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  • Being the largest IT hub of India, the majority of people of Bangalore gets only two-days off every week. Hence, everyone wants to make the most out of it and at the same time, want to relax and unwind. The good thing is, there are umpteen places around Bangalore for 2-day trip, which will guarantee a quality vacation for the people. 

    Bheemeshwari, 120 km (Best for sightseeing, trekking)
    Kabini, 215 km (Best for sightseeing)
    Bandipur, 220 km (Best for wildlife excursion)
    Nagarhole, 220 km (Best for wildlife excursion)
    Sakleshpur, 221.1 km (Best for trekking)
    Chikmagalur, 242.8 km (Best for sightseeing, trekking, hiking)
    Coorg, 243.4 km (Best for sightseeing, trekking, hiking, river rafting, coffee plantation tours)
    Masinagudi, 247.3 km (Best for sightseeing, trekking, safari)
    Ooty, 275.8 km (Best for sightseeing, tea estate visits)
    Wayanad, 281.1 km (Best for trekking, hiking, tea estate and coffee plantation visits, sightseeing)

    Whether you are willing to relax in the lavish resort amidst the jungle; sense the aroma of coffee or tea estates while staying in a homestay; looking for a trek or some other adventure sports, there is the place to suit every need.

    Here are some of the best places around Bangalore for a 2 day trip:

  • 01Coorg

    Distance from Bangalore: 260 kms

    Often dubbed as The Scotland of India, Coorg is one of the most famous hill stations destinations near Bangalore. The lush forests of teakwood and sandalwood, acres of tea and coffee plantations and the misty hills make it one of the most charming places around Bangalore for 2-day trip. With a range of adventure activities available from trekking and angling to white water rafting, Coorg is also famous for its outdoor activities and if you are planning to hang out for a romantic place, Coorg is also well-known honeymoon destination

    You can trek to Talakaveri, the source of the River Cauvery where you also find a rare temple dedicated to the Lord Brahma, or can also take a trip to the scenic Abbey falls nearby. Given the wide variety of choices of activities to do, Coorg is a magnificent destination for a 2 days trip from Bangalore.

    Offbeat Stays in Coorg:

    1) Adventure Stay in Coorg

    2) Coffee Plantation Stay in Coorg

    3) Offbeat Estate Stay in Coorg

    4) Nature Heritage Stay Experience in Coorg

    Trekking in Coorg:

    1) Tadiandamol Trek in Coorg

    2) Trekking In Nishani Motte

    Some of the Popular Activities in Coorg:

    1) Off Road Jeep Drive to Nishani Hills

    2) Jeep Drive to Kabbe Hills in Coorg

    3) Sunset Jeep Drive at Mandalpatti

    4) Jeep Drive to Mallalli Water Falls

    Camping Experiences in Coorg:

    1) Coorg Camping Experience

    2) Coorg Camping In Gonikoppa

    Camping in Coorg

    Camping in Coorg

    NNNNN1020 Ratings

    d2 Daysn1 NightlCoorg

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  • 02Wayanad

    Distance from Bangalore: 271 kms

    Translated as the “Land of Paddy Fields”, Wayanad is a picturesque place nestled comfortably in the Western Ghats in Kerala. The region is said to be inhabited for almost 3000 years, and you can also find various indigenous tribes upon your exploration of the place. 

    Heavily forested and rich in flora and fauna, Wayanad is perfect for undertaking trekking and other adventure activities. The treks in this region take you through surreal landscapes and evergreen tropical forests, making the entire experience one of its kind. Among places near Bangalore for 2 day trip, Wayanad provides an ideal setting for an adventurous getaway.

    Offbeat Stays in Wayanad:

    1) Bon Fire and Stargazing Experience in Wayanad

    2) Camping in Wayanad Hills at Seagot Banasura

    Night Camping With Campfire in Wayanad

    Night Camping With Campfire in Wayanad

    NNNNM23 Ratings

    d1 Dayn1 NightlWayanad


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  • 03Chikmagalur

    Image Credit : anoop madhavan - flickr

    Distance from Bangalore: 245 kms

    Famous as the coffee land of Karnataka, Chikmagalur is located at the foothills of the Mullayanagiri hills. You can take a walk in the coffee plantations, letting the bitter-sweet aroma relax your senses, or you can even trek to the Mullayanagiri peak, the highest peak in Karnataka, for an absolutely spectacular view of the setting sun. 

