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Traveller Tales from Ooty


Mighara Hulangamuwa

15 October 2019

It was a truly amazing experience for me and my friend. We reached the place before the check in time but still without a hesitation the staff managed to accommodate us in our tent leaving us enough ti...

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17 April 2019

Great place to watch nature in fullest. The view from the top will amaze you. it was a memorable experience for the group. just the trek was tiring but it was worth it. there were small streams and wat...

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Mighara Hulangamuwa

09 October 2019

Truly an amazing experience. Beautiful campsite, friendly and helpful staff, calming surrounding. A must try for all kinds of thrill seekers, adventure hunters, friends, family or anyone simply looking...

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Priya Khan

28 November 2015

This was such a fun trek. Firstly, it was all easy peasy and not much of a challenging or tiring ones. Plus, it was a day trek that was neither too short nor too long. If you are planning to have a tre

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Sanchit Singh

22 September 2019

"it was a nice stay.. location was gud.. and their staff was friendly and supportive.."

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Manisha Rajput

09 June 2019

"very good experience ,staff so good morning everyone Dilip,Raja ,Shiva had the best and soothing experience.Thank you thrillophilia"

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Maninder Singh

22 September 2019

"it was a great experience. such a lovely guides and group..????????"


Menka Butt

05 August 2019

The location is best in Ooty, the place was breathtaking We are delighted to have to able to come to this camping. We have done the hiking and visit the tea plantation It is a fantastic place with the ...


Marut Gill

05 August 2019

It was a fun experience. The staff is friendly, the food is great and the place has something unique about it which makes living here fun.At this price its definitely worth it.

What You Should Know More About Ooty

  • Q. Which are the top camping sites in Ooty that offer great deal?
  • Q. Travel Advice

    • Ooty is not a very unsafe place. There are little dangers to the visitors as the crime level is exceptionally low here. Violent crimes towards the tourists isn’t heard of. However, you still cannot take the low crime rate for granted.

    • Don’t flaunt your valuable or wealth in public.

    • Avoid carrying a lot of hard cash with you.

    • Keep yourself hydrated.

    • The outdoors are steep and can prove to be dangerous sometimes. Wear comfortable shoes.

    • If you have motion sickness, carry the necessary medications with you.

    • Keep touts at bay.

    • Don’t entertain the beggars.

    • Keep away from drugs in any form.

    • Don’t let the strangers lure you into anything that is not appropriate.

    • Even if you are on honeymoon, avoid public display of affection.

    • Since it is a hill station, you must carry warm clothes even when it is hot on the plains. The place may get colder during the nights.

    • Carry a raincoat with you.

    • Do not eat at the street stalls.

    • Check for the seals before buying a bottle of water.

    • Carry with you an ID proof.

    • If you have a naughty kid with you, make them wear an ID card or put some phone number or ID card in their pocket.

    • Don’t litter around and keep the beauty of the place intact  

  • Q. Which are the top budget friendly homestays in Ooty?
  • Q. Which trekking trails around Ooty provide a discount upto 21%?
  • Q. Drinking Law

    Ooty (Tamil Nadu) has a legal drinking age of 21 years. If you are aged below 21, you cannot publically buy or consume alcohol.

  • Q. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    Tea Factory
    There is a very small and a nice tea factory located in Ooty. It is frequented by several visitors though there is not much to do here. However, the fresh aroma of the fresh tea leaves is enticing enough to bring you here.  

    Doddabetta Peak 
    Standing at a height of 8650 feet, it is indeed the highest peaks of South India. This is a great trekking spot and has a plenty of picturesque locations for photographers and solitary wanderers.  

    Avalanche Lake
    Located in the Nilgiris about 28 km from Ooty, this lake is indeed a wanderer’s heaven. The landscape surrounding the lake is equally mesmerizing. You can camp besides the lake and also enjoy some fishing. 

    Government Rose Gardens
    These are largest rose gardens of India and lie at an elevation of 2200 meters above the sea level. Lying on the slope of the Elk Hill, it houses the largest collection of roses and has within it 20,000 different varieties.

    Pykara River
    It is said to be a sacred place for the Toda People. The river flows through the plateaus and gushes down to form waterfalls and cascades. 

