Things to Do in Mudumalai

Nilgiri Hills conveniently houses the very beautiful Mudumalai. It is a tourist attraction with decent population owing to the national park that it accommodates. This first national park of South India was founded in the year 1940. This national park is rich in an extensive range of flora and fauna as well as beautiful landscapes. With a wide variety of animal and bird species, the National Park of Mudumalai is no less than a treat for the wildlife lovers. You can also expect to bag mesmerizing pictures in your camera if you are one of those photography lovers. Additionally, Madumalai National Park is located in extreme close vicinity of Bandipur National Park, giving you an opportunity of visiting both the places together, thereby also forming an itegral part of the best things to do in Madumalai.

While traveling to Mudumalai one can enjoy the wonderful chance to witness wildlife closely. One can take up a jungle safari that enables the tourists to view numerous animals while they reside in their natural habitat. Another exciting experience that one can bag is elephant safari where these giant animals lead you to areas which are not accessible via normal four-wheelers.

Mudumalai is also popular for its wildlife sanctuary that has been declared as a reserve for tigers in the recent years. Beautifully situated n the bank of Moyar River this place is the natural habitat for a variety of animals including elephants, sambhars, leopards, tigers, mouse deer etc. This park is renowned for the amazing avian population that it offers including colorful migratory birds. With lush green surroundings, you get to experience the real taste of nature amidst the dense tropical forests with mixed deciduous plantations.

Another attraction of the place is the Theppakadu Elephant Camp, established in 1972 where the tourists can interact with trained elephants. This camping experience will be etched in the heart of the tourists lifelong which is why it is considered amongst the best things to do in Madumalai.

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Mudumalai Things To Do FAQs

What activities can I do in Mudumalai

Mudumalai offers a wide range of activities that you can engage into:-

Sightseeing: It can be one of the activities where one can explore the beauty of Mudumalai National Park. A wide range of flora and fauna can be explored accompanied with an exciting encounter with animals while they dwell in their natural habitat.

Elephant Rides: Elephant rides can be taken in the national park to explore the unexplored places where other vehicles cannot easily be reached.

Jungle Safari: Jungle Safaris will take you close to nature and wildlife. While being in a six-seater jeep you can head out for a safari with your family and friends and explore the forest.

Camping with the Elephants: Theppakadu Elephant Camp will let you camp with trained elephants. You can feed them, play with them as well as help them bathe.

Nature as well as Wildlife Photography: With beautiful surroundings along with varying species of birds and animals all around you can click amazing pictures.

Visit the Waterhole: This activity lets you sit close to the waterhole and watch animals come to drink water. You get a chance to admire animals closely and even click beautiful pictures.

What are the timing and cost of Mudumalai wildlife safari?

Safaris can be availed every day in two slots. The timing of the safaris are as follows:-

  •             Morning Safari: 7:00 am - 9:00 am
  •             Evening Safari: 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Entry Fee for Mudumalai National Park

  •             Entry fee for one person - INR 15 or $ 0.23
  •             Entry fee for Still Camera - INR 25 or $ 0.38
  •             Entry fee for Video Camera - INR 150 or $ 2.28
  •             Entry fee for Jeep Safari (per person) - INR 135 or $ 2.05

Which are best campsites in Mudumalai?

Mudumalai offers various camping options amidst the beautiful lush green surroundings such as:-

  •             Camping in the Jungle: You can camp in the jungle with your friends experiencing the best of what nature has to offer.
  •             Masinagudi Camping: A beautiful sanctuary, as well as hill station located in close vicinity, can be visited for camping. With its incredible offerings, you can experience the best camping experience.
  •             Theppakadu Elephant Camp: Camping with trained elephants is one unique offering of this place to leave you thrilled to the core.

Can we stay in Treehouse in Mudumalai? What is the cost?

Yes, while visiting Mudumalai you can enjoy staying in tree houses. Various offerings are available in varying budgets that you can choose from. The tree houses are available in a range starting from nearly INR 2,000 or 30.43 $ and ranging up to INR 6000 or 9.20 $ or above. These residing beauties offer various amenities as well.

Which are some famous treks in Mudumalai?

  •             Trek in the Jungle in Mudumalai: In the natural habitat amidst the exotic flora and fauna will give you one of the best trekking experiences ever. This trek through the lush green forest will let you be close to hills, valleys, waterfalls, cliffs etc.
  •             Trek in the mountains in Mudumalai: Mountain trekking lets you explore this gorgeous natural beauty. This slice of heaven will let you test your mountaineering skills.

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Mudumalai Things To Do Reviews

Padmanabh Joshi
Reviewed: 13 Jan 2020
A great experience. The Driver was very good at his job. He knew the route and landmarks well. he was helpful and provided all the information that we asked. Car was comfortable and well maintained. Overall we enjoyed the trip very much. Thanx a ton for wonderful experience
Amir Shah
Reviewed: 29 Dec 2019
It was lovely experience in port , enjoyed horse ride beside the lake and the botanical gardens and the weather ... must visit place in south India ...
Swami Patil
Reviewed: 07 Mar 2017
Be there at least once, this is the advice I have to give to all my friends. Bellikal is so beautiful and you will feel like you are staying in the middle of a jungle. It is so quiet and peaceful and worth spending your money and time if you are really looking forward to have an offbeat stay in its ... Read More
Adhrit Kaul
Reviewed: 07 Mar 2017
Everything we got here is still in my heart. The genuine smiles on the faces of the people I met remains so live still. The location has plenty in its hand to make us so happy and peaceful. From food to the activities, each thing available here will call you back. I should mention about the tea I ta... Read More
Vishnu Ahuja
Reviewed: 07 Mar 2017
I understood the importance of taking leaves and being at such a peaceful place after I chose to stay at this homestay with my family. The rooms are so cozy, lit by kerosene lamps in the evening, only the sound of nature can be heard throughout, no one is there to disturb you. But I have to comment ... Read More
Vaijayanti Sethi
Reviewed: 07 Mar 2017
I am so glad that I have gone to such a pristine location with a lot of fresh air around. Such beauties should be preserved for our next generations.

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