20 Best Resorts in Dandeli - 2020 (Photos & 1500+ Reviews)
Resorts in Dandeli encircle Bison River Resort, Hornbill River Resort, Old Magazine House, Shikra Jungle Stay, Whistling Woods, Jungle Lodges Kali Wilderness Camp, Dandeli Chalet, Sarovar Resort, Century Resort, White Water Resort, Panther Stay, Nature Nest Resort and many more.

Dandeli resorts are all set on welcoming mode and open arms to offer you the best of leisure and comfort. Right from your step in to your goodbye, all the distinctive accommodations promise you a delight and shall leave you with a nostalgic craving to come back soon!

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No matter how long you plan your stay at any of these
Dandeli resorts, you are inevitably going to carry a lot of good memories back with you. Foods served here are utterly delicious and will surely indulge you in licking your fingers due to their rich flavor and taste.  Most of them organize adventure activities such as night camps, crocodile spotting, angling, nature walks, and eco-tourism for all their guests.

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While some of them offer you for the tent facilities for a holistic experience, others are fully furnished with modern amenities. You can enjoy your favorite wildlife book while sipping a glass of your favorite drink.

Here are some of the best resorts in Dandeli:


Bison River Resort

Bison River Resort

Bison River Resort staff creates a beautiful stay atmosphere for all their guests. They work with an unbiased attitude towards punctually delivering the best of their dedicated services. This resort is a decent place to rejuvenate yourself while you are on a break from professional life.

Serving customers for 30 years, Bison River Resort is a unique
resort in Dandeli to with their eco-friendly work ethics. Rooms at Bison River Resort are quite spacious offering a comfortable stay with all modern furnishings and amenities. You have a choice here to opt from either a full waterfront room or luxury rooms or tents.

Amenities and Activities of this resort includes t
heme bush dinners, backwater breakfast, sundowners, starry night boat ride, romantic poolside dinner, camping, vehicle safari, boat safari, treks, sunset boating, bullock cart rides, star gazing, photography lessons, boat rides, bird watching, and coracle ride.

Ganeshgudi, Dandeli, Karnataka 581365


Hornbill River Resort

Hornbill River Resort

The name of a popular bird is enough to excite all bird lovers. The Hornbill River Resort is one of the most popular resorts in Dandeli. Offering opulent range of services without burning a hole in the pocket, the Hornbill River Resort is perhaps best known for its array of facilities that cater to the budget and requirements of travellers from all over the world. The River Resort serves as an escape into nature and offers the serenity of unexplored jungles of Dandeli. It is one of the best places to visit in Dandeli as you will be amused to see the serene and calm environment around it.

The freshness of surroundings can be embraced in this region, which acts as a refreshing, rejuvenating factor during the trip. Its proximity to Dandeli and its sanctuary offers travellers a range of opportunities to explore the places of interest.

The place offers several activities for travellers, including bird watching experiences, Safari and adventure treks, including white water rafting, evening boats for couples and family vacationers and special activities such as rock climbing, fishing, camping for overnight duration, nature walks and the famous rappelling activities.

The Hornbill River Resort offers four different types of accommodation, which include choices from a cottage, a tree house, a rock house and a tent house. The place also offers natural jacuzzi and springs for the ultimate indulgent experience in the midst of nature.

The cottage is luxurious and perfect for family vacationers. A beauiful accommodation for travellers, this cottage comes with all modern facilities. The tree house is an escape for nature lovers. Nestled in between beautiful trees and hills, the tree house offers a getaway to the landscapes of Dandeli.

Rock house comes with rocks on the walls, comfortable and aesthetically appealing décor. Newlyweds that want seclusion from the hustle-bustle can opt for these accommodation types. Tent houses are an incredible option for nature lovers who wish to get the taste of camping every night.

Location: Ambeli Village, Near Supa Dam, Ganeshgudi, Joida, SH 34, Dandeli, Karnataka 581365

1220 Ratings
Excellent 1220 Ratings
1220 Ratings Ratings
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  • 2D/1N
  • Dandeli
  • 2D/1N
  • Dandeli
₹1,709 ₹1,350

This is a special package with a complimentary sightseeing tour like no other. Please read the end of the overview for details.

