Bangalore to Chikmagalur: Distance, Route Map, Do's & Dont's 2020

Bangalore to Chikmagalur distance is 245 Km via NH 75. Best time to visit Chikmagalur is from September to March. One can travel by bus or car but there is no railway station in Chikmagalur and the nearest railway station is in Kadur. Also, there is no airport in Chikmagalur and the nearest airport is in Mangalore. Must-visit places in Chikmagalur are Shravanabelagola, Gorur Dam, Shettihalli Rosary Church, Manjarabad Fort, Halebeedu, Belur, Yagachi Dam & more exciting places.

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Our country is soaked in such natural beauty and Chikmagalur is one such picturesque nugget nestled in the foothills of the Mullayanagiri range in the majestic state of Karnataka. The origin of its name makes for an amazing backdrop to the travel experience. For traveller's, this place offers a wide variety of homestays in Chikmagalur in the amidst of nature.

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A small hill station in the Western Ghats, the area of which covers a distance of 30 square Kms, Chikmagalur makes for an 
ideal weekend getaway from Bangalore or a short vacation travel destination. The weather is very conducive and climatic conditions vary from moderate to cool and makes for a great year-round visit.

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Chikmagalur is also historically known to have planted the first coffee plantation in India in the late 1600s. Its bountiful greens along with the rich heritage make it a worthwhile place to visit.

Quick Facts


Bangalore to Chikmagalur Distance

Bangalore to Chikmagalur Distance

Bangalore to Chikmagalur is an easy distance of approximately 245 Kms from the National Highway 75.

It is also the fastest route and takes about 4 hours to reach depending on the traffic. It is a perfect destination for 2 days trip from Bangalore.


Bangalore to Chikmagalur Route Map

The scenic Western Ghats are abundantly sprawled with beatific forests and mountains and many rivers and waterfalls making it an amazingly scenic drive to Chikmagalur.

Bangalore is connected with Chikmagalur via National Highway as well as State Highways. The best route is via NH 75 which is around 243 kms and takes about 4 hours without considering traffic.

This first drive through the NH 75 usually follows this route map and is the shortest distance between Bangalore and Chikmagalur- 
Bangalore > Yediyur > Channarayapattana > Hassan > Belur > Chikmagalur

The second route map is on NH 75 via NH 73 which is around 247 kms and takes about 5 hours to reach the end destination – 
Bangalore > Kunigal > Yediyur > Dasarighatta > Arsikere > Chikmagalur

The third route map perhaps is the longest and can be taken if traffic jams are anticipated on the other two popular routes. The distance measures out to be around 298 Kms via NH 48 and takes around 6 hours to reach Chikmagalur - 
Bangalore > Tumkur > Sira > Hiriyur > Ajjampur > Kadur > Chikmagalur


Best time to Visit Chikmagalur from Bangalore

Best time to Visit Chikmagalur from Bangalore
The best time to visit Chikmagalur is from September to March. Due to monsoon season, there is a gush of streams and hundreds of cascading waterfalls.

So this is the perfect place to visit around Bangalore during monsoon.
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How to Reach Chikmagalur from Bangalore


Bangalore to Chikmagalur by Bus

Bangalore to Chikmagalur by Bus

If you prefer to take a road trip without needing to think about driving yourself, one of the alternate options is to cover the distance by bus. There are several buses, both public and private that ply between the two cities. Moreover, this is also a more economical option of travel.

Types of Buses and Names-
There are several travel options including AC and non AC seater and sleeper buses. Government-run KSRTC buses can be boarded at Kempegowda bus stand, also known as Majestic. There are at least 6 private travel operators in this popular route including Cauvery Travels, VRL Travels, Sri Balaja Travels, Safari Travels, Greenline Travels and Holidays and Himachal Volvo Tour.

Starting Point (Bus Stops)-
The buses originate from several convenient pickup points at Bangalore, some of the common boarding points are Majestic, Yeshwantpur Govardhan Theater, Goraguntepalya, Navarang Circle, Jalahalli Cross, Eighth Main Circle Dasarahalli, and Nelamangala Circle.

Timings of buses-
Most of the buses leave Bangalore late in the evening, after 6 pm and usually up to midnight.

Number of hours journey-
In order to cover the total distance of approximately 250 KM, it can take anywhere from 5 to 7 hours to reach from Bangalore to Chikmagalur, depending upon the number of stops during the trip as well as the traffic and road conditions on the day of travel.

Approximate Fare-
The fares start from INR 500 and go all the way to around INR 900 depending upon the type of bus and services offered.

With convenient options, the overnight bus journey tends to be a favourite mode of travel for travellers who prefer to reach Chikmagalur early in the morning. The state run KSRTC buses, especially the multiaxle Airavat Club Class buses are becoming a favoured option by many travellers as these tend to be driven by experienced drivers to assure safety and economical travel. In addition, passengers on these KSRTC buses are provided with blankets and water bottles as well.


Drive to Chikmagalur from Bangalore

Drive to Chikmagalur from Bangalore

One of the most preferred options to visit Chikmagalur is to drive down from Bangalore in your own transport or carpool with friends and family. There are primarily two different travel routes that can be considered, depending upon individual preferences. It is one of the best road trips around Bangalore for all travel lovers.

Via NH 75 (Bangalore – Kunigal – Channarayapatna – Hassan – Belur - Chikmagalur): The shortest and often fastest route between Bangalore and Chikmagalur is via NH 75 where the distance of 245 KM can be covered in approximately 4 hours and 15 minutes. This road has several tolls and the roads conditions are usually good and the ride is pleasurable. You will pass the historic towns of Hassan and Belur on this route.  

