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What You Should Know More About Kodaikanal

  • Travel advice:

    • Tamil Nadu is a blend of different religions and cultures. So, all you women traveling to Kodaikanal, please ensure that you dress in a manner that is not offensive or overly exposing.  

    • Bring mosquito repellants, you’ll need it here.

    • If you see signs of ‘No Photography’, don’t take pictures there.

    • Beware of buying branded shoes, clothing or accessory from the street shops. They are 99% fake.

    • Make sure you are alert and don’t let anyone deceive you.

    • Travel with an escort when going around during night hours.

    • Avoid eating at wayside eateries. The food here can be really spicy which might not go well with people who have a delicate system.

    • Monkeys here get really wild sometimes. Do not flash food around the monkeys.

    • Don’t buy, sell or use narcotics.

    • Carry a photo copy of your important documents like passport, license, ID proof, etc.

    • Don’t flash valuables in public.

    • Some areas are considered unsafe for foreigners here. Avoid going there!

    • Bring some essential medicines from home.

    • Avoid eating in an empty restaurant.

  • Drinking laws

    The legal age for drinking in Kodaikanal is 21 years.

  • Our Recommendations: What You Can’t Afford To Miss?

    Berijam Lake

    Berijam Lake is encompassed by the scenic cover of greenery. It is home to a wide range of flora and fauna and also serves as the key source for the drinking water to all the nearby villages. To visit the area, you’ll need a special permit from the forest department. Only a few vehicles are permitted in this region. The key attractions and the places to see here include the lake view, fire tower and the medicine forest. Between the time span of 9:30 AM to 3:00 PM in the afternoon, the entry is restricted as several wild animals such as deer, snakes, panther and bison can be spotted here near the lake. 

    Coakers Walk

    One key tourist attraction of Kodaikanal is Coakers Walk. Built on the slopes of a hillock, it is a

    1 km long pathway that is indeed one of the most serene places of India. This long walk of a kilometer offers the tourists with the most alluring views of the hills. There is a rare phenomenon here where your shadow is cast on the clouds surrounding the area known as the Brocken Spectre can be seen.

    Kodaikanal Lake

    Kodai Lake or the Kodaikanal Lake is a beautiful star studded lake that is located amidst the calmest and the serene environment. It is spread over the length of 5 km and is a home to different birds. Path near the shore of the lake is definitely one of the most sought after tourist attraction. Tourists come here to explore and enjoy the beauty of the nature and take a long casual walk. Boating in the raw boats or the pedal boats is an important thing to do. You can also rent bicycles and horses here.

    Kurinji Andavar Temple

    Dedicated to Kartikeya or Lord Murugan, the Kurinji Andavar Temple is a home to the much

    renowned kurunji flower that blooms only once in 12 years. Established in the year 1936 by the European lady after adopting Hinduism, the temple is also known as ‘Lady Ramanathan’. It is a great attraction and is extremely popular amongst the tourists accredited to the flower and the surrounding views it offers.

    Dolphin’s Nose

    Dolphin’s Nose is a phenomenal trekking spot of Kodaikanal. It is basically a rock that projects over a wide chasm which has a huge depth of 2000 meters. The peculiar shape of the rock is the reason behind its interesting name. Once can witness the most significant and alluring views of the Western Ghats from here. Hidden attractions like Liril Falls and Pambar are also great for sightseeing.

    Bryant Park

    Spread over a vast area of 20.5 acres of land, the Bryant Park is an incredible picnic spot in Tamil Nadu. Situated in the eastern end of the Kodaikanal Lake, the botanical garden is filled with a vast flora that includes 325 species of the cactus, shrugs and trees. There are over 740 species of roses here. It can be a great idea to visit this beautiful place where you can simply sit, relax and get lost in the green surroundings.

    Kodaikanal Solar Observatory

    Kodaikanal Solar Observatory lies at an elevation of 2,343 meters above sea level. It is indeed the highest point location here. Commenced in 1901, the observation was founded in the year 1989. This spot not just offers different scientific attractions to the visitors but also offers the most breathtaking views atop. When in South India, don’t miss out on this tourist attraction.  

    Green Valley Point

    Formerly known as the suicide point, its name was changed for the obvious reasons. Green Valley Point is majorly popular for its panoramic views of the hills and the mountains. With a height of 5000 feet descend from the top, you can view the pillar rocks that were hoisted and scaled by an English adventurer.

  • What you will like here?

    Stay at the Villa Retreat

    Situated right next to the Coaker’s Walk, the villa offers fascinating view of the Kodaikanal valley. Clouds here throw shadows over the sky high mountains with alternating patches of the crops and forests that spread over the terrain. Villa Retreat is cozy and a quite place that is built on a stone with humongous love. Run by husband, wife and their son, this villa is a great place to stay when on a holiday to Kodaikanal. Scenery is picture perfect, food is just great and the routine of simply lazing around and doing nothing is something that all therapists will recommend.  

    Blooms and blooms, everywhere

    Everywhere you set your eyes in Kodaikanal, there are flowers and flowers everywhere. All the flowers are multi hued and available in a massive range of colors like red, purples, oranges, white, reds and pinks. It rather looks like a painter’s paradise. Do plan a holiday in June as the weather here is just perfect then. Rain is adequate and there is just enough sunshine to keep you warm. Rainbows are a frequent site during this time of the month.

    Pine Forest

    The aroma of the pine forest is something that you’ll never regret. It will elate your lungs and give your senses a natural orgasm that they deserve. Pine cones are scattered everywhere here. Ground in Kodaikanal looks more like a bed of sharp but soft pine needles that tend to drown your footsteps. Sun plays hide and seek with you but you can definitely catch a glimpse of it once the shadow of it is seen on the ground. It is swamped by the tourists during the weekends, do it is better to plan a weekday trip. Don’t forget to walk around and bask in the glory of the atmosphere here.


    Food here is authentic. They have traditional flavors of South India that you’ll keep gushing about after eating just once. Do try some South Indian dishes in the restaurants around.


    When you are on a holiday in the place which is a visual paradise in every way, how can you not experience the scenic beauty of the sunrise or sunset. During your stay, you definitely must experience at least one sunrise or sunset. It is indeed worth the two hours of your lost sleep.


    In Kodaikanal you cannot stop yourself from getting your hands on some home made chocolates. Kodai is majorly known for its home-made chocolates. You’ll just find all sorts of it and that too in abundance. Shopping for Eucalyptus oil is another thing you cannot miss out here. The oil here is so pure and magical that a single whiff can very well cure even the most severe flu.

    Walk around

    Roads in Kodaikanal are wide, near empty and very inviting.  They are weather perfect round the year. You’ll find a number of churches, squares, English houses and cyclists here.

    Visit the boathouse

    Not for anything else but just for the quaint and old location and a variety of ducks going quack quack, you must visit the boat house. Don’t forget to carry your camera here.

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Sashidhar Donthi

29 September 2017

"Actually it's not a trek to pillar rocks, it was a nice forest trek near pillar rocks and it was amazing. went in to dense forest with guide Mr.Vijay. He was very knowledgeable and had a good trek with him. Would definitely recommend this trek."


Abhishek Shrivastava

30 November 2016

It was a well managed trekking tour. Our tour guide Michael was also good and a knowledgeable person with complete information of the terrain and treks........

  • 1480498178_dscn0920.jpg

Sashidhar Donthi

29 September 2017

"It was a nice waterfall trek, but a short one and guide Mr.Vijay extended the trek and took us to a cliff with a fabulous views, enjoyed a family trek."

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