    The Hebbe falls are also famous for their scenic beauty and the Kudremukh National Park is renowned for its biodiversity. It is one of the ideal places around Bangalore for 2-day trip. Chikmagalur is right in the lap of nature, giving you the much-needed break from the hectic city life of Bangalore.

    Offbeat Stays in Chikmagalur:

    1) Nature Stay Experience in Chikmagalur

    2) Chikmagalur Nature Stay Experience

    3) Estate Stay Experience in Chikmagalur

    Trek to Kudremukh in Chikmagalur

    Trek to Kudremukh in Chikmagalur

    NNNNN1075 Ratings

    d2 Daysn1 NightlChikmagalur

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  • 04Sakleshpur

    Image Credit : rvkn8alpha - Flickr

    Distance from Bangalore: 221.2 km

    Known for its verdant, green and charming hellscapes, Sakleshpur is a hotspot for adventurers and nature lovers alike for a 2-Day trip road trip from Bangalore.

    The mountainous elevations are ideal for 2 days long or a day long trek as well. Recharge yourself in the beauty of the bitter sweet aromas of coffee and spice plantations and delight in the wonderful array of nature activities and sights. You can traipse around the Manjarabad Fort, Bisle Ghat

    Offbeat Activities & Stay in Sakleshpur:

    Homestay in Sakleshpur with Activities

    Homestay in Sakleshpur with Activities

    NNNNN71 Ratings

    d2 Daysn1 NightlSakleshpur


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  • 05Masinagudi


    Distance from Bangalore: 242 kms

    For that ideal break from your daily life, there are a lot of places to visit near Bangalore. Situated between the Bandipur National park and the Mudumalai National Park, Masinagudi is one of the ideal places near Bangalore for 2-day trip. Brimming with nature’s troves, Masinagudi is famous for its forests and the abundance of wildlife in its National Park. You can go for bird watching and jungle safaris.

    Arrangements for elephant riding safaris can also be made to get a closer and unadulterated feel of the jungles. Apart from trekking in the jungles and exploring the fauna, you can also visit the various Tea Plantations and observe the complete process of tea processing, from the fields to packed cartons of commercial tea. Masinagudi is a place to relax and feel one with nature while you are at it.

    Offbeat Stays in Masinagudi:

    1) Adventure in Masinagudi

    2) Nature Stay Experience in Masinagudi

    Homestay With Camping in Masinagudi

    Homestay With Camping in Masinagudi

    NNNNN176 Ratings

    d1 Dayn1 NightlMasinagudi

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  • 06Bheemeshwari

    Image Credit : Nitesh Bhatia - Flickr

    Distance from Bangalore: 120 kms

    Located to the South of Bangalore and situated on the banks of the River Cauvery, Bheemeshwari has been blessed by nature. A natural habitat for several majestic creatures such as the Mahseer fish, elephants, deer, crocodiles and hundreds of bird species, Bheemeshwari is a paradise for wildlife lovers. 

    The River Cauvery also provides ideal settings for various adventure activities such as kayaking, angling and zip lining. The lush habitat also makes it a wonderful trekking destination near Bangalore. So whether you want to relax and appreciate the beauty of nature, or you want to feel the adrenaline rush in your veins, Bheemeshwari makes an ideal destination for a short 2 days trip from Bangalore.

    Day out at Bheemeshwari with activities: 
    Take off for a getaway in the lush forest plantations at Bheemeshwari Jungle Lodges and enjoy the blessings of nature in their full glory!
    Rafting Experience in Cauvery, Bheemeshwari

    Rafting Experience in Cauvery, Bheemeshwari

    NNNNM647 Ratings

    h3 HourslBheemeshwari


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  • 07Tadiandamol Trek

    Tadiandamol Trek
    Image Credit : stupiddream - flickr

    The name Tadiandamol got originated from Kannada language which means large mountain. Apparently, the highest peak in Coorg, Karnataka, it is one of the most joyous treks to do on your weekend break from Bangalore. This enchanting trekking location will lure you. So, spend a day to experience the heights of the fourth largest peak in the Western Ghats.

