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  • Karnataka is a state which offers itself in a kaleidoscope of features among which the waterfalls in Chikmagalur need special mention. Tucked far away from the hullabaloo of a bustling city these sites of attraction remain quiet and draws vacationers and photographers all-round the year, as it exhibits stunning panoramas of cascading falls.

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    Such a setting is indeed perfect for rejuvenating the mind and soul, staying close to nature. A visit to the Chikmagalur waterfalls gives you the opportunity to explore the natural bounty of the place like nothing else.

    Walking along the sinuous trekking trails, going for jungle hiking, engaging in water sports in the iridescent water of the drop pools of the waterfalls, visiting the pilgrim sites for offering prayers or sinking in the pervasive tranquillity of the place all these add to the exclusiveness of Chikmagalur as a tourists’ paradise on earth.

    Numerous folklores attached with the place since the mythological era will enrich you with its spiritual relevance. 

    Here are some of the best waterfalls in Chikmagalur:

  • 01Hebbe Falls

    Hebbe Falls
    The Hebbe Falls is a piece of the virgin sanctuary which can rightfully acclaim a high-up place among the Chikmagalur waterfalls. As you take an uphill trek from Chikmagalur to Hebbe Falls, you will feel at one with the abounding, unsullied beauty of the surroundings.

    If luck is in your 
    favor, you can even spot a herd of Sambar deer and treat your eyes with their playful gestures in the lap of nature. Being under the maintenance of the forest department, the only mode of conveyance to this laid-back destination is by their own transport.

    : Kemmannagundi, Chikmagalur, India

    Distance from Chikmagalur bus stand
    : 65 Km approx

    Height of the waterfall
    : 167 meters
  • 02Jhari Falls

    Jhari Falls
    While making a rundown of your activities at Chikmagalur don’t miss out the chance to include the Jhari or Buttermilk Falls in it. Thunderous watercourse spurting down a headland and leaving an impression of buttermilk at the foot of the waterfall will make an everlasting impression in your mind in your very first encounter with the fall.

    The haunting view of nature will certainly allure you for a window seat in your trekking jeep as it climbs up the steep roads ripping through the forest terrain.

    A part of your uphill journey to reach the Jhari Falls has to be undertaken on foot due to broken and slippery trails that may lead to a fatal skid.

    : Near Mullayanagiri Bababudangiri, Thippannahalli Estate Road, Chikmagalur, Karnataka India

    Distance from Chikmagalur bus stand
    : 22 Km approx

    Height of the waterfall
    : 100 meters apprx 
  • 03Kallathigiri Falls

    Kallathigiri Falls
    Whether an adventure buff or a nature lover, Kallathagiri Falls is one of the gorgeous waterfalls in Chikmagalur which offers you an unforgettable vista of nature and haunting trails for hiking. The sight of the waterfall plummeting down the Chandra Drona hills to form a drop pool at the foot of the hill is indeed a visual treat to the beholders.

    The place also has a mythological relevance among the pious Hindus as it is believed the great sage Agasthya chose this spot for his contemplation for an indefinite period of time.

    The one in the list of Chikmagalur waterfall
    s is also fabled among the religious folks for its curative powers in treating various ailments. That makes that place crowded with tourists and pilgrims during the peak season i.e. September to February.

    : Kallathigiri, Chikmagalur, Karnataka-577129

    Distance from Chikmagalur bus stand
    : 50 km

    Height of the waterfall
    : 122 meters
  • 04Shanti Falls

    Shanti Falls
    One of the most missed out wonders of nature en route the Z Point is the Shanti Falls which is certainly a place worth stopping over. This beauty in the list of Chikmagalur waterfalls cascades down the crags of a rocky hill into a pool which makes the place a visual treat for the beholders.

    The water of the pool is believed to be endowed with medicinal properties and therefore revered by the locals. Taking a dip in the fresh water pool of the Shanti Falls will relieve you from physical stress and keep you
    energized for long hours.

    The trail to Shanti Waterfall winds through a tropical rainforest on one side and woody hills on the other side making the place a unique hideaway for true holidaymakers.

    Z Point, Chikmagalur, Karnataka-577129

    Distance from Chikmagalur bus stand:
    55 Km approx

    Height of the waterfall:
    455 meters

  • 05Manikyadhara Falls

    This is one of the most alluring tourist attractions of Karnataka located at a secluded nook of the Babu Budangiri hills of the Western Ghats. Popularly regarded as the Nellikai Theertham by the locals of the region, the Chikmagalur waterfalls are also a sacred pilgrim site for both the Hindus and Muslims.

    Manikyadhara (the string of pearls) has a long-established myth behind its overwhelming popularity among the religious tourists. Besides its breath-taking scenic appeal and pleasant climate that washes off your fatigue, the water of the Manikyadhara Falls is believed to be endowed with curative power against any ailment.

