15 Resorts in Coonoor, Book Now & Get Upto 50% Off

Coonoor Resorts

Great Windows Resorts, MGM Hill Worth Resort, Kurumba Village Resort, The Realm Resort, Logan Camp Resort, Kayakalpa Vaidya Salai Resort, The Misty Meadows Resort and many more.

Marvellously located in the middle of the exotic Nilgiri Hills, Resorts in Coonoor are a paradise on earth. Irrespective of the budget, all of them have something for every traveller and assures a peaceful escapade. Interestingly, some resorts are as old as 100 years and have gloriously retained back the old charm of British Era. 

Coonoor Resorts like Hanging Huts, Kurumba, The Realm and Tea Nest are perfect for those who want to spend some good time in solace. On the other hand, families looking forward to having a gala time with their clan can opt for resorts like MGM Hill Worth Resort, The  Taj Gateway, Bella Vista Stay and  Nahar Retreat & Spa.

Travellers unwilling to compromise on comfort and luxury can opt for Kurumba Village or Wallwood Garden. Lastly, if you are wondering about the level of security in these resorts, it would be a pleasure to mention that all of them are under CCTV Surveillance, reducing the probability of any criminal activities.

Here are some of the best resorts in Coonoor:

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Great Windows Resorts

Resorts in Coonoor are famous for offering a splendid view of the tea plantation. Great Windows Resort is a perfect resort and an exotic place where the rooms have glass cabin balcony offering views of mountain peaks, plantation of tea.

You can feel the mist in the air during early mornings and can watch clouds moving around you. This resort offers delicious foods and the staff suggests their must-eat food items to the guests.

The property is located nearby the Coonoor market and is located in a beautiful location, making it your holiday perfect in every way!

Location: Nilgiri District, Tamil Nadu.

Activities and Amenities: Fun Activities like indoor games, Bar & Lounge, Business Centre, Restaurants, Spa, Airport Shuttle.

Price: Prices for standard rooms start from INR 2754 to INR 4519. Prices are subjected to availability, off-season and peak season.


MGM Hill Worth Resort

Image Credit : muthuhotels.com

Coonoor resorts are known for its exoticness and MGM Hill Worth Resort is a superb place to stay as the lush green tea valleys which are perfect for watching the sunrise.

Be ready to embrace the mist and clouds entering into your hotel rooms along with a scent of pine and eucalyptus. There are many resorts in this hill station which is built according to the British Raj décor and MGM hill worth resort is one of them which stands still in its full glory and has retained its originality.

It offers fine cuisine, luxurious comfort, picturesque location and of course the warm hospitality of the resort cannot go unnoticed.

Mount Road, Coonoor.

Activities and Amenities: Business center, Concierge, Airport Shuttle, Restaurants, Children Fun Area.

INR from 2900 to 4025.


Kurumba Village Resort

One of the best nature resorts in Coonoor which has high-class cottages, campfires, a well-maintained swimming pool. The tranquillity of this place cannot be matched to any other nature resorts.

A perfect picturesque location as there is a stream of water which flows on one side of the property. 
Surrounded by beautiful tall mountains, you can hug the mist in the air and watch the clouds coming into your room. A perfect place to meditate, relax, find peace.

Location: Ooty Mettupalayam Road, Hill Grove Post, Kurumbadi.

Activities and Amenities: Outdoor pool, Restaurants, Barbeque, Spa, Concierge, Camp Fire, Children Activities.

Price: Starting from INR 11993 to 18000 for standard rooms.


The Realm Resort

Image Credit : therealmresort.com

The Realm is a Coonoor resort which is located in the lush green valleys of tea plantation and is surrounded by forests which makes it the best place to stay. The entire experience of staying in the Realm is unique as you can spot many bison here. This resort has its own farm of rabbits, duck, and hens which delights the kids.

You can ask the staff to arrange a barbeque in your balcony where you can enjoy the glory of the resort to the fullest. They have a trampoline in their compound and kids have a lot of fun playing here.

Bannati, Louissiana Division of Sutton Estate.

Activities and Amenities: Sauna, Grill, Fireplace, Barbeque, Pool Table, Trampoline, Pool table, Hiking trips, Playground, Cycling Trips, Restaurants.

Starting from INR 5500 for standard rooms.


Logan Camp Resort

Image Credit : logancamp.in

Settled in the valley of tea plantation, this is one of the perfect resorts in Coonoor where you can be lazy. They provide high-end amenities, warm hospitality, and quick services to all their guests ensuring a luxurious stay here.

This property has a beautiful garden and all the cottages in this resort are surrounded by natural beauty, so you don’t have to check every room to pick the best one with a beautiful view. This resort is a tribute to British Collector of Madras, William Logan.

Location: Ooty, Tamil Nadu.

Activities and Amenities: Café, Themed dinners, Live music performance, BBQ, Garden, Restaurants, Walking tours, Off-site Snorkelling, Darts, Cycling.

Price: Average price starting from INR 3339 for standard rooms.


