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Dhanpati Bhat


I've never seen gokarna like this before, trekking through these different beaches, viciting peace rock and reaching a height where I could catch a gli...


Mohit tomar


I have taken this trek on march 2018, in my experience it was one of those refreshing trip wherein we trek between the mountains in the safe jungle to ...


Trip Starting From: Gokarna

Trip Location: Gokarna

Trip Starting From: Bangalore

Difficulty level: Easy

About the Gokarna Beach Trek:

We have heard so much about Gokarna and its beaches, splendidly spreading amidst the green nature. A trek through the beaches of Gokarna would create amazing stories of happiness with your loved one.

Here is a trekking trip of 2 days to Gokarna from Bangalore after getting picked up from different points in Bangalore on Friday night.

The next two days will be filled with so much excitement and adventure. The moderate trek brings you some of the wonderful moments you can ask for.

The package of Gokarna beach trek includes food, accommodation in tents and transportation throughout the trip inclusive of pick up and drops off.


  • Day 1 - Pick up from Bangalore

    On Friday night at around 7:30 PM, get picked up from Baroda Bank, Koramangala Water Tank. Opp. Mr. Beans – Home Cafe., at around 08:00 PM from New Shanti Sagar Hotel, HAL Road, Near Domlur Bridge and at around 9:00 PM, from MG Road, Hard Rock Cafe near Anil Kumble Signal to begin your overnight journey to Gokarna.

    The next morning, you will reach the base camp of Gokarna beach trek where you can freshen up and have breakfast.

    By 09:00 am, get ready for the beginning of your trek to Gokarna beaches.

    Paradise beach: We will be starting our Gokarna trek from paradise beach. Paradise beach also known as Full Moon beach is enveloped in absolute surreal beauty. Raw and untouched, the beach is away from all the hustle bustle. The beach can only be reached by boat or by trekking through the forest. Leisure, warmth, and beauty describe Paradise Beach at its best.

    Half-Moon beach: From paradise beach, we will trek through the coast to Half-Moon beach. Separated by a cliff from Om Beach, Half Moon Beach offers stunning views of the sea. Dotted with typical Indian style village huts or shacks, the beach is the perfect spot for unwinding and relaxation. With umpteen hammocks set amidst trees, you have a splendid spot in the midst of nature.

    Sunset Point and Om Beach: From Half Moon beach to Om beach. Om beach is located at a distance of approximately 8 km from the town of Gokarna. Two semi-crescent shapes that join together resembling the symbol ‘OM’ is the reason behind the name of the beach.

    Dolphin Point: From Om beach, we will be trekking through a small forest to the perfect sunset point along with a stop at the dolphin viewpoint.

    Kudle Beach: Reach Kudle beach through a picturesque route. Kudle beach is known for its style of seafood. There is a variety of seafood available which are cooked in their native style. As the beach is a favorite destination place for foreigners, the local vendors also provide some foreign dishes in Indian style. We suggest you should try the pancake there.

    Gokarna Camping: From Kudle beach, we will trek to Gokarna beach which is our campsite for the night stopover.

  • Day 2 - Return journey to Bangalore

    Have an early morning breakfast and pack up to leave for Bangalore from Gokarna camping site.

    On the way back from Gokarna trek, visit Historic Mirjan Fort followed by having self-sponsored lunch.

    At night around 09:00 pm, reach back Bangalore and wind up the tour of Gokarna beach trek with a lot of memories.


  • Accommodation in a Tents on Double sharing basis.


  • Veg and non veg food
  • 7
  • Breakfast on two days
  • 7
  • Dinner on day 1


  • Beach Trekking and Camping

Other Inclusions

  • Tea, Coffee and Snacks
  • 7
  • Instructor
  • 7
  • Adventure Insurance
  • 7
  • Hele ambulance support for Saturday during the Trek


  • Non A/C transport from Bangalore to Bangalore. Depending on the number of participants it can be Tavera/Qualis, Tempo Traveler, Minibus.

