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Chembra Peak

A trekking paradise, Chembra is the highest peak in the Wayanad Hill Range that will take your breath away. Encompassed by verdant greenery of the Western Ghats, Chembra Peak is one of those attractions in Wayanad that one just cannot ignore for its mesmerising views. 

It is where the clouds brush your cheeks and your eyes are greeted with solace of calm and quietness in the midst of nature.

It is known for offering an enchanting vista of the heart-shaped lake also known as the Cupid Lake. It also offers an unparalleled view of Banasura Sagar Dam surrounded by the majestic tea plantations located along the foothills of Chembra Peak.

Height: It is 2,100 metres (6,890 ft) above sea level

Location: Kalpetta, Wayanad

Best Time to visit: The best time to visit is between the months of September and March.

Entry fee: The entry charge for the peak is INR 50/USD 0.77

Timings: Chembra Peak is open to tourists during the day time.

Distance from Wayanad: It is about 40 kilometres away from the bus station in Wayanad.


Banasura Sagar Dam

One of the most spellbinding places to visit in Wayanad, Banasura Sagar Dam is a picturesque tourist hotspot. Known for being India’s largest earthen dam, it boasts of extensive natural beauty with beautiful flora and fauna, majestic hills and mesmerising waterfalls. The Banasura Sagar is a photographer’s delight and offers the most beautiful views from the top of the hill.

It is also famous among adventure enthusiasts who look forward to thrilling activities like boating, trekking, horse racing and camel rides. For the avid trekkers, Banasura hill peak is hailed as one of the most challenging treks. Along with that Banasura Hill Resort adds to the charm of this place that is known as the only ‘earthen’ resort in the country.

Location: Banasura Sagar Dam, Padinjarathara, Kerala

Best Time to visit: November to May offers the most ideal time to visit Banasura Sagar Dam

Entry fee: INR 10/ USD 0.15 per person

Timings: The opening timings are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Distance from Wayanad: It is just 2.3 kilometres away from the bus station.


Kuruva Island

Located in the middle of Kabini river, Kuruva Island is a natural paradise that is replete with diverse flora and fauna in the most beautiful surroundings. It is blessed with evergreen forests all around that makes it a mesmerising picnic spot away from all pollution and noise of the city.

One of the most exciting things about Kuruva Island for tourists is their famous boat rides on bamboo rafts. Trekkers also visit Kuruva Island to explore the pristine environment and witness the most exotic species of plants, animals and birds here.  

The enthralling beauty of this island attracts many people who wish to escape the hustle and bustle of their lives and surround themselves in the serenity of nature.

Location: Kuruvadweep, Kerala

Best Time to visit: Kuruva Island could be visited from October to May

Entry fee: INR 80/ USD 1.23 for Indians and INR 150/USD 2.3 for foreigners

Timings: The visiting hours are from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm. Mondays are holiday

Distance from Wayanad: It is located 36 kilometres away.


The Bamboo Factory

If you wish to know how bamboo constitutes an important factor in both the lifestyle and livelihood for the people in Wayanad, then a visit to The Bamboo Factory comes highly recommended. 

This educating and inspiring experience gives a sneak peek into the lives of the locals in Uravu. This place is a great stop to witness the wonder of sustainable tourism and explore the ancient traditions that are still preserved in Wayanad.

The Bamboo Factory stands for uplifting the lives of many rural craftsmen along with offering tourists a unique experience by getting to know how bamboo is converted into your favourite items. Tourists at Bamboo Factory also get a chance to talk to these talented craftsmen and know more from their experiences.

Location: 100 Acres Road Thrikkaipatta, Kerala

Best Time to visit: October to February is the best time to visit here.

Entry fee: The cost to visit here is approximately INR 500/ USD 7.7 per person

Timings: One can visit here between 10 am and 4 pm.

Distance from Wayanad: The distance between the two places is around kilometres.


Jain Temple, Sulthan Battery

One of the most beautiful heritage sightseeing places in Wayanad, Jain Temple is known for its interesting history. It was built in 13th century A.D. and largely came to prominence when this ancient temple was used by Tipu Sultan to store ammunition. 

The ruins of Jain Temple in Sulthan Battery resonate the vital presence and influence of Jain community in the state of Kerala.

Maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India, the Jain Temple boasts of Vijayanagara style of architecture and has preserved beautiful and intricate carvings on its granite pillars. It is revered as one of the holiest places for the Jains and a festival is celebrated during Mahavir Jayanthi. 

This historically important temple in Kerala is a great visit to appreciate the art and culture of this place.

Location: Jain Temple Rd, Sultan Bathery, Kerala

Best Time to visit: September to March is the best time to visit the temple.

Entry fee: None

Timings: The temple is open for visitors during the day.

Distance from Wayanad: It is around 50 kilometres away from the bus station in Wayanad.


Pookode Lake

If you’re browsing for the most serene Wayanad tourist places, Pookode Lake should incite your curiosity. Surrounded by the evergreen beauty of Western Ghats and verdant forests, Pookode Lake is a gorgeous freshwater lake. 

One of the most interesting features of this lake is that it virtually appears to be in the shape of India’s physical map. Boasting of picturesque excellence and a mesmerising ambience, this freshwater lake is the initiating point of Panamaram stream in Kerala.

Pookode Lake offers many activities like boating and boasts of a freshwater aquarium, a children’s park and a shopping centre where tourists can empty their pockets on excellent spices and handicrafts. 

Another big attraction of Pookode Lake is the widespread presence of wild animals and birds who can be spotted around the lake.

Location: Pookode Lake, Kunnathidavaka, Kerala

Best Time to visit: August to May are the best months to visit here

Entry fee: INR 10/ USD 0.15 for one person

Timings: The opening hours are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Distance from Wayanad: Pookode Lake is located 27.3 kilometres from the Bus station in Wayanad


Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary

Offering an unforgettable experience for wildlife lovers, Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the must-visit places to visit in Wayanad. 

It is famous for harbouring a diverse number of flora and fauna. Taking a wildlife safari is the most thrilling activity that one should undertake at Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary to make their Wayanad vacation memorable.

This natural habitat is a great sightseeing place to spot elephant herds, deer, langurs, panthers, tigers, Indian bison and the rare Slender Loris. Moreover, this wildlife sanctuary offers a wonderful experience for tourists with their tree huts which are open for stay. 

This beautiful attraction allows the tourists to seek some natural solace and take delight in the company of the wonderful wildlife roaming freely in their natural surroundings.

Location: It is located 20 km east of Mananthavady on the Kodagu Road.

Best Time to visit: Winters are the best time to visit Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary

Entry fee: The entry fees is INR 115/ USD 1.77 for Indians. For foreigners, the entry fees is INR 300/ USD 4.62

Timings: The timings are 7:00 am to 10:00 am in the mornings. For the evenings, the timings are from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Distance from Wayanad: The distance between the two places is 45 kilometres.


Edakkal Caves

Travel back in time to the Stone Age with a visit to Edakkal Caves that are located on the Ambukuthi Hills. Edakkal literally translates to ‘a stone in between’ and this cave and showcases a natural masterpiece. 

It is associated with many myths and considered as one of the most sacred places to visit in Wayanad. Edakkal caves are not actually considered to be caves in a scientific sense yet remain a great piece of archaeological curiosity for tourists. 

These caves are identified as a Neolithic settlement and present the evidence of a pre-historic society of highly civilised people. These caves draw in a number of history buffs and students of archaeology who wish to explore these mysterious caves.

Height: It is located at a height of 1200 metres above sea level on the Ambukuthi Hills.

Location: Wayanad, Nenmeni, Kerala

Entry Fee: INR 15/USD 0.23 per person

Best Time to visit: The most preferred time to visit Edakkal Caves is during the months of December to May.

Timings: The visiting time to Edakkal caves is from morning 9:30 to evening 4:30.

Distance from Wayanad: It is located 48 kilometres from here.

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Traveller Tales from Kerala


Naresh Rajendran

11 July 2019

It Was an Awesome Trip To Munnar , Pros: Traveling On Month Of July (monsoon Season) Make The Place More Special . The Place Where The Camping Held Has Given Stunning Panoramic View Of The West...

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  • 1562856090_img_2860-01.jpeg+7

Brajesh Jain

16 April 2015

Paragliding was a an absolute delightful experience for me. it was my first time and intially it was a little scary but when you start your flight its amazing. also the pilot was really friendly and ex...