Kayakalpa Vaidya Salai Resort

A comfortable place to stay in Coonoor, Kayakalpa Vaidya Salai is located near Sim’s park. This hotel offers warm hospitality, delicious food, quick service to its client. There is a golf course about 3kms away from this place where you spend your time playing this sport.

A perfect place to stay when you are on cost-friendly tour but want to have a lifetime experience of the clouds laden mountains in Coonoor! The front desk is friendly and can arrange paid shuttle services for pick up and drop to airport.

44kms away from Coimbatore Airport.

Activities and Amenities: Free Wi-fi, Fitness Centre, Spa, Airport shuttle, Bathtub, Free Car Parking.

Starting from INR 1830.


The Misty Meadows Resort

A luxurious place located in the forest hill of Yedapalli. This place has a calm atmosphere and the entire property is very serene, hence your stay will be pleasant and peaceful. This is one of those resorts in Coonoor which is far away from the hustle and bustle of city life and you can spend time with nature here pampering yourself.

The rooms are quite spacious and have a good kid’s area where children can have their gala time. You can get a better view of the mountains and lush green valley from the top floors of this resort.

Location: Coonoor Kotagiri Main Road.

Activities and Amenities: Restaurant, Golf Course, Children’s fun area.

Price: Prices for standard room starts from INR 2750 to INR 4095.


Neemrana's - Wallwood Garden Resort

Located at a 2min distance of a luxurious botanical garden, Sim’s Park, this Wallwood Garden was constructed hundreds of years ago by a Scottish. The ambiance of this place matches well with Euro décor and the staff has maintained the property to retains its originality.

It is located on the upper hills of Coonoor, so, the weather is always chilling. You can enjoy the mist in the air and the clouds touching your face. It has a prize-winning garden which is a picture-perfect location for your Instagram! Wallwood Garden offers delicious food of different types of cuisine.

Location: Kothagiri Road, 
Attadi, Tamil Nadu.

Activities and Ambience: WiFi, Concierge, Non-smoking hotel, Breakfast included.

Price: Basic price starts from INR 3348 to 7061 depending on peak season and availability.


Tulips Valley View Resorts

Coonoor resorts are well known for its captivating beautify, picturesque location of being surrounded by mountains and Tulip's valley resort is one of them where you will find the nature in its full glory.

Choose your room wisely with a beautiful view while you are here at Tulips Valley View Resorts. The rooms are spacious and well-built and the resort offers both modern and stylish amenities.

The resort offers great hospitality and ensures a very comfortable stay for all their guests. Also, the calm and tranquillity offered by this resort are worth every penny that you have spent here! The rooms have French windows which makes your mornings really beautiful.

North Lake Road, Ooty.

Activities and Amenities: Airport Shuttle, Restaurants, Free Internet, Room Service, Concierge.

Basic price starts from INR 1200 to INR 5000.


Hanging Huts Resorts

Hanging Huts is located beautifully amidst in nature where you can simply relax in your room balcony looking at the serene mountains, lush green tea valleys, hear the birds chirping and watch the bison in the tea plantation.

The resort is a perfect place to relax away from the busy city life. The staff will guide you with sightseeing and nearby places to visit. This resort also offers delicious foods which you will surely miss once you leave Coonoor.

Location: Thappacombai Village, Kotagiri.

Activities and Amenities: Restaurants, Kids Friendly, Non-smoking hotel, Wifi, Airport Shuttle.

Price: Standard room price starts from INR 3884 to 628.


Tulips Elkhill Resorts

Image Credit : tulipselkhillresorts.com

Beautifully located and constructed in such a way that one can watch the entire town of Ooty from the top floors of this resort. The warm hospitality, cleanliness, lip-smacking food is what you will appreciate about this Tulips Elkhill Resort. 

Like other resorts, you will enjoy the serenity and tranquillity here. A picture-perfect location for your social media posts!

Location: Elkhill Ramakrishnapuram.

Activities and Amenities: Front Desk, Wi-fi.

Price: Basic price for standard rooms start from INR 3500 to 6456 subject to availability and off season, peak season.


Garuda Park Resort

Located beautifully and surrounded by mountains makes Garuda Park resort is a serene place to spend your holiday time. The staff makes all their guests feel very comfortable with home-like atmosphere, homemade food.

Relax in your room and balcony or take a walk to different hills surrounding this resort. Balcony of the rooms is the USP of this beautiful resort. A perfect picturesque location for all nature and photography lovers. You will surely take a lot of memories from here.

Location: Kothagiri, Tamil Nadu.

Activities and Amenities: Gardens, Sightseeing.

Price: Basic price starts from INR 1831.


AGR Holiday Home

AGR Holiday home is a home away from home offering great hospitality, serene environment, splendid views of mountains. They have well-maintained gardens which let your children enjoy their holidays to the fullest.

There are many tourist destinations located nearby this resort which you can visit during your stay here. A decent budgeted resort in Coonoor having big and spacious rooms! Don’t miss to have Biryani here as it the best dish cooked by the Land Lady herself.

Location: Brook Lands, Coonoor.

Activities and Amenities: Wifi, Room Service, Car Parking.

