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  • Given the remarkable weather that Bangalore and the regions surrounding it fancy throughout the year, there is no deficiency of places you can indulge in a road trip to. Despite, what strikes spoilsport is the poor statuses of most of the roads around the city. Although, there are infinite tourist stops in the close vicinity, and here is your pick for the perfect objectives for a road trips from Bangalore.

    Road trips within 50 km from Bangalore

    Ramanagara 49 km
    Savandurga 49 km

    Road trips within 50 to 100 km from Bangalore

    Anthargange 70 km
    Nandi Hills 70 km
    Sangam 90 km
    Bheemeshwari 100 km

    Road trips within 100 to 250 km from Bangalore

    Kunti Betta 130 km
    Ranganathittu 140 km
    Hogenakkal 180 km
    Masinagudi 235 km
    Kabini 240

  • Road trips within 100km from Bangalore

  • 02Ramanagara


    Distance from the city: 49 Kms

    If you want to relive your Sholay nostalgia and dreams, then Ramnagara is the place to go to! It is here that the famous scenes of Gabbar Singh’s Ramgarh were shot! Take away on an escape to this beautiful craggy outcrop on a short road trip around Bangalore. Flourishing with lovely hills, valleys and rock and boulder strewn landscapes, Ramnagara will satisfy your thirst for adventure like no other with a night trek or a day long excursion!

    Night Trek in Ramanagara

    Night Trek in Ramanagara

    NNNNM15 Reviews

    d1 Dayn1 NightlRamnagar


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  • 03Savandurga

    Image Credit : C+H - Flickr

    Distance from City: 49 Kms

    If the city ever becomes too much for you, there are always the hilly escapes of its hinterlands that will please and soothe you! One such adventure is Savandurga, a large monolith located at just about a couple of hours ride away from Bangalore. Take the sprawling Mysore Road or Magadi Road to reach this beautiful destination sometime in the evening and embark on an exciting night trek to Savandurga. This road trip around Bangalore is refresher in real terms and the trek just puts the proverbial cherry on top! Watching the stunning sunrise over the surrounding elevations is treat!

  • 04Anthargange

    Distance from the City: 70 Kms

    A short ride of about 70km from Bangalore will land you at the doorstep of beauty and rocky ruggedness of Anthargange. Cossetted by the Shathshrunga Ranges on either sides the stony sceneries are a haven and a playground for all those who like a bit of mystery. Located near the Kolar gold fields, the craggy outcrops of Anthargange are way fun to explore on a night trek! Take the NH4 to reach this stunner of a destination by a road trip from Bangalore.

    Anthargange Night Trek with Cave Exploration

    Anthargange Night Trek with Cave Exploration

    NNNNN47 Reviews

    d1 Dayn1 NightlKolar

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  • 05Nandi Hills

    Distance from Bangalore: 70km

    Best known for its scenic beauty and greenery this is another best places to visit near Bangalore. Once a summer retreat of Tipu Sultan, today Nandi Hills (1,478mtrs) is the city’s favourite quick getaway option. A must-to-do Bangalore road trip, Nandi Hills or Nandi Betta is best known for rolling green slopes surrounding the Amrit Sarovar Lake and a pleasant weather all year through.

    A number of activities can be undertaken here including paragliding, trekking through several trails, and even a lesser known off-roading path next to the hill. Either mountain biking or motor biking, this trail is great for those newly initiated into the adventure sport.

    The hill set offers attractions such as Tipu’s Drop, Horse Way, Secret Escape Route, and couple famous temples – the Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple and Sri Bhoga Narasimha Temple. These hills also provide natural habitation for diverse species of wildlife. You can try out the accommodation options available uphill at Nehru House and Gandhi House.

  • 06Sangam

    Image Credit : Maurya Rohit

    Distance from Bangalore: 90km

    Drive on the Kanakpura road to reach this natural footprint where the River Arkavathy merges with River Cauvery. A piece of wonderment awaits at Mekedatu, the end of a probable destination for a bike trip from Bangalore. Follow the Cauvery from this point as she gushes through narrow and deep ravine of granite rocks.

