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  • The sound of waterfalls, the enchanting beauty of hills, breathtaking landscapes, alluring adventure spots and an incomparable mix of heritage-scenic beauty is what makes Dandeli one of the best tourism destinations. Nestled in the natural beauty of North Karnataka, this hill station shares proximity with Goa and provides an indelible view of the great Indian landscapes.

    Offering opportunities for night camps, serene walks, boating, white water rafting, tiger and crocodile spotting along with angling, bird watching, heritage visits to caves and temples with tranquil picnic spots, this is one of those destinations that an explorer or vacationer should not miss.

    Dandeli is also known for its second largest wildlife sanctuary. Called the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, the place is home to leopards, black panthers, bears, deer, tigers, elephants and antelopes. A tiger reserve, this sanctuary is also home to at least 300 varieties of birds. Located on the banks of the Kali River, this sanctuary is popular for angling, nature walks, crocodile spotting and bird watching. Dandeli is truly one of those destinations that offer something for everyone. Therefore, people can visit temples, embark on a journey to Goa or simply enjoy the tranquillity of this place. To make sure that they get the best of nature’s experience, travellers can opt for one of the best resorts near Dandeli , ensuring that their trip is unforgettable, with luxury services and panoramic balcony views casting an indelible imprint on their minds.

    This hill station is also known for its caves of Kavla along with Ulavi Temple, which are quite famous among spiritual travellers and heritage explorers. Those who want something related to science can choose to visit the Supa Hydroelectric Dam, which is known for providing helpful insights into the production of electricity. Syntheri Rocks are also popular among vacationers who like to explore the facets of these rocks. Travellers, especially family vacationers can enjoy a wide range of adventure activities, including tiger spotting and crocodile rendezvous or have fun angling, trekking and enjoy walks amidst the refreshing nature.

    Some of the best resorts near Dandeli promote River Resort tourism, which is eco-friendly and allows travellers to rejuvenate themselves by enjoying closeness with nature. These resorts are known for co-operating with the healthy breeding of animals and at the same time, they offer incredibly opulent range of indulgent services for their travellers. Being one of the topmost white water rafting destinations in South India, Dandeli is known for its accommodation services that cater to the needs of diverse tourists.

    Getting one of the best accommodations or resorts near the hill station of Dandeli isn’t difficult. The place is filled with a range of hotels, resorts and other kinds of accommodation that can make a trip convenient and comfortable.

    Here are some of the best resorts near Dandeli:

  • 01Hornbill River Resort

    Hornbill River Resort

    The name of a popular bird is enough to excite all bird lovers. The Hornbill River Resort is one of the most popular resorts near Dandeli. Offering opulent range of services without burning a hole in the pocket, the Hornbill River Resort is perhaps best known for its array of facilities that cater to the budget and requirements of travellers from all over the world. The River Resort serves as an escape into nature and offers the serenity of unexplored jungles of Dandeli.

    The freshness of surroundings can be embraced in this region, which acts as a refreshing, rejuvenating factor during the trip. Its proximity to Dandeli and its sanctuary offers travellers a range of opportunities to explore the places of interest.

    The place offers several activities for travellers, including bird watching experiences, Safari and adventure treks, including white water rafting, evening boats for couples and family vacationers and special activities such as rock climbing, fishing, camping for overnight duration, nature walks and the famous rappelling activities.

    The Hornbill River Resort offers four different types of accommodation, which include choices from a cottage, a tree house, a rock house and a tent house. The place also offers natural jacuzzi and springs for the ultimate indulgent experience in the midst of nature.

    The cottage is luxurious and perfect for family vacationers. A beautiful accommodation for travellers, this cottage comes with all modern facilities. The tree house is an escape for nature lovers. Nestled in between beautiful trees and hills, the tree house offers a getaway to the landscapes of Dandeli.

    Rock house comes with rocks on the walls, comfortable and aesthetically appealing décor. Newlyweds that want seclusion from the hustle-bustle can opt for these accommodation types. Tent houses are an incredible option for nature lovers who wish to get the taste of camping every night.

  • 02Panther Stay

    Panther Stay

    Reconnoiter your tryst with nature, adventure and pleasure at the Panther Stay Resort in Dandeli. The Jungles of Dandeli are well reputed to have been filled with a diverse range of wildlife, flora and fauna that is characteristic of the topography and climate of the Northern Karnataka district. 

