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Best Homestay Facilities in Pondicherry Flat 20% Off

Best Homestay Facilities in Pondicherry Flat 20% Off

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Best Villa Stay In Pondicherry Flat 26% Off

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Heritage Villa Stay In Pondicherry Flat 30% Off

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Beach Resort Stay In Pondicherry Flat 20% Off

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  • Resorts in Pondicherry are definitely going to be the new definition of awesome when you come to join in the adventure. This beach town neighbored by the great Bay of Bengal on one side and pure unadulterated beauty on the other has some charm that people just cannot get enough of, resulting in an increment in the number of tourists arriving here by the year.

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    Pondicherry is a testimonial of the brilliance of French planning in the brilliance of India, which you can clearly see everywhere you visit in this city. A historical city with a beautiful heritage and a charm that just can’t be missed, Pondicherry’s resorts bring together all the elements that make this destination a highly coveted one and there are a lot of beautiful stays springing up from all sorts of landscapes, with an understanding of languages in number more than the visitors can count. Stay at a beach resort like the Dune Eco Village and Spa or choose a heritage stay like the Le Pondy resort, an amalgamation of the Indian and French of styles of architecture.

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    And was it mentioned that there are spas along with the resorts? Well, there are spas along with all the resorts, where you can rejuvenate yourself with treatments involving local ingredients and enjoy the life away from the city. Beaches usually bring together a lot of visual elements along with the best experiences of stays, like the many Pondicherry resorts that are changing the way people choose to explore this beautiful city.

    Here is a list of best resorts in Pondicherry:

    - The Windflower Resort & Spa
    - Dune Eco Village and Spa
    - Purple Resorts
    - Le Pondy
    - Sunway Manor
  • 01Le Pondy

    Le Pondy

    Located at along the stunning landscapes of the Chunnambar River and Bay of Bengal, Le Pondy celebrates the beauty of Pondicherry in all its bountiful natural blessings. The architecture reflects the interaction of colonial and Indian styles that the destination is well known for. The rooms are decked up in all the luxuries and amenities that you would want, in order to make your stay more peaceful. A perfect place to hold conferences it provides state of the art audio visual facilities along with a well-endowed conference hall that is perfectly suited to your every need.

    This resort in Pondicherry also has a rejuvenating spa that is the just perfect place to get rid of all your worries.  Take a refreshing dip in the pool and let time take a rest as you indulge in the very best of Pondicherry Hospitality.

  • 02Ocean Spray Resort

    Ocean Spray Resort

    Situated prettily along the East Coast Road in Pondicherry and overlooking the mighty Bay of Bengal, Ocean Spray stays true to its name as being a place where you can enjoy the 23 Acres of pure indulgence in Pondicherry. This unique architecture is surrounded by a Man-made lake which sprawls to almost 5 Acres. If you want to have an unforgettable time in Pondicherry then this is the place to be! It is here that you can sunbathe or go for a quick dip around the pool! The strategically located bar ensures that you can sip on your alcohol while still soaking in the waters.

    A combination of villas and rooms, the accommodation reflects the resort’s spirit of comfort and quiet serenity. All the rooms are well endowed with amenities and modern facilities. There is also the blessing of Open to Sky Jacuzzi! The resort is perfect for meetings, events, as well as weddings because of its sprawling areas and well equipped banquet halls. Emerge rejuvenated and renewed from your stay at the Ocena Spray at Pondicherry.

  • 03Purple Resorts

    Purple Resorts

    Situated in the enchanting city of Pondicherry, Purple Resort is located in close proximity to the Pondicherry University making it an ideal choice of residence for the leisurely traveller. This enchanting Boutique resort can be spotted easily as you enter the town of Pondicherry and is an emblem of warmth and hospitality! 

    Offering an exclusive selection of rooms including Executive, Deluxe, Luxury and Suite Rooms and it is outfitted with a purple food eatery. The peaceful town of Pondicherry arranged in mysterious India will keep you interested and entertained with its superb shorelines, structurally honourable legacy structures and remarkable shopping encounters. Purple Resort is amidst Auroville. So it is open to all business, Academic and Entertainment occasions of Auroville.Clean and Clear Air with Greenery around everywhere. This resort in Pondicherry is near to touristic exercises, Pondicherry University, PIMS Hospital, Beaches and Pondicherry town.

