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shreya bhayani

28 February 2017

A must go place! We started our trek early in the morning and the journey through the jungle and waterfalls was breathtaking! There were a few steep climbs too with a scorching sun above us, but all of it is worth when you reach the peak. I would suggest to rest at the peak till evening and take the jeep ride back down, coz it is one hell of adventure! On the way back, park for a while to witness the mesmerizing sunset. It will soothe you of all the pain. The next day we had Nagara Fort on the way back. A picturesque location, i must say! With so many pics, burnt calories and smiles on our faces we returned with a bag full of memories :)

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Aanand Shah

11 September 2015

This was my first ever river rafting expeirence and it was adamn thrilling feelingfor me ! Our trainners were really so experienced that didi not let us feel uncomfortable while executing this trekking.

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  • 11856499_445607075621906_1747918662985674277_o.jpg
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  • 11879260_445608162288464_7874743606602502207_o.jpg

Akshaj Talwar

20 November 2015

My adernaline was pumping out, while i was rafting along the fast blowing river.Our base camp was at Ponya Devarakad which is a very beautiful point.A wonderful experience for me!!1

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  • 11807801_445605942288686_3753064226895299657_o.jpg

Gajbaahu Kakkar

12 April 2014

The Kundadri Peak is located 80 km from Shimoga and around 20 km from Thirthahalli. It is known for its pristine beauty. We had a great time at this trek. I so suggest this to all my friends already. I had a great trek in short. It was one of the best treks we had. I surely love this and would like to do it again sometime. Only that this place is far from my city and the travel expenses are huge.

  • Kundadri_hills__tirthahalli_049.jpg
  • Kundadri_hills__tirthahalli_050.jpg
  • Kundadri_hills__tirthahalli_070.jpg

Govinda Chopra

11 November 2013

i had heared a lot about this site rafting in coorg and finally got the chance to go with my buddies in vacations after exams, and i must tell you gus i never had so much thrill in my entire life it was absolute magical experience .

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Prateek Singhania

18 November 2014

The trekking enthusiast in you will want to dive right into this trek to the highest peak in South India. Me and a couple of my friends tried this and it was invigorating to state the least. the trek was strenuous but equally fun and the chance to witness gorgeous nature amongst us was amazing. Plus we even got to camp in our cosy little tents. What a splendid weekend outing this was!

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