    With a strong mythology story tucked behind its name ( Mekedatu means goat’s leap in Kannada), this makes for a great outing backed with highly intense trekking. Upstream on the Cauvery is the famous Shivasamudra Falls. The area is also well nourished with other attractions such as Chunchi Falls (5km before Sangam), untouched picnic spots and Arkavathy Dam. 

  • 07Bheemeshwari


    Distance from city: 100km

    Take off on that much needed dreaminess of a road trip around Bangalore with your destination as Bheemeshwari! The jungles and the serenity of nature is sure to enthrall you into a lush sense of calm and quietude. Stay amidst the benevolent natural beauty at the Jungle Lodges and experience the forests come alive around you, with the Cauvery River lilting calmly beside you. You can experience a vast range of adventure activities such as Zip-Line, Burma Loops, Parallel Walk, Cat Walk, Elephant Walk, Rappelling, Kayaking and Coracle Ride to give your daily schedule that burst of adventure and adrenaline

    Night Out at Jungle Lodges Bheemeshwari

    Night Out at Jungle Lodges Bheemeshwari

    NNNNN24 Reviews

    d2 Daysn1 NightlBheemeshwari

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  • Road trips between 100 to 200 km from Bangalore

  • 09Kunti Betta Trek

    Distance from the city: 130 Kms

    A place with a heavy mythological significance, Kunti Betta is the place where Pandavas and Kunti are believed to have stayed during their period of exile. Embarking on a journey to this beautiful destination by a bike is surely a much needed escape. Embellished with picturesque trails and panaoramic views all around, a trek to Kunti Betta not only gives you the joy of exploring the joys of climbing but also the pleasure of water sports like swimming and kayaking! If you are thinking of taking an impulsive road trip around Bangalore, then Kunti Betta is the place to be at!

    Night Trek with Water Sports in Kunti Betta

    Night Trek with Water Sports in Kunti Betta

    NNNNN39 Reviews

    d1 Dayn1 NightlMandya

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  • 10Ranganathittu

    Image Credit : RahulR

    Distance from Bangalore: 140km

    A flourishing breeding and nesting ground for several migratory birds, Ranganathittu is Asia’s most preferred stop over. An accidentally created set of six islets, the bird sanctuary is a haven for nature and bird lovers alike. A deviation from Srirangapatna along the Coorg state way, this is an ideal getaway and among the enjoyable road trip from Bangalore.

    Image Credits : Arul Jegadish - Flickr

    All the way, find sugar cane fields and paddy pastures chase you. Sudden appearances of canals make you realise how fertile the land around is. Plan a road trip around December when the sanctuary is filled with its guest residents for the season.

    Frequent boat rides drifting through the islets are the primary means to catch a glimpse of species such as White Ibis, Lesser Whistling Duck, and Wolly-necked stork, Asian Open Bill Stork, Common Spoonbill and the Painted Stork. Being 19km from Mysore city and stone’s throw from Srirangapatna, the drive out can be combined with history too.

  • 11Mysore

    Image Credit : Philofoto

    Distance from Bangalore: 140km

    Words fall short to describe the historically rich neighbouring city of Bangalore. A bike trip from Bangalore to Mysore unravels many appeals. Irrespective of the time one heads out from Bangalore, here’s one state highway which is energetic and crowded from the word go. While this can be tiring, it’s also enticing. Several sights unveil along the drive like toy city Channapatna, silk city Ramanagaram, amusement park Wonderla, and Innovative Film City. Great eating joints seal the palate’s zeal for delicious food.

    Mysore can be enjoyed over a day or couple. The city charms needless of the age. Choose from a host of sightseeing options ranging from Mysore Palace, one of the largest and most magnificent palaces in India (its true beauty comes out during Dasara), sprawling greenery of Brindavan Gardens, India’s most beautiful show garden, the towering Chamundi Hills giving a true bird’s eye view of the grandeur city below, Mysore Zoo – one of the country’s oldest zoos, the enchanting and ornately crafted St. Philomena’s Church with its Neo Gothic style of architecture, and other innumerable churches and temples.

    Not to mention the city’s list of museums are also fascinating. Go in search of less significant sights too like Colonel Bailey’s dungeon.

