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  • The exotic Bandipur National Park, located in the Chamarajanagar district in the state of Karnataka, offers one of the enticing places, to indulge in the thrill of adventure. The traveller visit the vicinity of Bandipur to get captivated by the aura of the forests and the wildlife. The charming place always provide the right medium to rebuild the lost ties with the mother nature.

    Bandipur, being situated under the Nilgiri Biosphere, receives a number of rivers such as Kabini, Nugu and Moyar as benediction. The seasonal streams are a common occurrence at Bandipur. 
    Bandipur lodges a number of resorts to cater to the needs of different categories of individuals. There are resorts which are best suited for a family holiday or for a team outing. Thrillophilia has contacts with all categories of resorts, and thus can act as one’s ally in cracking the deal with the resorts in Bandipur, for the purpose of accommodation.

    The naturally splashed location, Bandipur, harbours a number of awe-inspiring luxury resorts, which truly signifies the literal meaning of the term, 'luxury'. 
    When one lodges into these hotels, what one witness and experience is a classic taste and elegance in the style in terms of the decor of the hotel or its services. The captivating ambiance of the place as well as its various  luxury filled resorts can surely make the traveller feel, that there is nothing best in this world, then this place.
  • Best Resorts in Bandipur

  • 01Tusker Trail Resort

    Tusker Trail Resort

    The Tusker Trail Resort, owned by Windflower, is just three hours drive from the city of Mysore. The resort provides with ample opportunities to indulge in a carefree relaxation, by just floating in the pool and simply admiring the beauty of the Nature.

    The enticing feature of this resort is the fact that it is placed in the middle of an engaging forest, thus has an element of inquisitiveness attached to it. At Tusker Trail resort, the travellers are provided with each and every facility which can bring an element of charm to the entire visit to the arena of Bandipur.

    There are safaris for the forest both at the dusk and dawn. The special attraction of the resort includes the barbeque evenings, elephant rides, trekking and other indoor team activities. Some of the facilities that the resort offers are a large swimming pool, Spa and conference facilities.

    Thrillophilia offers several team building activities such as trekking, a natural walk to the forest and discovering the hidden truths, jungle safari and many other enticing things.

    Activities and Amenities of the Resort

    • Outdoor Infinity Swimming Pool
    • Barbecue Lounge
    • Board room
    • Spa
    • Trek to a tribal colony.
    • Drive up Tiger hill
    • Wildlife Safari
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  • 03Dhole’s Den Resort

    Dhole’s Den Resort

    Dhole’s Den is among the finest resorts in Bandipur for those set of individuals who look for the eco-friendly options for accommodation. The resort has an engaging story, behind its name. ‘Dhole’ was actually the name of an Asiatic dog who used to be seen and heard at the Bandipur park, but due to excessive hunting the breed of this wild dog is no more to be seen.

    One must appreciate the thoughtfulness of the authorities of the resorts for keeping alive the name of an extinct breed of an animal by naming their resort after the breed. The resort is just a 90 km drive from the city of Mysore. Also, the resort being placed very near to the forest, the guests can always hear the roaring of animals late at night.

    Activities and Amenities of the Resort

    • Jogging Track
    • Meditation Area
    • Cooking Demonstration
    • Safari to the Bandipur National Park
    • Nature Walk
    • Village Safaris
  • 04Bush Betta Wildlife Resort

    Bush Betta Wildlife Resort

    The Bush Betta Deluxe Wildlife Resort is the name one can bank upon, in the event one desires of taking the fullest of the advantage of the flora and fauna. The highlighted feature of the accommodation is the natural beauty which the resort has showcased in the finest of the manner. 

    Each and every room of the resort is designed in an elegant fashion by using pieces of old woods. The resort also possess, its own chunk of loyalty towards the nature. This luxurious resort located in the forest arena has a beautiful location and a sumptuous meal to its credit. Moreover, also one can check out some of the amazing resorts of Wayanad

    The food delicacies served here includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. The facilities include a restro bar, swimming pool, adequate space for sports such as volleyball and cricket.

    Activities and Amenities of the Resort

    • Swimming Pool
    • Outdoor Games
    • Restro Bar
  • 05Tiger Ranch Resort

    Tiger Ranch Resort

    When one steps into the Tiger Ranch Resort in Bandipur, one is welcomed by the true essence of nature. The resort disseminates a sense of eco-friendliness to its guests.

    The cottages as well as the restaurants in the Tiger Ranch are constructed from the bamboo thatch. The most enticing feature of this resort is its camp fire which glows to the glory the entire night and provides the guests a feeling that they are residing in an ancient village of the country.

    The activities such as trekking are a common feature here, and the guests can indulge in trekking both in the morning and evening. Apart from trekking, jungle safari and elephant riding can also be done. Thrillophilia can make the necessary arrangements to give the guests a worth remembering experience of trekking.