Via NH 73 (Bangalore – Tumkur – Tiptur – Arsikere – Chikmagalur) which is the slightly longer route, where although the total distance is still approximately 245 KM, however, the journey time is 5.25 hours. You will pass through the town of Tumkur, known as the city of coconuts and also the town of Tiptur, whose name is said to have originated from the word ‘dried coconut’.

Number of hours-
The distance from Bangalore to Chikmagalur is approximately 245 KM and can be covered in 4 and a half to 5 and half hours by road, depending on the route taken.

Approximate Cost-
The cost of travel in this option includes primarily the cost of fuel which is estimated to be approximately INR 800 for a one-way journey. If you are travelling with friends, this cost can be pooled amongst the group. Moreover, you have the convenience of leaving at your own schedule and take rest stop during the scenic drive. It is always advisable to check for the most recent traffic and road conditions just before your trip.

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Bangalore to Chikmagalur by Train

Bangalore to Chikmagalur by Train

If you want to travel from Bangalore to Chikmagalur on a train journey, there are limited travel options available for you.

Number of trains- There is a single passenger train called Yesvantpur Chikmagalur Fast Passenger (Train Number 56278) that runs on a daily routine, and leaves Yeshwantpur station, which is about 8 KM from central Bangalore at 3.15pm in the afternoon and arrives at Chikmagalur at 10pm on the same day, covering the distance of approximately 245 KM in 6 hours and 45 minutes, with 20 halts at intermediate stations.

Rail connectivity, however, is a whole lot better between Bangalore and Kadur, which is about 40 KM from Chikmagalur. So if you are okay to travel on road from Kadur to Chikmagalur, you can find six to seven trains from Bangalore (Krishnarajapuram,
Bangalore City and Yesvantpur stations) to Kadur, most of which will cover the distance of approximately 200 KM in 3 to 4 hours. For additional information on this option, please visit the Indian Railways website.

Nearby Railway Station –
The nearest railway station is the Chikmagalur (code name CMGR) and is nearby the main city area or Kadur (code name DRU) which is approximately 40 KM from Chikmagalur.

From nearby Railway station to bus/other modes of transport – The Chikmagalur bus stand is a short distance away from the railway station. It takes less than five minutes to travel from the railway station to the bus stand. In addition, there is an auto-rickshaw stand at the railway station to take you to your desired hotel.

Distance from nearby railway station to Coorg-
The distance from Chikmagalur railway station to Coorg is approximately 155 KM.

No. of hours journey-
The train journey covers the distance to Chikmagalur within 6 to 8 hours.

Approximate cost-
The approximate cost would be INR 250 to INR 300.

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Bangalore to Chikmagalur by Air

Bangalore to Chikmagalur by Air

For those who prefer to travel by Air, unfortunately, Chikmagalur being a small town currently doesn’t have an airport that connects with major Indian cities on commercial passenger operations. The nearest airport is at Mangalore, which is approximately 120 KM from Chikmagalur and 3-hour drive away.

However, if you still prefer the air route, you could take one of the several short regional flights from Bangalore to Mangalore, which would take less than an hour and then cover the remaining distance by road, either in a rental car or by bus.

Must Visit Between Bangalore & Chikmagalur




Located near Channarayapatna of the Hassan district, Shravanabelagola is a historic town and a sought after place for religious devotees and spiritual seekers alike. It has the world’s largest monolithic statue of Lord Gomateshwara, making it one of the first seven wonders of our country.

Located in the Vindhyagiri hills, the calm of the surroundings makes it for a serene place where thousands of monks get together for meditation and to surrender themselves to this sanctuary where they can get deliverance. 

Standing at 57 feet tall, the statue is symbolic of peace and spiritualism. Every 12 years Jains from all over the world get together for the Mahamastakabhisheka where they worship the deity in a huge religious festival. The last one happened in 2006, so the next one to occur is in 2018. It is 12 kms from the Bangalore- Mangalore Highway NH48, 52 Kms from Hassan town and 160 Kms from Bangalore on the way to Chikmagalur.

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Places to visit in Chikmagalur


Gorur Dam

Hassan district boasts of many a tourist spots and of places to visit and see. One such spot is the Gorur Dam which is a Hemavathi reservoir built in the 1900’s across the Hemavathi River, a tributary of Kaveri. The dam is named after a famous Kannada literary personality called Gorur Ramaswamy Iyengar. It is a sight to behold and makes for a great picnic spot with a beautiful garden right next to it.

When the gates of the reservoir opens up and the gush of water falls down, it is another sight to behold. In the morning time you can see all the water birds coming to the reservoir. The best time to visit the dam is from October to March when the reservoir has more water and the area has a lot of activities around it. It is 22 Kms from Hassan and 192 Kms from Bangalore.

Shettihalli Rosary Church

Shettihalli Rosary Church

Shettihalli Church, or known as the drowning Church of Karnataka, the beauty of this church is that it remains submerged in the backwaters of Hemavathy River throughout the year except for summers, when the water recedes and the Church can be visited by travellers and locals alike.

Built over 450 years ago, the Church’s architecture has Gothic designs and is a beautiful sight to see. Architect lovers and Church lovers both get to see this one of a kind Church in India. It is 22 Kms from Hassan and around 200 Kms from Bangalore. 

