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Traveller Tales from Shimoga


Ganesh bhat

04 December 2019

"Fantastic experience , trek to kodachadri is one of the greatest experience for each one of our group. most of the people from our group was first time trekkers though the Mountains were tough to clim...

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Anjana Shashidharan

25 November 2019

Trek to Kodachadri is one of the best experiences in my life. Killer view, challenging terrain and amazing trails. The sunset and hidlumane waterfalls are to die for. Our trek was organised well and I ...

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Kanaka Kapoor

16 October 2015

Kodachadri is certainly one of the most beautiful trekking trails, one fact that I realized after spending 10 years in Karnataka. Beautiful place, loved the trekking and the entire region is so calm th

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Mudit Jain

10 October 2014

Awesome experience!!!! Very beautiful place and the waterfall in between trek made the experience even more delightful. We were lucky enough that there were very few leeches :) And the last our trek...

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Roopika Srinivas

10 October 2014

Wonderful! Truly an enchanting experience. Little did I think that this place is going to influence me so much when I signed up for this trek along with my friend. You don't have to be a pro to t...

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Anilabh Bharadwaj

28 December 2015

Beautiful hills with an ambience to kill for. Went trekking here with a group of high energy techies who really loved the weather and the guides. Nice idea for a quick weekend getaway guys. Worth the m

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Aravindhan P

27 May 2015

For the beginners Kodachadri is one of the best trek to kick start with your trekking boot-rockets as me and my friends scored out the long pending to do list with our first trek to this enchanting hil...

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Chakravartee Devar

28 December 2015

never thought that waterfall rappelling will be available in india until i saw this tour. it was really an amazing and unforgettable rappelling experinece. the food included in the trek was so deliciou...

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Aparajita Raychaudhury

05 October 2015

An awe-inspiring, awesome and a lot of "aww"s defined the trip! Am so glad I dared try this! The trek coordinator (Sujay) skillfully talked (and pulled) me into climbing on rocks and trees I was su...

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What You Should Know More About Shimoga

  • Q. When is the best time to visit Shimoga?

    Atmosphere in Shimoga stays cool round the year. The waterways and waterfalls are spurting in full power and present an excellent sight. With seasons turning, the town of Shimoga influences amongst dry and wet.

    • For a Tour to Shimoga, the best time to visit is between the long stretches of October and March.
    • Rainstorm season hits the town somewhere close to June and October and changes the place into a heaven all invigorated and sprouting.

  • Q. How to reach Shimoga?

    Shimoga city is the authoritative central command of the area. Situated at a distance of approximately 276 km from Bangalore, it is effectively open to each and every type of transport. While making a trip to Shimoga by rail or street is the best way to travel, visitors can likewise also take a flight.

    • By Air - The closest International Airport is Mangalore Airport, approximately 195 km from Shimoga city.
    • By Rail - Shimoga has its own Railway Station named as Shimoga Nagar Railway Station which is associated with the significant urban areas of Karnataka and different states like Mangalore, Hampi, Bangalore, Pune and Mumbai. A consistent rail benefit likewise associates the locale to Bangalore straightforwardly which is 280 km away. A taxi from outside the station to drive anyplace in the region is available.
    • By bus - For tourists who would like to travel on a budget, can reach Shimoga by bus. Shimoga is exceptionally all around associated with significant urban communities of our nation, for example, the Bhadravathi, Kadur, Banavara, Tumkur, Bangalore and Goa.

  • Q. What are the different things to do in Shimoga?

    Rich in its culture and abundant in its naturalistic beauty, Shimoga city has many places to visit and fun activities for you.

    • Kodachadri - The delegated gem of the Western Ghats, Kodachadri is a lovely mountain peak with thick verdant grassy lands. A standout amongst the most stunningly beautiful sights of the Shimoga holiday destinations.
    • Jog falls - A visit to the Jog Falls can possibly be the profound greatness of your Shimoga trip. Falling down at a height of around 253 meters, the second-most astounding dive waterfall in India really offers a glorious sight for tourists.
    • Honnemaradu - A residential community concealed away close to the wonderful and sprawling shores of the Sharavathi river, Honnemaradu is a rich green town and is one of the epic Shimoga Tourist destinations. The backwaters of the Sharavati River run placidly along this place, covering a territory of 50km by 80 km.
    • Keladi Temple - Visit this beautiful shrine at Keladi village. If you are religious, the Keladi temple at that point is an unquestionable place to visit.