  • 04Dune Eco Village and Spa

    Dune Eco Village and Spa

    Seek your precious holiday by the beach at Dune Eco Village and Spa, a charming resort of immense serenity located over a sprawling area of 35 Acres of beach front! Exuding an air of true authenticity, the resort consists of five uniquely designed bungalows, all of which are well equipped and exquisitely design to lend you a feel of being in the soothing arms of nature and yet engulfed by the comforts of luxury and making it one of the best resorts in Pondicherry. The Dune Eco Village Spa and Resort in Pondicherry prides itself on being an abode with an emphasis on organic living, harmony with nature and purifying the mind, body and soul.

    Here time is your best friend, as it takes a holiday along with you! The spa offers healthy and nourishing Ayurvedic Body Treatments, which you can avail to rid yourself of any stress. Another novel endeavor of the resort is the Artists in Residence programme, which provides working spaces to artists from world over. Although a short distance away from the main town of Pondicherry,a  stay at this resort is well worth your efforts.

  • 05La Maison Tamoule

    La Maison Tamoule

    Translating to mean the Tamil House, La Maison Tamoule is another resort in Pondicherry where you can hope to get the best of South Indian Hospitality coupled with beautifully stunning architecture! This 150 year old Tamil chateau, initially owned by the Sially family of Pondicherry, was purchased by Mr. Venkatakrishnan in the year 1978.

    Staying true to its name, Neemrana's La Maison Tamoule, is a Tamil House with the impact of French and Baroque architectural styles. With attangudi tiles on the floor, and edges of recolored glass between curves, this building lends its beautifully to the to the general archaic feel of Pondicherry. There is no dearth of avctivities to do once you reach here! You can dine with world class fare on your plates or just go around the city on a voyage to discover this stunning beach destination on the Coromandel coast of Tamil Nadu.

  • 06The Windflower Resort & Spa

    The Windflower Resort & Spa

    Treat yourself to a sojourn of peace, nourishing comforts and romance with a stay at the stunning Windflower Spa and Resort in Pondicherry. The award winning therapies of this spa has made it one of the most sought after residential options at the destination. Located at Little Veerampattinam, the property has all the makings of being a dreamy destination. The azure blue of the open skies interacting with the brightness of the turquoise ocean waters makes up for a perfect becakdrop to set your mood. The spa is located strategically at a place that enjoys all the makings of an awesome getaway.

    The landscapes of the resort are perfect for a quiet stroll along the beach or spotting some rare seaside birds to engage your time!

  • 07The Promenade

    The Promenade

    A beautiful luxury resort, The Promenade lives up to its name with its incredible view of the Bay of Bengal that make it an ideal vantage point and stay option! Located along the famous Boulevard Area of the city, it is a prominent eye catching feature of the destination. The well-known five star property has various stay options; each of them more desirable than the last. Located in the French quarters of the city, the Promenade is one of its most common and prominent features. While most of the dwellings face the sparkling waters of the sea, the rest are nonetheless beautiful and prosperous in their offerings. Everything that you need to see in Pondicherry or eat is just a stone’s throw away from this residence!

    The Resort presents you with a stunning array of food and beverage choices which will cater to your culinary love! Like Barbecue, Medditerranean, Oriental and Indian Cuisine. Stay at the Promenade and watch all your dreams come true.

  • 08Kailash Beach Hotel

    Kailash Beach Hotel

    A unique haven of natural beauty, quietude and gorgeous views, the Kailash Beach Resort in Pondicherry is a home away from and one where you can enjoy all the bounties that Pondicherry has to offer. Located on the ancient fishing hamlet called Pudukkupam, this resort is located along the Coromandel Coast. An awe-inspiring property, it is very close to the Roman ruins of Arikkamedu, which are a revelation to come across.

    The property prides itself on being a unique place where you can relax with friends and family as well as have a serious meeting with your colleagues and not be disturbed by the roaring sounds of the city. If you are looking for comforting hospitality at a Pondicherry Resort, then this is the place to be! The classy interiors, superior spa treatments and values of keeping the natural beauty intact will definitely take your heart away.

  • 09Sunway Manor

    Sunway Manor

    If you want your holiday to mean more than just a stay at a Pondicherry Resort, then head to Sunway Manor. A gorgeous blend of modern architecture and warmth of South Indian generosity, the resort is located amongst the city centre. Carefully spaced out sections of 61 rooms welcome you at this beautiful beach side destination, all of which are designed with intricacy.  All the rooms are enabled to suit your needs, whether they are leisure or business. The luxurious décor and intricate details will make sure that your stay here becomes memorable!

