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About Chikmagalur

Translated as the ‘Young Daughter’s Town’ as it was presented as dowry to the younger daughter of the Chief of Sakrepatna, Rukmangada, this serene city is also known as the ‘Coffee Land of Karnataka’ tranquilizing you from within with its aroma.

Lush green trees set against the backdrop of majestic Mullayangiri ranges, Chikmagalur is one of the most popular spots for trekkers, nature enthusiasts, thrill-seekers, and explorers. The pious land is home to numerous temples including the Sharadamba Temple, Vidyashankara Temple, Kodanda Ramaswamy Temple, and Amruteshwar Temple adding grace to the grandeur of the vicinity bringing in devotees from far and close offering their prayers.

Chikmagalur stands at an elevation of 3,400 feet, covered with eye-catching tea and coffee plantations, making it a major commercial hub of the state, and also bringing in tourists from all over the world to entice the unique experience of walking through the plantations.

This entrancing hill station is not just about temples and sightseeing but also adventure activities that would savor your inner thrill enthusiast.  
Do not miss out on the famous waterfalls, namely, Jhari Waterfalls, Hanuman Gundi Waterfalls, Shankar Falls, and Kadambi Falls as there are plenty of them that will surely leave you mesmerized by spellbinding scenic beauty. Cascade of water flowing over the rugged terrain, it is a view that you will remember all through your life.

If you wish to find an escape from the monotonous 9 to 5 life, this is just the right place for you to spend some time amidst the flora and fauna. Do not forget to carry your camera along to come back with pictures to flaunt on your social media. 

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Kudremukh National Park
Get ready to feast your eyes with the charm of wild and natural beauty at Kudremukh National Park. This place is notable as one of the most visited Chikmagalur tourist places and offers a refreshing getaway. It is appreciated for its scenic splendor and houses some of the most gorgeous flora and fauna in the state of Karnataka. The word Kudremukh means a horse face and gives the name to the peak located in this park which is often hailed as a thrilling trekking place.
One of the most spectacular attractions in Chikmagalur is Mullayanagiri that is known for its jaw dropping natural beauty. With its calming ambience formed by lush greenery, misty weather and rugged rocks, Mullayanagiri is a heavenly place to relish your vacation. Mullayanagiri Peak is a heaven for adventure junkies who wish to partake in a number of thrilling activities like road biking, trekking and mountain biking. 
Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary
Offering an unforgettable experience for wildlife lovers, Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is among the must visit sightseeing places in Chikmagalur. Nestled in the Western Ghats, it is known for being a habitat for diverse flora and fauna. It boasts of a landscape that is filled with lush green forests with the river Bhadra flowing in between. Some of the animals which you can spot here include tigers, leopards, Malabar giant squirrel etc.

Chikmagalur FAQ's

Which are the must visit attractions in Chikmagalur?

The verdant greenery has umpteen number of attractions to share with each of its visitors makes this top among travellers list. Click here to know all the famous places in the city. 

Kudremukh National Park - Best known for trekking and wildlife
Hebbe Falls - Best known for natural jacuzzi with exotic herbs
Tea Plantation - Best known for photography, accommodations
Homestay with Private Waterfall - Best known for homely feel and best amenities 
Kyatanamakki - Best known for jeep ride, picturesque sunsets
Madu Gundi Falls - Best known for off-roading, nature photography
Mullayanagiri Coffee Estates - Best known for jeep ride, heaven for coffee lovers

What are the best things to do in Chikmagalur?

Chikmagalur is one of those tourist attractions known for its heritage spots, water attractions, adventurous activities, wildlife safaris, and unique nature themes. So whether you are one of those bold adventure junkies or the silent brooding nature lovers, Chikmagalur will delight you with the plethora of activities which it offers.

Mullayanagiri Trek, Chikmagalur 
Chikmagalur Camping At Great Monsoon Retreat 
Kudremukh Trek, Chikmagalur
Bhadra River Rafting, Chikmagalur
Tea Plantation Walk In Chikamagalur
Kayaking In Chikmagalur
Stay at Chikmagalur Homestay With Private Waterfall

What are the romantic things to do in Chikmagalur?