About the Activity:

Among the many activities and things to do at Leisure jungle stay in Dandeli, you can take a nature walk through the evergreen jungles, embark on a wildlife spotting tour or go for a bird watching tour and spot some of the colorful birds. While the main attraction of this Panther Stay at Dandeli experience are the ‘Big Five’: Elephant, Bison, Black Panther, Tiger, and Leopard, you can also enjoy several encounters with reptiles, butterflies, and insects as well.

Dandeli lets you indulge in activities like pond Swimming, kayaking, trekking, boating. Discover and explore the appealing beauty of nature along with spotting several exotic wildlife species.

Check-in: 11 AM

Check-out: 11 AM

How to reach-

The campsite is just 5kms away from the Dandeli bus stand.

Special Package : Camping will all meals, activities, transfers from Bangalore and Complimentary Sightseeing tour
We bring you a special package with round trip transfers from Bangalore and a complimentary sightseeing tour around the campsite. You will get transfers to and from Bangalore from various pick up and drop locations in Bangalore. We will take you to many amazing places nearby for exploration and sightseeing absolutely for free! 
The sightseeing attractions include:

Dandelappa Temple
Syntheri Rocks
Sathoddi Falls
Jenukallu Gudda, Yellapura
Magod Waterfalls

Pickup time: 10:00 PM

Minimum number of people required: 4

Read more

Old Magazine House

Old Magazine House

The Old Magazine House is a one of its kind and rustic jungle camp that is located right in the midst of the lush jungles. Out of all the resorts in Dandeli, this is the one where you can truly be at harmony with nature, and be cloaked in the sound of the forest. The wildlife camp is surrounded by some of the most refreshing and evergreen forests that are home to a stunning range of flora and fauna. The trees also give shelter to rare and stunning birds such as Malabar Hornbills.

The accommodations are divided into two subcategories- Ethnic Bamboo Huts and the dormitories. The Bamboo huts, though presenting rustic exteriors and split level interiors are made in the most comforting and warm manner. The dormitories are composed of semi-private cubicles and can accommodate 24 people at a time. 

The Old Magazine House resorts in Dandeli rests on the principle of providing nature friendly accommodation, without letting go of comforts and sticks by that promise to the T! The resort also offers adventure activities such as rafting on Kali River, Kayaking, Mountain biking, Trekking. Mountain biking, jungle safaris and trekking are the other activities which everyone should include in their Dandeli tour to make it more enthusiastic, enjoyable and a life time remembering experience.

Location: Ganeshgudi, Londa-Dandeli Road, Joida Taluk, Dandeli, Karnataka 581365


Shikra Jungle Stay

Shikra Jungle Stay

Located near Gobral a little distance away from the forests of Dandeli, The Shikara Jungle Stay is an interesting choice amongst all Dandeli Resorts. It is here that you can enjoy the blessings of a tented stay amidst the woodlands and be as close to environment and ecology as possible. 

The jungle resort offers comforting stay options for those wilderness lovers. The accommodations are of three main types i.e. Deluxe Tents, Tent for 2, deluxe rooms as well as cottages.

The resort also arranges activities such as trekking, white water rafting, canoeing, kayaking and coracle riding. A stay at Shikra Jungle Stay Resorts promises to be one filled with adventure and proximity with nature.

Location: Gobral Village, Haliyal Taluk, Karnataka, 581325


Whistling Woodzs

Whistling Woodzs
Image Credit : whistlingwoodzs.com
Make use of a brilliant chance to play with the nature which can be seen in its pure form in Dandeli with a visit to one of the prominent resorts in the area,Whistling Woodzs and be a part of the adventure hidden here.

It is a Wilderness River Resort acting as the ideal location for family vacations and adventure destination in north Karnataka in Dandeli. Those who love nature and wish to relax in the beautiful serenity should come to Whistling Woodzs which is incomparable and stands out from the other resorts in Dandeli. The rhapsodies of nature is found here amidst the scenery carved by the river Kali and the thick deciduous forests and the special wildlife found in Dandeli.