    Ooty Lake
    Spread over an area of 65 km, it is a man-made lake that was found in the year 1824 by the Britishers. You can try boating here. 

    Mudumalai National Park 
    Mudumalai National Park or the Tiger Reserve is a home to several bird and animal species. You can find rare species of birds and animals here. Some of the animals housed here include Indian Bison, Bengal Tiger, Asiatic Elephants, and Leopards. 

    Emerald Lake
    Located amidst the reserve forest, this lake is off the limits for the visitors. It can, however, be seen via a viewpoint on the dam found nearby. 

    Stone House
    Stone house was built in the year 1822 and used to be the bungalow of the former British Governor, John Sullivan. It is considered to be the first bungalow of Ooty and today happens to be the residence of the principal of the Government Arts College in Ooty.  

    Toda Huts
    These are the last remaining bastions of the Todas. Found near the Botanical Gardens of Ooty, these remain one intriguing specimen of the Ethnic architecture of southern India. 

    Ooty Mountain Railway
    The Mountain Railway of Ooty was built by the British in the year 1908. It is declared as the UNESCO world heritage site. The trains running here are powered via traditional steam engines. 

    St. Stephens Church
    St. Stephens Church is one of the oldest churches in the Nilgiri District of Tamil Nadu. It was built way back in the 19th century and the foundation of the church was laid in the year 1829. 

    Wax World
    Wax Museum is situated inside a 142-year-old Bungalow of Ooty. The sculptures you get here might not be as impressive as the wax museum of the Madame Tussauds, but they do display an insight on the life, culture, and tradition of the people from Ooty and other surrounding areas. 

    Tribal Museum
    Anyone who is impressed and keen to know and understand the culture of the people from Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Tamil Nadu, this museum is the choice to make. It is a part of the Tribal Research Center Campus. Inside the museum, you can find some of the rarest artifacts that showcase the life of the various tribes in the Nilgiris. 

    Deer Park
    Lying close to the Ooty Lake is the deer park. It is one of those few high altitude zoos of India. You can find a plethora of different deer species here. Some other rare animals and birds are also found here. 

    Mariamman Temple
    The temple is dedicated to the Hindu goddess of rain and is located at a height of 2,240 meters above sea level. It is an architectural marvel and is built in the proto-Dravidian style of architecture. Several sculptures and stucco figures can be seen here.

  • Q. What you will like there?

    Clean Air
    Want a relief from the pollutants in the air? Head straight to Ooty! It is a natural exuberance with tons of clean air to pamper your lungs. Breathe in, Breathe out!

    A Great Place to Unwind
    Ooty is one of those splendor beauties of India. You can either hike outdoors, walk exploring the infinity or stay indoors, whatever you do, you’ll only love the place more. The peace and the serenity here is unbeatable. Indeed, a great stress buster and relief from the monotony of life. 

    From One Mountain to Another
    Ooty indeed is a beautiful place. But it is way more than its greenery and wildlife. The hill station resides amongst the highest peaks of the area. A good look at the mountain while sipping a hot chai can make your mornings!

    The Weather
    Weather in Ooty is one prominent reason for people to pick Ooty over the other tourist destinations of India. Usually, the weather here is cloudy, freezing cold or raining. Just when you wake up in the morning, the fog will be all over your bedroom especially in the months from October to February. The days may be slightly warmer here but not warm enough to let you roam around in shorts. Best time to visit Ooty is definitely during the winters.  

    Tons of boat rides
    Who doesn’t enjoy a boat ride? Ooty offers tons of it! The lakes here take you in and around the city in a conundrum of ways. 

    Botanical Gardens
    Bangalore may be revered as the city of Gardens but it pales when compared to the gardens of Ooty. Here you can find an array of plants and flowers. It is impossible to not be mesmerized by them. Different colors here will only leave you stunned and wanting for more.  

    Schools? Did we just say schools? Are we taking you back? Well, Yes! The schools of the Ooty are some of the most artistically crafted and designed schools pan India. They are a delight and can be visited any time of the day. They hold within them a history that is untold to all.  

    Lack of People
    Reasons to like Ooty? Nah, it should be one reason to love Ooty! The sheer lack of people here makes it all the more lovable. This can be an absolute delight for people who come from crowded metros. Several times of the day, it may even look like a haunted town! But, there’s no complaining at all! It definitely complements the place, well! 