    Cycling Tour in Mysore and Srirangapatnam

    Cycling Tour in Mysore and Srirangapatnam

    NNNMM1 Reviews

    h3 HourslMysore


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  • 12Lepakshi

    Image Credit : Premnath Thirumalaisamy

    Distance from Bangalore: 150km

    A historic and archeological destination, Lepakshi fulfils a desire to go back in time. Best known for its hanging pillar, this village in Andhra Pradesh is quite similar to styling of Vijayanagar architecture at Hampi. Also it bears mythology significance, as the town area is believed to be where Jatayu, the brave bird from Ramayana is said to have fallen after being slayed by Ravana. The town has a huge Nandi bull etched from a single monolith rock. The ruins are known to be engineering marvels from the yesteryears.

    The Lepakshi Temple is famed for its mural paintings, the fresco of the main sanctum is largest in India. What grabs attention at Lepakshi is the minute details involved in the carvings and superbly sculpted pillars found all around the area. Should time be on your side, visit nearby Dharmavaram (silk weaving units), Hindupur (elegant cotton weaves), and Puttaparthi (famed pilgrim town).

  • 13Hogenakkal

    Image Credit : Praveen

    Distance from Bangalore: 180km

    En route in direction of Tamil Nadu from Bangalore lie some interesting getaways that make great weekend travel bytes. Hogenakkal Falls 40km from Dharmapuri is popular for its glittered as a great backdrop for several regional and Bollywood films. A brilliant option for a Bangalore road trip, because it cannot be reached via direct access of public transport.

    The landscape along the drive is somewhat typical of Tamil Nadu, plentiful banana and coconut plantations adorn the view. The falls throw themselves out of a rocky terrain emitting white smoke giving its name (Hoge = smoke, kal = stone). The surrounding hills are dotted by green vegetation and are peppered with shrines. The Cauvery around here also is conducive to coracle rides along the canyon. Pack a picnic basket along and you’ve a stunner of a weekend on hand.

    All Women Tour to Hogenakkal Falls

    All Women Tour to Hogenakkal Falls

    NNNNM1 Reviews

    d1 DaylDharmapuri


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  • 14BR Hills

    BR Hills
    Image Credit : rahul rekapalli

    Distance from Bangalore: 200km

    BR Hills, the popular name for Biligirirangana Hills is an ideal road trip from Bangalore for a short vacation if wilderness and adventure is what is on the radar. Situated between the Eastern and Western Ghats, most of the hills are protected areas of the Biligiri Rangaswamy Sanctuary – a major tiger reserve.

    Image Credits : pee vee - Flickr

    Forests around the area house several wildlife species and are even home to the Dodda Sampige tribe. With the Cauvery flowing through the tropical forest ranges, a number of adventure activities such as rafting, trekking, boat rides, and outdoor camping can be experienced. BR Hills is 90km from Mysore. So, plan accordingly. You could sneak in a little bit of Mysore too and do some of the things listed above.

  • Road trips between 200 to 300 km from Bangalore

  • 16Sakleshpur

    Image Credit : George Mathew

    Distance from Bangalore: 260km

    Find paradise at Sakleshpur, a beautiful hill town in Hassan district located on the Bangalore-MangaloreHighway. Nestled in the beautiful Western Ghats, much of its lush greenery is attributed to the coffee plantations enveloping the region.

    Fascinating mountains, pleasant weather all year round make it more of a romantic getaway. Trekking is of paramount here for trails offer hidden tunnels, waterfalls, and bridges. The Bisle Reserve Park is a great picnic spot to spend a beautiful day under the sun. Around Sakleshpur is Jenukal Gudda, the second tallest peak in Karnataka. Also one can visit historical and religious spots such as the star shaped Manjarabad Fort and Kukke Subrahmanya Temple.

    Offbeat Stays in Sakleshpur:

    1) Riverside Homestay In Sakleshpur

    2) Nature Stay Experience in Sakleshpur

    Homestay in Sakleshpur with Activities

    Homestay in Sakleshpur with Activities

    NNNNN3 Reviews

    d2 Daysn1 NightlSakleshpur


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  • 17Wayanad

    Image Credit : Sarath.kuchi - flickr

    Distance from Bangalore: 270km via Bandipur

    Now here’s a queen of all road trips from Bangalore. Get to drive on some stretches passing through finest of nature’s creations – forests, occasional wildlife spotting, waterfalls, and more. The road to Wayanad from Bangalore takes twists and turns going through the outskirts of heritage city Mysore, with the tall Chamundi Hills guiding you through some miles.

