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  • Though Goa is known for its parties and beautiful beaches, it also offers a lot of adventurous activities and sports. In addition to the pristine beaches, where you can enjoy different water sports, there are places for trekking, hiking and wildlife safaris.

    No matter, you are an expert or a beginner, Goa offers equal amount of fun and thrill to every visitor. A chance to 
    explore and discover the hidden treasures of this opulent abode, any of the adventurous activities in Goa will get you acquainted with a world, you have never seen before!

    Some of the most sought after adventure activities offered by Goa:

  • 01Trekking

    Image Credit : Ravi S. Ghosh - wikipedia

    Planning a Goa trip with only the beaches and party in mind, is a grave mistake as it offers some of the most enthralling terrains for trekking. The ruggedness of terrains that can be experienced during a hike to the Dudhsagar falls or the Vagheriare peak are considered among the exhilarating trekking routes in India.

    The climb to the Dudhsagar falls can be accomplished through several routes. However, the one that everyone recommends originates from Devil’s Canyon. This route provides you with breathtaking view of the canyon. The other route which is the more severe, is the one that is parallel to the South Western Railway line. The trek starts near the Collem Railway Station, and taking you through the dense forests, rugged terrains and other challenges, it finally leads to the destination within 3-4 hours.

    After the Dudhsagar falls, the trek to Vagheri Peaks is also considered as one amongst the most exhilarating treks in Goa. Located in the north region of Sattari and at a height of 560m, a day long trek from the Chorla Ghat Road leads to these peaks. While on this trek, you can also visit the Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary that is located only 2 hours from Margoa.

    On the way to the peaks, be prepared to get amazed by the scenic views of the lush forests, wide range of exotic flowers, different species of butterflies and many of the rare avifauna species. One of the most captivating sites in this trek is the popular fizzing pond that is known for its unique display of rhythmic bubbles.

    Before embarking on any of these trekking trails, it is always wise to keep some of the things in mind. Always make sure that you are prepared well for these exhilarating climbs. Wearing comfortable clothes, carrying plenty of water and energy bars, backpacking the necessary stuffs and other essentials like sunscreen lotion, insect repellents and sunglasses, will make the trek much easier and comfortable.

    Try to avoid the monsoons as the terrains get slippery during this season and might offer unwanted problems during the trek. Usually, October-December is considered as the best time to embark on any of these treks.

    Best Trekking Tours of Goa:

    1) Trekking at Udaan Dongor in Goa

    2) Keri to Arambol Trek

    3) Ocean Trek to Neuti Beach

    Adventurous Trek to Todo Waterfall in Goa

    Adventurous Trek to Todo Waterfall in Goa

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  • 02Hiking

    Image Credit : benjamin rualthanzauva - Flickr

    An outdoor activity, hiking usually involves walking on paths or tracks that are pretty much challenging and offers an offbeat experience of exploring the least visited vicinities. Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary and Mollem National Park some of the most sought after hiking destinations in Goa.

    The Sahyadhri or the ‘benevolent mountains’ is also one amongst the fascinating hiking destinations in Goa. Originating from the border of South Gujarat, this hill range passes through many scenic destinations and makes it for a wonderful hiking paradise. On a hiking expedition to the Sahyadhri Range, you can easily witness several waterfalls, lush and scenic forest ranges and other natural marvels.

    The muddy trails of the Mollem National Park are also considered ideal for an enthralling hiking experience. Witness and experience how delicately nature has preserved all its fantasies and houses several endangered wildlife species during this hike! Come across some of the spectacular views that can easily behold all your senses and give you a reason to admire the pristine beauty of the nature.

    Before embarking on a usual hiking expedition, one should take care of some of the important facts and features. While physical fitness play an important role for a blissful experience, selection of proper hiking goods and equipment also add to the ease of hiking. Walking sticks, proper shoes or hiking boots, water bottles, energy drinks and bars, first-aid kit, hiking poles, torch with extra pair of cells and bulbs, hats, sunscreen lotions, insect repellents and other necessary things are a must to consider before embarking on any hiking trip.

