Cubbon Park, Bangalore - 2020 (Photos & Reviews)

About Cubbon Park

An oasis of green amidst a buzzing urbanscape, Cubbon Park is a scenic tourist attraction in the IT city of Bangalore. The park with a thriving ecosystem with more than 6000 trees, is justly regarded as the ‘lungs’ of the city. Besides being home to multitudes of vibrant flora and birdlife, Cubbon Park is also where you will find a handful of the city’s most alluring structures including the Attara Kacheri, Seshadri Iyer Memorial Hall, and the grand State Archeological Museum.

There is a wealth of historical and archaeological specimens preserved in these buildings, touching upon important turning points from the country’s past. It’s as enjoyable to leaf through the pages of history inside these museums as it is to take a relaxing walk or a jog in the park along the picturesque tree-lined avenues. There is one other attraction in the park that tourists of every temperament are bound to enjoy-- the huge Cubbon Park Aquarium, also famous as the Bangalore Aquarium.

Among a diversity of vibrant water life in this aquarium, you can find the majestic-looking Siamese Fighting Fish, a variety of gouramis, predators like red tail shark and more. It’s absolutely captivating to walk inside the aquarium, as if you have stepped inside the aquamarine belly of the sea-- certainly a big highlight for nature enthusiasts!

Cubbon Park should be the first place on your sightseeing tour in Bangalore, especially if you are in the company of kids. For the amusement of children, the park has a toy- train track passing through. Every 10-20 minute there’s a biofuel-run locomotive on the line, ready to give visitors a memorable joy ride!

Architecture of Cubbon Park

Greco-Roman, classical, and neoclassical structures found in the stately buildings of Cubbon Park are photogenically alluring and evocative of an era gone by. Secreted away behind the rows of trees, these buildings are some of the most precious findings you can make inside the park complex. A number of heritage walking tours are conducted by students of the School of Architecture in Bangalore and other several groups provide a running commentary by an expert on the history and style of these iconic Bangalore buildings.

The buildings of marked architectural importance inside Cubbon Park that you have to check out are- the State Central Library, Attara Kacheri- the high court, the state Archeological Museum, Band Stand, Venkatappa Art Gallery, and the Aquarium. All of these have distinct features reflecting Bangalore city’s distant colonial past. Take in the Corinthian columns of the red-bricked High Court, exhibiting the integral Gothic style of architecture, close to the park entrance.

Similar in design is the Museum building, both tinged in dark reddish hues. The Seshadri Iyer Memorial Hall, situated at the middle of the park is a stately red building with ‘gables’, or typically European sloping rooftops. The columns exhibit Tuscan or Corinthian architectural influence.

Read the plaques before these buildings narrating the history and heritage of the monuments, about who commissioned the constructions. If you are specifically interested in the buildings, visit the park once after sundown, when the external halls are illuminated, creating an enigmatic play of light and shade.

How to Reach Cubbon Park

From Airport:
Find a KSRTC bus plying between the airport and M.G. Road or Kasturba Road. Alternatively, you can hire a cab to Kasturba Road from the airport. The closest access points to the park are- Hudson Circle, Ambedkar Veedhi, and State Central Library.

Best Time to Visit Cubbon Park

September to February-
the fall months and early winters are a great time to visit the park. The temperatures remain mild and breezy during this period, with no chance of rain. You can find more number of birdlife, including migratory species at the waterside in Cubbon Park during this time. The other windows when visiting the park could be pleasant are during

March to May- It’s summer in Bangalore city. The park will deck up with springtime flowers. The temperature is still pleasant, even in the hottest months, you won’t find the mercury rising above 35 °C.

June to September- Mild to heavy rainfall is common during this period. During this time, the park is more suitable for romantic getaways. Carry a big umbrella for two and wear a strapping pair of rainproof shoes, and you are good to go!

What Not to Miss at Cubbon Park

Attractions at Cubbon Park

1. The Stately Buildings and Monuments-
Integral to the park since its foundation, are a few historical buildings. These monuments are exemplary of European architecture, evocative of India’s colonial past. You will find the largest public library of the state here in Cubbon Park at the Iyer Hall, noted for an extensive collection of Braille books. The Venkatappa Art Gallery is another illustrious part of the park where people love to spend a thought-provoking time learning and admiring the works of the greatest of the great Indian painters.

Other notable buildings on the list are- the YMCA house, the State Youth Center building, the Century Club, Press Club, Jawahar Bal Bhavan, the Tennis Pavilion, the Ottawa Chatter, and the Cheshire Dyer Memorial Hall. The majestically red-bricked High Court or Attara Kacheri building at the park entrance is another one not to be missed!

2. Botanical Assets- The Department of Horticulture in charge of plant care inside the park complex, reports the existence of six thousand types of plants and trees both indigenous and other species. Some of the exotic plant-life added in the park lately are-- Indian Rose Chestnut, Bakula, Peepal Ashoka, and Khadira trees.

3. Cubbon Park Aquarium- It is one of the largest aquariums in the country, housing a variety of exotic fish. There are 14 ceiling to floor tanks sheltering varieties of freshwater and sea species in the first floor while on the second floor, you will find around 69 tanks with various cultivable fishes as well as aquatic flora.

4. Toy Train (Putani Express)- This one is a favourite of the children. The locomotive tracks crisscross the park circumference, taking you through the greenery, watersides, and the majestic heritage buildings.

5. Jawahar Bal Bhavan Amusement Park- Perfect venue for a children's day out, Jawahar Bal Bhavan is a much-loved theme park. Come on board for a ride on the cheerfully colored toy train locomotive with your little ones, visit the doll museum, go boating in the lake, try out horse-riding with your children, and let them enjoy the swings.