    Distance from Bangalore:
    Tadiandamol is almost an overnight journey from Bangalore. The distance of 270 kms is to be covered to reach the base town, Kabbake of the peak. A well-rooted network of roads to Kabbake is available. You can get a bus, or travel by air to Mysore to reach Tadiandamol.

    The aroma of coffee fields which spread all through Coorg will make you feel refreshed. Stop at the Nalaknad Palace, a historic place which you will witness at the beginning of the trek. The peak is positioned to witness the greens of Shola Forests through the track.

    You will be covering a distance of 15 kms, reaching a height of 1,748 metres up the trek.

    You will also come across small waterfalls which will further enhance your journey. Many insects, birds and uncommon colored snails and beautiful butterflies will be encountered in your way. It also has a wildlife sanctuary which includes Lion-tailed Macaque, Jungle Cat, Spotted Deer, Nilgiri Langur, Giant Flying Squirrel amongst others.

    You can also visit Padi Igguthapa Temple, one of the oldest temples, built by Lingarajendra in 1810.

    Best time to visit:
    You will have a delightful experience to trek in every season on this peak; it is advisory to avoid climbing in monsoon as it will be comparatively difficult. However, the best time to visit is in winters, that is from October to February.
    Trekking In Tadiandamol With Rafting In Coorg

    Trekking In Tadiandamol With Rafting In Coorg

    NNNNN506 Ratings

    d2 Daysn1 NightlCoorg


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  • 08Ooty

    Image Credit : Prabhu B Doss - Flickr

    Nestled amidst the greenery and also known as the Queen of Nilgiris, Ooty is one of the best places around Bangalore. The cool breeze and the foggy weather is the perfect setting for you. Situated at an altitude of 2500 metres this place is blessed with a wholesome climate. And for the nature lover, this will be a double treat as you will be spending your whole time close to nature. Soothe your eyes as you step into the Botanical Garden which is spread over 55 acres of land. 

    Hold your breath as you enjoy the sight of the Doddabeta Peak which stands tall. And when it comes to your evening make it special as you visit the Ooty Lake. Sip a hot cup of tea as you delve in the serenity. And most of all you will have the best time while you visit the Pine Forest here. While you are visiting Ooty visit Coonoor and the tea garden there. The scenic views and the musical waterfall will bring you that immense joy which you have been long searching for. Nothing can be a better a better vacation than spending your summer holidays in this mesmerising destination.

    Activities: One can indulge in an array of activities in this destination like trekking, hiking etc.

    Distance from Bangalore: Ooty is located at a distance of 277.7km.

    Trek to Sengottaraayar Malai in Coonoor near Ooty

    Trek to Sengottaraayar Malai in Coonoor near Ooty

    NNNNM23 Ratings

    d2 Daysn1 NightlCoonoor


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  • 09Bandipur

    Image Credit : Navaneeth KN

    What could be a better treat to your eyes than a herd of deer silently eating grass without any fear? Sound’s amazing right. Set up as a tiger reserve in the year 1974, Bandipur National Park is outstanding for its amazing natural beauty. Loaded with an extensive variety of wonderful natural life and large numbers of teak and sandalwood trees, this is the main Biosphere Reserve of the nation and in addition the site decided for the Project Tiger.

    The recreation center traverses a territory of 874 square kilometers (337 sq mi), securing a few types of India's jeopardized natural life. Together with the bordering Nagarhole National Park (643 km2 (248 sq mi)), Mudumalai National Park (320 km2 (120 sq mi)) and Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary (344 km2 (133 sq mi)), it is a piece of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve totaling 2,183 km2 (843 sq mi) making it the biggest secured range in southern India and biggest living space of wild elephants in south Asia.

    Situated in Nilgiris the whole region is honored with an extraordinary scenic beauty. The wildlife is home to a number elephants, hornbills, deers, pythons, sloth bears, pythons, panthers etc.

