Paragliding in Bangalore

Bangalore Paragliding Packages

Duration Price
Paragliding in Nandi Hills20 mins
INR 3,239

Paragliding in Bangalore is an excellent adventure activity for those who have dreamt of flying among the clouds and covering the vastness of the skies. Visit Bangalore for an authentic experience of the adventure sport, which prominently takes place at the Nandi Hills. Covered with canopies of lush green cover, you will be left amazed at the sheer beauty of this natural haven when you glide over them.

Relish the adventure of paragliding near Bangalore, which is ideal for a visit all throughout the year. Jump off the peak and fly freely in the sky and indulge in a sight of heavenly beauty, with a trainer if you opt for tandem paragliding. You can take off from a height of about 4800 ft to cherish the experience of paragliding in this humble abode. This is an experience that is meant to last with you for a lifetime.

There are professional guides who will train and accompany you for the activity. All you have to do is to reach the location and the rest will be taken care of by the experts here.

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Bangalore Paragliding FAQs

Where can I go paragliding near Bangalore?

Nandi Hills is one of the best places to enjoy paragliding near Bangalore. Soar high up in the sky at a height of almost 4000 feet from the ground and soak in some of the most spectacular 360 degree views of the Nandi Hills and its verdant valleys and meadows. With lush forest canopies dotting the hills, the bird’s eye view that you get from Paragliding in Bangalore is not only breath-taking, but unlike any other experience that you have ever had.
A paragliding experience in Nandi Hills near Bangalore awakens the adrenaline in you, leaving you wanting more. Tandem paragliding is one of the best sports here, which you can indulge in. You also get professional training from well-trained expert paragliders, who ensure that your adventure in the sky is nothing less than safe and memorable. Whether it is tandem paragliding or motor-powered Paragliding in Bangalore, you can indulge in any type of activity you want in Nandi Hills, based on your expertise and skills. Want something more exciting? You can also take a video of yourself paragliding across the Nandi Hills, for a more personalised and exciting experience of this adventure sport.

Location: Nandi Hills, Bangalore
Best time: October to February
Approximate Price: INR 3,500 onwards

What is the best time for paragliding in Bangalore?

The best time for Paragliding in Bangalore is between the months of November and February, during the winter season in the region. This is when the skies are clear, free of any monsoon clouds and sudden rainfall, with a cool, pleasant breeze flowing, making it perfect to enjoy a paragliding experience in the sky.

What do you wear to paragliding in Bangalore?

For Paragliding in Bangalore, one must always wear comfortable and convenient clothes, such as jeans, long-sleeved shirts in light colours and sports shoes. You should not wear heavy jewellery, chains, skirts or other similar clothes that could hamper the movement and cause inconvenience whilst you are up in the sky.

Is there any weight limitation for paragliding?

For paragliding, the weight limitation typically ranges between 110 to 120 kilograms (or 242 to 264 pounds). A maximum weight between 220 to 240 kilograms (or 485 to 529 pounds) is allowed for paragliding. This weight includes the weight of the pilot, passenger as well as any equipment they may be carrying.

Is there any age limit for paragliding in Bangalore?

The minimum age for paragliding in Bangalore is 12 years of age. Therefore, any person above 12 years of age can enjoy a thrilling paragliding experience in Bangalore. The general age limit for paragliding ranges from 12 to 75 years of age.

What is the cost of paragliding in Bangalore?

The cost of paragliding in Bangalore starts from INR 3,500 per person. This cost includes a 10-to-12-minute flying experience, along with training of almost 2 hours for every passenger, and is exclusive of any additional taxes.

Bangalore Paragliding Reviews

Reviewed: 05 Feb 2023
It's an amazing experience.

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