    The open house restaurant with its varied culinary choices makes sure that all your gourmet lust is satiated.  There is also a sprawling swimming pool where you can take a relaxing dip to rid yourself of any traces and boring residues of the city life. Don’t let the location fool you, the resort is very well endowed in all the charm that Pondicherry Resorts are so famous for.

  • 10Serenity - The Home Stay

    Serenity - The Home Stay

    There are resorts which feel like a home and then there are homes which feel like a resort.  The serenity homestay is a part of the latter! Here you can be at peace with the unparalleled ambience of homely comforts and resort like luxury.

    A dream destination for families, friends, loved ones or event planners, the resort offers facilities that delight anyone who comes around! Spend a gala time just being by the Bay of Bengal, at Serenity Beach. This location of the homestay ensures that your time is well worth its money. Feel the salty ocean breeze caress your faces as the waves thunder in your ears. Dwell in the spacious and wll appointed rooms and appreciate the night with a quiet walk along the beach.

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  • 11Prince Park Resort

    Prince Park Resort

    Snuggled in the tranquil outskirts of Pondicherry, the Prince Park Resort is located in the shaded woods of Auroville. At this resort in Pondicherry, you can be at unity with nature and ecology. Just like the rest of the city, the Prince Park Resort in Pondicherry reflects the glorious east meets west vibe. It is this place where the serenity of nature meets the modern comforts, combining to make your experience unforgettable. Located at just a ten minute drive from the city you are placed close to all that you need and desire and yet far enough to not let the hustle and bustle bother you.

    The Prince Park Resort accomodations are in the form of farmhouses, all of which are carefully designed to satisfy your needs. This property located off the East Coast Road boasts of the best Swimming Pool and other ameities in its class and is a perfect place to chill out with friends or family.

  • 12Gate House

    Gate House

    A property managed by the Neemrana Group, The Gate House is an exceptional heritage Pondicherry resort with all the makings of a traditional Tamilian architecture replete with red tiled roofs, a wooden staircase all of which are encased by sprawling gardens. Thi resort in Pondicherry is located in Nagapattinam, what sets The Gate House apart is its archaic and wonderful ambience. The location of the resort itself proves its worth as it is sited in Tranquebar where not two but three architectural styles create a stunning harmony- Dutch, Danish and British Colonial!

    The unique proposition of The Gate House is that it has tried to keep the old world charm intact, while still not compromising on the ways you can spend your time while here. You can take various interesting local walks which will help you relax and rejuvenate yourself. The magic of the beach, coupled with the calm and tranquility of the night combine to make an irresistible brew of calmness and invigoration!

  • 13Maison Perumal

    Maison Perumal

    A piece of France in India, Pondicherry Resorts are known to keep the initial spirit of the city alive with their stunning charms and stunning environs! Staying at Maison Perumal is no different! Here you can experience the rustic charms of a beach front destination coupled with unforgettable warmth and friendliness of the hosts. The stone floors and stained glass of the balconies provides a stunning backdrop to a memorable stay in Pondicherry!

    At the Maison Perumal, you can experience the joy of staying at a remodeled house of the yore,with all its traditional values still intact. Another added advantage of staying at Maison Perumal is that you can enjoy simple but tasty home cooking alongwith a delectable sea food platter. You can take a relaxing heritage walk, cycle around town on bikes or visit the various sights of the city on your stay sojourn here!

  • 14LeDupleix


    What once served as a residence to the mayor of Pondicherry has since been transformed into a rich and luxurious heritage hotel- LeDupleix. Incorporating within its environs the rich tastes of French architecture and Tamilian Heriatge, the Resort is indeed worth a second glance. The accommodations at LeDupleix are composed of 14 exclusive rooms that are a glorious amalgamation of Tamil Culture and French Heritage!

    All the dwellings embody a strong sense of style and are well equipped with every amenity and facility that you can possibly think of! All your foody habits are well taken care of by the Restaurants in the resort which serve a variety of cuisine such as Indian, Continental and French as well as a well-endowed bar area!

  • 15Zest Big Beach

    Zest Big Beach

    Spreading over 24 Acres of Beach side goodness, The Big Beach in Pondicherry is one of its most definitive and signature hotel properties. A fascinating array of amenities such as a beach shack, infinity pool, a bar in the pool and a smokey and misty Hookah Lounge, the Big Beach is where you can spend your holiday king size!