    Where to Stay: Best places to stay in Bandipur 

    Distance from Bangalore: Bandipur is located at a distance of 227.8 km.

    Bandipur Wildlife Safari in Chamarajanagar

    Bandipur Wildlife Safari in Chamarajanagar

    NNNNN339 Ratings

    d2 Daysn2 NightslBandipur


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  • 10Kabini

    Image Credit : Creative Commons

    Kabini is a perfect getaway option for nature lovers. The tranquil backwaters of River Kabini and wildlife resorts in Kabini offer the ideal setting for a short holiday from the frenzied city life. Home to exquisite wildlife consisting of elephants, barking deers and Sambars, crocodiles and hundreds of species of birds, Kabini, today, is one of the most enchanting wildlife reserves in India.

    After a frantic city life, the weekends are a welcome break to cool off the mind and body. These weekend getaways for 2 days trip from Bangalore offer you respite from your hectic schedule and help you cool down to start your week fresh with vigour and enthusiasm. And, of course, looking forward to the next weekend.

    Distance from Bangalore: 240 kms

    Wildlife Safari at Nagarhole National Park in Kabini

    Wildlife Safari at Nagarhole National Park in Kabini

    NNNNM55 Ratings

    d3 Daysn2 NightslMysore

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  • 11Nagarhole

    Image Credit :  Dhruvaraj S

    For the animal lovers and nature, there is another national park which is a must visit for you near Bangalore. Nagarhole is a blend of two Kannada terms, "Nagara" signifying "Cobra" and "Hole" signifying 'River'. This National Park has been named after the waterway "Nagarhole" which winds through its rich tropical woodlands. Here, the legend and sentiment of Kabini is played out and spins around the immaculate waterway that structures a fluid limit with the Bandipur National Park.

    This zone constitutes the biggest adjacent woodland cover in this piece of the world and is a piece of the Nilgiri biosphere, the biggest in Asia, and home to the biggest convergence of herbivores in Asia; it is home to the biggest assembly of Asiatic Elephants on the planet. These backwoods additionally comprise of three noteworthy predators of the area - tiger, panther and dhole or wild puppy, every one of the three coincidings in high densities.

    Some of the animals found here are Indian buffalo, porcupines, jackals, hyenas, Sloth bears, and also Nilgiri tahrs and Nilgiri langurs, among numerous others. The Kabini River and a few little streams going through the backwoods give extraordinary perspectives of the characteristic scene and in addition abundant chances to spot different fauna out for a drink.

    Distance from Bangalore: Nagarhole is located at a distance of 226.2 km.

    Brahmagiri Trek, Waterfall Visit and Nagarhole Wildlife Safari

    Brahmagiri Trek, Waterfall Visit and Nagarhole Wildlife Safari

    NNNNN557 Ratings

    d2 Daysn1 NightlCoorg

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  • 12 Mysore

    Image Credit : 

    Mysore is one of the most famous tourist destinations of South India. Orignally known as Mysuru, it is the largest districts of Karnataka. Formerly known as the capital of the ‘Kingdom of Mysore’, Mysore was the name by which the state of Karnataka was popular as. The city is praised across the country for its arresting buildings and monuments along with its flamboyant imperial heritage. Its world Heritage listed palace of the city is perhaps something that brings most travelers here. Mysuru is also a burgeoning centre for the production of superior quality incense, silk and sandalwood. At present, the ashtanga yoga is another drawcard in Mysore that attracts the visitors from across the world accredited to its reputation of being India’s best place to practice yoga.  
    This City of Palaces has a number of places situated in the city. The main palace of the Mysore is Ambavilas Palace which is also one of the prime attractions of this region accredited to is beautiful monuments. This tourism hotspot attracts several millions of tourists from across the country every year. Dasara (Dusshera) which represents the victory of Good over Evil, marks the worship of Devi Chamundeswari. It is celebrated with fervor and solemnity as the State festival here

  • 13Dandeli

    Image Credit : Ankut P - Flickr

    Distance From Bangalore: 460 Kms

    Abundant greens, a diverse topology and a vast range of wildlife are all the makings of a great wildlife sanctuary that Dandeli enjoys. The gushing Kali River flows by making up for a great spot for water adventures and other activities close to Bangalore. The variety of wildlife here is just stunning!