    Mysore to Sultan Bathery is by far the most popular and busy ones. But it’s not one of regret. This is also called the Nilgiri Road and a deviation leads to Ooty too. Drive past Nanjangud and Gundalpet. Along the way you’ll cross a gathering of the Kapila River, which poses as a good stop for some bird watching. A quick distance from Gundalpet is the border of Bandipur forest. In its vastness goes a single stretch of awesome road.

    Drive slow for a possible glimpse of wandering wildlife. The forest is closed from 9pm – 6am. The border to Kerala is marked by a tiny rivulet flowing dainty below a bridge which holds many stories. Entry to Wayanad is majestic and leaves you speechless.

    Offbeat Stays in Wayanad :

    1) Night Camping with Campfire in Wayanad
    2) Wayanad Tea Plantation Stay Experience
    3) Bon Fire and Stargazing Experience in Wayanad

    Camping in Wayanad Hills at Seagot Banasura

    Camping in Wayanad Hills at Seagot Banasura

    NNNNM22 Reviews

    d2 Daysn1 NightlWayanad


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  • 18Coorg

    Distance from Bangalore: 280km

    Going to Coorg can only be a road trip. This divine drive is blessed with great roads which are driver’s delight. Pit stops all along the way ensure that the journey is sans hunger pangs. Brilliant weather, fantastic landscape, and mostly a charming weather are a few uninvited co-passengers one wouldn’t mind tagging along to Coorg.

    Hit the Mysore highway, take a deviation after Srirangapatna without entering Mysore city as a direction. Pass by Ranganathittu, drive along canals of the Cauvery supporting sugarcane and paddy patches on either side of the road. This stretch of SH88 is narrow, zigzag and wonderful.

    One can also include a detour to KRS Dam and Brindavan Gardens on this route’s itinerary. Tiny towns, cities in the making dot the drive up to Kushalnagar. Friendly neighbourhood, Coffee Day outlets bring in a sense of familiarity. Another quick stop by is Bylakuppe before touching Kushalnagar. The entry to the oldest and largest Tibetan settlement in India is marked by colourful prayer flags. After Kushalnagar is a climb to Madikeri and the road is made of steep climbs and drops passing through a forest area.

    Some of the Popular Treks in Coorg:

    1) Tadiyandamol Trek

    2) Nishani Motte Trek

    Offbeat Stays in Coorg:

    1) Camping in Madikeri

    2) Camping in Gonikoppa

    3) Camping in Nangala Village

    Camping in Coorg

    Camping in Coorg

    NNNNN33 Reviews

    d2 Daysn1 NightlCoorg

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  • 19Masinagudi

    Image Credit : anuradhac- flickr

    Distance from City: 225 Kms

    On the green foothills of Nilgiri Mountains lays a charming hill station called Masinagudi. Characteristic of the Nilgiri Landscapes, the destination harbors a medley of flora and fauna unique to the region as well as a commendable population Tiger and Elephant population. You can experience the beauties of this land via a Jeep Safari which will take you on 4x4 vehicle through the lush green landscapes, just a few hours in this open jeep and you will end up feeling refreshed and insightful!

    You can also experience a nature stay at Nilgiri Mountains in Masinagudi at a beautiful homestay near the gushing Avarhalla River, where you can experience exactly why nature is so peaceful!  Wildlife excursion at this beautiful destination is highly recommended!

    Offbeat Stays in Masinagudi:

    1) Adventure in Masinagudi

    2) Nature Stay Experience in Masinagudi

    Homestay With Camping in Masinagudi

    Homestay With Camping in Masinagudi

    NNNNN6 Reviews

    d1 Dayn1 NightlMasinagudi

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  • 20Bandipur


    Distance from the City: 235 Kms

    If a wilderness adventure is what gets your heart racing, then it is time to embark on that much needed road trip away from Bangalore, then Bandipur is the place for you to be at! A veritable green, peaceful and shaded wildlife sanctuary, it not only has tigers in its midst but also elephants and other fauna to boast of. Forming a part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, the Bandipur national Park is bordered by the sanctuaries of Mudumalai, Nagarhole and Wayanad on all three sides. An excursion to this wildlife sanctuary is just what you need to take the edge off!

