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06 June 2014
Paragliding in Arambol Goa is a super fun experience. It is very interesting and exciting. One can have complete adventurous fun with these games. While we thought Goa is all about just booze and stuff, this came as a huge surprise. Arambol is a pretty and clean lake that is perfect for any adventure sport. I really loved this experience and I highly recommend this to everyone.
11 May 2014
I love this. It was a fun and nice experience. I had so much fun and it was totally worth every rupee spent. The positives are that the safety is well-ensured and it is quite satisfactory to feel less scared to get on the ride. Also, the people are very considerate and friendly in understanding people’s fear regarding the sport and they are quite good in explanation.
12 June 2014
Durgeshwari Deshpande Paragliding in Arambol Goa
It was quite risky. Although it was well-equipped with good safety harnesses. Overall, it was a neat experience in Goa
09 June 2014
Very Good
It was a fine experience. It is not one of the best paragliding experiences ever, but it is definitely a very good experience. Also, it was well maintained and organized session. Kudos!
12 June 2014
Very Good
We had a nice time in Goa. The whole trip as such was excellent. The highlight of our trip is the paragliding experience in Arambol Lake. It was like icing on the cake. We had a really great time with a lot of fun activities. Paragliding was fun and an interesting experience. I had a really awesome time. Totally, it was a day well spent. However, it was quite expensive. I wish it was a little cheaper.
25 November 2015
It was fun. I totally recommend this to everyone. It is worth every penny spent. So try this out. It is not expensive or costly also.
07 October 2015
Varalakshmi Patil Paragliding in Arambol Goa
Paragliding is a fun sport. Although, it is kind of water sports, it doesn’t require expert swimming talents or anything. I loved the fact that this was an adventurous yet safe ride that one could take. It was worth every penny spent. I had a really great time here. I am looking forward to do this sometime again soon. Also, Goa is a very pretty place to chill out even otherwise.
03 August 2015
Goa is heaven in India. It is a paradise for travellers. Goa is a place that can’t be covered in a couple of days only. It will take more than a four days to properly visit and roam around the city. Adventure sports are a great option to chill out and have fun in Goa. Paragliding at Arambol Lake is not just adventurous but fun and interesting too.
21 May 2015
I had quite some fun with the paragliding. Although, it was initially super scary, gradually, I started liking it. I still have no idea how I finished doing paragliding, but yeah, it was worth it.
06 March 2015
Vasudev Trivedi Paragliding in Arambol Goa
Very Good
It was an average experience. I wouldn’t call this as a particularly great experience or something, but definitely this was a good and nice experience is what I can say. I had a really good time trying paragliding for the first time. I recommend this to everyone.