    You can hope to catch a glimpse of crocodiles, tigers, panthers, bears and the elusive flying squirrel! Green environs of Dandeli are ever waiting with open arms to welcome the wilderness in you for a perfect place around Bangalore for a 2 Day trip.

    Best Selling Tours of Dandeli:

    Camping and Trekking at Dandeli Jungle CampOn a stay adventure in Dandeli, experience the beauty of this land couples with the thrill of adventure activities that are a native to the region because of its unique topology. 

    Adventure Jungle Stay in Dandeli

    Adventure Jungle Stay in Dandeli

    NNNNN645 Ratings

    d2 Daysn1 NightlDandeli

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  • 14Dudhsagar Trek

    Dudhsagar Trek
    Image Credit : Kumaresh.Rajarajan - flickr

    Distance from Bangalore: 600 Kms

    Dudhsagar Falls is located on the borders of Goa and are a delight to behold! Hovering high in the peaks of the Western Ghats, the falls are formed as the Mandovi River makes its thundering gait down the mountains. The sparkling cascades of the falls resemble a jug of milk being poured down the precipice, hence the name!

    Many wonderful legends are associated with these falls and perhaps you could unravel a few mysteries yourself. Starting at Castle Rock, the trail will take you through lush forests and plantations, finally culminating at a ledge on the side of the falls.

    Trip to Dudhsagar Waterfalls, Goa

    Trip to Dudhsagar Waterfalls, Goa

    NNNNN242 Ratings

    h7 HourslPanaji


    Starting from


  • 15Hampi

    Image Credit : Jean Pierre

    Distance from Bangalore: 367 kms

    Anointed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hampi needs no introduction. Lying underneath the vast ruins seen today, Hampi speaks volumes about the wealth and richness of its yester years. Surrounded by boulder strewn hills on three sides and the Tungabhadra River, Hampi's attractions attracts thousands of travel enthusiasts

    You can see the remains of huge man-made structures which are now in dust and visit the numerous temples in the area which also make this place a pilgrimage of sorts. Standing as a wonderful example of ancient architecture, Hampi is definitely among the best places for a 2 days trip from Bangalore.

  • 16Jog Falls

    Jog Falls

    Distance from Bangalore: 380 kms

    The second highest plunge waterfall in India, Jog Falls is a major tourist attraction in Shimoga. The Jog Falls creates an astoundingly commanding view as the four distinct waterfalls – the Raja, the Roarer, the Rocket and the Rani – plummeting from a height of nearly 253 meters (830 feet).

    You can climb the steps to reach the bottom of the hill from where you are greeted with a splendid roar of the mighty falls. For a thrilling weekend getaway, Jog Falls is a wonderful option for 2 days trip from Bangalore.

    Kodachadri Trekking Adventure with Jog Falls Visit:
    Enchant yourself with an engrossing trek to Kodachadri and witness stunning views of sunrise and sunset along with the Arabian Sea.
    Trek to Kodachadri with Kayaking

    Trek to Kodachadri with Kayaking

    NNNNN492 Ratings

    d2 Daysn1 NightlShimoga

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  • 17Pondicherry

    Image Credit : Aleksandr Zykov - Flickr

    Pondicherry is a dream destination for all and another of the best places near Bangalore. Pondicherry (today renamed Puducherry) is a little French town on the Coramandel shoreline of India. The serenity, the beaches and the soothing breeze makes this place perfect for the beach lovers.  And the ones who have a dream of travelling to French this is a perfect mini French for you. Purely sunflower coloured walls, sculpted pillars, tinted friezes; shimmering beaches or just a delicious breakfast with baked baguettes and croissants – a soothing mélange is what we can call this place.

    Soak in the amazing beauty of this region with the scenic beaches and the cool weather. Although the place is small you will get the chance to explore a variety of the places here. Some of the places which are a must visit in Pondicherry are Auroville, Serenity beach, Promenade Beach or Rock Beach, Paradise Beach, French Colony etc. Walk by the side of the beaches and enjoy the cool salty breeze you will surely fall in love with this place.