Here are some of the most romantic things to do in Chikmagalur;

1. Tea plantation walking tours
Being one of the most loved hill stations of Southern India, Chikmagalur has got over thousands of acres of tea and coffee plantation. You can spend time with your beloved taking walks along with the aromatic estates. 
2. Witness the majestic Hebbe Falls: Hebbe Falls is one of the cascading falls in Chikmagalur that is adorned with pristine natural beauty. It falls from a great height of about 551 meters above the ground. 
3. Jeep Ride to Jhari falls: Taking a jeep ride to the jhari falls is surely one of the most loved romantic as well as offbeat experiences that you can have with your beloved partner in the course of your stay in Chikmagalur. 
4. Camping in Chikmagalur: Camping in the middle of the alluring nature on top of the hills of Chikmagalur is one of the best experiences that you can relish. Come over with your beloved partner and share a tent in the campsite to experience life at its best close to nature. 

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Where is Chikmagalur located? How can I reach Chikmagalur from Bangalore?

Chikmagalur is located in the Chikamagaluru district along the foothills of the Mullayanagiri range in the Indian state of Karnataka.

By Air: If you want to reach Chikmagalur by air then there are various airline options are available for you. The Mangalore airport is the nearest airport to Chikmagalur; sharing a distance of 110 km. from Mangalore airport you can hire a taxi to reach the location. There are both domestic and international flights landing in that airport. These flights are affordable and you can approach for early booking.

By Railway: Yes, Chikmagalur has its own railway station but to be frank, it is not well-connected. And thus if you want to reach Chikmagalur by train you have to reach Kadur railway station that shares a distance of 40 km from Chikmagalur. The Bangalore rail station lies within 203 km from Chikmagalur.

By Bus: Bus services are also available to reach Chikmagalur. The distance between Bangalore and Chikmagalur is 240 km and takes 6 hours to reach. From Mangalore junction, the ticket costs Rs 150 and it takes near about 4 hours to covers 127 km. From Mysore, it takes 3 hours to reach covering a distance of 180 km. The ticket costs Rs 100.  This is perhaps the most hassle-free journey to Chikmagalur, as you won’t need to change the vehicle again and again and can direct visit the destination.

By Car: If you want to drive your own car to reach Chikmagalur then you have to cover a total distance of 240 km. from Bangalore you would take 4 hours to reach.  The route is Bangalore kunigal - Channarayapattana - Hassan - Belur - Chikmagalur. From Mysore, it is 180 km. In the car you would take 3 hours covering the route via Arsikere - Mysore - Belur - Chigmagalur. And from Mangalore, you have to cross 110 km taking 1.5 hours via NH169 and Sringeri road in a car. 

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How can I explore Chikmagalur in 2 days?

Here are some of the places that you can explore in 2 days at Chikmagalur:

1. Trekking at Mullayanagiri: 
Mullayanagari is one of the best peaks of Chikmagalur that is widely popular for its adventure activities. Adventure seekers love to trek to the top of the peak and experience heaven on earth located 2000 above the sea level. 
2. Explore Caves at Baba Budangiri: Baba Budangiri is yet another popular tourist spot that is named after the famous Muslim Saint Baba Budan. This place is located at an elevation of about 1900 meters above sea level. 
3. Experience Homestay at Chikmagalur: Homestays in Chikmagalur are considered to be one of the best accommodations that one can relish in Karnataka. These homestays are located in the middle of lush green covers as well as coffee plantations. Staying at this place, you can relish the delicious local cuisine. 
4. Learn more about the coffee culture of Chikmagalur: Coffee plantation of Chikmagalur is widely known all over the world. Coming over to this place, you will be able to relish strolling around the bushes of coffee estates experiencing eye-catching animals and birdlife. 
5. Bone Rattling Drive to Hebbe Falls: Driving to Hebbe Falls is one of the best ever activities that you can carry out to explore the offbeat lifestyle. The best way to experience the thrill would be driving an SUV to reach the destination. 
6. Try golf at Chikmagalur Golf Club: Playing golf at the Chikmagalur Golf Club will surely be one of the best experiences that you can get from this serene hill station of Karnataka. The club house is well maintained and impressive. 

What is the best time to visit Chikmagalur for a vacation?