    Home Made Chocolates
    Last, but definitely the most ravishing – Ooty’s Home Made Chocolates! Ooty stocks some of the best homemade chocolates in India. You can buy them in abundance and take them home to share with friends and family. 

  • Q. Recommended reads for destination (govt. websites, travel forum articles)
  • Q. What is the best time to visit Ooty?

    Ooty can be visited throughout the year. It is one place where seasons do not come in the way of tourists but offer something seasonally special to the tourists at the time of visit in terms of various experiences and Places to Visit in Ooty.

    Summers in Ooty are pleasant while winters are cool. It is recommended though to visit Ooty

    sometime between October and June. It is that time of the year when the monsoons recede and winter comes with spring at its heels. To be more specific, winter and spring are the most appealing times to be touring Ooty.

  • Q. What is the best time to visit Ooty for a honeymoon?

    Ooty offers a fantastic experience all year round, which is why Ooty honeymoon packages are available throughout the year, as well. Needless to say, the monsoons are the most romantic time of the year, with gentle breezes, refreshing rains, and nature’s beauty in all its glory.

    During the winters, temperatures are as low as 5 degrees, and the chilly weather is definitely something to look forward to. Summers, although hot, are pretty bearable with temperatures ranging from 20-30 degrees. Being a hill-station, Ooty is always pretty pleasant and enjoyable.

  • Q. What are the places I can visit in Ooty in 2 days?

    You can visit the major attractions namely, the Ooty Lake, Wenlock Downs, Pykara Falls, Kolakambai Falls, Rose Gardens, Tea Factory, and Doddabetta Peak in two days if you plan well.  You must take up an ideal tour package inclusive of the places you wish to visit and activities you wish to indulge in as per your preference.

  • Q. How to reach Ooty?

    Ooty can be reached by air, bus and train.

    1. By Air: The nearest airport is the Coimbatore airport at a distance of 88 kilometres from the hill town. It is well connected to all major airports in India.

    2. By Train: 
    The nearest railway station is Mettupalayam, located around 40 kms from Ooty. There are trains from Coimbatore, Chennai, Mysore to Mettupalayam. One can also avail of the Nilgiri heritage train which makes the journey much more exciting besides other trains like Udagamandalam Passenger Train and Mangalore Mail.

    3. By Bus: 
    There are many overnight buses that run from Chennai, Bangalore and Mysore. They make for a comfortable journey to Ooty.

  • Q. Is Ooty worth visiting?

    Yes, every bit of Ooty is worth the last penny you spend to visit it. Known as the Switzerland of India, Ooty is considered as the Queen of Hill Stations. Laden with picturesque flora and fauna, enormous temples commingled with ancient artistic creativity, English-style retreats, botanical gardens, scintillating waterfalls, and calming lakes, Ooty is a place you cannot miss out.

  • Q. What things can I do in Ooty?

    Ooty offers a plethora of activities to tourists to indulge in. A few to list are :

    Nature walks and photo walks,

    Hand gliding

    Mountain biking

    Museum visits

    Government safari in Mudumalai National Park





  • Q. Which is the highest waterfall in Ooty?

    Cascading from a height of 400 feet, the Kolakombai Falls is the highest waterfall in Ooty. Witness the breathtaking sight of the loads of water cataract down the Kolakombai Hills. Ideal for trekking, biking and hiking, the trail to the top of this waterfall is one of the most popular things to do among the adventure seekers.

  • Q. Which are some best resorts to stay in Ooty?

    Resorts in Ooty are made to fit everyone’s budgets besides having resorts by renowned hospitality chains who have earned a brand name in ensuring tourist satisfaction. Thoughtfully constructed with an eye for aesthetic decor and a sustainable modus operandi, most resorts in Ooty make the stay of a tourist worth every bit of the investment. A few of the most popular resorts in Ooty are :

    1. Treebo Yantra Leisures
    2.  Space4 Resorts
    3. Hotel Darshan Ooty
    4. Sinclairs Retreat Ooty
    5. Kluney’s Mystique Ville
    6. Hill Country Holiday Resort Lovedale
    7. Fern Hill, A Sterling Holidays Resort
    8. Sabol Holiday Resorts
    9. Ooty - Elk Hill, A Sterling Holidays Resort
    10. Welcomheritage Fernhills Royal Palace
    11. Berry Hill Resorts
    12. Surya Village
    13. Red Hill Nature Resort
    14. Lymond House
    15. Garden Manor

  • Q. What is the best time to visit Ooty?