    To make your way to the bottom of the falls where the plunging water forms a natural pool you have to climb down a flight of 200 steps approximately. Take a refreshing dip in the crystal clear water of the pool and head on to your next adventure.

    : near Baba Budangiri, Chikmagalur, Karnataka 

    from Chikmagalur bus stand: 30 Km approximately

    Height of the waterfall:
    10 meters
  • 06Kalhatti Falls

    Kalhatti Falls
    Whether a solitude seeker or an impulsive nomad, the Kalhatti falls has to be in your checklist of holiday destination in Karnataka. Cushioned amidst a tropical forest which is home to exotic wildlife and rare species of flora, the Kalhatti falls is one of the most sought after waterfalls in Chikmagalur to pay a visit to.

    Standing atop the waterfall, you can treat your eyes with the panoramic view of a sparkling watercourse plummeting down the Chandra Drona Hill at the backdrop of unending greenery. Next to the waterfall is the famous Veerabhadreswara Temple where the presiding deity is Lord Shiva.

    Kallathipura, Chikmagalur, Karnataka

    Distance from Chikmagalur bus stand:
    10 Km approx

    Height of the waterfall:
    45 meters
  • 07Ukkada Falls

    Ukkada Falls
    This is one of the most unexplored waterfalls in Chikmagalur which gives you the best vista of unspoiled nature in absolute tranquillity. The journey to Ukkada waterfalls is thrilling and painstaking as there is no clear signage of the trail which leads to the falls.

    It is a steep trekking trail and at some places, you may have to crawl along the snaky path to reach the summit of the cascade. Being nestled amidst a coffee plantation you can feast your eyes on herds of Sambar deer and listen to the cacophony of unknown birds.

    The local workers of the coffee estate will guide you amicably in your journey to the waterfalls.

    Moothodi, Chikmagalur, Karnataka

    Distance from Chikmagalur bus stand:
    61 Km approx.

    Height of the waterfall:
    20 meters
  • 08Kadambi Falls

    Kadambi Falls
    Kadambi Waterfall is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Chikmagalur and a hunted tourist destination for all seasons. But, during monsoon one can feast their eyes on the spectacle of glistening white water pouring down the crevices amidst the lushness of the tropical forest of the region.

    It is an idyllic destination for being intimate with nature and rejuvenating your body and soul from the qualms of day-to-day living. Some of the must-visit sites at the vicinity of Kadambi Falls are Lakhya Dam, Kudremukh National Park, Kudremukh Peak and so on.

    In your day trip, you will come across troops of monkeys who are otherwise non-aggressive and can befriend you if you feed them with a handful of peanuts or bananas.

    : Kudremukh National Park, Chikmagalur, Karnataka

    Distance from Chikmagalur bus stand
    : 10 Km approx

    Height of the waterfall
    : 10 meters.
  • 09Chunchanakatte waterfalls

    Chunchanakatte waterfalls
    While preparing your Chikmagalur holiday bucket list, the one place you must count on is the gorgeous Chunchanakatte waterfalls which are formed by River Cauvery.

    Located about 55 Km from Mysore, it is one of the must-visit waterfalls in Chikmagalur which is exalted as a tourist spot due to its enthralling verdant milieu and mythological importance. According to the Ramayana, Lord Rama sought shelter at the behest of a couple Chuncha and Chunchi at this place during his exile of a span of 14 years.

    As per a different belief, Lord Rama's wife Sita Devi took bath in the waters of the cascade and hence the water of the region is considered sacred by the pious Hindus.

    : Chunchanakatte, Haleyuru, Mysuru, Karnataka

    from Chikmagalur bus stand: 130 Km approx

    of the waterfall: 20 meters
  • 10Hanuman Gundi Falls

    Hanuman Gundi Falls
    Tucked securely amidst the verdant hills of the Kudremukh National Park, the Hanuman Gundi falls is a piece of natural marvel to see and appreciate. This Chikmagalur waterfalls is a traveler's paradise and remains overcrowded by tourists and nature lovers during the months between October and February.

    Apart from its haunting vista, the place also offers a great bathing experience to all those who want to add some zing to their trip.

    Bathing in the cataract water will wash away your fatigue and grim and reinvigorate you for a long time. Hanuman Gundi Falls is also known as the Suthanabbi Falls.

    : Kalasa Main Road, Sheerlu, Karnataka- 577142

    Distance from Chikmagalur bus stand
    : 117 Km approx

    Height of the waterfall
    : 22 meters
  • 11Honnamana Halla waterfalls

    Wrapped in the lushness of tropical rainforest and lulled by a salubrious climate round the year it is one of the less visited Chikmagalur waterfalls and a must visit place for solitude seekers.

    The astonishing fact behind the fame of Honnamana waterfall is it has never dried up ever since its inception and the flow of its glistening white water through the rocky crevices continues down the ages. Flights of concrete steps will take you to the bottom of the waterfall where you can pamper yourself in a refreshing bath in the drop pool.