Things To Carry

  • Sturdy and waterproof backpack (It will be advised that you pack light)
  • 7
  • Water bottles (at least 2 liters of water)
  • 7
  • Fresh clothes for two days
  • 7
  • Extra set of clothes
  • 7
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses
  • 7
  • Cap/hat
  • 7
  • Toiletries (Shampoo, towel, toothpaste, tissue paper, etc.)
  • 7
  • Energy Food ( Chocolate bars)
  • 7
  • Raincoat / Bag cover
  • 7
  • Personal medication (if any)
  • 7
  • Allergy medication (if any)
  • 7
  • Mosquito repellent cream
  • 7
  • A torch with new batteries (in case of emergency)


  • Consumption of alcohol or any other intoxicating products is strictly prohibited during this trip
  • 7
  • For safety purposes, do pay heed to the guidelines given by the instructors

Cancellation Policy

  • If cancellations are made 30 days before the start date of the trip, 50% of total tour cost will be charged as cancellation fees.
  • 7
  • If cancellations are made within 0-30 days before the start date of the trip, 100% of total tour cost will be charged as cancellation fees.
  • 7
  • In case of unforeseen weather conditions or government restrictions, certain activities may be cancelled and in such cases the operator will try his best to provide an alternate feasible activity. However no refund will be provided for the same.
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    People Shared their Stories
    Story by Dhanpati Bhat

     Rated : 4.0

    I've never seen gokarna like this before, trekking through these different beaches, viciting peace rock and reaching a height where I could catch a glipmse of dolphins was amazing

    Story by Mohit tomar

     Rated : 5.0

    I have taken this trek on march 2018, in my experience it was one of those refreshing trip wherein we trek between the mountains in the safe jungle to the relaxing beaches followed by rain dance, bonfire and the beach side camping under the stars, I must say tremendous effort has been put up by Rohith (trek coordinator) and the entire Trillophilia Team to make the trip comfortable and memorable, would like to travel with Thrillophilia again, highly recommended!

    Story by shiva patel

     Rated : 5.0


    nice trek with lots of memories ..really enjoyed. Thanks Thrillophilia..Karthik you are awesome man..tour you man.

    Story by Bhagvan Devar

     Rated : 4.0

    Gokarna is my paradise, its my go to place, I'd choose it over goa any day! This trek was the perfect way to spend my time in Gokarna, Kudle beach is my absolute fav and the trek was peaceful and fun

    Story by Parinita Dwivedi

     Rated : 5.0


    me and my friends went on this trek in September. it was awesome. had lots of fun. the hosts were amazing. would recommend it to others

    Story by Girish Agrawal

     Rated : 5.0


    It is Wonderful experience to be on Gokarna Beach Trek, it's amazing. I have been on two-three trek earlier, but this one is best till date. Outdoor leaders Pranshu and Srinidhi coordinated very well. Other then trek we also enjoyed the travelling time, by playing games such as Mafia.

    • 1539943901_img_20181013_175957552_hdr.jpg
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    • 1539943902_img_20181013_123232.jpg
    • 1539943902_img_20181013_123719.jpg
    Story by Sheetal Yadav

     Rated : 5.0

    One of the best trips ever. Organizers took care of everyone and ensured that every one of us had fun. We trekked to 5 beaches and the night trek was amazing. You will find a lot of points during the trek from where the view is worth the trip. During camp fire there was a fire performance organized by the owner of the home stay which was very sweet. We also got to know a lot of facts about these beaches. There are phytoplanktons which glows during night when water is rubbed vigorously on your hand ( Owner showed us how to see them). It seems during winter the intensity increases.

    • 1539681802_img_1000.jpg
    • 1539681802_img_1044.jpg
    • 1539681803_img_1348.jpg
    • 1539681803_img20180929111455.jpg
    • 1539681803_img20180929133254.jpg
    • 1539681803_img20180929105156.jpg
    Story by Ayush Bansal

     Rated : 5.0


    The trip was awesome! we had a full on masti and fun.!The hosts are amazing person. They became friends as soon as we started the trip.

    • 1551868348_img_20190303_113632.jpg
    • 1551868348_img_20190302_184000.jpg
    • 1551868348_img_20190302_182759.jpg
    • 1551868349_img_20190302_171502.jpg
    • 1551868349_img_20190302_114550.jpg
    • 1551868349_img_20190302_232151.jpg
    Story by Tejaswini umesh

     Rated : 5.0


    if you're here reading reviews wondering whether you should go for it. You're wasting your time. just book it already. so, I went along with 2 of my best friends and there were 11 strangers in the bus but by the end of it all, we turned into a family. it was hands down , the best trip of my life. Jafar , Amazing trek lead is the reason we all opened up so much. trek is peaceful. not tough at all. Stay is amazing. I wish I could live this moment again.