Price: The price ranges from INR 1483 to 4560 based on offseason and peak seasons.


42 Green Pastures Resort

Located in a very serene location 42 Green Pastures is surrounded by wildlife and beautiful mountains. This resort offers different outdoor and indoor games to people of all age groups, which makes the stay here fun and entertaining.

As this resort is surrounded by forests, you can hear the sounds of bear and deer, can spot bison occasionally in the resort and nearby tea plantation. This makes the stay at 42 Green Pastures thrilling.

16 kms away from Coonoor town. Allada Valley, Coonoor.

Activities and Amenities:
Indoor games, Adventurous sports, Meeting rooms, Conference halls, Airport Shuttle.

Starting from INR 4237 to 5296 for standard rooms.


Nahar Retreat and Spa Resort

Away from the busy city life of Coonoor and Ooty, Nahar retreat and spa is an exotic location which offers a beautiful view of the valley and tea gardens! The breath-taking view from the balcony is the USP of this resort.

Do take their spa service as it will completely rejuvenate you. They serve good food and makes your stay very pleasant here. Have your cup of tea made from tea estates of Nilgiri hills in your room’s balcony while watching the beautiful surrounding.

Near Mount Hall Bosco, Kotahall Road.

Activities and Ambience:
Airport Transportation, Breakfast included, Restaurant, Free Parking, Banquet Room, Wi-fi.

Basic price for standard rooms start from INR 3543 to 6456 subject to availability and off season, peak season.

People Also Ask About Coonoor

  1. Which are the best resorts in Coonoor for couples?

    - HANGING HUTS RESORT: Nestled in the middle of lush greenery, Hanging Huts is one of the excellent resorts in Coonoor for a quick getaway with your partner.
    - KURUMBA RESORTS: In sync with nature, amidst sprawling plantation in the Nilgiris, Kurumba Resort houses an eco-friendly atmosphere
    - THE REALM RESORT: In the untouched corners of the alluring Nilgiris, The Realm offers an ideal set-up to rekindle the long–lost romance with your partner.
    - TEA NEST RESORTS: Inaugurated in the 1800s, Tea Nest is gently ruffled between misty Nilgiris, impenetrable forests, landscaped tea plantations and peaceful ambience.
  2. Which are the best resorts in Coonoor for families?

    - MGM HILL WORTH RESORT: One of the family-friendly Coonoor Resorts, with its idyllic location, MGM Hill Worth Resort amalgamates impeccable amenities with congeniality.
    -  THE TAJ GATEWAY: In the heart of the awe-inspiring Nilgiris, The Taj Gateway offers colonial-style lodging, featuring contemporary facilities and unmatchable hospitality.
    - BELLA VISTA STAY: Go for a vacation in Coonoor with your family and stop-over at Bella Vista Stay, providing tasteful and contemporary accommodations combined with customary warmth.
    - NAHAR RETREAT AND SPA: At a distance of 8 kilometres from Catherine Falls, a double-cascaded waterfall, Nahar Retreat & Spa is an unrivalled resort to get up close and personal with nature.
  3. What are the best luxury coonoor resorts?

    - KURUMBA VILLAGE RESORT: In sync with nature, amidst sprawling plantation in the Nilgiris, Kurumba Resort is one of the luxurious Resorts in Coonoor. Amenities include airy Plush Suites, Outdoor Pool, Ayurvedic Spa, Game Room, and a Kids' Playroom.
    - TEA NEST RESORTS: Inaugurated in the 1800s, Tea Nest is ruffled in landscaped tea plantations and exudes classic elegance and unparallel affluence.
    - WALLWOOD GARDEN: In the upper reaches of phenomenal Coonoor, Wallwood Garden is a 100 years old posh property. It retains an old-world charm and consists of aesthetically decorated suites, equipped with latest features.
    -  THE REALM RESORT: In the untouched corners of the alluring Nilgiris, The Realm brims with opulence and offers an ideal set-up to make memories that last a lifetime.
  4. What are the amenities provided in the Coonoor resorts?

    Coonoor Resorts offer tastefully decorated & comfortable rooms, equipped with all the necessary facilities. Other amenities include Room Service, In-house Restaurant, Indoor Games, Outdoor Pool, Free Wi-Fi, Conference & Banquet hall, Fitness Centre, Spa, Kids’ Play Area, BBQ & Campfire, Sightseeing Arrangements, Outdoor Activities, and Airport Shuttle Service.
  5. Is smoke/drink allowed?

    Some Coonoor Resorts have Designated Smoking Areas for guests, while some have put a complete prohibition on it, inside the premises. In terms of Alcohol Consumption, some resorts have their Bar & Lounges where guests can indulge in liquor. On the other hand, some resorts don't permit guests to drink alcohol in any of its rooms or indoor areas.
  6. Are Coonoor resorts safe?

    Yes, Resorts in Coonoor are 100% safe for all kinds of travellers. Since tourism is their major source of revenue, personnel are extremely polite to all the visitors and have a record of "ZERO" crimes. In addition, all the resorts have a CCTV Surveillance System, reducing the probability of any criminal activities.
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