The resort is located inside the Dandeli Forest and sprawling across an area of 7 acres offering the best deal to escape to a perfect offbeat space and tucked away. The river encompasses all beauty of the region and acts as the best host. The resort gives you an extremely easy and comfortable accommodation with the support of an irresistible wilderness in the background.

There is the food court and a recreation area which are the centres of attractions and a hub for the guests to spend some time relaxed completely. Along with that, the guests can do some adventurous activities in the wilderness and the nearby places.

Badgund Village, Ganeshgudi 581 365 India

Jungle Lodges Kali Wilderness Camp

Jungle Lodges Kali Wilderness Camp

Jungle Lodges Kali Wilderness Camp has been designed for all those who truly love nature and enjoy the riveting experiences that hilly terrain and breathtaking landscapes have to offer. This camp, which is different from other resorts near Dandeli, is situated on the banks of the majestic River Kali and has a fine amalgamation of home comforts and the ruggedness of the jungle. Therefore, travellers can enjoy luxury in the lap of nature.

Accommodation provided at this camp is convenient and comfortable. Most of the tents are round and open-on-sides gazebo styled tents, which are designed for guests who love to dine. This encourages travellers to share their experiences.

The place also features vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines along with indoor games parlor and tennis areas, carrom boardroom and television centre at the main lounge area. Accommodation is also provided in the form of Bungalow houses, which are quite comfortable and feature twelve twin bed settings. Campfires are lit on all days so that travellers can socialise and groups can enjoy an unforgettable trip.

River Kali is known for its two faces – one offers the fury, which is used for white water rafting; while the other is serene and beautiful, which makes it a strong backdrop for all those morning treks and mountain biking.

Therefore, depending upon what kind of adventure people want, the camp organizes several activities, including rafting and kayaking or canoeing, rappelling down beautiful waterfalls, enjoying natural jacuzzi with friends and families, or taking in the serenity of the place through mountain biking.

2 to 3-day canoe tours are also organised by professionals, which allow one to explore the pristine lands near the banks of River Kali. Wildlife tours are also offered by the camp. Since the place is in close proximity to the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, people can enjoy trips to the jungle and explore the lands of crocodiles, tigers, leopards and other animals. Bird Watching is another one of those activities organised by the camp that is a sure hit among travellers.

Another popular trip organised by the camp includes coracle rides. These boats, which are known for their saucer shape, provide a view of the tranquil River Kali and give travellers the chance to experience the rejuvenation of mind, body and soul through calm waters and peaceful surroundings.

Location: Dandeli, Karnataka 581363


Dandeli Chalet

Dandeli Chalet

One of the beautiful river resorts in Dandeli is Dandeli Chalet, constructed with the aim of letting the guests to be in close contact with the pure nature prevailing in this major tourist destination in north Karnataka. The river Kali and other places have enough contributions in the growth of the tourist sector of Dandeli and the resorts like Dandeli Chalet have been doing well in order to promise quality accommodation and service to each one of the visitors arriving here. 

The cottages which are properly arranged and maintained are the first and foremost attraction here. From here, you will be able to go for a lot of adventure activities like rafting in Kali river, waterfall visits, jungle safari, rappelling, rock climbing and so on since the locations is entitled with Syntheri rocks, Satoddi Falls, Kali River, Ulvi Temple, Kavla Caves etc which are the representatives of pure serenity prevailing in the region. 

At the resort, the rooms are fully furnished and the colour combinations are just surprising. The brick red colour blended with the pure white in the exteriors give it the colonial ambience of construction but it simply catches your eyes. There are options for tented accommodation as well to enjoy the nature at the best level possible watching the blissful sunrise in the morning.

Location:  Bamanagi, Dandeli, Karnataka 581325


Dandeli Kali Adventure's Resort

Dandeli Kali Adventure's Resort

Located on the banks of the untamed Kali River, this resort is an ideal dwelling for the ones looking for a tinge of excitement and thrill in their trip to Dandeli. Enjoy living in the lavish bungalow with all the modern amenities or take up the wild ride and enjoy the adrenaline rush while you enjoy the adventure activities and live in the lavish camps provided by the resort.