    • 1542807572_img_20181117_173129.jpg
    • 1542807572_img_20181117_075230.jpg
    • 1542807572_img-20181120-wa0047.jpg
    • 1542807572_img-20181119-wa0044.jpg
    • 1542807572_screenshot_2018-11-19-00-40-38.jpg
    Story by Niki Wilson

     Rated : 5.0


    With mesmerizing views and and the constant rhythm of soft pulsing waves the trek was amazing ending with a feeling of an achievement and thirst for more.. the trek was well organized.. inspite of being a huge group the tour leader, Pranshu and tour guides Srinidhi and Poola managed to organize everything and keep everything right on time with out missing any details... the over all trip experience was awesome... the motivation from three individual kept us going... worth every second

    • 1539653643_img20181014081204.jpg
    • 1539653643_img20181013180752.jpg
    • 1539653643_img20181014064618.jpg
    • 1539653643_img-20181013-wa0052.jpg
    • 1539653643_img-20181013-wa0048.jpg

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is a beach trek?

      The well-known “Golden Route” which is the trek route of several Gokarna beaches gives the exciting experience of beach trek. It includes walking on the sands of the beach, by the rocky hills at one end with the beautiful view of the vast Arabian Sea on the opposite side.

      The sidewalk through the beaches starting from Paradise Beach till the last Gokarna Beach is the thrilling beach trek. The beautiful view of the sea, easy rock climbing and the sound of the ocean waves make the beach trek even more fascinating. Two days of complete fun, adventure and camping at the beach side.

    2. How can I reach Gokarna from Bangalore?

      The pickup facility from Bangalore to Gokarna is included in your package. We pick up from various places in Bangalore.

      The 1st pick up is at 7:30 PM from Bank of Baroda at Koramangala Water Tank, Opp. Mr. Beans – Home Cafe.

      2nd pick up is scheduled at 8 PM from New Shanti Sagar Hotel, HAL Road, near Domlur Bridge.

      The last pick up is scheduled at 9 PM from MG Road, Hard Rock Cafe near Anil Kumble Signal.

      Transportation is provided throughout your trip which includes drop-offs as well from Gokarna to Bangalore.

    3. Is camping allowed in Gokarna? Where is the camping site for the beach trek?

      Yes, camping is allowed in Gokarna. It is the final destination after the beach trek from Paradise Beach to Kudle Beach and lastly at Gokarna Beach. Our camping site after the beach trek is at Gokarna Beach. It is the last leg of the trek where we stopover at night. We provide tents for accommodation on double sharing basis during the stay at the beach.

    4. What are the inclusion in the package?

      In your package, transportation from Bangalore to Bangalore is included. Accommodation for 1 night in a camp on double sharing basis is included. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is provided which includes breakfast for 2 days and 1 dinner during your stopover at Gokarna Beach.

      Refreshments like tea, coffee and snacks are provided. An instructor is provided who will explain all the dos and don’ts before your trek. He will accompany you throughout the trek for all the guidance and help.

      Adventure insurance is provided to the guest. Ambulance service is provided as a caution measure in order to meet any kind of causality just in case it happens. A visit at the tourist hotspot- Historic Mirjan Fort is included in your package too.

    5. What is the total trek distance?

      The total trek distance from Paradise Beach to Gokarna Beach is approximately 16 kilometres.

    6. What is the best time for Gokarna Beach trek?

      The best time for Gokarna trek is during the months of October-March. The weather during this time is warm and pleasant and the humidity is at its minimum. The average temperature is 32 degrees Celsius which is nice and ideal for trekking. This region experiences Southwest Monsoon between June-August which makes beach trekking a little difficult.

      April and May are very hot months and not ideal for trekking. The temperature reaches 38 degrees Celsius easily and might even go higher at times. Humidity is also at its peak which can make it very hectic and bothersome, resulting in a bad trekking experience.

    7. Is this trek safe for Solo Travelers and Female Travelers?

      Gokarna Beach trek is completely safe for solo and female travellers. We pay special attention to the safety of the women and solo travellers accompanying us during this trek. For accommodation, we provide separate tents to men and women.

      As far as the place is concerned, Gokarna is considered to be one of the safest places for solo and women travellers who wish to have an adventurous short trip. The entire trek route is safe and the local people on beaches are friendly always happy to help.

    8. What are the activities I can avail at Gokarna beaches? Are there any activities inclusive in the package?

      Beach trekking and camping is included in the package. Other than these, you can try some more adventurous activities at your own expenses. You may go for a banana boat or Jet Ski ride in the Arabian Sea and even try parasailing at Om Beach.