Bheeshma Guha

25 May 2015

My money spent on this trip was totally worth it and i strongly recommend this as a holiday point for you.Especially i liked that ride on the houseboat, which is a typical and very famous tourist attra

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Kanmani Thangapandian

06 July 2019

"If you are new to munnar then it is the best package for you to explore munnar... In this package the guide will pick you at 9 and will take you to around 10 sight seeing places in munnar around 72 km

  • 1562407940_img_20190629_115313.jpg
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  • 1562407940_img_20190629_155649.jpg

Puneeth Kumar

28 December 2018

"Simply Amazing. If you love adventures , this is a must try. There's Jeep safari, off-roading through the tea estates, Fog covering the way when you reach the top, Mesmerizing view, Quechua Tents, Tas...

  • 1545996433_img_20181225_070055.jpg
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Suman Namboothiri

13 August 2015

This was a really wonderful experience for all of us. it was amazing and the organizers were also really good. the team trained us well before the flight. We had one of the best times and was truly wor


Rati Gill

27 November 2013

Paragliding took me to great height and i was flying without wings , moreover Everyone was looking so tiny from the top...waoooo i loved it Guys dont miss this out if you are in kerala.... nd dont forg

  • Paragliding_in_kerala__munnar__mattuppatti_019.jpg
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  • Paragliding_in_kerala__munnar__mattuppatti_090.jpg

Madha Van

11 February 2018

For anyone who loves camping, this is the place to be. In the midst of mother nature - at Kerala's highest resort, what else can you ask for. A bunch of dedicated and professional tour guides who ...

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  • 1518361480_img_3757.jpg

Suma Devar

12 May 2015

The enchanting of birds kept our trekking adventure fresh. Our trek started from the silent valley in Munnar which is a fabulous place.

  • Chokramudi_-_bison_valley__munnar._trekking_above_the_clouds!_049.jpg
  • Chokramudi_-_bison_valley__munnar._trekking_above_the_clouds!_107.jpg
  • Meesapulimala_munnar_trekking_06.jpg
  • Meesapulimala_munnar_trekking_26.jpg

What You Should Know More About Kerala

  • Q. Travel Tips

    • You can travel to Kerala anytime in the year as the weather is always pleasing.

    • You must carry warm clothes and a few cotton and fleece clothes as the weather is mostly cold in places like Munnar.

    • You can find transportation in bus, train, and air from Kochi to any of these destinations in Kerala.

    • Carry as less precious jewelry as possible while travelling.

    • Avoid water from taps and carry your own water bottle of mineral water.

    • Carry your own travel and medicine emergency kit.

    • Temples in Kerala follow strict dress code, so wear traditional clothes when entering temples.

    • It is a must to carry a driving license if you want to drive in Kerala.

    • You can stay at hotels or resorts with a luxury or a moderate budget.

    • Kerala is more about sightseeing and activities than shopping.

    • Do not travel after 7pm as it can get unsafe and foggy. Keep all of the sightseeing for the daytime and do not loiter alone in the night.

    • For more details, you can also check: Kerala Tour Guide

  • Q. Drinking Laws

    Do not smoke or drink in public places as you will be fined. Also, buy liquor from 5 star hotels and restaurants and avoid drinking local liquor in Kerala.

  • Q. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    Water sports and Backwaters

    Enjoy snorkeling, canoeing, sailing, boating, scuba diving, parasailing, and wind surfing when you visit Kerala. Kollam, Alleppey, and Cochin are a hub for adventurous activities. Take safaris at Munnar, enjoy the houseboats cruise at Cochin, and the nature and wildlife tours at Wayanad. Most of the places in Kerala provide canoe and boat cruises. Whenever you visit a location popular for its backwaters, do not forget to venture into water sports in Cochin.

    Ayurveda and wellness centers

    Since, Kerala wellness and yoga center have been popular since decades; this is the kind of self indulgence not to be missed. You can take to walking, yoga, and spa retreats at places like Munnar, Kovalam, Kannur, Kozhikode, Varkala, and Alappuzha in Kerala.

    Cuisine and dining

    You can get to eat the most exotic cuisine of Kerala made with coconuts and coconut oil at most of the locations in Kerala. You can also take food tours and learn short course in cooking Kerala delicacies. You can also visit the tea estate in Munnar.