A famous spot for white river rafting, this resort entertains a lot of people coming from all across the country.  

I/529 Near C.S.I Church, Township, Dandeli.


Sarovar Resort

Sarovar Resort

Yet another beautiful accommodation spot located in the surrealistic region of Dandeli in north Karnataka is Sarovar Homestay, a small but comfortable forest bungalow with four bedroom facility. Those who are looking forward to spending some time in the best form of nature without any disturbances and to escape from the fast moving city life will fall in love with this homestay and the serenity around it. 

The river Kali and other attractions in the region would be opening an enthusiastic way of approaching the beauty. While you stay here also, you can go for the unending adventure activities in Dandeli and nearby places. Rafting, rappelling, trekking, jungle safari, sightseeing, camping and rock climbing are the main events arranged by the homestays and resorts as well as other tour organizers in the region. 

The homestay is easily accessible too from Bangalore and Goa. Many tourists coming to enjoy the beauty of Dandeli choose the comfortable yet budgeted accommodation at Sarovar and the hosts are always welcoming every one of you with a warm smile. Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is the closest attraction here which is located at a distance of only 2.1 kilometres from the homestay and wildlife safari and jungle safari can be done there.

In short, Sarovar Resort is a remarkable option to stay with your family or friends while you head out to explore the scenic beauty of Dandeli on your vacation anytime. You can also check other homestays in Dandeli to spend a beautiful weekend.

Location: Hasan Maad, Dandeli, Karnataka 581325


Century Resort

Century Resort
Image Credit : centuryresortdandeli.com

A paradise for all nature and adventure lovers, this is one of the resorts in Dandeli that allows one to fully explore places of interest in this region. Offering endless options, accommodation types and activities to travellers, Century Resort Dandeli is popular for its array of services. 

What gives this resort an edge over others is the fact that it not only offers activities in Dandeli region, but also offers a wide range of in-house and other activities, thereby catering to the needs of every kind of traveller.

The white water river rafting is one of the premier activities organised by this resort. Along with this, the resort also offers Jungle Safari activities, where one can enjoy spotting a crocodile, a tiger or even a leopard.

Valley Crossing is another one of those popular activities that this resort provides. The crossing of valley offers travellers a chance to experience bounties of nature and enjoy the embrace of freshness. ATV Bike Ride is a fun activity, which can be experienced at the Century Resort Dandeli. It uses All Terrain Vehicle, sports model that are used for providing one the adventures of unexplored forests in Dandeli.

All those who look forward to exploring nature on foot can opt for jungle treks and even rappelling that will enthral one with its adventurous routes. The resort itself offers several activities such as bird watching and tribal dance, archery and fishing, therefore every kind of traveller can enjoy something that they love.

In-house, tourists stay in beautiful rooms, with all modern facilities along with aesthetic décor, well equipped bathrooms and friendly staff, ensuring that the trip is more than just memorable.

Location: Regenta Resort Century, Badakhanshirda, Dandeli, Karnataka 581325


White Water Resort

White Water Resort

A vast, river side resort located besides the merrily flowing Kali River, The White Water Living resort is the perfect combination of nature, comfort and adventure. There are various ancient trees surrounding, providing the accommodation an air of blessed quietude. 

While here, you can stay right beside the flowing river, without a worry in the world. Hear the forests come alive around you and explore the distinctions that set it apart from the modern life of concrete and smoke!

At these offbeat resorts, you can also enjoy some stunning activities in Dandeli such as white water rafting, Jacuzzi Bath, raft ride, swimming, zorbing, river crossing, trekking and bird watching. As the evening mellows down you can cruise down the River Kali in a languid raft to witness the late movements of the jungle. The accommodations that can be availed at this Dandeli Resort range from private rooms, tents to dormitories.

Location: White Water Living Ganeshgudi, Dandeli, Karnataka 581325


Nature Nest Resort

Nature Nest Resort

Perched in the rustic wilderness of Karnataka, this resort is the right place for the ones interested in the quest to explore the unexplored jungles. Living up to the standards of the resorts in Dandeli, the Nature Nest Resort features refurbished rooms facilitated with the view of the striking natural suburbs.

