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Traveller Tales from Murudeshwara


Samir Varman

29 December 2015

I always wanted to scuba dive and this place is perfect for a weekend trip from Bangalore. I went on this trip during a long weekend with 2 other friends. The whole journey was memorable and when we reached instructors gave us the briefing and after that scuba lessons in swimming pool. We had lot of doubts and our instructors were helpful in clearing all doubts. The scuba diving location is really amazing. I had never seen clear water like this before. We can see the different colour of fishes under the water. We were bit nervous before entering into the sea as it was our first experience but our instructors were always with us and they made sure that we are comfortable. We explored underwater marine life for the first time and that feeling can't be describe in words. It reminded me of bollywood movie where three friends went for the scuba. The whole experience was amazing.


Suman Ganaka

29 December 2015

This was my first scuba diving experience and instructors gave us proper training. First they us pool diving sessions to understand the do's and don't of diving. Diving spot was very beautiful with crystal clear water. We reached Netraini island by boat from Murdeshwar beach. The experience of seeing marine life was amazing. Although no luck of seeing Dolphins whine on a boat ride. Overall it was nice experience and our instructors were also very helpful. Thanks for the amazing trip.


Lakshminath Iyer

10 October 2015

I can describe my entire scuba diving experience in just one word - Amazing. The aquatic life is so beautiful, for once I was taken on the sets of the Finding Nemo, it is that colorful and that beautiful. Beautiful experience.


Divjot Johar

29 December 2015

This was my first scuba diving experience and whatever fear I had about the unknown deep blue was immediately shaken off. The guides and teachers prepare you the the fullest and it is just an amazing experience.


Gauranga Abbott

18 March 2015

It is rare to see international quality in India, but i saw it and experienced it while we went for the scuba diving classes in Murudeswar. God people and lovely islands.


Draupadi Khanna

17 March 2015

Impulsive plans work the best. One fine night we 4 friends planned to go for scuba dive and searched for a place which is near to Bangalore. We had seen lot of images of the Netrani Island and finally decided to go on the coming weekend. This was a really nice experience for all of us and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly!


Dhanesh Achari

15 December 2015

One of the best experience of my life. Scuba diving was on my wishlist and finally did it. I am a non-swimmer so I was bid concern about the safety but instructors were always with me during the dive. I also did some sightseeing in the town and was surprised to see the very big Shiva statue on the Murdeshwar beach.


Tanushri Bhattathiri

08 June 2015

Netrani or pigeon island as it is called, is one of the most amazing places to scuba dive as it has the greatest and highest visibility. Boat ride to island was amazing as water was splashing at our faces. There were lot of colourful fishes and other marine creatures. The complete experience was awesome.


Girik Sinha

15 December 2015

I went to Netrani Island for my first Scuba Dive. Its at about one hour inside ocean from Murudeshwara. The aquatic life is very serene and untouched. Was lucky to see varying creatures down there. Netrani Island is way better than Goa because of less commercialization.

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