    Take a walk through the mystical jungles where you can spot one of the Big Five: Elephants, Bisons, Black Panther, Tiger and Leopard as well as myriad varieties of reptiles, birds and most importantly ‘Shekru’ The flying squirrel, which is the state animal of Maharashtra.

    While here, you can also pleasure your time with water activities in the Kali River that thunders down the mountain gorges. The surfs of this river are famous for being perfect for water rafting, coracle riding as well as kayaking. 

    The resort also has a vast range of Moghul and South Indian delicacies that are sure to count as comfort food.

    Adventure at Panther Jungle Stay in Dandeli

    Adventure at Panther Jungle Stay in Dandeli

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  • 03Plan Your Corporate Team Outing

  • 04Old Magazine House

    Old Magazine House

    The Old Magazine House is a one of its kind and rustic jungle camp that is located right in the midst of the lush jungles. Out of all the resorts in Dandeli, this is the one where you can truly be at harmony with nature, and be cloaked in the sound of the forest. The wildlife camp is surrounded by some of the most refreshing and evergreen forests that are home to a stunning range of flora and fauna. The trees also give shelter to rare and stunning birds such as Malabar Hornbills.

    The accommodations are divided into two subcategories- Ethnic Bamboo Huts and the dormitories. The Bamboo huts, though presenting rustic exteriors and split level interiors are made in the most comforting and warm manner. The dormitories are composed of semi-private cubicles and can accommodate 24 people at a time. 

    The Old Magazine House resorts in Dandeli rests on the principle of providing nature friendly accommodation, without letting go of comforts and sticks by that promise to the T! The resort also offers adventure activities such as rafting on Kali River, Kayaking, Mountain biking, Trekking. Mountain biking, jungle safaris and trekking are the other activities.

    Night Stay at Old Magazine House in Dandeli

    Night Stay at Old Magazine House in Dandeli

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  • 05Jungle Camping

    Jungle Camping

    While in Dandeli, if you are not staying at a place that is close to the forest or within it, then you are losing out on a lot! Thus, the right choice when it comes to resorts in Dandeli, Jungle Camping becomes an ideal choice. 

    Staying in the midst of a jungle surrounded by stunning greenery and rustlings of jungle animals and dry leaves is an experience that you are not about to forget in a hurry.

    A cackling campfire and just the sound of silence will keep you company as you set out to experience the charm of this Dandeli Resort on your holiday.

    Jungle Camping in Dandeli

    Jungle Camping in Dandeli

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  • 06Adventure Riverside Jungle Stay, Dandeli

    Adventure Riverside Jungle Stay, Dandeli
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    About the Destination:

    Dandeli, a scenic holiday destination in South India, is popularly called the adventure hub of Karnataka. Nestled amidst lush and scenic forests, exhilarating cliffs and summits, this hidden destination is located in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka.

    Bestowed with all the scenic wonders and marvels of the Mother Nature, Dandeli serves as an abode of a diverse range of wildlife like Tigers, Elephants, Leopards, Black Panthers, Deer and others. Also a home to several colourful avifauna species, it makes for a heavenly destination for the bird watchers.

    About the Activity with Details:

    Bestowed with the mighty Kali River, Dandeli undoubtedly is the best South Indian destination to experience an exhilarating riverside experience! Join this riverside jungle adventure in Dandeli and discover the reasons why adventure junkies loves this place above all the other similar destinations!

    Walk through the lush thickets, challenge the gruelling rapids of Kali River, indulge into several other adventurous activities and make it for an extreme fun-filled and exciting experience. And in case, you are a true devotee of the nature, you will never find any dull moment during your Dandeli jungle stay.

    After all the fun, Dandeli will surely get you pleasantly lost with its delicious cuisine. On offer, there are ranges of Mughlai dishes, several South Indian delicacies mixed with the everlasting smiles and warmth of Dandeli’s hospitality!

    Meal Types: Veg & Non-Veg Mughlai and South Indian

    Duration: 1 Night & 2 Days

    Timings: Anytime of the Day

    Activities: Nature Walk, Boating, Natural Jacuzzi, Campfire

    Difficulty Level: Easy

  • 07Farm House Stay Experience in Dandeli

    Farm House Stay Experience in Dandeli
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lDandeli
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    Located around 466km from Bangalore, Dandeli is better known as the ‘adventure hub’ of South India. Tucked away amidst the fascinating Western Ghats; between Goa and Belgaum, it is one of the most visited and sought after destinations in Karnataka.