    Activities and Amenities of the Resort

    • Bamboo Thatch Cottages
    • Trekking
    • Safari
    • Elephant Riding 
    • Visit to the Ancient Gopalaswami Hill temple
  • 06The Serai Resort

    The Serai Resort

    Of all the resorts in Bandipur, the resort that lies closest to the Bandipur National Park is the Serai resort. This is the reason for the resort possessing a higher probability for the spotting of different species of animals.

    The resort has struck a perfect balance between the finest of the artsman work and brilliant interiors, while maintaining the International standards. The flora of the resort is indeed, an element which makes it the world apart resort. In addition, one can find out some of the finest resorts in Masinagudi

    Serai has planted nearly a hundred species of different kinds of trees and plants in its vicinity. Thus when the tourists walk through the resort, they are mesmerised with the beauty of the ferns and leaves spread in and around.

    The biggest highlight of this resort is undoubtedly the panoramic view of the Nilgiris. The facilities for trekking and camping are available in plenty. Thrillophilia can provide a memorable experience of trekking in the vicinity of Bandipur.

    Activities and Amenities of the Resort

    • Mountain View Log Hut Swimming Pool
    • Omã Spa
    • Turquoise – The Gift Shop
    • The Wildlife Library
    • Jungle safari
  • 07M C Resort

    M C Resort

    M C Resort was established way back in the year 1999, and is located at a close proximity to the Bandipur National park. The resort is built on five acres of land. The lush natural environment present at this resort is its worth applauding feature. This resort is built with the capacity of nearly twenty rooms which are of standard size and three suites, armed with all the essential elements. Moreover, you can checkout some of the most luxurious resorts in Wayanad  

    The food serves at the restaurant built inside the resort is certainly its star feature. it serves a variety of dishes ranging from the South Indian, North Indian to continental and Chinese cuisines to the travellers.

    Activities and Amenities of the Resort

    • Indoor Games
    • Outdoor Games
    • Bandipur National Park Safari 
    • Nature walk
    • Conference Hall
    • Swimming Pool
  • 08Bandipur Safari Lodge

    Bandipur Safari Lodge

    If you are wilderness lover who loves to see nature at its true and rawest best, then Bandipur is definitely the most ideal destination for you. It is here that you can see the wildlife in its most brazen and unapologetic form. The sanctuary is also one of the last known reserves for the Tigers and Elephants. A stay at Bandipur Safari Lodge will bring you the closest to this stunning medley of nature and wildlife.

    A Bandipur resort resting on the principle of ecology conservation and balance, The Jungle Lodges Bandipur adheres to it in every little and big way possible. The gardens of the resort are rich with herbs, medicinal plants and other beautiful vegetation that refreshes every eye that sees it. In case you want to know more about the flora and fauna of the place, there are trained naturalists who can answer your questions.

    Activities and amenities:

    • Wildlife Safari
    • Trekking
    • Coracle ride
    • Bird Watching
    • Day Visit
    • Nature Walk
    • Elephant Rides
    • Kayaking
    • Mountain Biking
    • Water Rafting
    • Snorkeling 
    Night Stay in Bandipur Safari Lodge

    Night Stay in Bandipur Safari Lodge

    NNNMM29 Ratings

    d2 Daysn1 NightlBandipur

    Starting from


  • 09Windflower Tusker Trail

    Windflower Tusker Trail

    The Windflower Tusker Trails is located in the green and serene jungles and is one of the most applauded resorts in Bandipur. If you ever decide to take your footsteps to lead to this beautiful destination the please not that you are making a conscious choice to disconnect. The resort boasts of maintaining a precious balance with nature and hence, refrains from providing television or internet connectivity in their accommodations.

    The stay arrangements at this Bandipur resort are divided into three major heading i.e. The windflower Suite, The Windlower Villa and The Windflower Studio. All of these rooms boast of a gorgeous view where you can witness the vines and trees of the forest spring to life!

    Activities and amenities:

    • Trek to a tribal colony
    • Drive up Tiger hill
    • Spa
    • Jungle Safari
    • Treks
    • Indoor and Outdoor Games
  • 10Vana Vihar

    Vana Vihar

    Strategically located between the wildlife sanctuaries of Mudumali and Bandipur, a stay at Vana Vihar places you right in the lap of nature. The Vana Vihar resorts in Bandipur is reputed to be one of the resorts that have maintained a close encounter with nature right since its inception. 

    The home like ambience of the resort coupled with its gorgeous environmental bliss and luxurious amenities makes it an ideal choice for those who want to relax and have fun at the same time. The courteous staff and squeaky clean rooms will definitely make you feel like you have made the perfect choice by making this your choice of residence.

