Best Time to Visit Nandi Hills, Bangalore

Best time to visit Nandi Hills shall not be minimized in any particular month because of its vibrant and glowing beauty all through the year. The average temperature of the location remains around 20-24 degree Celsius which is pleasant enough for one to relax, trek and chill in this pristine aura.

As Nandi Hills is settled at a height of 4851 feet, it gives a scenic view of sunrise, sunset and some foggy clouds and mists around. All the weather types, from Summer, Winter to Monsoon, travelers strike here for distinct experiences, calm getaway and perform multiple activities to spend some good time.

Yet they love to catch the location in the early morning at around 5.30 am to get mesmerized with sunrise or during sunset for a flawless trip. This location not only gives soothing aura but also allows visitors to take adventures like paragliding, cycling, biking etc. in the good whole year with full excitement and fun.

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Day Out at The Foothills Of Nandi Hills - Flat 33% Off
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Nandi Hills is a set of beautiful small hillocks located at a small distance of 60 km from Bangalore, Acquiring their name from the tall statue dedicated to the Lord Nandi built on the top of the hills, the place is a favourite of the visitors coming from almost all the nearby region, especially Bangalore.

About the Activity:
Be it for a corporate day out, a get together with family and loved ones, or just a group of friends, head to the Nandi hills and enjoy at the base of the hills with some of the most amazing views of the entire region. Surrounded by lush green hills and grounds, the location offers a lot of facilities, entertainment, and adventures so that your journey becomes the most memorable one.

The package is inclusive of delicious meals that are served in the form of Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks and Hi-tea

Check-in time: 10.00 AM

Check out time: 6.30 PM

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Nandi Hills Drive in Camp
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Nandi Hills is a set of beautiful small hillocks located at a small distance of 60 km from Bangalore, Acquiring their name from the tall statue dedicated to the Lord Nandi built on the top of the hills, the place is a favorite of the visitors coming from almost all the nearby region, especially Bangalore.

About the Package:

This package in Nandi Hills lets you undergo a fun-filled camping experience on the foothills of Nandi hills. Stay in comfortable tents that are surrounded by lush greenery and covered with rich flora and fauna culture. The perfect blend of high hills and deep valleys lets you get through a perfect weekend retreat with friends or family.

 Check in to the campsite at 6 pm and sit around the campfire with your loved ones to enjoy a bonfire session with snacks. Retire for the night and enjoy warm accommodation in tents at the campsite.

In order to enhance your camping delight, the package is inclusive of all meals including, tea/coffee, dinner. Snacks can be provided at an extra cost. It is worth to mention that both veg and non-veg dishes cooked in local style.

How to reach?
The property is located at foothills of Nandi hills, travel for around 60 km from Bangalore and as such, you can easily reach the spot by private vehicles.

Minimum number of people required to book is 2


Best Season To Visit Nandi Hills

Best Season To Visit Nandi Hills

No matter what, when a plan to come to Nandi Hills is up, nothing can stop you! And the pleasant weather always supports your plans. Above all, we say, Nandi Hills is a perfect getaway destination from Bangalore and can be visited anytime, you get a chance. Do not miss the opportunity and reach here before the sunrise, any time of the year.

Bring out the best of the experiences here with nature while walking in the woods, trekking in nearby hills, clicking the clouds, hiking around, feel the wind on the face and visit major attractions in the town. Weather would not be a major hindrance, and that is what is going to make your visit most amazing. Witness the panoramic natural aura closely and enjoy life with calm and peace here.


Nandi Hills In Summer

Nandi Hills In Summer

During the month of March-May, one can experience little heat than average in Nandi Hills. The temperature range falls between 25-40 degree Celsius but it starts with mild cool breeze every morning. This mildness surely supports early sunrise and the panoramic view of the lush green surroundings. As the sun rises high in the sky during the afternoon, the ambiance makes one uncomfortable due to direct heat and sweats.

The evenings again become comforting and wonderful with fall in Celsius degrees and winds slowly take a cozy calm charm allowing one to hit the roads again and enjoy nature closely before it turns dark. Sunset from the hills makes the day wonderful once again. Sip a cup of coffee in this atmosphere and make the life peaceful.

The nights do not turn gloomy but excite all for strolling on the roads while taking the stopover at various stalls and cafes. One of the best time to visit Nandi Hills does include early morning and late evening of summers. It is best advised to stay indoors and avoid activities like cycling and paragliding during the heat of May in afternoon hours.


Nandi Hills in Monsoon

Nandi Hills in Monsoon

Months of June to August are one of the best time to visit Nandi Hills due to extremely beautiful surroundings, regular drizzles, misty zone, sun playing hide and seek within clouds and greenery getting dense with every passing day.

The temperature during the season flips between the range of 22-40 degrees on an average and Nandi Hills experience light to moderate rainfall. When dark clouds hover around the microzone of the town, it makes people excited with the thrill and excitement to be here. A picnic at this place with friends and family is a perfect idea for a getaway with friends or family.

A little precaution shall be taken while on a drive to this hilly area due to slippery and drenched roads. Another opinion says that one must carry umbrella, poncho or raincoat while on a getaway to this place during Monsoon.

Nandi Hills in Winter

Nandi Hills in Winter

Imagine the heights of 4851 feet and surreal surroundings at a hill station during the winter. Tall green trees, dense fog, mists, and thick clouds make the visit perfect for anyone and remind some of the old Bollywood movies for sure.

One of the best time to visit Nandi Hills surely indulge winters in the months of September-February. The early mornings will give chills with cold weather but sunrise amidst the clouds literally makes feel in the heaven. Between 6-6.30 am, one gets to kiss the sun and bask in its beauty. By the time the sun rises up, weather still remains calm and allows to pay the visit to attractions like Tipu’s drop, Amrita Sarovar etc.

Winters do not let anyone stay indoors for the whole day, unlike summers and one can utilize a large chunk of their day in covering all the places like Tipu’s drop, Bhog Nandeeshwara etc. An average of 10 to 22 degree settles travelers here with some warm clothes that they must carry.

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