    Bandipur Wildlife Safari in Chamarajanagar

    Bandipur Wildlife Safari in Chamarajanagar

    NNNNN14 Reviews

    d2 Daysn2 NightslBandipur


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  • 21Chikmagalur


    Distance from the city: 243 Kms

    Home to the highest peak in Karnataka, Mullayangiri, Chickamagalur is one of the most charming destinations that you can ever visit! The Baba Budan Giri Ranges and the misty valleys combine to give the place an aura of simplicity and yet mysticism prevails. The coffee plantations and the heady aromas of spice plantations just add to charm of this already well-endowed hill station in Karnataka. Pehaps the best way to experience the beauty of this stunning road trip from Bangalore is to stay on a plantation, however, the experience is just as beautiful and incredible if you embark on a trek to Kudremukh, Mullyangiri or Baba Budangiri Peaks.

    Offbeat Chikmagalur Experiences:

    1) Jungle Stay Experience in Chikmagalur

    2) Coffee Plantation Stay Experience in Chikmagalur

    3) Nature Stay Experience in Chikmagalur

    4) Estate Stay Experience in Chikmagalur

    5) Nature Plantation Stay Experience in Chikmagalur

    6) Hill Top Homestay Experience in Chikmagalur

    Nature Stay Experience in Chikmagalur

    Nature Stay Experience in Chikmagalur

    NNNNM1 Reviews

    d2 Daysn1 NightlChikmagalur


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  • 22Kabini

    Image Credit : sankara subramanian - flickr

    Distance from Bangalore: 220km

    Escape from the city’s crowd and deadline chaos into the wilderness to Kabini – no destination at a journey’s end comes close to this. Straight off a prescription for rejuvenation, travel to Kabini is one of the finest road trips from Bangalore. An erstwhile hunting sojourn of the Mysore Maharaja is now one of the best wildlife spotting areas in Karnataka.

    Image Credits : Praveen

    Some of the things to do around the national park are coracle rides, jungle safari, bird watching, nature walks and simple bike rides. Easily accessible from Bangalore, it’s risen on the popularity charts because of its lush green landscape, picturesque locale, and almost predictable sightings of large herds of pachyderm. Pegged as India’s next great jungle safari destination, a few lucky visitors have spotted leopards, langurs, spotted deers, and tigers too! Explore the accommodation options, for they are worthwhile.

    Cottage Stay in Kabini near Karnataka

    Cottage Stay in Kabini near Karnataka

    NNNNM1 Reviews

    d2 Daysn1 NightlMysore

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  • 23Horsley Hills

    Horsley Hills
    Image Credit : vittaly - Flickr

    Distance from Bangalore: 250km

    A beautiful hill station in Andhra Pradesh, Horsley Hills seem to almost kiss the clouds above. Located at an altitude of 4,000feet above sea level, the road leading to Horsley Hills bestows panoramic vision of the surrounding hills.

    The path is extremely scenic with Mahogany, Gulmohar, Sandalwood, and Eucalyptus trees lining the road and culminating into dense verdant forests. As a Bangalore road trip, this is a perfect destination to lose oneself in nature, experience thrills of adventure sports like trekking, rock climbing and rappelling.

  • 24Ooty

    Image Credit : sowrirajan s

    Distance from Bangalore: 280km

    The Blue Mountains or Nilgiris abound Ooty. An erstwhile British summer getaway, even today it makes up for a good break. The place is worth visiting for the many large parks, British era bungalows, boat ride along a misty lake, botanical garden, tea estates, and the miniature train ride to the neighbouring Coonoor. Getting there is as exciting as the bustling hill town itself.

    Image Credits : sankara subramanian - flickr

    Drive along the Mysore state highway from Bangalore. An out-and-out picturesque drive, follow the outskirt stretch from Mysore to get on to the state highway. At the Karnataka – Tamil Nadu border are two sides of the same national reserve. You’ll pass through the thickets of Bandipur on the Karnataka side. Cross over the state border amidst jungle track to enter Masinagudi.