    Activities and Amenities:

    • Jungle Safari
    • Swimming Pool 
    • Turn Ball
    • Throw Ball
    • Kids Play Area
    • Wild Life Souvenier Shop
    • Film Show on Wild Life
  • 11Country Club Wildlife Resort

    Country Club Wildlife Resort

    On the peripheries of the largest tiger reserves- Bandipur, the Country Club Resort provides a stunning abode in the arms of Mother Nature. Exuding urban charm amidst the wilderness of the jungle, the luxurious amenities, this is one of the finest resorts in Bandipur and is sure to make your stay comforting as well rejuvenating. Enveloped by the mists of the valley, the Country Club Wildlife Resort is the perfect choice for the wilderness explorer looking for a warm and luxurious stay.

    While here, you can take off on an exciting jungle safari in a monstrous 4x4 jeep vehicle, or just amble along lazily on the forest paths. With the company of an accomplished guide, you can get to the heart of the forest to explore stunning jungle life in all its austerity. Tickle your taste buds with lip smacking food and enjoy the quietness of the surroundings with a merry bonfire, at Country Club Resort, you can experience natural beauty at its best!

    Activities and Amenities:

    • Guided Safaris Deep into Forest in Resort’s Own 4-Wheelers
    • Guided Treks to Nearby Hill & Waterholes
    • Spectacular Bird Watching Trails
    • Awesome Wooded Photography Environs
    • Cycling Tracks on the Jungle Fringes
    • Bonfire Nights Among the Thick Woods
    • In-House Elevated Watchtower, With Breathtaking Jungle Views
    • Multi-Cuisine Restaurant, Bar
    • Swimming Pool
    • Cricket Net, Tennis Court
    • Table Tennis, Billiards, Carom, ChessLarge Children Play Area
    • Wildlife Video Nights at the ClubhouseLandscaped Garden, Pet Pens
    • Conference Hall
  • Activities to Do in Bandipur:

  • 12Wildlife Safari in Bandipur

    Wildlife Safari in Bandipur
    Image Credit : rustedfaith P

    Each and every resort situated in the region of Bandipur, provides an exclusive safari experience to the travellers. The resorts in Bandipur make use of the jeeps for providing the guests with a lifetime experience of wildlife.

    The Bandipur National Park being one of the biggest and amazing national park in the country, offers one of the enticing experience of wildlife to the viewers. What one feels after getting into the wildlife safari at Bandipur, is truly exotic and one of its kinds.

    With the stern steps taken by the Government of India, regarding the preservation of the Tigers in and around the country, through the Project Tiger, there has been a considerable augmentation in the number of the tigers present in the national park.

    Apart from the tigers, the fauna of the national park of Bandipur, harbours sambar, elephants, python, giant squirrels, wild dog, antelopes, deer, sloth bear, mouse bear, pea fowl, to name a few.

    Bandipur Wildlife Safari in Chamarajanagar

    Bandipur Wildlife Safari in Chamarajanagar

    NNNNN339 Ratings

    d2 Daysn2 NightslBandipur


    Starting from


  • 13Trekking in Bandipur

    Trekking in Bandipur
    Image Credit : Kelman Chiang

    The reason behind the mushrooming of a number of new resorts in Bandipur is due to the fact that the region of Bandipur is blessed with serene natural environment housing rich flora and fauna.

    When one ventures into the trekking arena present at the various forests of the Bandipur, what one gets is a unique and redefined version of trekking. There is no point coming back without exploring the beauty of the forests and wild contours present in the region.

    Each and every forest present in the region of Bandipur provides the requisite facilities and amenities  which can surely make the experience of trekking a worth remembering and breathtaking one.

  • 14Cycling from Bandipur to Ooty

    Cycling from Bandipur to Ooty
    Image Credit : TouroFNilgiris - Flickr

    What better way to unwind on a beautiful day than to take out your cycle and go on a long ride! Unending roads, flanked with mountains on both side. Long winding paths that connect Ooty to Bandipur are a dream. When you hit the peddle you wouldn’t want to stop. Take in the beautiful sights, enjoy the crisp cool breeze and take in the goodness of nature. 45 KMS of riding through the Mudumalai forests and beautiful tea estates make the ride all the more interesting.

    How Thrillophilia can make your experience more awesome:

    While the natural background of Bandipur ushers excitement, Thrillophilia’s list of activities adds to it. With our theme based, fun and team building activities, experience Bandipur from a new and fun dimension. Activities like trekking, wildlife safari, photography and others are the best to rejuvenate the team members in addition to the stay at resorts in Bandipur.

    Our theme based activities like Jungle Survival and Back to School are specifically designed to boost up the cooperation and performance of the team members. 

Resorts in Bandipur

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