  • Q. What are the famous sightseeing places in Shimoga?

    A few places have spectacular views in Shimoga and you can explore a lot more around some of these most famous tourist destinations.

    • Kodachadri Hills - A breathtaking view from the Kodachadri hills in Shimoga is one of the most popular sightseeing destinations in Shimoga.
    • Sharavathi river - Enjoy a peaceful holiday by this river which has its origins in the Ambuthirtha in Thirthahalli Taluk Karnataka.
    • Gajanur Dam - Found 12 km from Shimoga on the way Thirthahalli, one can witness an immaculate cookout spot in a method for Tunga Dam worked over River Tunga. An Elephant Camp where elephants are prepared can likewise be delighted in there by guests.

  • Q. Which are the best resorts to stay in Shimoga?

    Being a tourist destination, Shimoga has a variety of good resorts located in the central city as well as out of the city limits.

    • Green View Clarks Inn - Located in Shimoga central city Green view clark's is full of luxury and a spectacular view from the cottages.

    - Price for two is 4500 INR (70 USD).

    • Royal Orchid Central - One of the best resorts in Shimoga, the Royal Orchid is abundant in amenities.

    - Price for two is 3500 to 400 INR (60-70 USD)

    • Kolavara Heritage Homestay - This resort is a little away from the central city. It has an enchanting ambience and ensures an enjoyable stay.

    - Price for two is 3000 to 4000 INR (50-70 USD)

    • Gabadi river edge resort - With an enchanting river view a holiday Gabadi resort at Shimoga is definitely worth it.

    - Price for two is 2500 to 4000 INR (40-60 USD)

    • Green view boutique - A boutique resort exquisitely for a comfortable holiday at Shimoga.

    - Price for two is 4000 INR (60 USD)

  • Q. What are the best public transport modes to commute around Shimoga?

    When you are on a holiday, the best public transport you can use, is a cab to tour the city. Shimoga being a tourist destination, offers convenient public transport facilities.

    • You can always hire a cab to tour the city.
    • Auto-rickshaws available in the city are one of the easiest modes of transport for intra-city distances in Shimoga.
    • The basic auto fare is 20 INR as the rickshaws aren’t metered. Buses are also available in Shimoga but Auto-rickshaws and cars are the only convenient ways of transport in Shimoga.

  • Q. Which are the best places for shopping in Shimoga?

    Never end this trip without shopping. Shimoga being rich in its tradition and culture and you will love all the stuff available here.

    • Go on a shopping spree in Shimoga where a wide variety of clothes available with a variety of designs and patterns ranging from silk to chiffon and jewellery, amazing for women who love shopping.
    • Flowers are a speciality of the market too, especially during festive seasons.
    • The Gandhi bazaar, Shivappa Nayaka market, Shri Nidhi shopping complex are the best shopping destinations in Shimoga.

  • Q. What is the best local cuisine in Shimoga? Where can I get to try it out?

    Shimoga being in South India, specialises in southindian cuisine. If you want to try some unique south indian dishes then you must definitely try the yummy delicacies here.

    • Relish the lip-smacking South Indian cuisine of Shimoga city. Some of the popular dishes here are Payasa, Thambli and Avalakki.
    • You can try out the local food of Shimoga at restaurants like Meenakshi Bhavan, Hotel Shubham, Tiger Trail restaurant where reasonable and mouth watering dishes are available.

  • Q. What are the best treks in Shimoga?

    If you crave for some adventure and are a nature lover, then you will absolutely enjoy the treks at Shimoga.