    Beaches and scenic beauty

    Kerala is filled with one of the most beautiful beaches. Each place like Munnar, Kovalam, and Kollam, and many other locations have beaches with adventurous outdoor sports and activities. There are at least more than 10 beach destinations in Kerala that you can visit any time in the year have a roster of things to do.

    Tranquil Hill stations

    Munnar and Wayanad are the most popular hill stations visited in Kerala. You can visit the the Edakkal cave, get a view of the Kanthanpara waterfalls, sentinel rock waterfalls, and caves and tombs in Wayanad. Also, the Koottamunda glass temple, Thirunelli temple are one of the most popular religious places in Wayanad. There are tombs, caves, and wild life sanctuaries in Wayanad that can give you a complete enjoyable experience. Munnar is a popular hill station for outdoor sports like paragliding, rock climbing, bird watching, walking trials, and more. You can find a lot of flora and fauna in Munnar.

  • Q. What you will like there

    A haven for nature lovers

    You will love the lush greenery spread across most of the places in Kerala. All the hill stations and beaches are scenic and provide calm and a tranquil effect to the mind. If you want to enjoy holidays in nature, the gusting sound of waterfalls, star gazing in the night, and activities in and around water bodies, you can visit any of the mentioned places in Kerala and quench your thirst for adventure.

    Delightful food and shopping

    You can shop for gold and handicrafts in Kerala. You can also participate in the folk festivals of Kerala and enjoy the scenic and cultural template of this place. Get a taste of typical Kerala platter in most of the restaurants that is served on a banana leaf. You can also get continental food and meat that is served here.

    Outdoor sports and activities

    Surfing, kayaking, and canoeing is what most of the tourists come to Kerala for. You will get the best of boating and rafting experience in the backwaters of Kerala. Choose any destination, and these are the kind of adventure activities that are available for you to venture into.

    Culture of Kerala

    This is one of the distinct cultures amongst most of the Indian States. You can learn about the spices, cuisine, festivals, and folklore that is sewn together that makes Kerala a unique and an exotic destination for travelers. Participate in the snake boat races and enjoy the Kathakali plays in this God’s own country. Get a view of tombs, citadels, forts, and palaces in Kerala that speak about its rich history since the time of Lord Parasurama, an avatar of Lord Vishnu.

  • Q. Recommended reads for destination

    Website :

    Kerala Tourism

    Books :

    Kerala a Magical Odyssey by Rupinder Khullar And Roop Singh

  • Q. How to reach Kerala?

    The state of Kerala is a secluded haven for the tourists that are seeking a retreat from the humdrum and hustle bustle of a day-to-day life. The health-giving sea breezes of Arabian Sea forms the western boundary of the city. The mountain ranges of Western Ghats set its eastern boundary. This narrow strip of land is also known as a “God’s own country.” As a tourist, it can become an ideal destination for you because it offers a natural variety. For instance, you can find a hill station in Wayanad then you can stay on a houseboat inside the backwaters of Kerala and finally you can retire on a beach to complete the circle. Tourist places in Kerala will give you an experience that will be etched in your memory forever.


    During the last three decades, many factors came into action and helped this state to become a tourist friendly state. For instance, this state has a hundred percent literacy rate, people are friendly with Queen's English and this factor makes it an international tourist friendly state. Two decades ago, the state also witnessed a migration of educated people to western countries. This international migration created a demand for international flights and interconnecting flights as a result now Kerala is well connected with air facilities. The reverse migration of this workforce also created an environment of investment in the state. This investment pattern also developed a distinct tourism infrastructure where you feel the vernacular charms of this state under the amenities of big cities.


    Currently, Kerala is on the roads to become a tourist-friendly destination with world-class amenities. The tourism authorities of the state are promoting amazing activities for the tourists. Now, these attempts are making it a world-class destination where pristine natural marvels are waiting for your merriment trips. In the terms of economy, Kerala is a versatile destination. Organized players of the tourism industry are coming with best facilities amidst nature. If you are an economy traveler then you can avail the same facilities in locally developed places. Visit Kerala for some sightseeing and Spa culture, which will heal you and re-energize you to swing back in the life with full force. Make a plan to explore the best tourist places in Kerala.

  • Q. Which are the major tourist attractions in Kerala?

    Major activities of tourism in Kerala revolves around natural landscapes, the diversified landscape presents many varieties that form the map of tourist attractions in Kerala.

