock climbing. The path to reach this location is also challenging enough, and requires one to climb many heights.

3. Kukkal Caves:
Now an archaeological site, this place is surrounded by a number of small hills where one can easily work out a session of rock climbing. In addition to the thrill, the surrounding beauty also invites a number of tourists from all over the country.

What is famous in Kodaikanal?

Be it the natural beauty or organic food items, Kodaikanal is famous for numerous things:

- The handmade chocolates of Kodaikanal chocolate factory
- Dolphin’s Nose - offering a panoramic view of the whole town
- Caps Fly Valley - known to be a magical place due to the ability of flying low weighted items
- Eucalyptus oil
- Guna Caves - a haunted natural structure.

How to reach Kodaikanal?

There are many means of transport that can take you to your destination without any hurdles.

By Air: If you are travelling by air then the nearest airport from Kodaikanal is Madurai which is about 120 kilometers away. There are also two more distinct airports such as Trichy airport and the Coimbatore airport which are 150 kilometers and 175 kilometers away respectively from the Kodaikanal. After getting off from the plan you can easily find a bus to take you to your destination or even you can rent a taxi or book a car according to your comfort.

By Road: If you want to travel by road then you can find bus services that will take you to the place from cities like Chennai, Madurai, Coimbatore, and many more.

By Train: If you are coming by train then you have to get down at the Kodai Road and then hire a taxi to reach Kodaikanal.

Which are the best places for shopping in Kodaikanal?

The town of Kodaikanal is home to raw and fresh products that are easily available in any store around the place. The famous and best market places like Anna Salai and ‘Eco nut’ markets will provide you with every sort of thing that you want to buy:

-The Anna Salai Market place is popularly famous for its excellent and fresh vegetables and fruits which are available at very cheap price.
-The Eco Nut Market site is the home to homemade chocolates, marshmallows and cheese that are easily available in any bakeshop in the town.
-The street side located small stores and shops will surprise you with a wide range of woollen products, beautiful and fresh flowers, handmade articles, hot snakes, toys, medicinal herbs and oils and many more such products to go banana over.
-One can also find best aromatherapy products which are natural and effective in the town of Kodaikanal.

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