    • Kodachadri trek -Pronounced as one of the characteristic legacies in Karnataka, trek to Kodachadri is the portal to the undulated excellence of Shimoga area. With a stature of 1,343m, this pinnacle gloats of being the tenth most noteworthy top in Karnataka and is regularly called as a trekker's heaven.
    • Trek to the Sharavathi Valley - The valley is evergreen to semi-evergreen timberland alongside soggy deciduous kind of woods. Visit the Sharavathi Backwater which is around 60 KM long and around 15 KM wide.
    • Narasimha Parvatha Eco Trek -who pine for fro isolation can aimlessly choose this tallest top in Agumbe ranges which is at a stature of 3772 feet gives you extreme while amid trekking or shake climbing.

  • Q. Which are the famous wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in Shimoga?

    Famous for its abundant wildlife and naturalistic environment, Shimoga offers to enjoy your holiday while observing the wild, which is very well preserved here.

    • Mandagadde bird sanctuary - Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary is a little pleasant island situated in the River Tunga almost 32 km from Shimoga town while in transit to Thirthahalli.
    • Shettihalli Wildlife Sanctuary - In the event that you are an untamed life enterprise searcher, the Shettihalli Wildlife Sanctuary will enchant you no end. The safari at the asylum is a magnificent intends to satisfy your requirement for an excite.
    • Sakrebayalu Elephant Camp- This elephant is a place where one can see herds of Elephants being trained. Located at a distance of 14 km from the city of Shimoga, it is a quite famous spot for tourists.

  • Q. What are the adventure activities that can be enjoyed in Shimoga?

    Honnemardu is a haven for adventurous people. The place offers a wide assortment of adventure experience and watersports exercises for individuals of all age gatherings. It is definitely an enchanting experience to observe beautiful dawns and dusks here.

    • Camping - Honnemardu is a perfect place for outdoors. Sitting almost a campfire and getting a charge out of a straightforward feast or lying under the star lit sky and hearing the delicate sound of the waves can improve the appeal of outdoors by numerous degrees.
    • Coracling - Coracling is an intriguing movement to appreciate at Honnemardu. A coracle is a round conventional watercraft that is utilized to appreciate a ride on the water. The one of a kind truth about these vessels is that they turn fiercely in roundabout movement while in water.
    • Kayaking - Kayaking is another water based movement that can be experienced at Honnemardu. A kayak is an open decked vessel that can suit only two individuals.
    • Rafting - River rafting is additionally an intriguing water based movement that can be experienced at Honnemardu.
    • Trekking - The woodland in Honnemardu is an extraordinary place for trekking. The wild gives the ideal setting to investigate the normal magnificence of the place.

  • Q. What are the best destinations for camping in Shimoga?

    Shimoga offers various exquisite camping sites where you can experience some adventure on your holiday right under the sky.

    • Camping at Kundadri Peak - Found 80 km from Shimoga and around 20 km from Thirthahalli, the Kundadri Peak is known for its perfect excellence. Including simple landscapes, the principle feature of this trek is a seventeenth century Jain Temple situated at the Kundadri ridge and a visit to the Sharavathi backwaters.
    • Camping at Jog falls -Experience camping amidst the presence of the misty Jog waterfalls gushing down from a height of 830 ft. It is the highest waterfall in India.

  • Q. Where can one enjoy Kayaking in Shimoga?

    A kayak is a nearby decked vessel which can suit only a solitary individual. To ride a kayak requires a mix of fixation, method and expertise. Kayaks are quick artworks that give much excite to the experience searchers riding them.

    • Water fans can appreciate kayaking at Honnemardu. Your trip would be incomplete without Kayaking in the pristine waters of Shimoga.
    • Honnemardu and Kodachadri are the most popular places for Kayaking.

  • Q. Which are the famous waterfalls in Shimoga?

    • Jog waterfalls - A visit to the Jog Falls can be the significant enormity of your Shimoga trip. Tumbling down at a stature of around 253 meters, the second-most dumbfounding jump waterfall in India truly offers a heavenly sight to the watcher.
    • Hidlumane Falls - The captivating Hidlumane Falls is a progression of waterfalls that offers a reviving sight to the watchers. The waterfall streams occurs as a progression of 6 or 7 streams gushing down, each a lovely sight in its own right.
    • Dabbe Falls - The Dabbe Falls of Shimoga is known for its peacefulness. The waterfall is arranged close Hosagadde town under Sagar taluk in the Shimoga region of Karnataka.