    Your chances of catching wildlife are equal on either side. From hereon starts a climb up the ghats to Ooty. The famed stretch has 32 hairpin bends that truly is the glamour quotient of this Bangalore road trip. Though a tough drive, it throws open a canvas of natural splendour at each turn. Driving into Ooty and knowing what to expect is a phenomenal feeling.

    Glenmorgan Trek, Ooty

    Glenmorgan Trek, Ooty

    NNNNM23 Reviews

    h7 HourslOoty


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  • 25Agumbe

    Image Credit : Nara Simhan - Flickr

    Distance from Bangalore: 280km

    Agumbe is widely known for its rain forests and perpetual wet weather. Nestled in the most beautiful part of Karnataka, Malnad the region lies in Shimoga district. Approach the highway from Bangalore towards Tumkur. This road trip from Bangalore is for the true lover of nature. Driving through some of the most pristine locales of the state to reach Agumbe is sheer pleasure.

    Known as a great prospect to trek, Agumbe is replete with high hills, waterfalls, green thickets of the Western Ghats, and some refined flora and fauna. This hidden paradise is also known as green gold in the local dialect. So evocative is the landscape that it formed the backdrop for Malgudi Days, the popular RK Narayan epic.

    Agumbe attracts outdoor activities and is surrounded by spots such as sunset point from where one can sight the Arabian Sea on a clear day, Shringeri (20km), 14th century temples, and several waterfalls - Onake Abbi, Jogigundi, Koodlu Theertha, Kunchikal and Barkana Falls.

    Narasimha Parvatha Trek, Agumbe

    Narasimha Parvatha Trek, Agumbe

    NNNNM1 Reviews

    d2 Daysn1 Night


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  • Road trips beyond 300 km from Bangalore

  • 27Kudremukh

    Image Credit : dhruvaraj - Flickr

    Distance from Bangalore: 350km

    A pristine, grassy hill station in the lovely region of Chikmagalur, Kudremukh is calm, secluded and rich in flora and fauna. Take the NICE road from Bangalore towards Tumkur. Along the route falls Belur. If time permits, visit the historic ruins from once a glorious past of the Hoysala dynasty.

    Entry into Kudremukh (horse face hills) is from Kalasa. Although Kudremukh is a deserted town, it’s a must do weekend getaway. With thick blankets of the Shola in full glory, these hills also showcase Arabian Sea at a distance.

    Of the things to do around here other than obvious trekking trails, you could visit the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary and the Kudremukh National Park entitled as Global Tiger Conservation centres. The lush green grasslands and cascading waterfalls such as Hebbe and Kalahatti are must see locations.

    Trek to Kudremukh in Chikmagalur

    Trek to Kudremukh in Chikmagalur

    NNNNN21 Reviews

    d2 Daysn1 NightlChikmagalur


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  • 28Pondicherry

    Image Credit : Sarath Kuchi

    Distance from Bangalore: 350km via ECP

    The ECR (East Coast Road) was designed to deliver driving pleasure. A massive stretch of well laid concrete, neatly marked and well maintained ensures travellers do only what is required – enjoy the drive! Built along the Bay of Bengal, running for 160km this two lane state highway connects Chennai to several weekend getaways.

    The once narrow stretch connecting several hamlets along the way now doubles up as a stress buster. Pondicherry is a quick to plan Bangalore road trip. Upon reaching Pondicherry (Puducherry) the realisation that the French still exist in their styling, architecture, and titbits of culture is evident. A weekend is pleasurable here.

     Neat, clean, cobbled sidewalks,resorts,mustard yellow coloured lined houses bring out the distinctness of Pondi. You can enjoy a good dose of shopping while visiting the Auroville Ashram, beaches and churches.