The beautiful skeleton of the massive ruins is a photographer’s delight. There is not much to see around here besides the Church, so if you come during the time of Summer, remember to pack yourself a picnic lunch if you want to enjoy some family time or get together with friends and just enjoy the serenity and calm against a great archaeological backdrop.

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Manjarabad Fort

Manjarabad Fort
Located in Sakleshpur, a town in the Hassan district, Manjarabad Fort is a beautiful Star shaped fort, built by Tipu Sultan in 1792. The fort was erected in a strategic location as a defensive location for enemy reconnaissance and to store ammunitions.

Its strategic location use to help soldiers keep an eye on the British Army making its way from Mangalore. The beautiful fort has an Islamic style architecture, arched entranceways and is designed to be at the same level unlike the other forts.

The fort has an underground tunnel that used to lead to Srirangapatna and later was used to dump dead bodies. It is around 227 Kms from Bangalore and around 60 Kms from Hassan. You can have a great majestic view of the Western Ghats from the fort. A drone camera can well capture the wonderful aerial view of the forts star shaped structure.


Halebeedu used to be the regal capital city of the Hoysala Empire in the 12th-13th century. The name literally translates to mean the “old city” or the “ruined city” and used to be called Dwarasamudra, meaning entrance to the ocean. Located in the Hassan district, Halebeedu is steeped in Hoysala architecture and there are a lot of shrines which has been erected during those times.

Some of the famous temples are the Hoysaleswara, Kedareshwara and Shanteshwar, most of these shrines have been built out of chloritic schist which is a soft rock and allows for minute carving without damaging the foundation.

Seeped in history and nature, it not only makes for an amazing place to visit, but is also an archaeologist delight. It doesn’t have too many options for stay besides one basic State tourism accommodation, so most people stay in Hassan and visit. It is just 40 Kms from Hassan and around 230 Kms from Bangalore.


Belur and Halebeedu are called the twin towns due to its proximity and along with Shravanabelagola, it forms the Golden Triangle of Karnataka tourism. Belur is situated on the banks of the alluring river of Hassan and just like Halebeedu, is steeped in the Hoysala architecture and is home to many temples and shrines showcasing that era’s architectural workmanship. It is 53 Kms away from Chikmagalur and was the second capital to the Hoysala Empire and was also known by the name of Vellapally.

It is quite famous for its regal and majestic temples, which are still in use by their devotees. One of the main attraction of this place is the Chennakesava temple which was built to honour Chennakesava, another form of Lord Vishnu. The grand opulence can be seen in its design and architecture. The other attraction close to this temple is the step well or Pushkarni which is to the right side of the entrance.

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Yagachi Dam

Yagachi Dam
Around 3 Kms from Belur and around 20 Kms away from Chikamagalur, this dam was built in 2001 and is a popular visiting spot. Yagachi Dam is built across the Yagachi River, another tributary of river Kaveri, as a reservoir with the objective to harness the water resources for the purpose of irrigation and making drinking water available to the Hassan, Belur and Chikmagalur region.

In a place filled with religious temples and shrines, this place hosts a bunch of water sports and various activities are there in Chikmagalur to titillate your adventure bone.

If you love the adrenaline rush from the adventure sports, don’t give it a miss. The boat rides, jet skis, speed boats, banana boat ride, kayaking and canoeing offer the travellers plethora of fun and frolic to enjoy the whole day. Carry an extra pair of clothing and you will be set. Do find out the timings for the water sports.

Places to Visit in Chikmagalur



This majestic and one of the highest mountain peaks in Karnataka is located in the Chandra Drona hill ranges in the Western Ghats of Chikmagalur. It is at a height of 1930 meters above the sea level and the mountains rich flora and fauna extends up to 1600 Kms parallel to the West Coast and touches states like Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Mullayanagiri is a picturesque beauty with fifty shades of green spread across. The top of the hills have a small Shiva temple and the trek to that point is breathtaking. The trek starts from the Sarpadhari (meaning Snakes way) Bus stop, which is around 15 Kms from Chikamagalur and is a steep 3 km long trek to the top which can be covered in 1.5 hours. The mountains offers a grand vista viewpoint of its neighbouring range and each step of the trek calls you out to breathe in as much beauty as you can.

There is a cave around the trek that can be explored as well. This is one of those treks which will leave you thinking about it way past the finishing line. For those who want to break out more sweat, there are options for mountain biking and road biking along the hills too.

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Hebbe Falls

Hebbe Falls
Hebbe Falls is located within a coffee plantation 10 Kms away from Kemmangundi hill station. Known for its mineral-rich and herbal qualities, these beautiful waterfalls are a sight for the sore eyes. It is almost 250 feet tall and can be either reached by vehicle or reached by doing a down way trek of 8 kms to the falls. The white foaming water makes for a stupendous sight within the greens of the nature. The tall mountains glorifies the falls especially when it makes its way down to hit the lake at the bottom.

The cascading water hits the huge boulders on the way to split into two main streams of water and becomes the Chikka Hebbe and Dodda Hebbe falls. Chikka means small falls and Dodda means big falls and hence the respective names. The water is known for its healing properties due to it being rich in minerals and is known to cure skin diseases. The surrounding areas and the coffee plantation can also be explored when visiting the falls.