    All the rooms at the Zest Big Beach reflect its charm of being kingsize with just enough amenities to make your stay comfortable and memorable. The fascinating array of gourmet choices will make sure that you taste the best of Pondicherry cuisine, which like its culture, is a fusion! Here you can engage in various adventure activities ranging from Target Shooting, French Boule, Heritage Walks, Cycling Tours, Volleyball, Cricket as well as Paintball! The resort laso has interesting events like DJ Nights, Live Band Performances, ATV Biking etc!

  • 16Richmond Hotel

    Richmond Hotel

    A 3 star luxury property, The Richmond Hotel is located along the old French Quarters of Pondicherry in the heart of the relics of its colonial heritage! Lined by trees, gorgeous and quirky heritage buildings make this resort an ideal choice for those who want to see a relic of Pondicherry’s French Colonial Past. Located close to the beach and other attractions of the destination, The Richmond is indeed a place to be at to see the real Pondicherry!

    The accommodations at the resort consist of 14 well- appointed, well-endowed rooms all of which are designed to maximize on comfort and style. The bistro Restaurant and the well-know S3 Bar are the highlights of this property.  You can take a car and drive around town or embark on a heritage walk that it boasts of. Stay at the Richmond for its amazing location and warm and courteous cordialness.

  • 17The Sunway GRT Grand

    The Sunway GRT Grand

    Find your comfort zone, luxurious getaway and refreshing experience all rolled into one at The Sunway GRT Grand! Located in the heart of the beach town of Pondicherry, this resort getaway is just what you need to enrich your travels! As with all the other resorts at this picturesque destination, the Sunway GRT Grand too combines the aesthetics of French architecture and Indian sensibilities to create a venue that is irresistible. Whether you are on a business trip or a family outing, it fulfills each and every one of your needs with utmost precision.

    The accommodations at Sunway GRT Grand are spread over an area of 61 exquisitely designed rooms which are replete with all the modern amenities. The list of facilities offered includes Tea/ Coffee maker, a mini-bar, safe, TV and excellent connectivity to wi-fi! The range of restaurants at the resort serves everything from the traditional Indian Thali to a range of gourmet cuisines from world over!

  • 18Hotel Atithi

    Hotel Atithi

    If you are in Pondicherry and want to take your pick from resorts that are located in the heart of the city, then head to Hotel Atithi! Located on the S.V. Patel Salai road, this highly lauded four star property stands with an imposing presence in the heart of the city. A standing example of Pondicherry hospitality, the charm of this hotel has remained unchanged over the years.

    The stay arrangements at Hotel Atithi are beyond par with 60 well equipped rooms that are a slice of luxury and paradise. What’s more? The resort also features a sprawling swimming pool on the rooftop which opens up to stunning vistas of the spectacular sights in Pondicherry! Tickle your taste buds with various multi-cuisine restaurants that offer top notch culinary fare.

  • 19Le Royal Park

    Le Royal Park

    Choose the Le Royal Park Resort in Pondicherry if you want to stay at a place that places you in close proximity with the various tourist hotspots in this beach town. Situated in the White Town, The Le Royal Park is an epitome of luxurious and affordable hospitality which leaves you free to explore the beauties of this charming Union Territory on India. Take your pick from 84 well-furnished rooms which range from Deluxe Rooms to the Opulent Royal Suites. May it be your official business meetings, private parties, family outings or just a resort getaway on your own, The Le Royal Park caters to every need with utmost precision.

    If your taste buds demand a special treatment then rest assured, they will be catered to by the resorts various dining options including Thai, Viatnemese and Chinese cuisines as well fast foods like Pizzas and Burgers. Spend your evenings relaxing at the Paradise Lounge, which is on the premises.


  • 20Anantha Heritage Hotel

    Anantha Heritage Hotel

    A heritage hotel born out of remodeling a 18th century Villa, the Anantha Heritage Hotel presents a clear and present example of the history and beauty of Pondicherry. Located at a close distance from the Pondicehrry Railway station, the resort cashes in on its location unlike any other. All the major attractions of Pondicherry, such as Aurobindo Ashram, Manakula Village and the Museum are located close to the resort, making it an ideal stopover! You can access the services of an in-house travel desk that will take care of your travel needs and make your time count!

    The stay options at the resort consist of six exotic and exclusive rooms which are classified as Standard, Deluxe and Suite Rooms. The In-house restaurant dishes out amazing gourmet food from all over the world, that is meant ti be enjoyed in its plush dining areas.

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