    The other sites of attractions near the waterfall are the Raj Bhawan, Z Point, Kallathi waterfall, Shiva Temple etc.

    : Thipannahalli Estate Road, Inam Dattathreya Peeta, Karnataka-577131

    Distance from the Chikmagalur bus stand:
    57 Km approx

    Height of the waterfall: 
    9 meters




One of the most spectacular attractions in Chikmagalur is Mullayanagiri that is known for its jaw dropping natural beauty. With its calming ambience formed by lush greenery, misty weather and rugged rocks, Mullayanagiri is a heavenly place to relish your vacation. Mullayanagiri Peak is a heaven for adventure junkies who wish to partake in a number of thrilling activities like road biking, trekking and mountain biking. 

This place is also renowned for a small temple dedicated to Tapasvi Mullappa swamy and a trek to the peak takes one through many landmarks like some caves, a stream and a Nandi statue. Mullayanagari is one of the few places to visit in Chikmagalur where you will find yourself at loss of words as you behold the most majestic views of the landscape. 

Height: Mullayanagiri is at an altitude of 1950 metres above sea level

Location: Baba Budan Giri Range of Western Ghats, Chikmagalur, Karnataka 

Best Time to visit: One can visit here for the best experience from late September till early March.

Entry fee: Free

Timings:  It is open throughout the day. However, it is advised to avoid visiting during the dark hours of the day. 

Distance from Chikmagalur Bus Stand: It is located approximately 20 kilometres away from Chikmagalur Bus Stand 

Kudremukh National Park

Get ready to feast your eyes with the charm of wild and natural beauty at Kudremukh National Park. This place is notable as one of the most visited Chikmagalur tourist places and offers a refreshing getaway. It is appreciated for its scenic splendor and houses some of the most gorgeous flora and fauna in the state of Karnataka. The word Kudremukh means a horse face and gives the name to the peak located in this park which is often hailed as a thrilling trekking place.
Kudremukh National Park is a delight for wildlife enthusiasts and adventure lovers who wish to escape the worries of life in the most wonderful surroundings. This place is nestled between beautiful tea and coffee plantations and offers a rejuvenating trip in the midst of mesmerising wilderness and it is also one of the famous stops while trekking to Kudremukh Peak.

• Location: South Kanada, Udupi, Chikmagalur, Karnataka

• Best Time to visit: December to February are the best months to visit Kudremukh National Park 

• Entry fee: INR 200/ USD 3 for Indians and INR 1000/ USD 15 for foreigners

• Timings: The advisable time to visit here is from 7:00 am to 1:00 pm. 

• Distance from Chikmagalur Bus Stand: It is approximately 130 kilometres away from Chikmagalur Bus Stand


Escape into the serene surroundings at Kemmangundi in Chikmagalur which is known for its panoramic views. This beautiful hill station is popularly known as KR Hills and was known as the summer retreat for the Mysore King Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV. One of the best places to visit in Chikamagalur, this place is known for its beautiful gardens and spectacular views.

For the most enchanting visit, Raj Bhawan in Kemmangundi offers a gorgeous view at the time of sunset making it a pure photographer’s delight. It is also a hotspot for nature lovers with beautiful waterfalls, gurgling streams and verdant valleys. Some of the famous attractions that one must not visit in Kemmangundi are Z Point, Rose Garden, Hebbe Falls, Mullayanagiri, Baba Budangiri etc.  

• Height: It is at a height of 1434 metres above sea level

• Location: Kemmangundi, Tarikere taluk of Chikkamagaluru

• Best Time to visit: The months from September to May remain the most pleasant time to visit here

• Distance from Chikmagalur Bus Stand: Kemmangundi is at a distance of 60 kilometres from Chikmagalur


Ballalarayana Durga Fort

Take a dive into the past with a visit to Ballalarayana Durga Fort when you are in Chikmagalur. It is known amongst the most popular Chikmagalur tourist places for history lovers and boasts of an exciting adventure for thrill seekers. This isolated but intriguing fort in Chikmagalur was built in the 12th century by the wife of Veera Ballala l who was the king of Hoysala empire. Today, this fort is nothing but ancient wonder standing in ruins and testifies to the history of the region.

The most outstanding feature of Ballalarayana Durga Fort is its soothing ambience where one is away from the clamour of city life and surrounded by lush greenery. Trekking to Ballalarayana Durga Fort is one of the most sought after experiences in Chikmagalur due to its panoramic views and challenging nature. One must look forward to visiting Ballalarayana Durga Fort at the time of sunset to behold the most captivating views of your vacation. 

• Location: Ballalarayana Durga Fort, Madugundi, Karnataka

• Best Time to visit: November to May is the most ideal time for tourism at Ballalarayana Durga Fort

• Timings: One could visit the Ballalarayana Durga Fort from 6:30 am to 6:00 pm any day of the week.

• Distance from Chikmagalur Bus Stand: It is located at an approximate distance of 50 kilometres.

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