    Activities: One can indulge in a lot of activities like swimming and beach activities like volleyball etc,

    Distance from Bangalore: Pondicherry is located at a distance of 377.5km

    One Day Outing at Kailash Beach Resorts in Pondicherry

    One Day Outing at Kailash Beach Resorts in Pondicherry

    NNNNM33 Ratings

    d1 DaylPondicherry


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  • 18Nilgiri Hills

    Nilgiri Hills

    Distance from Bangalore: 270 kms

    Part of the Western Ghats, the Nilgiri Hills, translated into the Blue Mountains, is rich in biodiversity and abundant in natural splendour. The dense forests, green plains and breath-taking views make it a wonderful terminus for getaways. The various peaks serve as great destinations for trekking, while the various waterfalls add charm to this beautiful area. 

    The exotic species of flora and fauna also make this region rich in biodiversity. You can also find extensive areas covered under tea plantations.

    Offbeat Camping Experiences in Nilgiri
    The moment you feel to escape the tedious life amidst the concrete walls of the city, or the four walls of a corporate office, you must take a break and flee to the pristine Nilgiris in Ooty! Acclaimed as one of the eighth Biodiversity Hotspots in the entire world, this region, within its magical beauty and appeal, will help you relax and rejuvenate.

    Homestay In Nilgiris With Bonfire

    Homestay In Nilgiris With Bonfire

    NNNNM311 Ratings

    d2 Daysn1 NightlNilgiris

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  • 19Mangalore

    Image Credit : vivek raj

    Substituting between loose beach front town and chaotic bad dream, Mangaluru (all the more usually known as Mangalore) has a Jekyll and Hyde thing going, however, it's a helpful entryway for the Konkan drift and inland Kodagu district. While there's not a great deal to do here, it has an engaging out of the way feel, and the hot fish dishes are staggering.  Mangaluru sits at the estuaries of the beautiful Netravathi and Gurupur Rivers on the Arabian Sea and has been a noteworthy port on universal exchange courses since the sixth century.

    Mangalore is the biggest city in Dakshina Kannada locale and is a standout amongst the most cosmopolitan non-metro urban areas of India. It is additionally the biggest city in the Coastal and Malnad areas of Karnataka, other than being a business, mechanical, instructive and social insurance center on the West Coast. Mangalore city urban agglomeration stretches out from Ullal in the south to Mulki in the north, covering a separation of more than 40 km. The city's scene is described by rolling hills, coconut palms, freshwater streams and hard red-dirt tiled-rooftop structures.

    What to See: Must visit sightseeing places in Mangalore

    Distance from Bangalore: Mangalore is located at a distance of 351.6 km

    Night Stay at Phalguni River Lodge in Mangalore

    Night Stay at Phalguni River Lodge in Mangalore

    NNNMM23 Ratings

    d2 Daysn1 NightlMangalore

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  • 20Hassan

    Image Credit : Nagesh Kamath

    Another attraction which is a must visit for you near Bangalore is Hassan. Hassan is found 187kms from Bangalore lying in the Malnad and Maidan regions of Karnataka. The city gets its name from its managing diety Goddess Hassanamba which in kanana dialect signify 'Grinning mother'. Inferable from it's old structures and landmarks, this city is frequently called as the sanctuary - engineering capital of Karnataka. The place is called Hassan after the Goddess "Haasanamba", the goddess and directing god of the town.

    The historical backdrop of Hassan region is basically the historical backdrop of two of the notable traditions that have ruled Karnataka, the Western Ganga Dynasty of Talkad (350 - 999 CE) and the Hoysala Empire (1000 - 1334 CE). In the fifteenth and sixteenth hundreds of years, the Vijayanagar lords disparaged Chennakesava of Belur as their family god. It was additionally led by Adilshahis of Bijapur and Mughal Empire after decay of the Vijayanagar.

    In the seventeenth and eighteenth hundreds of years, Hassan turned into a place that is known for dispute between the Keladi Nayakas of Shimoga and the Mysore Kingdom. It at last converged as an autonomous Mysore kingdom.

    Distance from Bangalore: Hassan is located at a distance of 187kms from Bangalore.

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