    • National Parks: Periyar National Park is a major tourist attraction; apart from it, you can also visit Bandipur National Park as well as other wildlife tours of Kerala.
    • Forts, Museums, and Temples: The Padmanabha Temple of Kerala and Kochi fort are two major sites. Kerala folklore museum and Napier Museum can also be termed as attractions.

    Backwaters and Beaches: Watching the sunset from Alappuzha Beach pier is a benchmark experience that you can have while visiting most of the beaches in the Kerala. A network of almost 1500 kilometers connected to through 38 rivers and 5 lakes forms the backwater network of the Kerala, you can avail great packages to explore this amazing tour of Alleppey Backwater.

  • Q. What are the things to do/different stays in Kerala?

    There are certain activities that are exclusive to Kerala only, for instance how many times do you get this opportunity to see a bathing elephant or spending a night on a houseboat, search out for these exclusive activities and mark your days in Kerala with great enthusiasm.

    • Stay at Houseboat in Alleppey: Feel like a time traveler while moving in the backwaters of Alleppey. The houseboat stay can take you to a distinctive world away from your wired world.
    • Visit a Tourism Village: The District of Wayanad is full of such villages where you can feel the essence of village life and spend a good time with the villagers. These places are just great for detoxification and spa experience.
    • Relive your honeymoon in a tree House: Munnar district offer many tree house stays. Most of these treehouse gives you a romantic solitude because you cannot carry excessive baggage in them.

  • Q. What is the local food of Kerala? Which are the best places to taste this food?

    Local food of Kerala can also be considered as fusion food where you can witness the influence of Islamic, Portuguese and Syrian food culture blended well with the Indian culinary systems.

    •  Puttu and Kadala Curry: It is a breakfast item of Kerala made of steam rise and grated coconut.
    • Karimeen pollichathu (fish): It is a Syrian-Christian culinary delicacy where they marinate a local fish in lemon juice and chili paste. You can get it quite easily in Kerala and enjoy this international twist blended in the local cuisines.
    • Chemmeen Curry: Also known as Kerala prawn curry, this dish has become the signature dish of the state in the international market as well as in India as well.
  • Q. What is the best public transport to commute around Kerala?

    Go by the data presented by the local authorities then mass rapid transit system of the state of the Kerala is far better than any other state in India where more than 30 percent of the population uses them for frequent commutation.

    • State-owned transport buses are the economic medium of traveling and you can trust them in the terms of punctuality once you are familiar with the route charts and timings.
  • Q. What is the local language in Kerala and which are the most commonly used greetings? (mention at least 4) (Hello, Thank you, Good morning/night, What is the price of ____?, How far is _____?)

    The local language of Kerala is Malayalam, most of the people in the marked tourism areas are familiar with working knowledge of English and Hindi. Apart from it, they are well versed with the Dravidian family of languages like Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada.

    • Malayalam equivalent for Where are you going is “Ningal Evideya Pokunnathu?
    • Malayalam equivalent for I am lost is Enikku vazhithetti.
    • Malayalam Equivalent for Please help me is Dayavayi enne Sahayikku
    • Malayalam equivalent for What is the time is Enthan samayam?

  • Q. Which are the best shopping places in Kerala and what are they famous for?

    Add an organic basket in your travel luggage when you are traveling in Kerala, here you can find some natural and pure ingredients at some amazing prices.

    • Spice Market in Kochi: Kerala is a house of pure and exotic spices since the medieval days, apart from culinary uses you can also use these spices as medicines if you are practicing Ayurveda as an alternative therapy.
    • Asparagus in Varkala: Explore the rich handicrafts of Kerala in this market where you can purchase handmade cotton fabrics and try designer suits and Kerala Sarees.
    • Grand Kerala Shopping Festival: State tourism authorities of Kerala releases a calendar for grand Kerala shopping festival, it is a shopping pageant where you can get an access to local artisans under a single roof.

  • Q. Which are the famous wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in Kerala?

    Periyar National Park is the biggest national park of Kerala. Most of the wildlife sanctuaries are located in the same area. The popular wildlife sanctuaries of Kerala are specific in many ways, Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary gives you an access to the elephants exclusively and Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary can become a meeting point where you can find some amazing birds.