    Thrillophilia Recommended Offbeat Hiking Tours:

    1) Jungle Adventure At Collem in Goa

    Boots on Hills Adventure Jungle Walk in Goa

    Boots on Hills Adventure Jungle Walk in Goa

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  • 03Hot Air Balloon Flight in Assolda Ground, Goa

    Hot Air Balloon Flight in Assolda Ground, Goa
    • lSouth Goa
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    About the Activity:

    • If you are done with exploring the coastal beauty of Goa, then, embark on this amazing Hot Air Ballooning adventure in South Goa.
    • Start this tour at around 6:30 AM in the morning after reaching the tour locality.
    • Your flight begins with the inflation of the balloon by motorized fans. Once the envelope is filled with air, the propane burners are ignited and you are ready to fly within 30 minutes.
    • Join your pilot in the hand-crafted basket, who will explore a variety of altitudes, up to 900 feet in the air for a marvelous overview of Goa.
    • Throughout your flight, ground crew follows your balloon over grounds and roads so as to assure with a safe landing.
    • Conclude this activity at 8:00 AM and head back home after clicking some memorable pictures.
  • 04Water Sports

    Water Sports
    Image Credit : fakepunju - Flickr

    A trip to Goa can never be complete with enjoying water sports! One of the best hubs for water sports in the country, the beaches and the waterfronts of Goa make it for an international water sports destination.

    There are many beaches in Goa where water sports activities are availed for vacationers. Among the wide range of sports, water-skiing, windsurfing, ski-biscuit, parasailing, skibob, snorkeling, sports fishing, water-scooter, motorboat rides, yachting, harpoon fishing and kayaking are the most common and popularly enjoyed sports in Goa. Well-known beaches that are involved in providing Water sports are Palolem, Anjuna, Vagator, Calangute, Mober, Baga and Miramar.

    However, while opting for one of these activities, it is very important to keep in mind about some of the safety measures. Always pay attention to the instructors, dress up accordingly, check with your fitness level and also make sure you are not phobic to water.

    Best Selling Water Sports in Goa:

    1) Jet Skiing At Majorda Beach In Goa

    2) Banana Ride In Goa At Mobor Beach

    3) Water Skiing At Mobor Beach, Goa

    4) Banana Boat, Ringo Ride And Jet Skiing In Goa

    Monsoon Water Sports Combo in Goa

    Monsoon Water Sports Combo in Goa

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  • 05Camping

    Image Credit : Wolfgang Sterneck - Flickr

    Camping in Goa has its own fun, delight and excitement. One of the best amongst these locations is located on the south side of Palolem beach. The beauty of the place comes from the bamboo huts and the wood huts that are simply made, yet offers a comfortable experience with almost all modern amenities like private bathroom. The soothing sand, smell of the sea, the hymns of the waves and the chirping birds fill the ambience with an everlasting note. Also, the reasonable and pocket-friendly costs of these huts make them a blissful getaway while on a trip to Goa.

    The water sports enthusiasts can satiate all their yearnings while camping around these beaches. With delicious range of food and drink options, you will never feel any dull moments during your camping in Goa. Whether during the day, when you can indulge into a myriad list of activities, or during the night, when you can amuse yourself with a lively bonfire, you will always have your reasons to cherish your Goa camping experience.

    Camping with Temple Waterfall Experience

    Camping with Temple Waterfall Experience

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  • 06Scuba Diving at Grande Island in Goa

    Scuba Diving at Grande Island in Goa
    • lNorth Goa
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    About the activity:

    • Gear up from head to toe for a diving experience up to 12 meters and experience the beauty of deep undersea life.
    • Participate in a one hour training session with the professionals and learn the intricate skills of diving. 
    • In this session, you will be undergoing training for 45 minutes with your instructor.
    • Don't miss your chance to dive underwater with the colourful fish and discover the marine life.
    • Ensure that you bring a pen drive to collect your pictures at the end of the activity.
    • This tour is a customized tour and can be availed at your convenience in between the time from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM.
    • This package includes light snacks, Dolphin Spotting (Depending on the weather conditions), Training, Underwater dive with PADI instructor, Under water photos and videos, Lunch, Equipment rent.