    One Day Outing at Kailash Beach Resorts in Pondicherry

    One Day Outing at Kailash Beach Resorts in Pondicherry

    NNNNM1 Reviews

    d1 DaylPondicherry


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  • 29Hampi

    Image Credit : Roehan Rengadurai - Flickr

    Distance from Bangalore: 350km

    Hampi is now a sought-after destination for a bike trip from Bangalore. You will be using the NH4 from Bangalore to Chitradurga. From here take the bypass to Hospet leading to Hampi. The road taken is dry, arid and not something to rave about. But at the journey’s end lies the fabled city of Hampi; one with a golden era, of richness and pride, of culture and thriving trade.

    A world heritage site, Hampi is set against a striking landscape made of large rocky boulders and dotted with banana plantations. Surreal and enthralling, the city’s past paradise and glory can only be imagined from the splendid remains of palaces and gateways of the broken city. Very difficult to single out a few monuments to add to the checkout list, but the enamouring Stone Chariot, towering Virupaksha Temple, innumerable royal units, and mindboggling stone statues make it a superb gem in what South India has to offer to the world.

    Night Stay at Hampi Heritage and Wilderness Resort

    Night Stay at Hampi Heritage and Wilderness Resort

    NNNNM1 Reviews

    d2 Daysn1 NightlHampi

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  • 30Calicut

    Image Credit : pcsjith - flickr

    Distance from Bangalore: 365km

    Or Kozhikode as Calicut is locally known, catapulted to world knowledge because of Vasco-da-Gama. Once a popular trade route, this North Kerala city on the Malabar Coast is more than a decent bargain for a quick road trip from Bangalore.

    The charming coastal city can be reached from Bangalore via Mysore taking more than one route option. Perhaps the best one to take would be the picture perfect drive through Wayanad, Vythiri and descending down the Western Ghats to reach the beach city. Lush green countryside, serene beaches, historic sites, wildlife sanctuaries, rivers and hills make Kozhikode a popular destination.  

    Thusharagiri Waterfall Trek, Kozhikode

    Thusharagiri Waterfall Trek, Kozhikode

    NNNNM18 Reviews

    h3 HourslWayanad


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  • 31Badami

    Image Credit : Amit Rawat

    Distance from Bangalore: 400km

    This one is a long-drive and requires grit and determination with absolute focus on the destination. Driving through North Karnataka is not as picturesque as its greener siblings such as Shimoga, Hassan, Chikmagalur, which are more popular.

    If you are one to revisit an era gone by, take on history, understand the engineering skills of empires gone by and then head to Badami. It’s not disappointing. Capital of the famous Chalukya Dynasty that ruled Karnataka from 6th – 12th century, Badami is situated at the mouth of a beautiful ravine, flanked on either side by beautiful sandstone hills.

    These hills are studded with a set of four cave temples carved out of soft sandstone. Of the four caves, three are dedicated to Hindus and the fourth is a Jain Temple.

    Aihole, Pattadakal and Badami tour

    Aihole, Pattadakal and Badami tour

    NNNNM1 Reviews

    d1 DaylHampi

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  • 32Dandeli

    Image Credit : Ankut P - Flickr

    Distance from the city: 465 Kms

    Although long, the excursion to Dandeli is best accomplished by a road trip from Bangalore. Take the beautiful route that is blessed with stunning sceneries to reach the rich green environs of Dandeli, which is a semi evergreen forest. The canopy is blessed with thickets of trees and vegetation that soothe the tired eye! The green forests of Dandeli are sure to delight anyone with an eye for beauty and a thirst for adventure! In the Uttar Kannada district of Karnataka, bordered by gushing rivers and lush forests and a topology that is perfect for adventures of all kinds!

    Image Credits : toufeeq - flickr

    Dandeli Jungle Camp is one of the best options for offbeat stays in Dandeli apart from Panther Jungle Stay in Dandeli.

    Jungle Camping in Dandeli

    Jungle Camping in Dandeli

    NNNNN21 Reviews

    d2 Daysn1 NightlDandeli


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  • 33Shimoga ( Kodachadri )

    Shimoga ( Kodachadri )
    Image Credit : swaroop ch - flickr

    Distance from the City: 420 Kms

    Famed as being one of the rare places where you can watch the refreshing view of sunrise and the calming view of the sunset from the same spot, Kodachadri in the Shimoga district is the perfect road trip around Bangalore to be embarked on! With the Arabian Sea as its backdrop, Kodachadri treks is one of the most stunning ones you can ever hope to undertake.