    Spreading over 5,000sq.ft, the lush and evergreen forests of Dandeli are the abode of several exotic wildlife species. Home to Black Panther, Tiger, King Cobra and several other rare species, it offers the best experience of staying in a farm house. Whether you are visiting this natural paradise with your family, friends or colleagues, you will be promised with unlimited fun, excitement and adventure!

    About the Experience with Details:

    Nature lies at its best in Dandeli! Embrace the enchanting beauty of Mother Nature with this farm house stay and curate some of the memorable moments of your life. Within this experience, you can also participate in several activities that will get you close to the quintessential beauty of Dandeli and will allow you to explore and discover all the essence of staying in a farm.

    Meal Types: Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian

    Duration: 1N/2D

    Timings: Activities can be availed according to the convenience of the participants

    Activities: Jungle Trekking, Lake Kayaking, Swimming (With Life jackets), Fishing,  Ziplining

    Difficulty Level: Easy

  • 08Jungle Lodges Kali Wilderness Camp, Dandeli

    Jungle Lodges Kali Wilderness Camp, Dandeli

    This wilderness camp has been designed for all those who truly love nature and enjoy the riveting experiences that hilly terrain and breathtaking landscapes have to offer. This camp, which is different from other resorts near Dandeli, is situated on the banks of the majestic River Kali, and has a fine amalgamation of home comforts and the ruggedness of the jungle. Therefore, travellers can enjoy luxury in the lap of nature.

    Accommodation provided at this camp is convenient and comfortable. Most of the tents are round and open-on-sides gazebo styled tents, which are designed for guests who love to dine. This encourages travellers to share their experiences.

    The place also features vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines along with indoor games parlour and tennis areas, carrom board room and television centre at the main lounge area. Accommodation is also provided in the form of Bungalow houses, which are quite comfortable and feature twelve twin bed settings. Campfires are lit on all days so that travellers can socialise and groups can enjoy an unforgettable trip.

    River Kali is known for its two faces – one offers the fury, which is used for white water rafting; while the other is serene and beautiful, which makes it a strong backdrop for all those morning treks and mountain biking.

    Therefore, depending upon what kind of adventure people want, the camp organises several activities, including rafting and kayaking or canoeing, rappelling down beautiful waterfalls, enjoying natural jacuzzi with friends and families, or taking in the serenity of the place through mountain biking.

    2 to 3 day canoe tours are also organised by professionals, which allow one to explore the pristine lands near the banks of River Kali. Wildlife tours are also offered by the camp. Since the place is in close proximity to the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, people can enjoy trips to the jungle and explore the lands of crocodiles, tigers, leopards and other animals. Bird Watching is another one of those activities organised by the camp that is a sure hit among travellers.

    Another popular trip organised by the camp includes coracle rides. These boats, which are known for their saucer shape, provide a view of the tranquil River Kali and give travellers the chance to experience rejuvenation of mind, body and soul through calm waters and peaceful surroundings.

  • 09Dandeli Nature Nest Resort

    Dandeli Nature Nest Resort

    Set in the picturesque location of Dandeli, Nature Nest is truly one of the best resorts near Dandeli. Providing luxury in the lap of nature, this Dandeli Resort has been designed against the backdrop of Western Ghats. Its proximity with Dandeli offers travellers a range of opportunities to learn more about ‘Unity in Diversity’ in the country.

    Moreover, the resort offers several exotic jungle and safari packages, which are tailor-made and customised for travellers. Therefore, family vacationers can enjoy wildlife at Dandeli, while adventure lovers can try canoeing or white water rafting. Those who love nature can enjoy romantic landscapes of this city with their partner or can opt for a variety of activities, such as bird watching or trekking to take pleasures in the tranquillity of Dandeli.

    Nature Nest has been designed in such a way that it offers different types of accommodation options for travellers. Night camping tents are available for star gazers and those who enjoy being close to nature. Those who seek an amalgamation of nature and modern world can opt for any of the six well equipped rooms.

    The place offers proximity with a number of spots such as Crocodile Trek on the River Kali, Syntheri Rocks, Kavla Caves and Skyes Point. It is also located close to the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, where people can go and enjoy Jeep Safaris or a rendezvous with the elusive Tiger. It is also located close to the village called Patoli.