      You can play badminton, Frisbee or volleyball at the beach and enjoy a morning yoga session at the beach.

    9. Are PickUp and Drop facilities available from Bangalore?

      Yes, pickup and drop facilities are available from Bangalore which is included in the package. Our pickup is scheduled from three locations in Bangalore.

      The 1st pick-up location is Baroda Bank at Koramangala Water Tank, Opp. Mr. Beans – Home Café at 7:30 PM.

      The second pick-up is scheduled at 8 PM from New Shanti Sagar Hotel at HAL Road, near Domlur Bridge.

      The last pick-up is scheduled at 9 PM at Hard Rock Café, MG Road, near Anil Kumble Signal.

    10. When we will back Bangalore on last day?

      You are expected to reach back Bangalore by 9 PM on Day 2. You will leave for Bangalore after early morning breakfast at the Gokarna beach camping site. On your way back, you will visit Historic Mirjan Fort and have a self-sponsored lunch. After this, you will move ahead with your final destination- Bangalore.

    11. What is the batch size usually?

      Usually, a single trek batch has around 15-20 people which includes men, women, and children. We ensure that a batch does not have very fewer people so that we do not miss out on the fun of having some great time with adventurous people. Nevertheless, we do not overcrowd as a large group can create chaos and make it very crampy.

    12. Which are Gokarna beaches we will cover during the trek?

      You will cover 5 beautiful beaches in Gokarna during the trek. These beaches are-

      Paradise Beach-

      You will start our Gokarna trek from Paradise beach. This beach is also known as the Full Moon Beach which is amid the most beautiful virgin lands of Gokarna. This place is still untouched which has ensured the beauty of the beach still intact and unspoiled.
      Paradise beach is away from the noisy city life and offers a surreal experience to the visitors. The calm, beautiful and gorgeous scenery around offers an ideal setting for the onset of your trek.

      Half Moon Beach-

      After your easy trek through the Paradise Beach, you will reach Half Moon Beach which is also known as the Crescent Beach. This beach is separated by Om Beach through a cliff and the scenery of the deep blue ocean from this place is simply amazing.
      Half Moon Beach is one of the favorite spots amid foreigners and hippies who wish to spend some time away from civilization. You will find many tourists at this place who just come to relax and unwind away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The Indian style huts and shacks make this place even more beautiful and attractive.

      Om Beach-

      After the trek to the Half Moon Beach, you will trek towards Om Beach which is around 8 kilometers from Gokarna town. The 2 semi-crescent shapes which join together resembles the sacred letter “OM”, thereby giving this place the name of Om Beach. It is a beautiful place that witnesses a large number of tourists each day.
      The pristine water and the sparkly sand at this beach makes it one of the most gorgeous beaches in Gokarna.
      If you like water sports then you can try water sports like boat rides, Jet Ski and parasailing at Om Beach. Dolphin Point near Om Beach is another major highlight of this beach which enables dolphin spotting from the point. The view of dolphins from Dolphin Point is stunning and a memory that will last forever.

      Kudle Beach-
      After your trek to the Om Beach and crossing Dolphin Point, you will reach the Sunset Point which is just a few metres from Kudle Beach. Sunset Point is famous for its sunsets, as the view from this place is breath-taking. After the sunset point, you will trek to Kudle Beach which is a beautiful place that offers scrumptious seafood options. The shacks and cafes at this beach prepare seafood in a local style which is very exciting to try.
      The scenic beauty at Kudle Beach is a major highlight of this place. 5)Gokarna Beach- The last leg of your trek is the Main Beach which is popularly known as Gokarna Beach. This is the last beach where you have your camping site.
      It is a beautiful beach with serene water and lush green vegetation. You will stay over at this beach after your trek. Gokarna Beach is an ideal location to spend your night, stargazing under the clear sky.
      This beach is famous amid the pilgrims who come to worship the renowned Mahabaleshwar Temple. It is believed that the people coming to visit the temple can enter only after taking a dip at Gokarna Beach. Hence, this beach is not only beautiful but is also historically and culturally renowned.

      Dolphin Point-
      From Om beach, we will be trekking through a small forest to the perfect sunset point along with a stop at the dolphin viewpoint.