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Kudremukh National Park

Kudremukh National Park
Declared as a reserve forest in the year 1916 and a National Park in 1987, Kudremukh National Park is rich in flora and surrounded by many coffee and tea plantations. It was declared as a National Park for preservation and conservation of wildlife and biodiversity. The pristine and huge national park is home to a rich wildlife like tiger, leopard, Malabar giant squirrel, common langur, wild dogs, sloth, bear, sambar, spotted deer etc. and has around 190 species of birds besides reptiles like snakes and tortoise.  

The park is around 90 Kms from Chikmagalur city. It has been named Kudremukh, the literal translation of which means Horse's face, due to one of its eponymous peaks which resembles a horse’s face. The Park also makes an excellent choice for Trekkers, having long winding trails rolling down the mountain range. You will have to seek the permission of the forest ranger to trek inside the park though. Another main attraction inside the park is the Kadambi waterfalls cascading down making that beautiful tinkling noise over the hilly terrain.

The best time to see the wildlife is between December and February. There are several options for accommodations near the park and travellers can also choose to stay in the forest rest areas inside the park, but have to book in advance. The fees for the park is INR 200 for Indians and INR 1000 for foreigners.



Kemmangundi hill station also popularly known as KR hills was named thus after the Mysore King Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV, which was used as a summer retreat by him as he was mesmerized by the beauty of this hill station.  Later he handed over his resort to the Government of Karnataka, which is a heritage property now.

The horticulture department of Karnataka also develops and maintains the resort and its surroundings and grows a lot of ornamental plants here. You can get lost in the huge expanse of gardens, lush green valleys and high rolling mountains that can be experienced here at Kemmangundi. The place derives its name from the Kannada words Kempu (red), mannu (soil) and gundi (pit), which is what it is a place with red soil.  

The picturesque hill station enchants all its visitors with its beauty and tranquillity. One can get lost here and in a good way, away from the humdrum of the city, this place offers solace and peace for those seeking it.  The main attractions of Kemmangundi are the Raj Bhavan, Z Point, Rock Garden, Baba Budangiri, Bhadra Tiger Reserve, Hebbe Falls and Kalathgiri falls. The view from the Raj Bhavan makes for a photographers delight and is simply breathtaking.


Baba Budangiri

Baba Budangiri
These beautiful mountain ranges of Mullayanagiri, Kemmangundi and Baba Budangiri used to be collectively known as Chandra Drona Parvatha. These mountains are rich with minerals and herbs and during the monsoon season when all the water cascades down in a stream of water falls, they are known to have healing properties and many locals and travellers drink its water for that reason. The serene and tranquil mountains call out the nature lover in you and you would want to explore every inch of this place.

The monsoon season particularly has each and every inch of the range carpeted in green and seasonal colourful flora, the fragrance of which fills up your senses and leaves the travellers wanting more. There are many treks in and around Chikmagalur, which can be explored. This magnificent mountain is known for the shrine that was built for the Sufi Saint Hazrat Dada Hayat Kalandar, and the best part is that it is visited by Muslims and Hindus alike as a place of worship.

One of the most interesting attractions in these mountain range are the three beautiful caves that is known to have the three Siddhas buried in them. They host a festival every year in these caves, which will be worth the trip.
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Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary
Situated around 38 Kms from Chikmagalur, Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is the 25th Project Tiger Reserve and boasts of having around 33 tigers besides other wildlife animals like Boars, Sambars, Chitals, and Leopards etc. It is situated between the Western Ghat ranges of Chikmagalur and Shimoga and is enveloped by the Baba Budangiri Hills giving it a most wonderful lush green ambience. The sanctuary got its name due to the Bhadra River which flows through the rich and dense forest providing for the wildlife and the flora around.

Families can make a day trip from Chikmagalur to visit this huge Sanctuary and have an educational and informational trip for their young ones too. The sanctuary is ideal for a visit between 6.30- 8.30 am and from 4- 6 pm to capture the activities of the wildlife at its peak. More than 120 species of trees grow here and is actually a true sanctuary for almost more than 250 species of birds which are endemic to the Western Ghats.  

You can also spot some exotic butterflies, which are rare to find elsewhere. There are activities like trekking and jungle safari which can be explored too, besides water-based adventures, camping, bird watching and rock climbing. You will need to pay INR 350 to book a vehicle and INR 150 to carry your camera inside.

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Sharadamba Temple

Sharadamba Temple
Around 86 Kms West of Chikmagalur, in Sringeri town, is this beautiful Temple of Sharadamba established by Shri Shankaracharya and is a famous pilgrimage centre for the disciples of Adi Shankaracharya. This was established in the 8th century when Sri Shankaracharya also established the Sharada Peetham Matha.  

The temple is resplendent with the Devi Saraswati's idol and every year during Dussera and other major festivals, the temple is invaded by thousands of worshippers who come to pay their respect.
A religious place, Sringeri is a beautiful town situated on the banks of River Tunga. There is an enchanting mythological story behind the establishment of the Temple and the Matha which is one of the 5 mathas around India.

It is said that Sri Shankaracharya spent 12 years in this place and built 4 other temples around the matha, namely- Kalabhairava Temple, Durga temple, Anjaneya Temple and Kali Temple. He built the Sharadamba temple and established a sandalwood idol of Sharada Devi in a standing Posture, which was later destroyed during the Muslim invasion and soon was replaced with a golden idol of Sharadamba in a seated posture.

Kalhatti Fall

Kalhatti Fall
Around 50 Kms north of Chikmagalur, Kalhatti falls are just 10 kms away from Kemmangundi Hill Station and offer a view from the Chandra Drona hills. Also known as the Kalahasti falls and if the legends are to be believed, it is said that Sage Agastya has prayed here for a very long time. The falls are not remarkably tall but make for a wondrous sight when it flows over the Veerbhadra Temple which is right in front of the falls. The temple was supposed to have been built during the Vijayanagar times.