Things to Do at Cubbon Park

1. Visit the Vishweshwaraiah Industrial and Technological Museum-
 A heaven for science buffs, the technological museum has nine exhibition halls to explore-- the Engine Hall,  Fun Science Hall, How Things Work, Space Gallery, Electro Technic Hall, Biotechnological Revolution Hall, BEL Hall of Electronics, Science for Children, and a Dinosaur Enclave!

2. Take a Heritage Walk Among the Statues of Historical Personages- Walk among an illustrious crowd of regal historical figures carved out of marble including Queen Victoria, King Edwards VII, Chamarajendra Wodeyar, Lord Cubbon,and K. Seshadri Iyer.

3. Appreciate Wide-ranging Botanical Assets- There are about 96 species of plants found in the park! Some of the most exotic specimens like the Silver Oak brought over from Australia are planted along the roads in the park, including the spectacular ornamental ones.

4. Attend Run+Yoga Sundays- Health and fitness buffs are the first visitors of Cubbon Park. You can find enthusiasts running 5 km laps every Sunday morning, followed by 45 minutes of yoga. Anyone can join in from 8 am to 9:30 am on this completely free initiative hosted by Manish Pole of Total Yoga Studios as part of the Total Yoga 21 Day challenge. Find updated news on the Total Yoga Studios’ website.

5. Saturday Children’s Shows by Puppets and Pearls- Puppets and Pearls- a group conducting a storytelling session on Saturdays at Cubbon Park can draw you children for a good narrative in no time.

6. Attend Vegan Bangalore Potlucks- Monthly potlucks, delish healthy vegan food, a peaceful luncheon under the trees, sometimes that’s all we crave. And you can get it all with Vegan Bangalore Potlucks.

Nearby Attractions at Cubbon Park

1. Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain Park-
 Located on the T. Chowdaiah Road, the foundations of this grand musical fountain park was laid by B.N.A Technology Consulting Limited of Hong Kong. Based on multimedia engineering, MIDI interfaces, and state-of-the-art hardware, the fountain is quite a technological marvel. Visit the park from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm to watch the unfolding of the spectacular light and sound show.

2. Venkatappa Art Gallery and Government Museum- Named after one of the most famous artists of Bangalore city- K. Venkatappa, the gallery exhibits awe-inspiring works of many renowned modern Indian artists. Art enthusiasts visiting the city can identify paintings like the famous ‘Ooty Sunrise’ by Venkatappa, features by M.F. Hussain, Rekha Rao, Vasudev, Yusuf Arakkal, N.S. Bendre, and others.

Those acquainted with the works of K.K. Hebbar will find solace among his rich works displayed on the second floor of the gallery. Besides, the gallery also displays artefacts from the Indus Valley Civilization, paintings from the Hoysala, Gandhara, and Nolamba periods. A complete tour of the museum will take you 1-2 hours.

3. UB City- UB City is a massive luxury mall in Bangalore, consisting of 6 blocks, namely- UB Tower, Kingfisher Plaza, Concorde, Canberra, Comet, and kingfisher Towers. The total built-up area inside the mall exceeds 16 lakh sq ft. Check-in at the mall to have luxury experience of shopping and fine dining at spectacular restaurants like Toscano or Rajdhani.

4. Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium- Designed to pleasure science enthusiasts, the Planetarium illustrates facts of the Earth and Space in numerous interesting models. There are tableaux to show rotation and revolution on planetary orbits, how gravity works, eclipses, and the story of human space expedition. The planetarium can be a great stop in the city for an educational excursion. Make prior reservations for accommodating a large group.

5. St. Mary’s Basilica- Featuring exquisite Gothic architecture, St Mary’s Basilica located in Shivajinagar is among the oldest churches in the city. In the month of September
each year, a grand festival is conducted here during the St. Mary’s Feast. Also, the stained glass windows depicting scenes from the holy book, ornamental motifs carved in the walls, and the fine arches of the church show exceptional artistry, worth gaping at forever!

Other Essential Information About Cubbon Park

 Kasturba Road, behind the High Court of Karnataka in Sampangi Rama Nagara, in Bengaluru City. You can reach the park easily by alighting at Cubbon Park Metro station, from where it’s at a 100 m walking distance.

Timings- Morning 6:00 AM-Evening 6:00 PM
The park remains closed on Mondays and second Tuesdays of every month. The area restricted to only morning walkers remains open from 6:00-8:00 AM in the morning.

Price- It’s free to enter the park!

Tips for Visiting Cubbon Park

1. Slip on your walking shoes, since the park is most enjoyable when travelled on foot.

2. Bring your best camera, for there are lots to capture in the park, from architectural details to flora and fauna.

3. Remember to double check for the correct timings and avoid going on off-days.
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People Also Ask About Cubbon Park

  1. Is food allowed in Cubbon Park?

    Yes, food is allowed in the park from outside. You can have a little picnic in the park any day.
  2. Who established Cubbon Park?

    The park was established by Sir John Meade, the acting Commissioner of Mysore in the year 1870. The chief Engineer of the State Major General Richard Snakey played an active role in conceiving the park’s elaborate landscape.
  3. Which is better Cubbon Park or Lalbagh?

    Cubbon Park is preferred to Lalbagh by most visitors. Tucked away from the city centre, Cubbon Park is quieter and more serene and has a feel of wilderness to it.
  4. Is photography allowed in Cubbon Park?

    Photography is not prohibited in the park. However, photoshoots are not allowed here. The Horticulture Department has put a ban on using professional cameras with flash lights and reflectors.
  5. Is parking available at Cubbon Park?

    Yes, there is parking in Cubbon Park, with four major parking lots near to it.
  6. Is cycling allowed in Cubbon Park?

    Cycles and other vehicles are not allowed inside the park, except on Sunday mornings.