  • 07White Water River Rafting at Mandovi River in Goa

    White Water River Rafting at Mandovi River in Goa
    • h3 Hours
    • lValpoi
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    About the Activity:

    • If you love rafting and think that you are a pro in the same, this tour is a perfect fit for you to test your rafting skills.
    • Begin this thrilling activity at 10.00 AM in the morning  or 2:30 PM in the afternoon after reaching the rafting site at Valpoi.
    • Indulge in this amazing white water river rafting activity at Mandovi river in Goa and have an enthralling experience.
    • Start rafting from the Valpoi district and raft for around 10 KM, which includes some easy class 2 to 3 rapids and have the names like 'Big Daddy,' 'Giant Haystacks,' 'Y Fronts,'  and 'Pipeline.'
    • Whether friends, family or kids, everyone is welcomed to indulge in this amazing activity of white water rafting.
    • A safety kayak will follow you throughout your journey to ensure your safety. You will also be provided with Life jackets and Helmets.
    • This activity endsin 3 hours which you will be provided you with refreshments and will be dropped back to the starting point in Valpoi.

  • 08ATV Biking

    ATV Biking
    Image Credit : Eron Pics - Flickr

    ATV biking is an exceptionally thrilling activity, where in you can ride an extremely powered bike in all the types of terrains. Be it on rocks, woods or muds, it will surely provide you with a lot of fun and enthrallment. Quad biking in Goa helps you experience all of these!

    Whether an expert or amateur, the Goan terrains will always keep you soaked with vibes and splendours. Ride over the rugged slopes, challenged the croakiness of the forests and jungles or simply roll over the muddy trails and enjoy the roaring of the engines, all you need to do is just choose the right and suitable tracks for you!

    However, before taking part in these rides, one has to be above 14 years of age and should not have severe medical ailments. Also, in order to avoid the unavailability, it is always advisable to book ATV Rides beforehand.

    If you are still thinking that Goa is only meant for the party animals or the groovy crowds, think again! On your next trip to this beach capital, try some of the adventurous activities in Goa and make the best of an enthralling holiday experience.

    Fun Activities at Anjuna Hill, Goa

    Fun Activities at Anjuna Hill, Goa

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    h1 HourlAnjuna


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  • 09Upper Sauri Canyoning in Goa

    Upper Sauri Canyoning in Goa
    • h7 Hours
    • lSouth Goa
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    • Emmanuel Ferre
      Emmanuel Ferre
    About the Activity:
    • Start your tour after getting picked up from your hotel at around 9:45 AM in an air-conditioned shared vehicle.
    • Feel the thrill as you use variety of techniques like walking, scrambling, climbing, jumping, abseiling, and swimming to traverse through the breath-taking Upper Sauri Canyon.
    • The narrow gorges with numerous drops, while surrounded by sculpted walls and spectacular waterfalls form an aesthetic backdrop for canyoning.
    • The Upper Sauri Canyon is replete with 6 main waterfalls to descend through!
    • A 40-minute jungle walk to access the canyon with 2 and 8-metre abseils, and 7 jumps.
    • The easy canyon unravels its beauty during descent, and can be enjoyed by most age groups with varying skill levels.
    • Conclude this exciting tour at around 5:30 PM and head back home with lots of memories after a 30-minute jungle walk.
  • 10Adventure Trip to Dandeli from Goa

    Adventure Trip to Dandeli from Goa
    • h12 Hours
    • NNNNN1 review
    • Chayan Das
      Chayan Das
    About the Activity:
    • Head out for this adventurous trip to Dandeli from Goa and indulge in an array of activities.
    • Start your trip at 6:00 AM after getting picked up from your hotel in Goa in an air conditioned shared vehicle.
    • Experience the fun and thrill as you try river rafting and raft through the currents.
    • Enjoy kayaking and coracle boat ride in the crystal clear waters.
    • Delight in a quick bath while exploring the natural Jacuzzi in the river Kali and spot some crocodile.
    • Enjoy sightseeing in the Syntheri rock and if you are lucky spot some wildlife in this trip.
    • Conclude your tour at 7:30 PM and get dropped back at your hotel.