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Best Nightlife Tours in Bangalore

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    h4 Hours

    About the activity / tour with details: This weekend, get your party mode on and let your friends join you in a fun pub crawl and clubbing experience in Bangalore. You will be briefed about the Bangalore pub culture by the team before you head on to the 2-3 best breweries in town. Some of the best ones are Arbour Brewing Company which is one of the highest rated breweries on all food apps, the very well known Biere club, Barleys and Biere Republic. Shake a leg to the different parties that happen around and in these breweries and brace yourselves to go partying in some of the most happening clubs in Bangalore, namely, the Ice (Taj), Ibar (The Park), Blimey (MG1 mall) or Skyy (UB City). These are some of the best places to experience nightlife in the city of parties and good beer! If time permits, you could grab a delicious bite from one of the top best midnight snack outs in Bangalore! Meal Types: 3 drinks and 2 dishes to share for the group Transportation Types: Radio taxis - Ola/Uber Activities:  Restaurant, pub, clubs, bar visits and tastings   

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    h4 Hours

    About the activity / tour with details: This weekend, unwind and relax with your party pals in one of the most exciting and enthralling activities ever; a pub crawl in the heart of Bangalore! Get your party gear and dancing shoes ready as you begin your eventful night  at Church Street Social, a popular bar and restaurant known for its innovative cocktails! After an awesome start off with a toxic Long Island Ice Tea and a side of cheesy nachos, you can head to Monkey Bar, a favourite among the locals, a cosy pub with a retro feel. With a long list of cocktails to choose from, you can pick a MoBar Special along with one of their lip-smacking burgers and play a game of Foosball/Snooker and challenge your friends as well! Finally, you can make your way to Arbor Brewing Company, a microbrewery with great wooden and industrial ambiance, perfect for beer lovers. You can get a sample of their various brews or have your pick at one, while enjoying a board game! Spend a night well enjoyed in the company of your closest buddies and avail the best offers and deals now!

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    d2 Days n1 Night

    About the Activity:Experience a fun visit to the Jungle Lodges in Bheemeshwari; a forest range located near the town of Mutati and engage in adventure activities! One of the closest resorts to Cauvery River, it has a wide variety of adventure activities like Jumaring and Kayaking for you and your friends to enjoy. Participate in the creative team building games such as learning to start a fire, archery, finding shelter when 'lost', using leaves to prevent water leaking and so much more. Embark on a fun and exciting zip lining, pool kayaking and coracle ride session and enjoy a lovely campfire at night with your friends. On day 2, enjoy a relaxing landscape before you participate in a parallel walk and burma bridge before you relish a good breakfast and head back to Bangalore. 

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    h3 Hours

    About the activity / tour with details: - If you like listening to music and being part of an exciting sonorous journey then grab your corporate team  and shake a leg to the beats dropped by the trendy DJ and groove to a DJ session with high quality sound and equipment for over 3 hours at a venue of your choice. Bangaloreans love to party, and they love to dance even more! Engage in this enticing team experience with your colleagues and feel the stress of the week ebb away to give way to happiness!The week may have been tiring and tough on you and your colleagues, so unwind, relax and let the music drown the fear of meeting deadlines for you! This activity is great for those who seek some amazing time off from work and daily routine and need to just sway to some peppy, upbeat tunes! So don your dancing shoes, your party gear and grab your friends for a fun DJ session soon!   Difficulty Level:Easy

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Traveller Tales from Bangalore


Devika Mehrotra

12 August 2015

Bheemeshwari is so beautiful and calm. What i really liked about this place was no cellular connectivity which actually helps you in enjoying the place more. Really beautiful views, the services were great and the rope adventures are fit for people of all ages. A nice getaway experience. Loved it!!!


Ambar Dwivedi

13 August 2014

My family and I went there without too many expectations and we were pleasantly surprised. The accommodation as such is very basic, but very well kept. The food again was very basic but served with a lot of love and care. The team there tries very hard to please you, without being too intrusive


Sarla Khatri

14 December 2015

My family and I went there without too many expectations and we were pleasantly surprised. The accommodation as such is very basic, but very well kept. The food again was very basic but served with a lot of love and care. The team there tries very hard to please you, without being too intrusive


Gudakesa Bhattacharya

16 June 2015

It was really a fun filled trip with good experience to carry. The location is superb and the staff over there were extremely cooperative. I would say it is worth trying for all those wish to have a change....Thanks Thrillophilia...Jayaprakash+9 others


Kashyapi Rana

16 November 2015

Bheemeshwari is one of a kind place. So calm and beautiful that the moment you reach ther you will your muscles relaxing. Kayaking was a great thing as I tried it for the first time. Food was good and the service provided is indeed commendable.


Satyen Naik

19 June 2015

It was a nice experience and enjoyed all the activities. Staff was cooperative and polite. Looking forward to river rafting to be started.


Gauranga Patel

07 July 2016

loved the was amazing...the surroundings were so beautiful i so not wanted to come back hommmee...:((((


Indra Mahajan

29 October 2014

Wonderful experience.People in Bangalore are busy with work a good place to visit weekends with they family.


Uma Jha

16 December 2015

totally refreshing experience...the bank river kaveri is so beautiful and peaceful. loved the day out.,

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