    • Periyar National Park: Located near the city of Thekkady, this park encircles an area of 26 square kilometers.
    • Silent Valley National Park: Located next to Palakkad district, this park covers an area of 90 square kilometers. The mountain ranges of Nilgiri are the advantage of this tropical rainforest.

  • Q. Where can I do water sports activities in Kerala?

    A network of water bodies connected with the backwaters and rivers of Kerala along with the beaches offers a big playground for watersports activities in Kerala. You can enjoy traditional local water sports along with adventure driven western waters sports as well.

    • Surfing at Kovalam: Tides of maximum 2 meters can greet you at the exotic beach where surfboards along with professional trainers are easily available.
    • Kayaking at Alappuzha: Explore the village life while trying your hands at Kayaking is this Kayaking hub of Kerala on the palm-fringed waterways.
    • Rafting in Bhoothathankettu: Float well in the challenging rapids of Periyar River and experience a proximity to the dense forests that are surrounding.

  • Q. Which are the famous treks in Kerala?

    Visit a tribal village, pass through a lush green rainwater forest and cool your heals off right next to a breathtaking fountain, the treks of Kerala presents a variety of universes to explore when you are out to test your endurance on these treks.

    • Chembra Peak: An ideal trek for honeymoon couples, recite your love on this Chembra Peak right next to this heart-shaped lake to reignite the passion of love.
    • Anamudi Peak: Enjoy this trek inside Eravikulam Park, Anamudi park is the highest peak at a height of 2700 meters. This trek is worth it because of the heavenly sights that it offers.

  • Q. How is Kerala for Honeymoon couples?

    Kerala is an ideal honeymoon spot because of its natural beauty. Most of the spots in Kerala offer a great deal of solitude and wilderness that couples often seek. A stay in the houseboats and exotic packages to enjoy a voyage in the backwater networks can also serve as a great option for honeymoon couples. You can also visit the Kerala honeymoon tour.

  • Q. Which are some of the best destinations for a honeymoon in Kerala?

    • Tree houses of Athirappilly: You can call them the Niagara of Kerala, these waterfall facing tree houses are an ideal place for couples where they can feel lost in nature.
    • Tea Gardens of Munnar: Enjoy the farm fresh organic food and feel the energy of nature to mark your honeymoon adventure in the tree gardens of Munnar.

  • Q. Which are some famous beaches in Kerala?

    Beaches of Kerala can be divided into three major categories, first you can explore tribal villages that can be compared with village boardwalks, then we have beaches on the outskirts of big cities like Kovalam beach and finally, we have Fishing beaches where you can enjoy village tourism.

    • Marari Beach: Located in the Alleppey District, this is a fishing village where tourist can feel at home while witnessing the fishing culture of Kerala.
    • Kovalam Beach: A coastline of seventeen kilometers has become a cynosure of international tourists. Enjoy the traces of Hippie culture when you are in Kovalam. It is an ideal beach destination for backpackers.

  • Q. Which are the famous pilgrimages in Kerala?

    Hinduism, Jainism, Islam, and Christianity are the main religion of Kerala, this state also owns the tag of "God's own country." The list of pilgrimage centers in Kerala is very big.

    • Sabarimala: At a distance of 70 kilometers from Pathanamthitta, It is a Hindu pilgrimage center where the temple of Lord Ayappa is the prime attraction.
    • Padmanabha Temple, Trivandrum: A huge idol of Lord Vishnu marks this temple. This temple hogged limelight because of its treasure chests that are believed to have immense wealth locked in them.

  • Q. What are the best destinations for house boating in Kerala? And how much does it cost?

    Kerala has a well-developed network of rivers, canals, and backwaters. You can hire a houseboat or a cruise and select this path to explore Kerala while staying in an unusual and romantic accommodation.

    • Alappuzha: You can hire a houseboat for a couple accommodation of family accommodation. The price may range from INR 6000 to INR 11,000 depending upon the season.
    • Kumarakom: Here you can purchase a package of a houseboat stay along with a cruise trip to nearby destinations. A normal round trip to Alleppey to Kumarakom can cost you around INR 8500 on twin sharing basis.

  • Q. What are the best places for stay in the coffee plantation?

    Wayanad and Coorg are the best places if you are planning a stay in the coffee plantations. Some tea plantations of Munnar are also good for this purpose.