Savoring palatable food experience for the visitors, the restaurant in the resort offers delicious multi-cuisine dishes that also include the authentic local dishes which you certainly cannot miss out on. 

Joida road, Patoli Village, Dandeli-Karwar Road, Joida, Karnataka 581363


Panther Stay

Panther Stay

Enjoy your ‘me time’  by the stream surrounded by swaying palm trees during your stay at the Panther Stay. Close to major attractions including the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary and Dodda Aalada Mara, the 400 years old banyan tree, this is one of the most sought-after rustic resorts in Dandeli.

 More of a bungalow, this resort has all the facilities including shared bathrooms, TVs, air-conditioned rooms, food facilities, campfire services, and amazing room service.  You can also enjoy the freebie activities the resort offers including jungle treks, trips to the waterfall, river rafting, archer, and kayaking to name a few. 

Kogilban Road badakanshirada, village, Kogilban, Dandeli, Karnataka 581325


Dandeli Kali Tiger Resort

Dandeli Kali Tiger Resort
Image Credit : kalitigerdandeli.com

If you are looking for a hassle-free stay nestling in the lap of Mother Nature, Dandeli Kali Tiger Resort is one of the best places for you. Service being provided here is eccentric and promises to relax you for your next professional journey. It assures you with an invigorating stay to escape from the busy city life.

You can always cast your trust on Dandeli Kali Tiger Resort for a budget travel accommodation. Although these resorts do not have an online booking system as such, we expect it soon as the backend here is working on the same.

Amenities and activities of this resort includes f
ree Wi-Fi services, breakfast, car parking service, indoor as well as outdoor pools, air conditioning system, laundry servicing, and room servicing, airport shuttle servicing, kids and pet-friendly, business center, spa, and fitness center.

Primary School, Dandeli resorts Behind St. Michaels Convent, Dandeli, Karnataka 581325


Magenta Resort

Magenta Resort
Image Credit : magentaresort.com

Magenta Resort in Dandeli is encircled all over by Dandeli jungle providing a high-end hospitality service. People pre-book their summer stay here as this resort of Dandeli is an ideal destination to plan your forest vacation. It offers a perfect blend of water sports and indoor activities to keep you entertained throughout your stay.

Packages here are customized to include accommodation, activities as well as a wide array of delicacies and cuisines. You can either opt for a Maharaja tent, swiss tent, lake view cottages, and garden view cottages for your comfortable stay.

Amenities and activities of resort  includes a
rchery, River rafting, Target shooting, kayaking, jungle safari, coracle riding, swimming pool, river rafting, campfire, lake swimming, river crossing, zip line, Burma bridge crossing, and a nature walk.

Bada Kanshirada, Road, Kogilban, Dandeli, Karnataka 581325


Starling River Resort

Starling River Resort
Image Credit : starlingriverresort.com

Starling River Resort offers a picturesque retreat for nature lovers who seek relaxation in the cradle of nature. Accommodating yourself here shall drive you away from all the city hassles with a fantastic and luxurious stay amidst scenic natural beauty. It homes to a well-furnished dining hall juxtaposed a bar where you can have your favorite glass of drink or try their shots.

This resort offers a panoramic view of the serene river that flows in the backside of this sophisticated stay place. 
Spa and fitness center, infinity pool, sports café, zip line, bird watching, jungle safari, yoga, rappelling, camping, kayaking, trekking, camping are some amenities of this resort.

Survey no 16/1B, Sakshalli Village, Harnoda Gram, Dandeli, Karnataka 581325


GreenWoods Jungle Resort

GreenWoods Jungle Resort

Unlike the other resorts in Dandeli, the Greenwoods Jungle Resort gives you the privilege to check-in at any hour. Set amidst the flora and fauna, this resort is just 700m away from Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, giving it a lead from the other resorts in the vicinity.

 You can indulge in numerous water activities this resort offers along with the biking facilities that you can participate in. With a separate seating area for each room, this resort is a perfect dwelling for all those who are looking for an elope from the 9-5 monotonous life. 