    The resort is popular for conducting several activities such as Night Camping, Zip-line activities, Mountain Biking, Burma Bridge Crossing, Natural Jacuzzi Bath, Kayaking, Coracle Ride and White Water Rafting, which will rejuvenate one’s mind, body and soul. The resort also provides delicious food and organises camp for socialising with the rest of the travellers from all over the world.

  • 10Bison River Resort

    Bison River Resort

    Bison River Resort is another accommodation that offers as much fun and riveting experience as the destination of Dandeli itself. Located on the banks of River Kali, this is one of the resorts near Dandeli that provides breath-taking views of the region. The tasteful rooms with elegant aesthetic appeal gives this resort an edge over others.

    Affordable and comfortable, the resort offers several activity options along with in-house services such as bonfire nights and barbecue dinners, where travellers from all over the world can enjoy socialising and learning more about India. Those who like spending time with books can opt for the wildlife library and its stock of books while enjoying drinks at the bar.

    Run by Indian Adventures, this Bison River Resort offers a range of wildlife adventure activities that are conducted by professional naturalists.

    These services include nature trails and jungle safaris, bird watching and crocodile treks, night experience of the jungle along with water adventures such as Coracle rides on the river, boat rides beneath the moon, kayaking and canoeing, white water rafting, river rafting, natural jacuzzi experiences and land adventures such as popular excursions to Sykes Point and tribal village visit, visit to the Kavla Caves and Syntheri Rocks, which offer incredible insights into the culture and lives of people in Karnataka, shedding light on their history and heritage as well. 

    Adventure trekking and outdoor camping are two of the best things organised by this resort in Dandeli.

  • 11Century Resort Dandeli

    A paradise for all nature and adventure lovers, this is one of the resorts near Dandeli that allows one to fully explore places of interest in this region. Offering endless options, accommodation types and activities to travellers, Century Resort Dandeli is popular for its array of services. 

    What gives this resort an edge over others is the fact that it not only offers activities in Dandeli region, but also offers a wide range of in-house and other activities, thereby catering to the needs of every kind of traveller.

    The white water river rafting is one of the premier activities organised by this resort. Along with this, the resort also offers Jungle Safari activities, where one can enjoy spotting a crocodile, a tiger or even a leopard.

    Valley Crossing is another one of those popular activities that this resort provides. The crossing of valley offers travellers a chance to experience bounties of nature and enjoy the embrace of freshness. ATV Bike Ride is a fun activity, which can be experienced at the Century Resort Dandeli. It uses All Terrain Vehicle, sports model that are used for providing one the adventures of unexplored forests in Dandeli.

    All those who look forward to exploring nature on foot can opt for jungle treks and even rappelling that will enthral one with its adventurous routes. The resort itself offers several activities such as bird watching and tribal dance, archery and fishing, therefore every kind of traveller can enjoy something that they love.

    In-house, tourists stay in beautiful rooms, with all modern facilities along with aesthetic décor, well equipped bathrooms and friendly staff, ensuring that the trip is more than just memorable.

  • 12White Water Living Resort

    White Water Living Resort

    A vast, river side resort located besides the merrily flowing Kali River, The White Water Living resort is the perfect combination of nature, comfort and adventure. There are various ancient trees surrounding, providing the accommodation an air of blessed quietude. 

    While here, you can stay right beside the flowing river, without a worry in the world. Hear the forests come alive around you and explore the distinctions that set it apart from the modern life of concrete and smoke!

    At these offbeat resorts in Dandeli, you can also enjoy some stunning activities such as white water rafting, Jacuzzi Bath, raft ride, swimming, zorbing, river crossing, trekking and bird watching. As the evening mellows down you can cruise down the River Kali in a languid raft to witness the late movements of the jungle. The accommodations that can be availed at this Dandeli Resort range from private rooms, tents to dormitories.

  • 13Shikra Jungle Stay

    Shikra Jungle Stay

    Located near Gobral a little distance away from the forests of Dandeli, The Shikra jungle stay is an interesting choice amongst all Dandeli Resorts. It is here that you can enjoy the blessings of a tented stay amidst the woodlands and be as close to environment and ecology as possible. 

    The jungle resort offers comforting stay options for those wilderness lovers. The accommodations are of three main types i.e. Deluxe Tents, Tent for 2, deluxe rooms as well as cottages.

    The resort also arranges activities such as trekking, white water rafting, canoeing, kayaking and coracle riding. A stay at Shikra Jungle Stay Resorts promises to be one filled with adventure and proximity with nature.