    • Wayanad: Wayanad and Kalpetta offer many coffee plantations resorts, you can get luxury resorts loaded with Spa; you can also find resorts that are ideal for family stay. The price range of these resorts may vary from INR 5000 on twin sharing basis to INR 11000 for a night on twin sharing basis.
    • Coorg and Madikeri: Coffee plantation stay along with a theme resort and spa facility, Coorg and Madikeri offer many places like an Estate Bungalow or a cliff resort etc.

  • Q. Which are the famous water parks in Kerala?

    The water parks of the Kerala can be divided into two categories, first, we have family parks located on the outskirts of the big city like Cochin and others and then we have theme parks designed for hardcore water adventure activities. You can easily make a choice and move ahead to have fun.

    • Theme Parks on the outskirt of big cities: Wonderla amusement park in Kochi is very famous for its exclusive rides. Magic planet theme park on the outskirts of Trivandrum is another park that is nice for family and big groups.
    • Water parks in the Heart of Nature: Fun Forest Adventure Park in Munnar is loaded with pool based adventure activities along with rope based adventure activities. For family fun, one can visit Fun forest adventure park in Munnar as well.

  • Q. Where can I experience scuba diving in Kerala?

    The city of Cochin can be considered as the hub for scuba diving in Kerala this is the place where you can get an access to many PADI approved Scuba diving institutes and service providers.

    • Scuba Cochin: It is a PADI approved company for scuba diving, you can learn scuba diving and enhance your skills by moving deeper under the expert supervision.
    •  Scuba Kovalam: In the year 2015, Kerala Adventure Tourism Promotion society established a scuba diving facility at Koval. It is a PADI approved facility where you can get the best deals in the terms of money depending upon the length of the course that you are doing.

  • Q. Which are the best places for family holidays in Kerala?

    Many family packages are available where they can cover a variety of destinations in Kerala. The town of Kochi in the central Kerala can be considered as an ideal starting point for these tours. The destinations that should be covered goes as follows.

    • Wayanad: Famous for its tea plantations and tribal villages Wayanad is necessary to have in every family travel package. Experience the beautiful and adventurous journey of Wayanad.
    • Munnar: Addition of a happening hill station can add a new fun quotient in the family trip, the tree plantation resorts of Munnar are just right for you when you are traveling under tight budgets.
    • Kumarakom: Taste the climate of rainwater forest while staying next to the famous backwaters of Kerala. Kumarakom is a water-based destination where houseboats and cruises are waiting for your families merriment activities.

  • Q. Which places are good for a bike trip In Kerala?

    If you are the second time traveler to Kerala and planning to cover some offbeat destinations then a bike trip starting from Trivandrum and ending at Munnar can do justice with your wanderer's lust.

    • Munnar: Explore various waterfalls during your road trip and feel like a free bird amidst the lush greenery of tree plantations.
    • Thekkady: Find your way in the Periyar Reserve Forest Area, you can take a break in between and enjoy boat rides while passing through Thekkady. While your stay in the same area book some shows of cultural folk arts of Kerala and feel this culture first hand.
    • Kovalam: Kovalam Beach has become a picture postcard of Kerala tourism. It has close proximity with Trivandrum if you are starting your biking trip from Trivandrum and Kovalam beach is the high point for that.

  • Q. Which are the famous historic monuments in Kerala?

    If you are a history lover then forts and palaces of Kerala can take you to a time travel in medieval times.

    • Palakkad Fort: Witness the glorious history of Kerala when Tipu Sultan was alive, the scenic location of this fort is an added bonus along with the history of the place.
    • Bolghatty Palace: The palace that hosed Dutch Governors followed by English Governors, this palace is among one of the oldest Dutch palaces outside the Holland.
    • Bekal Fort: Located in the Kasaragod district, this deserted fort is among the very few sea facing ports of Kerala. Just right for your selfies and photographs, this fort provides a panoramic view of the adjacent area.

  • Q. What are famous cruising destinations in Kerala?

    The connection line between the backwater destinations of Kerala forms the cruising destinations of Kerala.

    • Alleppey: Known as the "Venice of the East" this city is floating on the waters. If you are cruising in Kerala then this destination is necessary to have in your itinerary.
    • Kollam: Backwaters connected with a lake along with a water passage to Alleppey that takes eight hours. Kollam is a touch point of maximum cruise packages that are available in Kerala.
    • Kuttanad: Time to travel below the sea levels and visit this paddy field, which is a bowl of rice for Kerala as well.