From the month of September to the month of March is considered as the right time to visit the place. During this period of time, the weather remains very soothing and comfortable for the tourist to explore different tourist spots in Chikmagalur.

Is it safe to travel to Chikmagalur?

Karnataka is considered as the safest state of India because of the low crime rates. Known for friendly and welcoming locals, you can comfortably seek help from the locals if you get stuck anywhere. It is advisable to stay alert and not trust anyone blindly on the trip.

Women should try not to wander around alone during the late hours. It would be better to keep a small knife and pepper spray handy for your own safety. Make sure you let someone know about your location and keep them well informed of your plans to be on the safer side.

Is Chikmagalur a good weekend getaway option from Bangalore?

Chikmagalur is an excellent location to venture out on weekends from Bangalore. With its pleasant climate and its picturesque landscapes favorable for trekking and sightseeing across its coffee plantations and green velvety hills, it is an ideal getaway option for both family and friends and you will enjoy a lot with your group in this amazing tourist destination.

Can we go to Chikmagalur for a family vacation?

Yes! Home to numerous temples dripping in architectural grandeur including the Sharadamba Temple, Vidyashankara Temple, Kodanda Ramaswamy Temple, and Amruteshwar Temple to name a few, major families come flocking from far and nearby pay their religious respect and pray for good fortune.

Not just temples, Chikmagalur also has an abundance of attractions like the Bhadra WildlifeSanctuary, Coffee Museum, Bhadra Dam, and Kudremukh National Park, which you can visit along with your kids.

You can also enjoy the eye-feasting view of the cascading falls which are plenty in the vicinity namely, Jhari Waterfalls, Hanuman Gundi Waterfalls, Shankar Falls, and Kadambi Falls.

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What is the ideal duration for a holiday in Chikmagalur?

Your trip to Chikmagalur can be easily completed in a couple of days where you can explore trekking, wildlife safaris, camping and other adventure activities

It is better you select a holiday package depending upon the time and money you wish to spend on different activities. Also, take your budget into consideration while planning a trip to Chikmagalur or check out some
Chikmaglur tour packages.

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laces to visit in Chikmagalur in 2 days

Which are the best camping tours in Chikmagalur?

Camping places in Chikmagalur allows you to take the vacation which you will cherish forever.  Click here to grab the tour at best prices.

Camping In Sakleshpur, Chikmagalur
Chikmagalur Camping At Great Monsoon Retreat
Riverside Camping In Chikmagalur
Campsite With Fun Activities Near Chikmagalur

Which are some highest peaks in Chikmagalur for trekking?

If wandering amidst the forests, listening to the chirping sounds of birds and counting stars in the sky during the night defines your dream adventure excursion, then Chikmagalur is one of the best spots to make this dream of yours come true. 

Chikmagalur is an ideal location for trekking to the hills. The highest peaks here for trekking are:


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Can we do Kemmanagundi Trekking in Chikmagalur? What is special about it?

Yes, you can do Kemmanagundi Trekking in Chikmagalur to explore the beauty of Western Ghats. The trek includes camping, bonfire and a visit to Hebbe Falls with an excellent opportunity to discover the coffee plantations in the backdrop of a serene landscape.

The beautiful waterfall located between the green hills and dark forests makes the trek unforgettable. The trek is known for its captivating beauty and a tranquilizing experience amidst nature which will de-stress you as you engage in this adventurous activity.

Can we trek to Kudremukh in Chikmagalur? How difficult is it?

The Kudremukh trek in Chikmagalur is an exciting activity for a delightful experience to explore the majestic landscapes. The difficulty level of this trek is from moderate to difficult. It is one of the most beautiful treks of South India and an ideal place to tramp in the wild.

The trail offers some breathtaking vistas of the lush green valleys and the verdant meadows of the Western Ghats. There is also an opportunity to witness an enchanting waterfall as you cherish the experience in such a great landscape.

Can we visit Coffee Plantations in Chikmagalur? What is special about it?

Yes, you can definitely enjoy a Coffee Plantation tour when in Chikmagalur. It includes a homestay at a coffee estate where you can explore the coffee plantations and spend time amidst nature.

Chikmagalur is popularly known as the Coffee Land of Karnataka and an awesome destination to enjoy the aroma of coffee while trekking around the coffee plantations.