    Image Credits : swaroop ch - flickr

    A biodiversity haven, Kodachadri is a stunning adventure in itself with numerous interactions of nature and wildlife!

    Trek to Kodachadri with Kayaking

    Trek to Kodachadri with Kayaking

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    d2 Daysn1 NightlShimoga

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  • 34Kodaikanal

    Image Credit : kumaravel - flickr

    Distance from Bangalore: 450km

    The shortest distance from Bangalore to Kodaikanal is around 450 km via NH7 and the Salem-Ernakulam Highway which passes through Bhavani, Dharapuram and Palani. Over 9 hours you’ll be cruising through well-tarred stretches that help cover the long distance.

    Kodaikanal, considered princess among hill stations is true to its word; dainty, misty-filled, and gorgeous with all the slopes of the Shola gliding down to the lake centre. It is a spectacular destination with greenery stroked all around, astounding sightseeing, and waterfalls.

    Image Credits : kumaravel - flickr

    There are a number of things there: boat rides for instance from the Boat Club, Kodaikanal Solar Observatory, bicycle rides through mountain roads, and a morning walk to the Caoker's Walk to witness the rare and attractive phenomena of Brocken spectre.

    Two Day Trek to Kodaikanal Palani Hills from Bangalore

    Two Day Trek to Kodaikanal Palani Hills from Bangalore

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  • 35Kochi

    Image Credit :  Märcù - flickr

    Distance from Bangalore: 500km

    The very fact that Kochi means several things to most Bangaloreans, is why the serene city makes its mark felt. This road trip from Bangalore gives a stiff dose of regular stretches to wonderful patches to greenery distinct to God’s Own Country. The highway has its own trademarked pit stops encouraging the long journey.

    The drive would take over 10 hours. Kochi is chequered with a contemporary metropolis appeal with a deep historic rooting. Alongside the commercial trendy outlook, Kochi is a fine destination to explore. The tropical coast boasts of Portuguese, Jewish, and British culture evident in key places like Fort Kochi. A Jewish settlement with a typical setting is famous for its Pardesi Synagoge (1568), Mattancherry Palace, Chinese Fishing Nets and more exuding an aura unlike the usual.

    Backwater Kayaking, Kochi

    Backwater Kayaking, Kochi

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  • 36Karwar

    Image Credit : anuradhac

    Distance from Bangalore: 600km via Jog Falls

    If driving to this side of the state, take the Bangalore-Tumkur way on NH7. Drive past the city traffic to long stretches of calm, still outdoor picture to enter one of Karnataka’s green locations. This can be an inspiring trip and be routed as wished.

    This recommendation is to explore the Shimoga district known for its tropical greenery and abundance of nature before hitting the coast. A detour to Jog Falls, the highest un-tiered waterfalls in India as it drops directly and does not stream on to the rocks. Made of 4 magnificently unique fall forms, the sight is unforgettable and astounding.

    The drive from here to the beach town of Karwar is pleasurable and of mountain terrain. Karwar is one of the must visit beaches in India. Devbagh Island is beautifully located at the junction where River Kali meets the Arabian Sea. A weekend around the region can be enjoyed with boat rides, underwater sightings, trekking, and water sports. 

  • 37Goa

    Image Credit : Eustaquio Santimano- Flickr

    Distance from Bangalore: 650km via Pune Highway 

    One of the farthest distances for a road trip from Bangalore, but certainly one that’s oft made is Goa. There are several in-ways into this beach crazy state. Suggested route of Pune Highway is one with tranquil vistas, natural surroundings, and is fairly simple.

    Image Credits : kumaravel - flickr

    A mini universe by itself staying strong along the Arabian Sea, this is India’s golden star to the world. Made of beaches, brilliant food, heady night life, colourful shacks, and abundance of myriad travellers –Goa has something for any traveller’s diary. This route leads you to the north side of Goa. One could either explore the flavour of this side of the coast which is far lighter than the more commercial side. 

    Drive away and keep smiling on these road trips from Bangalore. And don’t forget to record your travelogue.

    White Water River Rafting at Mandovi River in Goa

    White Water River Rafting at Mandovi River in Goa

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