  • Q. Which are the famous waterfalls in Kerala?

    Water cascading from a glorious mountain peak and people enjoying amidst the mist of a picnic spot on the foothill, it is a common sight when you are traveling in Kerala, pick a site of your choice and mark a day full of family fun.

    • Meenmutty Waterfalls (Wayanad): Located near the Basura Sagar Dam this waterfall offers a picnic spot and a trekking route for the visitors.
    • Soochipara Waterfalls ( Kalpetta): One of the most visited place in the Wayanad district, the foothill of the waterfall is good for swimming facilities as well.
    • Lakkam Waterfalls ( Munnar): Play and swim in this mineral water rich waterfall located at a distance of 15 Kilometers from the city of Munnar.

  • Q. What are the best places for camping in Kerala?

    Most of the camping sites in the Kerala are out of the crowd camping sites. Unlike “beaten camping sites,” you can feel a strong sense of adventure and feel more disconnection from the hustle bustle of city life.

    • Camping sites at Munnar Tea Estates: The health-giving air of tea estate and nice climate is the highlight point of this camping site. It is also known as top station camping as well.
    • Gavi: Find a camping nest in the land of 260 birds. As a camping site, this experience cannot felt anywhere else in the world. It is a small town in the Pathanamthitta district and Sabarimala viewpoint is the highest point of the town.

  • Q. What are best locations for boating in Kerala?

    The boating areas of Kerala are emerging as the new lifeline of Kerala tourism, most of the locations are underdeveloped and this underdevelopment adds a pristine charm in the locations of boating.

    • Alleppey: At a distance of 53 Kilometers from the Kochi, this place is emerging as the boating destination of Kerala where you can hire various crew packages and go for houseboat stays.
    • Kozhikode: It is one of the busiest commercial towns of Kerala. It has become a boating destination because many cruise packages offer round trips from Kozhikode to various other destinations in Kerala.

  • Q. What are the best places for Rock climbing in Kerala?

    There are two types of Rock climbing facility providers in Kerala, one belongs to the organized sector and their areas are centered on the big cities like Trivandrum. Unorganized players are available in Vagamon and Munnar.

    • Thenmala: If you are a beginner then this town close to Trivandrum can be your starting point for the game. You can always hire best trainers and international standard safety equipment when you are heading in this area.
    •  Munnar and Vagamon: Relatively new destinations for Rock Climbing, however, the degree of adventure can be a bit tougher here. If you have a penchant for unbeaten tracks then Munnar and Vagamon can be your rock climbing destinations.

  • Q. What are the famous hill stations in Kerala?

    One side of Kerala is covered with Nilgiri range of mountains and other ranges of Western Ghats, these are the areas where some amazing hill stations of Kerala are located.

    • Munnar: At the elevation of 1600 meters, Munnar is a hill station where you can also find tea plantations. Enjoy the chill of night and during the day go for amazing excursions, Munnar has it all for you.
    • Lakkidi ( Wayanad): Salubrious climate and view of the valley are the two highlight points of this serene hill station where your search for a quiet place can end effectively.
    • Malampuzha ( Palakkad ) Man Made gardens and amusement parks make it an ideal destination for the families and groups.

  • Q. What are the famous lakes in Kerala?

    Most of the lakes in Kerala are a depositing point of rivers and backwaters. You can get an access to these lakesides with backwater cruises and boating trips from the major boating destinations.

    • Punnamada Kayal: Celebrate Onam on the banks of this lake and enjoy the annual boat racing festival of Kerala.
    • Ashtamudi Lake: Eight tentacles of this lake connect it with a green lush island, the total area of this lake is around 1700 square kilometers. Get an access to any of the tentacles and get an access to Chinese fishing culture serving the fishermen of Kerala.


    1. Here are the best tips Thrillophilia has to offer for your trip to Kerala
    • Paragliding in Vagamon: If you are planning a trip during the off-peak season in Kerala then Paragliding in Vagamon can be an interesting option because of annual paragliding festivals that take place in the area.
    • Never miss an Authentic Kerala Ayurvedic massage: This is the best way to detoxify you, ideally start your trip with a Spa session and move ahead with full energy.