    13. Can you tell me about Gokarna in details?

      Along the Indian West Coast in Karnataka lies a quiet little town known as Gokarna. Interestingly, the literal meaning of Gokarna is “Cow’s Ear” which sounds a little funny but history and location both contribute to the name of this place. It is believed that Lord Shiva emerged from an ear of a cow in front of Brahma who sat penancing to get rid of the curse given by Lord Shiva. Gokarna was initially a Hindu Pilgrimage site, but now it is more than that. People know two types of Gokarna.

      For some, it is a sacred place of primeval temples which is visited by the pilgrims mainly for Mahabaleshwar Temple. However now, it is an admired tourist’s destination which has gained popularity for its beautiful beaches and lovely hills. Just about 140 kilometres from Goa, Gokarna is increasingly becoming famous among the foreign travellers in India. The secluded and pristine beaches of Gokarna has attracted numerous European and Westerner tourists who have settled in Gokarna in the last few decades.

      Still a renowned Hindu Pilgrimage, Gokarna is now slowly getting hold of the hippie culture. A lot more different from Kanwar and Goa, Gokarna is all about peaceful beach holiday and unique beach trekking. If you get images of relaxed uphill climbs along with mesmerizing beaches and white sand flashing in front of you, then Gokarna is where you need to be. A lot of people visit Gokarna for a relaxed beach holiday over the weekend, while a lot of the tourists decide to take up the Gokarna Beach Trek, which is an easy uphill trek that does not require any kind of trekking experience.

      In a real sense, this trek is a hike along the gorgeous beachline and not really into the large rocky mountains. The trail for Gokarna trek is known as the “Golden Trail” which includes trekking through 5 beautiful beaches along with some stunning viewpoints. The view of the sandy shores, swaying trees, cool breeze, and expansive green hills is simply scintillating which enhances your overall trek experience. Gokarna trekking is around 8 kilometres trek of easy to moderate difficulty level.

      The trek starts from Paradise Beach, going to Half Moon Beach which is a beautiful place to relax and unwind. Following this is the Om Beach which is a great place all water sports enthusiasts. Dolphin Point after the beach allows dolphin spotting which is a treat to the eyes. The sun set point hear after is a perfect place to catch the sight of nature paint your dusk sky in beautiful vibrant colours, while the sun dips in the enormous Arabian Sea.

      Kundle Beach offers you some scrumptious seafood which is hard to ignore. The seafood made in local style is must try, before heading to the final destination of Gokarna Beach Camping.
      Night stayover at the shore of the Gokarna Beach and have the best time of your life. Light a bonfire, laugh over jokes, pitch a tent and tell-a-tale over dinner. Listen to the waves slurping mildly against the shore and sky gaze stars.

      Do everything that is hard to find anywhere else, but at Gokarna. Yes, Gokarna has everything for anyone who dreams of a perfect beach trek and camping beside the sea.

    14. What are the attractions on Day 1 of Trek to Gokarna beach?

      While you start your trek to Gokarna Beach camp, you will cross 6 beautiful places which include beaches and some amazing points. Here is the list of all attractions that will be covered on Day 1 of Gokarna Beach trek.

      1)Paradise beach
      The paradise beach which is also known as the Full Moon Beach is the starting location of Gokarna trek. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Gokarna which is still less populated and unspoiled.
      Less human activity in this beach has kept the natural beauty of this area unaltered which makes it look just like a painting of the virgin lands. Surrounded by lavish palm trees, Paradise beach has crystal clear water with white sand and large rocky boulders.
      Resting in nature’s lap, this gorgeous beach is an ideal place for solace and experience some peaceful moments on the Western Coastline Shores. A perfect way to start your journey for Gokarna Beach Camping.

      2)Half Moon Beach
      From Paradise Beach, we make our way to Half Moon Beach. This beach is also known as Crescent Beach which takes you through to a lot more hilly and rocky stretch. The huge and very famous rock which is known as Rock of Peace is located on your way to Half Moon Beach. It is one of the main attractions on your way. If luck plays on your side, then you may even spot some playful dolphins from this place.
      The site of these dolphins in the open waters is amazing. The view of the Arabian Sea from the hilly terrain is gorgeous and breathtaking.

      3)Om Beach
      After your trek to the Half Moon Beach, you will arrive at the very popular Om Beach.  It is around 1-kilometre hike which is a little inclined trodden path that is mostly used by the locals. This local Beach at Gokarna is considered to be an auspicious place as it resembles the sacred symbol “OM”. People from all over the county especially come here to take a dip in the holy water of OM beach. Swimming at this beach is safe and a lot more fun.
      On the other side, a medium sized cliff leads to a fantastic viewpoint which is famously known as Shiva Point. The boundless scene of the blue calm water from this point is breath-taking. Owing to the popularity of this beach, you will find many cafes and shacks that offer delicious local food.
      It is a hub for all the hippies. You can buy local souvenirs from this beach. Boat rides and ball games are spotted here. In all, a superb happening place with immense scenic beauty.