The temple has three stone elephants carved on the entrance over which the waterfalls cascade down and it is believed that these waters can cure all skin ailments if bathed or drank from. There are many devotees who believe this and make sure to get some for their personal use. During March/April an annual fair is held for Lord Veerbhadra, which is attended in huge gatherings by devotees and travellers alike.

There are many trekking opportunities too for trekkers with the base in Tarikere, 35 kms from Kemmanagundi. Trekkers can enjoy the panoramic view of the verdant valleys resplendent with colourful flora. Accommodations are also available in the Horticulture Guesthouse in Kalhatti.

Coffee Museum

Coffee Museum
Chikmagalur is known for its coffee plantation spread all over the Chandra Drona Hills and in the Hill stations of Mullayanagiri and the nearby mountain ranges across Western Ghats. House to many a coffee plantation it is but an extension of the place to help travellers and coffee aficionados understand the rich history and culture behind the origin of coffee drinking. An initiation by the Coffee Board of India, the museum is located behind the Zila Panchayat office and can be visited during weekdays between 10 am to 1 pm and again between 2 pm to 5.30 pm. It is one of the most beautiful sights in Chikmagalur. 

The museum building is lined with pots on either sides growing coffee plants in them and makes for a pretty sight with the green beans hanging from their branches. There is a whole educational tour inside the museum about the coffee's journey from a bean to the cup. There is a quality and evaluation center as well which you can see and get an insight of what goes on while choosing coffee of high quality.  The Coffee Museum makes for a fascinating trip and if you have a couple of hours to spare from soaking in all that the Ghats have to offer, then do come for an amazing aroma filled tour of this museum. It is a guarantee you won’t be leaving without buying a few coffee beans yourself.

Resorts to Stay in Chikmagalur


Eagle Eye Resort

Eagle Eye Resort
Located at Hoscote Coffee Estate, sprawling over 130-acre plantation, Eagle Eye Resort is in Chikmagalur district an hour away from the main Chikmagalur town, at a distance of around 48 Kms. The Resort boasts of being a base for all kinds of travellers alike- the spiritual, the adventurous, the religious, the wildlife lover, the trekker, the coffee aficionado, the nature lover, the honeymooner, the family, the group traveller etc.

The resort has most of the attractions and tourist spots accessible and within a short distance from their place. Located in the lush green, it offers a variety of accommodation to choose from –standard rooms, cottages, villas, skywalk villas, waterfall villas, tree house, glass house, there is something for everyone.

Their various facilities include multi-utility swimming pool, Game room, outdoor activities like fishing, camping, boating, rock climbing at Vidyagiri, Ecotourism like guided tour to the coffee plantation and trekking in and around the Estate etc.

Not too deep a dig for the pockets, the rooms should be booked in advance and if booked via any Bangalore to Chikmagalur packages, it can be priced at budget prices too. The tariffs on this rooms for two people (with meals inclusive) can vary from INR 2500/- per day to 4500/-.

Kalgreen Valley Resort

Kalgreen Valley Resort
Located in Kalasapura Estate, in Koppa Taluk, Kalgreen Valley Resort is just 5 kms away from the Koppa bus stand and around 77 Kms from Chikmagalur town. The resort makes arrangement for Plantation visit, trekking and boating and also guides to all the nearby locations within 1 Km distance like Andagal Temple, Church, Bathrakali temple.

There are 18 houses and villas in the estate and they are all priced very reasonably. This resort in Chikmagalur boasts of many facilities like private lake, conference room, swimming pools, multi-cuisine restaurants etc.

Rooms come with basic amenities like TV, AC, laundry, 24-hour room service and rooms in budgeted price. So if you want a decent room, in a low price Kalgreen offers you all that and more while making you stay in the lap of nature surrounded by calm and lush green of the mountain range.

There are no cancellation charges on the rooms booked if done through travel websites and the room Tariffs can vary from INR 1500 for a standard non A/C room to INR 4000 for a huge family room for a night stay.

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JenuKallu Resort

JenuKallu Resort
JenuKallu Resort is located at the foothills of the JenuKallu mountain range, near Devaldkere village and is at a distance of around 57 Kms South of Chikmagalur. Enveloped by the hills and ranges, the resort gives you a breathtaking view of the exotic surroundings- the untouched and unspoilt wilderness, the majestic mountain backdrop, the lush green of the flora, the gushing streams and the wafting fragrance of the many exotic flowers, all give you a sense of a heady feeling and this vacation will stay back with you long after it is over and make you want to come back for more.

The resort has many facilities, the main of which is giving you the entire plantation to explore and become one with nature. You can get a guided tour and see how the coffee plantations thrive and what goes into its cultivation. There are other activities that JenuKallu offers on requests like trekking in the JenuKallu Mountains, jungle treks and various outdoor game activities like kite flying, football, volleyball, fishing, campfires, etc.

The resort not only offers rooms with modern facilities and amenities but all camps and tents for pitching in and around the vast expanse of its estate, and make you feel one with nature. The Tariffs for rooms per person per night is around INR 3500.

The Serai Resort

The Serai Resort
Just 7 kms from Chikmagalur town, this upmarket resort is pricey but gorgeous in its setting, not only on the outside but on the inside as well. Boasting of amazing luxurious rooms, to fine dining and multi-cuisine restaurants and lounges, the resort offers a plethora of activities for its guests and has an amazing “Inspired by Coffee” packages for their guests.