Alur, Dandeli, Kerwad, Karnataka 581325


Dandeli King Fisher Jungle Stay

Dandeli King Fisher Jungle Stay

Located amidst the serenity of the natural bounties including the Syntheri Rocks, Kavala Caves, Supa Dam, and the Sunset Point, this is one of the best resorts in Dandeli for sightseeing. Featuring furnished independent cottages, dormitories, tents, and other basic amenities, the place offers you a unique experience of staying in the lap of nature.

Not just limited to sightseeing, the place offers you the thrill and spills that you need for this trip, namely, trekking, kayaking, boating, wildlife safari, rafting, and rappelling.

Near K. C, Barchi Road, Dandeli, Karnataka 581325


Palette Resorts

Palette Resorts

Located close to the major attractions of Dandeli including Abhayaranya Wildlife Adventure & Tours, Durga Devi Temple, Dandellappa Temple, Dandeli Nature Camp, Noor Masjid, and Disney Park, this is one of the most popular resorts in Dandeli.

Featuring all the basic and modern amenities with a warm and welcoming ambiance, this resort glistens in the home away from home vibe. Making the mornings more pleasant, the continental breakfast is the best way to start your day.

Location:   Near Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, Dandeli, Karnataka 581325

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11 December 2018
"Just onclick all the things are done... Right from booking to say goodbye.. . all people are supportive, owner, coworker ..... Events were very cool. Zipline, Burma bridge, Rain pool dance, DJ, boating, campfire, tent stay... Jungle trek was too good.... Food was awesome. Thanks, Thrillophilia for such cool gesture and keeping such homestay in your site. ... will suggest all people to stay.... will visit next year to ... an unforgettable and most memorable trip.
14 April 2015
Omkar Murkumbi Jungle Camping in Dandeli
It was a great experience. Accommodation and meals were good. Activities offered here are very adventurous. Great place and would recommend everyone.
28 December 2015
an amazing experinece. went with friends and we had alot of fun. will recommend you that you take thin clothes because you will get wet so that these clothese will dry soon...
28 December 2015
Chandrabhaga Bhattathiri White Water Rafting at Dandeli
I always wanted to go for rafting and this trip made it possible. it was an amazing rafting experinece between the violent river streams. totally unforgettabl experinece.
28 October 2015
Green home stay in calm and serene atmosphere. Away from the crowds and horns a good place to lay off for couple of days. Treks and rafting are good ways to cool off steam and recharge. Thumbs up for the planners.
16 February 2020
A very good experience.Camping, bonfire, food, activities was awesome.Just that the common washrooms could be kept cleaner.Otherwise, the staff was very friendly and helpful.The manager Veeresh was very friendly.Overall a very good experience.
16 December 2019
Me along with family celebrated the new year 2019 at this camp. We enjoyed a lot while doing watersports activities like river kayaking, river boating and what not. We also played games like volleyball, carrom, table tennis, and target shooting. Thanks, Thrillophilia for this amazing activity package for new year celebration.
16 December 2019
Celebrated New Year and Christmas last year(2018) with Thrillophilia At Dandeli. it was an amazing experience at Dandeli. The accommodation provided in the package was very comfortable. we also played many games and fun sports like football, Table Tennis, Dart, and Carrom. the accommodation was neat and clean and close to nature. Food Provided was also tasty. Thanks to Thrillophilia they made the celebration more exciting.
09 December 2019
"very nice stay and Mr rahul helped in getting things done.recommended"
04 December 2019
We were a group of 19 people and the team managed everything brilliantly. Everyone loved the place. This place might not be popular but it should be. The owner, manager Mr. Mehboob, the staff and the thrillophilia team, everyone helped a lot and made this trip memorable. They helped us with everything we wanted during the stay. The food was amazing and the rain dance pool will force you to cancel few of your outdoor plans :P its worth it. Even after we left, few of my colleagues had left some valuables and they happily couriered everything back to us within a couple of days. Kudos to the people there. Must visit if you are planning your stay in Dandeli. Don't go for big names and widely popular ones. This is the place to be.

