Thottikallu Overview

The main attraction at Thottikallu is the Thottikallu falls which are situated off Kanakapura main road near a village known as Byalemaradadoddi. The road that leads to the fall from Byalemaradadoddi is a muddy stretch and is treacherous terrain. Inspired by the enchanting beauty of the falls, it is also known as Swarna Mukhi which takes a plunge from 50 ft tall convex-shaped rock. 

Located near Bangalore, Thottikallu Falls or TK Falls is a very popular spot for trekking. The path that leads to the falls is very much in-demand among the biker groups and is popular for rough-bike rides. One can take a four-wheeler or two-wheeler to get to the falls.

Thottikallu Falls is gradually becoming a very popular place and often people come here to get rid of their busy lives hustle and bustle. Thottikallu Falls is also called as “Swarna Mukhi Falls” or “Golden Face” falls. The reason being that often during the daytime, the sunlight directly falls and shines on the waterfall making it look like a golden waterfall. 

The falls are surrounded by serene beauty with mild breeze blowing and along with the mesmerizing mellow sound of the leaves. Near the waterfalls, there is also a temple under a big tree which is dedicated to Lord Muneshwara. You can always rest yourself in the temple and offer your prayers. 

There are a lot of people who stay near the waterfall and you may often see them near the temple.  Thottikallu Falls is actually an amalgamation of two adjacent waterfalls. One of them has wide falls and results in a wide shower and the other fall is a quick, narrow fall.

 Since the spot is famous for trekking, many trekkers also take a shower under the splendid waterfalls. For people who are opting to trek to the falls, you will come across a hill on your path. Take a rest on the hill and inhale the scenic view of the waterfalls, forests and the magnificent sun.

How To Reach

After getting down at the Bangalore Airport, you can take a bus from Banashankari Bus station to Nallakkana Doddy Bus station. From Nallakunta Bus station, the waterfalls are within walking distance. If you are hiring a cab or taking a private vehicle, you can take the Bangalore-Mysore road and then enter the NICE Bangalore-Mysore expressway.

After that, you can take the Kanakpura road, keep on driving and take a left from Saaluhunese Bus stop and continue driving till you see the Gulakamale Lake. Take a left from the lake and soon you will see Thottallu Falls parking arena. 

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Thottikallu Falls is during or post-monsoon as the waterfalls start to flow on their fullest (October -March). If you are planning to visit the falls during summers, don’t. The falls are majorly dry during summers and one would not be able to embrace the real beauty of this place.

The falls are open 24hrs a day but it is advisable not to visit the place at night. Since it would be dark, you may not be able to find the path. 

Other Essential Information

Location: Off Kanakapura Road, Bangalore. Thottikallu waterfalls are at a distance of 35 km from Bangalore

Timing: Not too early in the morning and not too late in the night. You should visit the falls between 6 am to 6 pm. 

Price: There is no entry fee but you may have to pay for the parking charges.

Places to eat near Thottikallu Falls -

Karavali Biryani Mane-The restaurant is located around a couple of kilometers from Thottikallu waterfalls. Karavali Biryani Mane is known for its seafood and is not only popular in the region but also known for its taste in Bangalore. 

Shivaji Military Restaurant-This restaurant serves the best biryani in the region and it always has people waiting in a queue. Been in the region for more than 52 years, the hotel is a popular spot for lunch and evening snacks. 

Mutton Biryani here is the most popular amongst all the biryanis cooked here. The restaurant is close to Thottikallu Falls and serves food at reasonable prices. 

Village -Village, the name itself represents its food style. The restaurant serves classic and authentic food straight from the villages. It is known for its buffet-style service where one can get a taste of all the mouth-watering dishes. 

The restaurant serves delicious dishes, some of them are - Pani Puri, Jodhpuri Aloo, Bhaigan (Brinjal) Curry and Momos. Other than its village-style food, the place also has a village themed ambiance. 

Jalpaan-The restaurant serves Indian and Asian dishes with a blend of the restaurants typical taste. Jalpaan is famous for its North Indian food and is a hotspot for local parties.

The restaurant is a bit expensive but the food served here is famous for its taste and quality. 

Tips for visiting Thottikallu Falls

1. The place is surrounded by many animals and mainly by monkeys on the base of the waterfalls, so be alert and take care of your belongings.

2. Many locations near the falls are dirty because of the absence of dustbins in the area. From wrappers to alcohol bottles, one will find many things littered around. 

It is advised to carry dustbin bags and throw your garbage in them and dispose of them off in a safer place. 

3. Carry an extra pair of clothes (even if you are not willing to take the showers) because the falls are so mesmerizing that you’ll definitely feel to take a dip in them.

4. Carry sufficient bottles of water and also carry some basic medicines. 

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Point of Interest for Thottikallu
Bannerghatta National Park

Bannerghatta National Park

Known for its rich wildlife population in the region, Bannerghatta National Park is around 7 km away from Thottikallu Falls. The national park attracts several national as well as international tourists.It also houses much rare fish, runs an animal rescue center as well as a snake house.

To promote tourism, the authorities organize a special safari which runs for around 6 km in the park. The safari is popular among safarists and tourists and the safari explores the locations which are rich in wildlife. 

Chudahalli Reservoir

Chudahalli Reservoir

Chudahalli Reservoir is at a distance of 5.6 km from Thottikallu Falls. The place is a large water reservoir surrounded by small trees and is a popular spot among tourists.

The reservoir sees a large number of birds who often fly over it making the place a very picturesque one. During rains, the place is often covered by lush green grasses on all four sides.

Dodda Ganpati Temple

Dodda Ganpati Temple

The temple houses a big 18-foot idol of Lord Ganesha and is one of the most popular temples in the city. The temple is known for its idol which the local says grows every year.

Many tourists visit the temple to see the popular idol and celebrate the well-known Ganesha festival.

Tourism Board Alliances

Thottikallu FAQs

Is it safe for solo travelers to travel to Thottikallu Falls?

It is not advisable to visit Thottikallu Falls alone as the area is deep inside the forests and also mingled by local drunkards. Though you can visit the place in a group, a solo trip is not advisable.

Can we take a dip in the water?

Yes, you can take a dip in the water as the water level is not too deep. Although, if you go for a dip, make sure you do not take the dip directly under the waterfall as the water’s flow is very forceful.

What is the height of Thottikallu Falls?

Thottikallu Falls are not long and the height of the falls is around 90-100 feet.

What is the best time of the day to visit Thottikallu Falls?

The best time to visit Thottikallu Falls is afternoon because the sun would be on the top and you may see the golden shade of the waterfall.

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