They have estate villas with pools and Jacuzzis, estate villas with terrace and residence villas all come with amenities like a private pool, private dining area while also having a beautiful bar lounge called the Blue Sky Lounge, where you can chill out after a long day amidst nature and wanting to unwind.

The Serai Resort caters to a lot of foreign tourists and that’s why has a lot of planned packages that you can avail of which allows for the resort to take care of your travel and exploring needs. The tariffs are mentioned on the website and vary from INR 29000 to INR 88000.

Taj Gateway Resort

Taj Gateway Resort
Around 6 Kms from Chikmagalur town on KM road, this property of Taj, is a rare combination of modern colonial and boho chic. Airy and nestled in the lush green, this beautiful resort has a vibe which is hard to ignore.

It has standard rooms and cottage rooms and the Tariff varies from INR 9,500 to INR 10,500 per night.

Offbeat Places to Stay in Chikmagalur

Offbeat Places to Stay in Chikmagalur

If you want to nestle away from the town and experience the joys of nature then there are a few offbeat places you can check out for your stay and accommodation while traveling from Bangalore to Chikmagalur. These are:

  • Halliberri Cottages, Athigiri.

  • The Spectrum Homestay, Dasara Halli Grama.

  • The Last Resort Homestay, Ballavara.

  • Honeyvale Homestay, Javali.

  • The Hidden Valley Homestay, Machagondanahally.

  • Tusk and Dawn, Sakleshpur.

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Best Places to Eat in Chikmagalur


The Estate Café

The Estate Café
Close to the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary (in Muthodi forest), this café is housed in a 140 year old plantation. Beautiful rustic and cozy, it serves only the local estate grown Arabica coffee and the local Malnad style cuisine. It offers plantation walks to its guests and has all clean amenities with an ample parking space.
It can also hosts events like birthdays and official parties.  Just 20 minutes away from Chikmagalur town, it is very popular with the locals and travellers alike. Their local grown coffee is a must have and its sandwiches are well complimented. Address- Channenahalli ‘A’ Estate, Mallandpur- 577130

Coffee Barn Café

 Coffee Barn Café
This quaint little coffee shop in Chikmagalur is warm, colorful and has an amazing menu on their list. With wall murals inside and wooden décor, the owners make you feel at home and take care of your food needs. They recently also started renting out bikes to help you move around the narrow by lanes and roads in the hills. They have a wide range of milk shakes and give home delivery as well. It is a little on the pricier side.  Address- Alampura, Chikmagalur-577101

Town Canteen

Town Canteen
Town Canteen is a 57 year old restaurant and is a popular place to eat where you can get your buck with a bang. Their Dosas and coffees are amazing and always on popular demand. They don’t have much on their menu list so do not go with more expectation. But whatever you get will be made well and will be hearty. Address- SH57, Vijayapura- 577101

Siri Café

Siri Café
This café is beautifully landscaped and makes for a great resting and eating place. With fountains and ponds and green hillocks, eating here feels like you are amidst nature. The food and ambience is great too and this makes for a great family place for kids to run around in the ample space that it has.  Address- Aralaguppe Village, Tarikere Road, SH57, Chikmagalur-577101

Odyssey, The Serai

Odyssey, The Serai

Located in The Serai resorts, Odyssey offers multi cuisine menu for its guests and customers. The landscape around the restaurant is beautiful and overlooks the pool which offers a sense of calm. The ambience is cool and contemporary.  The food is a bit pricey but good, with it serving Indian and Asian menu. Address- The Serai, Mugthihalli Post, KM Road 577133.

Things To Keep in Mind


Things to Carry

Things to Carry

Despite planning well in advance, there are many a times when the plans go awry and your checklists are not ticked off when it is time to head out. So, while, for novice travellers, a checklist is a must and a handy tool, it doesn’t fail to do the same even if you are a travel expert. While you may carry the essentials and the basic necessities to survive a holiday here are a few reminders that come in handy while traveling:

-Don’t forget to carry a good camera. The Western Ghats calls for amazing picture worthy scenes and you don’t want to miss capturing that.

-Make sure that you travel light and carry extra blankets. You should pack in a light jacket for the nippy night times and early cool mornings. It gets very cold in the Ghats in the night time.

-Carry an umbrella to be ready for errant rains or make sure your hotel will provide you one when you visit. Call in advance for weather forecast and other travel tips.

-Don’t forget to pack in a mosquito repellent, especially for evening to late night visits to forests or while strolling in the expanse of nature. Some of the restaurants also have outside seating making it bug and mosquito friendly. It is always better to be prepared to give you the much needed relief.

-Pack some coolers to carry your drinks and food. The heat can beat down and a chilled drink along the way doesn’t make for a bad addition to the journey.

-Remember to check with your local friends or authorities as to what are the regulations for carrying liquor (if you plan on it) into the city and outside of it. Most people making road trips like to carry alcohol with them, sometimes the police patrols in the border are very strict and do regular checks. Please ensure that you don’t fall prey and are well informed. Or else there goes some part of your holiday.

-Carry your portable chargers, well charged in advance from home in case of emergencies. No one wants to end up in the middle of nowhere with no batteries left on their phones to call for an emergency.

-Once you are all stocked up, make sure to smile and laugh a lot and to enjoy the peace and carry the tranquillity in your hearts while visiting the beautiful Chikamagalur.