    The winter season is considered the best time to visit Ooty as the weather becomes quite pleasant at this time as compared to the other parts of South India. Starting from October to June, Ooty experiences flocks of tourists from all over the globe as the temperature oscillates around 25 degrees Celsius, making it ideal for sightseeing and traveling.

  • Q. Which are the best places to experience local cuisine in Ooty?

    Ooty is renowned for its bakery products and special homegrown beverages. It is wise to

    try out the fudges, chocolates and other bakery delicacies alongside the tea from the region.

    Some of the famous local food joints are:

    • Earl’s Secret
    • Place to Bee
    • Nahar’s Sidewalk Cafe
    • Quality Restaurant
    • Cliff Top International Cuisine
    • King’s Cliff

  • Q. How do you get to Catherine falls in Ooty?

    Catherine Falls is located at Kotagiri which is around 36 Km away from Ooty. The place is well-connected to the roadways via the Kotagiri-Mettupalayam Road, therefore it is absolutely convenient to reach by a personal vehicle, cab or bus.

  • Q. What are the best public transport modes to commute around Ooty?

    In Ooty when it comes to public transport, there are a wide range of options. One can

    avail of rented private cabs or go for tour buses and local buses. There are also three

    wheeler scooter rickshaws available for shorter distances.

  • Q. What is Ooty famous for?

    Ooty is famous for its waterfalls, Botanical Gardens, bustling markets, striking lakes, and the most prominent Tea factories. The panoramic view of the gleaming Nilgiri Mountain Range, clear skies and an array of tourist locations make this place a popular retreat among the tourists.

  • Q. What are the best places of shopping in Ooty?

    There are a few famous shopping spots in Ooty where one can find everything from

    souvenirs to chocolates. The most famous among them are :

    • Tibetan Market
    • Vishal Mega Mart
    • Green Shop

  • Q. Where can I go shopping in Ooty?

    You can head to Charing Cross, Tibetan Road, Ooty Lake, Main Bazaar, or Commercial Street, to satiate your shopping cravings. From winter clothing to locally produced tea, fruit cheese, essential oils, chocolates, and handicrafts, the markets in Ooty brim with goods that would certainly lure the interest of a shopaholic.

  • Q. What are the famous tea plantation says in Ooty?

    Ooty offers a unique experience of staying on Tea estates. When one wakes up in the

    middle of a tea garden with miles of manicured tea beds all around with the hills fencing the

    horizon, it is an unforgettable experience indeed. A few of the most famous tea plantation

    stays in Ooty are :

    • Tea Nest
    • O'land Plantation Stays
    • Devashola Mango Hill Cottage
    • Nonsuch Estate

  • Q. What is there to do in Ooty at night?

    There are a lot of things to do in Ooty at night as the setting sun adds more glitters and jitters to this.

  • Q. How far is Mudumalai national park from Ooty? What is the cost of safari?

    Mudumalai National Park is at a distance of 41.2 km from ooty. It takes around 1 hour 30

    minutes approximately to reach the park while travelling via Mysore. The national park lies on the north western part of the Nilgiri Hills, on the margins of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala. It is famous for elephants, Gaur, Chital, tigers and Leopards. The entire expanse of the national park encompasses 5 ranges, namely, Masinagudi, Theppakadu, Mudumalai, Kargudi and Nellakota.

    The cost of the safari in a van is around 50 rupees while the safari on the back of an elephant

    will cost you around 100 rupees. You can also customize your safari experience as you wish and charges will also be designed accordingly. Private vehicles are not allowed inside the sanctuary

  • Q. What are the romantic things in Ooty for couples on honeymoon?

    The ambience that ooty offers is in itself perfect for honeymooners. Right from walks in the rose garden to adventure sports, hiking, jungle safari and tea plantation stays, couples can enjoy a range of activities which can help them bond through memories made in the lap of nature. One of the most romantic activities that is recommended is camping at secluded locations in camping spots. Camping accords adequate privacy to honeymooners while enriching the experience of romancing amidst nature.