Are there any famous temples to see in Chikmagalur?

Yes, there are many famous temples where you can explore the beauty of Chikmagalurthey are:

-Sharadamba Temple
-Amruteshwar Temple
-Vidyashankara Temple
-KodandaRamaswamy Temple

Which are some famous resorts to stay in Chikmagalur?

Chikmagalur is known for its scenic beauty which is unparalleled to most of the places. The verdant greenery will just take your breath away as you indulge in sightseeing in Chikmagalur.
So the best way to cherish these experiences is by picking the resort which allows you to fulfil your travel goals in Chikmagalur.

Some of the
most famous resorts for staying in Chikmagalur are:

-The Serai Resort
-Winter Greens Resort
-Eagle Eye resort
-Jenukallu Resort
-Tusk and Dawn
-River Tern Lodge
-Kalgreen Valley Resort
-Silent Valley Resort

Which restaurants serve local cuisine of Chikmagalur?

The local cuisine of Chikmagalur which is also known as Malenadu cuisine is famous for its richness and spicy flavors, mainly supplemented by the taste of coconut milk. Rice and fish curry serve as staple items of the local platter in Chikmagalur.

There are many restaurants where you can enjoy the local cuisine at Chikmagalur. Some of these are:

-Grand Maharaja Multi Cuisine Family restaurant
-Food Palace
-Town Canteen
-Odyssey, The Serai
-Coffee Barn Cafe
-The Estate Cafe

Which are famous waterfalls in Chikmagalur?

The best waterfalls in Chikmagalur are:

-Jhari Waterfalls
-Hanuman Gundi Falls
-Shankar Falls
-Kadambi Falls
-Jhari or Dabdabe Falls

What all should I carry while visiting Chikmagalur for holiday?

While it is advisable to pack less for the trip, there are certain things you must keep handy for a successful and comfortable trip, namely:

-Mosquito repellants
-Warm clothes
-First aid kit (inclusive of basic medicines for cold, fever, cuts, and injuries)
-Tickets and itinerary
-Medical requirements (consult a physician)
-Sports shoes

Make sure you check your shoes prior to your journey as you would not want to have sore feet keeping you off the thrill so close.

Chikmagalur Reviews

Jatin Nehlani
Reviewed: 25 Sep 2023
Loved everything about the trek
Jatin Nehlani
Jatin Nehlani
Jatin Nehlani
Jatin Nehlani
Jatin Nehlani
Jatin Nehlani
(19+)View All
Sushmita Handral
Reviewed: 31 May 2023
River Side Campaign is not done because of Rain, but the place is surrounded by lush green, we can dive deep into nature. It is far from the city and Auto driver charges 700rs one side. The resort manager helped us to get auto easily. Food and activities are good. You cannot expect river front campi... Read More
Sushmita Handral
Sushmita Handral
Sushmita Handral
Sushmita Handral
Sushmita Handral
Sushmita Handral
(10+)View All
Lalith Harish
Reviewed: 09 Jan 2024
This was one of the best trekking I have done till now. The trekking was properly organised and the trek lead did guide is all the way to the peak. The homestay was good and the local food was excellent. This is highly recommended if you are into trekking.
Lalith Harish
Lalith Harish
Lalith Harish
Lalith Harish
Lalith Harish
Lalith Harish
(7+)View All
Reviewed: 13 Jun 2023
The trek leaders were very helpful. It rained very heavily and the wind was very strong , but made it to the top Worth it Food in the homestay was nice , Few patches are quite steep Better do some light workout before coming to this trek Lots of leeches in rainy season, so beware and wear full slee... Read More
(8+)View All
Bhavana R
Reviewed: 27 Dec 2022
It was overall a good experience. The service was really good but the bus condition could have been better 
Bhavana R
Bhavana R
Bhavana R
Bhavana R
Bhavana R
Bhavana R
(10+)View All
Arittra Basu
Reviewed: 27 Dec 2022
Very good 😊 tour. But I wish to cover more spots in Chikmagalur. The home stay would have been provided in Chikmagalur. 
Arittra Basu
Arittra Basu
Arittra Basu
Arittra Basu
Arittra Basu
Arittra Basu
(7+)View All

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