Travel Tips for Chikmagalur Trip from Bangalore

Travel Tips for Chikmagalur Trip from Bangalore

-Make sure you book your homestays and resorts well in advance since they get booked up fast well before time. Check out reviews on and other travel websites before booking a place.

-Make sure you don’t book a homestay too deep into the forest during monsoon season. It is known to bear heavy rain falls during monsoon and there is a great likelihood of a landslide. You do not want to get stuck in that.

-If you are a great driver, then all is well. But if not, then do not hesitate to hire a driver for your trip, one who is accustomed to driving on the long windy trails of the mountains.

-Take a sturdy vehicle like an SUV, which will help you navigate well in the Western Ghats.

-While there are quite a few petrol/diesel stations along both routes, it is advisable to plan bio breaks to coincide with food breaks at places such as Cafe Coffee Day, McDonalds, Dominos’, Pizza Hut etc. which you can conveniently find on highways.

-There are several toll roads along the route and it is advisable to keep loose change while making these payments. The highways are good but be prepared to see potholes and poor road conditions intermittently.

-Needless to say, most road trips including this one should be accompanied with Google Maps and driving directions as these can make all the difference towards a happy and safe trip. Be aware to marry both the google maps and the physical map to get the optimum travel distance via road. Sometimes google has a way of taking you through a much longer route. The one positive that you can take away from that, in case you do get stuck in the longer route, is to enjoy the beautiful scenic view.

-Due to the relatively limited number of train options from Bangalore to Chikamagalur, it is advisable to book train tickets as early in advance as possible.

-If your travel plans include train/bus/airfare while traveling and includes staying at hotels and resorts at your destination, and you do not have the luxury of time at hand then the best thing to do it get yourself one of those Bangalore to Pondicherry packages from the travel agencies giving you the best deals possible. Not only do they make an itinerary for you to follow but everything else gets taken care of for you. Your local travel, your entry fees to the attractions and the must to do items also gets checked off.