      4)Dolphin Point
      Moving ahead the famous OM Beach and trekking through a tiny forest, you reach the Dolphin Point which is famous for dolphin spotting. The gorgeous scenic beauty from this point is stunning. The picture of the beach and the crystal water is sheer bliss.
      You can spot some playful dolphins in the best of their moods. The scene of numerous dolphins together from this spot is unbelievable. You can find numerous tourists at this place, especially come for dolphin spotting.
      Boats are hired to get into the sea and spot them closely. However, it is a pleasure to be at Dolphin Point and see them diving with mates.

      5)Sun Set Point
      Just after crossing the Dolphin Point, you will reach the Sun Set Point which is a gorgeous place to see a sunset. This point is above a tiny hill which gives a clear view of the nearby area. The view of the calm and beautiful ocean, tall shrubs all around and the feel of being wrapped around Mother Nature at this place is simply awesome.
      The sight of sunset from the sunset point is something that will be remembered forever. Many local and tourist people come here to see the beautiful sunset. It is one of the most famous spots just before Kudle Beach.

      6)Kudle Beach
      Reach the beautiful Kudle Beach after crossing Sun Set Point through a pleasing route. The roaring waves crashing against the glittery sand gives immense pleasure to the eyes. The scenic beauty of the beach and liveliness around, makes it one of the trendiest places in Gokarna. This beach is very popular for its seafood. The cafes and shacks at this place offers a variety of seafood which is cooked in the local style.
      Kudle Beach is very famous amid the foreigners and you spot many tourists relaxing and enjoying at the beach. Due to the popularity among the foreign tourists, local shacks prepare foreign cuisine but with Indian touch. The pancakes at this beach is delicious and a must try delicacy.

    15. What are the attractions of day 2 of Gokarna Trek?

      After your night stopover at the camping site of Gokarna Beach, we begin our Day 2 early with scrumptious breakfast which is included in your package. An early breakfast will ensure that you have enough time to explore more things around. After the breakfast, pack all your stuff and start your journey from Gokarna Beach camping site to Bangalore. Transportation is provided by the company which is again included in your package.

      On your way back to Bangalore, there will be a halt to a beautiful destination. During this time, you will be taken to one of the major tourist attractions of Gokarna, Historic Mirjan Fort. A visit to the world-renowned Mirjan Fort is an ideal way to end your trek excursion. Situated on Coastal Belt, this fort is a perfect place to relax and appreciate the beauty around, which continued after the long gorgeous trek through beaches and sidewalks. This beautiful attraction is situated amidst the tranquil setting of the banks of Aghanashini River.

      Historical Mirjan Fort in Uttara Kannada has the hint of same beauty and glamour which is had decades before. This place is nestled at South Gokarna, which is around 1 kilometre off NH 17. The majestic looks and its mention by various known world leaders attract tourists from all over the world. As soon as you enter the huge doorsteps of the fort, you will be surprised to see the stunning interiors inside. It truly reflects the architectural capabilities and imagination which the architects during that time possessed. It shows excellence in the time when modern technology was not even heard of.

      The secret tunnels, doors, wells, watchtower, wells, kitchens, and room ruins make you ponder over the lives and historical significance of this fort. It has witnessed numerous battles which can be sensed from the overall look of the fort. The remains of the fort tell the story of battles it withstood with grandeur. The enormous structure of Mirjan Fort is built with laterite stones which are locally available. The construction of this fort dates back to 1608 to 1640 A.D.

      It is believed that this beautiful Fort was built by the famous, Queen Chennabharadevi. She ruled this fort for around 54 years and it is believed that she lived in the fort during her ruling years. The Queen of this fort was popularly known as the pepper queen of India as she had control of the entire pepper business. Not just inside of the fort, the beauty around the fort is also breathtaking.

      The flowing river, breezing wind, and the greenish groves add surreal beauty to this fort. The ambience and natural beauty are so stunning that you are ensured to be awestricken forever. In short, Mirjan Fort is an absolute pleasure to explore while you are on your way back to Bangalore. After seeing the fort, you can have lunch (not included in the package). After the wrap-up, we head directly towards Bangalore.


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