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People Also Ask About Dandeli

  1. Which are the best adventure activities to do in Dandeli?

  2. Which are the must visit tourist spots in Dandeli?

    Dandeli being situated in the lap of nature, you would come across a lot of serene places to visit. We have created a list for you of the best tourist spots in Dandeli:

    1. Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary (A wonderful getaway to enjoy some time in the company of lush green forests and wild animals)
    2. River Kali (The river has its origins in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka and offers a memorable escape for the adventure lovers)
    3. Kaval Caves (Believed to be as old as prehistoric times and made of volcanic origins, these caves can be found in the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary)
    4. Syntheri Rocks (These boast of spectacular natural beauty that is made up of volcanic rocks with the River Kaneri passing by its side)
    5. Shiroli Peak (It is a great place to capture one of the most amazing views of the sunset of your life)
    6. Anshi National Park (it is the only place in whole of Asia where you can spot the black panther)
  3. Which are the top budget resorts in Dandeli for stay?

    Here’s a list of some top budget Dandeli resorts for your next Dandeli trip: 

    1. Old Magazine House: This is a rustic jungle camp so that you live in harmony with Mother Nature. (Price – 2120 INR)
    2. Shikra Jungle Resort:  Here, you have a choice amongst tents for two, deluxe tents/rooms/cottages. (Price – 2906 INR) 
    3. Dandeli KingFisher Jungle Stay:  This jungle stay is known for its adventurous activities like trekking, rappelling, rafting, boating, and kayaking. (Price – 3000 INR) 
    4. Dandeli Kali Tiger Resort: Dandeli Kali Resort is a budget travel accommodation for an invigorating stay away from city life.  (Price – 4500 INR)
  4. What is the price range of Resorts in Dandeli?

    Ranging between 2500 to 7500 INR per night, these resorts in Dandeli ensure a comfortable stay. Without burning your wallet, you can easily make your Dandeli visit a comfortable one. Off-season visits to Dandeli might even charge you less. Besides, do keep checking their websites for occasional discounts.
  5. Which location has the most significant number of Resorts in Dandeli?

    The region surrounding Dandakaranya (Jawaharlal Nehru Road) features a significant count of good resorts for your Dandeli stay. Some of the prominent ones are Dandeli River Masti, Dandeli Jungle Adventures, Dandeli Wings, Dandeli Resorts, and Dandeli Kali Adventure Camp.
  6. Which are the popular luxury resorts in Dandeli?

    While every resort here in Dandeli promises you a cozy stay, yet, there are some resorts which stand unique from the rest. River Side Stay, Panther Stay Dandeli, Jungle Nest, Dandeli Shikra Jungle Resort, Kingfisher Jungle Stay, Kali Adventure Camp, Whistling Woodz Resort, and Bison River Resorts are some of them.
  7. What is the best time to visit Dandeli?

    October to December is the best season to visit Dandeli with your family. You can expect the temperature to range from 14 to 20 degrees. It is this period when you can enjoy all the adventurous activities in Dandeli. Also, the climate is simply perfect for exploring wildlife sightseeing adventures. Especially during October and November, there are several species of birds that flock to this region and build their homes.
  8. Are there any pet-friendly resorts in Dandeli?

    Yes, most of the resorts in Dandeli are pet-friendly. Wildwoods Jungle Homestay, The Parampara Cottages, and Naadmane Homestay are some of the best and affordable amongst them.
  9. Which are the family-friendly resorts in Dandeli?

    Family-friendly resorts are those who offer you a complete stay package at affordable pricing. To name a few are Bison River Resort, Hornbill River Resort, Old Magazine House, Whistling Woodz, Shikra Jungle Stay, Jungle Lodges Kali Wilderness Camp, and Dandeli Chalet are some of them. Almost all Dandeli resorts are family-friendly, where you can enjoy good food, great hospitality, all essential amenities, and comfort.
  10. Which resorts in Dandeli are located near the Kali river?

    Whistling Woodz, Magenta Resorts Dandeli, Kali Adventure Camp, Starling River Resort, Dandeli Rangers Camp, Panther Jungle Stay, Dandeli Mysa Lodge are some resorts located close to the Kali River of Dandeli.

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