The most important thing that we take for granted while trying to give ourselves this gift of travel is that we forget to relax and be happy. Smile in anticipation of what this journey might mean to you. The trip from Bangalore to Chikamagalur may not be a once in a lifetime opportunity for you, but the memories you make are definitely going to be a lifelong one. Happy Travels.
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Places To Visit In Chikmagalur
"One hell of a crazy trek this one. The views were just splendid, and the organisers had it all charted out, and were extremely helpful. \n\nAn initial route through the forest is what we go through which is not that tiring, but after this stretch we move on to the most difficult part of the trek, where we come across the Hidlumane falls and we need to trek in quite a difficult terrain. Post all this stressful climbing, whatever the view you get is unmatched, all that pain, even though there physically, would have vanished mentally.\n\nBest to trek during monsoon or after the monsoon has receded to an extent as the hills are completely covered in green until the eyes can see. It's a treat for the eyes to feast on watching the western ghats in full glory."
04 September 2019
My first ever trekking experience and I could not have asked for a better one. Booked for this trek just 2 days before, solely based on other trekkers' thrillophilia reviews and amazing pics they have posted on Thrillophilia website. Moreover, it was going to be a solo trek for me and quite obviously, I had so many questions and apprehensions but after experiencing one hell of an trekking expedition, what I could say is 'If you want to go for a trek, just go for it, don't think too much and you won't regret later and experience it as done by so many folks who have shared about their amazing adventures at thrillophilia reviews. Firstly, the tempo traveller which picked us up from Bangalore was quite comfortable and clean. Colin, who was our host for the trek initiated some ice breaking sessions at the beginning of the travel itself so that we all become familiar to our co-trekkers. Once we reached homestay at the destination point, I would say the arrangements were quite decent. Of course, we could not expect lavish facilities in an economical trip but must say, it had all that we truly required, good food, hot water shower, spacious balcony for all fun activities and amazing view outside. We were literally in the middle of the forest. Only thing that was a little turn-off for me was that the bedsheets were giving foul smell and 8 of us were sharing a single room so that one had to be patient to allow fellow trekkers for the use of washroom. However, please note there were separate rooms for guys and girls. The itinerary was more or less the same as shared by people at thrillophilia reviews.Starting at around 10pm from Bangalore, we reached the homestay at around 5am on Saturday. We rested for few hours, had our breakfast at around 7.30 and kicked off our trekking at 8.00. To begin with, it was just a normal road with forest on either sides but soon comes the path literally through the dense forest and since it was the time of monsoon, it was drizzling a bit and the forest was full of leeches clinging onto us at every step and trying their level best to suck our blood. We were quite vigilant to get rid of them and once they were being difficult to be removed, we were using salt. Just sprinkle a little salt on them and they will detach from you instantly. After an intriguing forest journey battling those leeches, we found ourselves on a grassy open field. We then scanned our body and shoes for any more leeches and once we were clear, marched ahead through the paddy fields to the rocky terrains with water flowing by your side. Soon, we reached a small water fall area. We took some pictures at that spot and when I was thinking that we would probably go back and resume our journey from some other point, I felt quite adventurous when I came to know that we were actually going to cross the water canal and climb up to the top through the super slippery rocks by the side of the fall, all the way to the top where actually the main water fall lies which I always wanted to visit after reading thrillophilia reviews.My advice is not to step on the green patches on the rocks covered with mosses, those are damn slippery and since there was nothing where you can take the support or cling onto, one have to be really careful that they don't slip through these rocks. After some uphill climbing, we finally reached to the, so far the most amazing spot, right at the main waterfall area. Without thinking twice, we rushed under the fall and trust me it felt so damn good and relaxing. It became even more thrilling when our host guided us to the small cave formed right behind the fall. It was definitely not easier to get inside with the water hitting you so hard that you could not see or breathe properly for few seconds but I felt victorious when I reached inside the cave finally and to witness the waterfall from inside the cave was a different experience altogether. Once we were done with the waterfall, came the part of journey which involves a lot of steep climbing through the forest and mostly the trails were on the edge of the hills, where we had to be careful not to slip not unless if you want to experience a free fall :-) And soon we were out on the open area again but this time it was on the steep slope of the hill and it was quite tiring to reach to the peak of the hill fighting with the muscle cramps. Nonetheless, each part of journey was fun and even more pleasing when we got to see diverse landscapes. Once we reached the peak, rested for a while, had our lunch and then started our descent downwards. The lunch box which included tomato rice was provided at the homestay in the morning itself. Soon, we were again under the attack of leeches but must say we fought bravely one more time. We then resumed our trek through a much easier lane to reach to a tea point and had a tea break. Then, came the last part of our trek, which was 1.5 kms uphill climbing to reach to Sarvajna Peetha, a small shrine dedicated to Adi Shankara about which many people have recommended visiting it at thrillophilia reviews. This part was even more fun as it rained heavily and the entire area was covered with fog that we could hardly see few yards ahead. Moreover, the wind was blowing so strong that sometimes I felt that it would carry me away with it. Since that spot was where our itinerary ended, we all felt so jubilant, took some pictures and then again descended back to the tea point, where a jeep took us all the way down, back to our homestay. Not to forget, the jeep ride was so damn fun that it sure would give you some chills and adrenaline rush, the reason being there's no proper road and the way the jeep's driven through the rocky, muddy and bumpy surface, it would be a memorable ride. Once we reached homestay, took bath in hot water shower and got rid of our wet clothes. We then played no. of group games like Mafia and Uno, had the dinner and called it a day. Woke up next day (Sunday) with few body aches, cramps and leech bite marks but eh! nothing could ever beat the amazing experience we had the earlier day. Wounds and pain will heal but the memories will last forever. We then had a breakfast at around 7.30 and departed back to Bangalore at 8.00. We stopped at Nagara Fort at around 30 kms from homestay, took some pics and resumed our journey. So all in all, it was a great experience getting close to the mother nature and far from these modern gadgets for a day. Besides the amazing trek we had, I would always cherish the camaraderie I shared with my co-trekkers in such a short span of time and I would really like to thank Colin, our host about whom many people have mentioned at thrillophilia reviews for organising such a wonderful trek and making us so comfortable throughout the entire trip. Colin was associated with the vendor team and as a satisfied customer, I will definitely look forward to more of such trips with the same vendor for sure. With all this, I would happily recommend my all trekking enthusiasts to go for this trek and I can vouch that you will come back with nothing but all smiles and tons of fascinating memories with you.
09 November 2018
This was my 2nd SOLO trek through Thrillophilia. I am passionate about trekking and i feel Thrillophilia is one of the trusted platform, through them i can plan my solo trekking without any 2nd thought. Kodachadri trekking was one of my awesome experience. They experience going through Jungle, waterfall, the valley of mountain and at the end reaching to the peak of 1343m its just awesome. #loveKodachadriTrek....!!
17 September 2018
I would say that this is once in a lifetime trekking experience. Conquering the 3 highest peak. Karthik n Anupam who were our ODL made our trek memorable n entertaining through out, very friendly n energetic guys. We never felt that this was a group trek with some strangers, it was a nice bonding experience n meet new people. It’s a must do for core trekkers.. tests your endurance n spirt. 22 kms to n fro.. if u think only climb would b difficult n u can come down easily your wrong.. the path is so narrow n tricks n will test you in each n evry corner. A sense of accomplishment after completing the trip successfully with lots of stories to tell around and eager to venture on the next one. Thanks a lot to Anupam n karthik who took such good care of us throughout the trip.. awesome hospitality. Would love trekking with you all again soon
15 August 2014
Kudremukh is an amazing peak and so far I had just heard about this place but finally I get to see it. Amazing place - loved the trekking experience. What an experience. I'm going again.
It was an awesome experience, the 3 days Chikmagalur tour was a fun and relaxing experience. Nice accommodation, neat & cleans rooms and the food was also good. We had fun while trekking and visiting the beautiful waterfalls.
22 January 2020
We booked for 4 and we were so happy there on all over the trip, the food and camp was fine. The games and activities there and singing around the bonfire is very relaxing and satisfactory… we are coming again for sure.
03 March 2020
The trekking trail is covered with lush greenery which can be seen throughout the trek and it looks amazing. The mountain views from the top are magnificent and the feeling was amazing to see the views from the highest peak of Karnataka.
24 February 2020
We wanted to the trekking from long time finally we decided Thrillophilia because of its discounts and good reviews. The place was stanning and definitely the camps were comfortable. I m satisfied with the guide as his behaviour towards us is good and also he helped us regarding the food. very good experience and we enjoyed it.
02 January 2020
Excellent trip with the amazing group, the guide was a professional person and we enjoyed with him, although our group was of 10 but we had a super trip like I cannot compare. Such a beautiful place with so many different views to enjoy. Very well managed trip with no worries. We will do this again soon and recommend you all to try this one out.

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