Hebbal Lake Overview

Hebbal lake is an ideal place for the photography fanatics and bird watchers as there are over 70 waterbird species and other rare ones. Hebbal lake is located along the Bellary road in the northern part of Bangalore and is an oasis to many migratory and exotic birds. 

This 150 acres long lake was created by the founder of Bangalore Kempe Gowda along with two other lakes in the city in 1537. Later, two artificial islands were created during the restoration and maintenance of the lake and the two islands attract flocks of bird species which is the most attractive feature of the place as the islands have now become a ground for breeding and nesting.

 There is a garden adjacent to the park where people often celebrate some leisurely hours. Hebbal lake is glorified post monsoon but dries up during the summer season hence spring is the best time to take a tour around this lake.

Location: National Highway 7, Bellary Road, Outer Ring Road, Bangalore, Karnataka 560024, India

Best Time to Visit: Spring and post-monsoon time when some of the rarest birds can be spotted.

Price: No entry fee.

Things to do: Boating, early morning jogging or evening walk, bird watching, and photography.

Timings: From sunrise to sunset hours.

Average time required to visit the place: 1 to 2 hours.

Distance from Kempe Gowda Bus stand: Around 13 KM.

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Spreading over 150 acres of area, magnificent Hebbal Lake is one of the fascinating tourist attractions in Bangalore. Today when you visit this spot, you won't believe that once it was a garbage dump. The renovation work done on this lake speaks a volume, and a large number of visitors reaching here make it evident.

This lake is a simple take on your rejuvenation escapade to invest some time in a place that is quaint yet abundant in natural beauty. Most of the people hit this place to witness a flock of exotic bird species surrounding all over this lake and boosting its beauty. 

You can get a glimpse of birds like purple moorhens, Brahminy kites, darters, cormorants, grey herons, pond herons and much more. Further, you’ll find a gorgeous garden near the lake that is a perfect picnic spot for many.

Nestled along Bellary road, this is a seasonal lake. The lake dries up throughout the summertime, but the surprising part is that it retrieves its beauty in the monsoon. The vivid flowers, lush plants, and a lot of trees are dotting the place and painting a surreal picture all around.

The trip to this lake is an excellent decision for those looking for a serene retreat from the bustling metropolitan city. Thus, Hebbal Lake is a treat to the eyes for every visitor due to its idyllic landscapes, lots of birds, and vivid greenery. No doubt, visitors get a lot to admire and to click a lot of pictures to post on your social media handles.

 History of Hebbal Lake

Kempe Gowda, the founder of Bangalore, established three lakes in the city, out of which Hebbal Lake is one that was built in the year 1537. With the construction of bunds and damming natural valley systems, this lake got its origin. In the year 1998, a considerable amount of money was also spent on its restoration by imposing significant alterations to its ecosystem and making it a worth-visiting tourist spot. It includes the construction of two artificial islands to magnify the charm of the lake and to lure more birds. Thus, now both the vegetated islands have converted into the roost positions for numerous species of water-birds.

Highlights of Hebbal Lake

Plethora of Exotic Birds-
 The various species of birds are the principal highlight of the lake Hebbal. You can get a chance to see about 70 species of water birds, including scarce birds from the Himalayas and Central Asian territories. Get a glimpse of birds such as tailorbirds, kingfishers, egrets, herons, pale billed flowerpecker, pelicans, swallows, cranes, spot-billed ducks, and much more.

Beautiful Islands - There are also two small islands near the lake that act as nesting and breeding grounds for several birds. A lot of bird watching enthusiasts frequently visit here to observe the local as well as migratory birds resting peacefully.

How To Reach

 From Bangalore Airport-

The most convenient way to reach Hebbal Lake from Bangalore Airport is by hiring a personal cab like Uber or Ola or taking a local taxi or auto. Also, you can board a bus from the airport to the Hebbal bus stop as several buses run across this route. Moreover, it is the cheapest way to reach the lake. It will take almost 1 hour to reach your destination from any mode of travel.

Best Time To Visit

Spring and post-monsoon seasons are considered to be the best time to visit the beautiful Hebbal Lake. Also, the lake is open from sunrise to sunset hours. Thus, one can plan a visit to this spot at any time of the day as per their convenience. No matter what time you reach here, the lake won't fail to impress you with its beauty.

Other Essential Information

Hebbal Lake is nestled at the north of Bangalore at Bellary road, National Highway 7. The lake is about 13 km away from the Kempe Gowda Bus stand.

Price: INR 20

Timing: You can visit the Hebbal lake anywhere between 7 am to 8 pm any day of the week. 

Things to do at the Hebbal Lake

Bird Watching-Bird watching is the top favorite thing to do at Hebbal Lake. So, get ready to please yourself with the vibrant aura spread by different species of birds nestling at the lake.

Photography-If you are a wildlife lover or nature lover, you won't prefer to miss visiting this lake. With many species of vibrant birds and lush backdrop encompassing Hebbal Lake, you can capture many excellent shots in your lenses at this spot.

Admire the Sunrise or Sunset-Head to the top of the Hebbal flyover to view the mesmerizing sunrise or sunset. You will get bewitched by the stunning scenery around you. It is also a perfect opportunity to click some beautiful pictures of the color-changing blue sky.

Plan a Family Picnic-Weekend around the corner? Lake Hebbal is an ideal place to choose for a family picnic and have some recreational time with your little ones.

Nature Walk- If you are a nature lover, the lake will surely win your heart. At a walkway around the lake, you get an incredible chance to take a stroll while enjoying nature's surprises.

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Hebbal Lake FAQs

Can we do boating at Hebbal Lake?

Yes, Hebbal Lake is famous amongst visitors to enjoy boating.

The pedal boat recreational activity here is available for the public to calm down in the cool breeze of the lake and to soak in the beautiful nature encompassing it.

It is an ideal activity that can be enjoyed by couples and families alike.

Can we visit Hebbal Lake at night?

No, the entry to Hebbal Lake closes after sunset. One can visit this lake only till 8 pm.

Is it safe for solo female travelers to visit Hebbal Lake?

No, it is not safe to visit the Hebbal Lake for solo female travelers, especially in the evening time. The area is quite secluded, and the traveling facilities are not accessible easily.

What is the best time of the day to visit Hebbal Lake?

The best time to visit Hebbal Lake and enjoy its marvelous panorama is at sunrise as well as sunset time. The lake creates a surreal vibe during these times that many visitors admire.

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